Red-haired Spanish girl

October 19, 2010

I’m out daygaming with Suave, using a Starbucks as a base, when a cute red-haired Spaniard walks past. I run out and open direct. She’s flightly at first but soon settles in and I bounce her back to the cafe for an instant date. Her english is weak having only been here a few weeks. After half an hour I take her number.

She’s really difficult to get out on a date and cancels the first two. I’m not even sure why I bother inviting her for a third but I do. Text game is:

Me 12:43pm – Mornin’. How’s my elusive Spaniard?
Her 1:36pm – Haha i’m a little bit sick :/ i hate the weather in London!
Me 1:42pm – English weather is not suitable for weak Europeans ūüėõ
Her 1:50pm – It’s possible… But otherwise the weather in spain is better!
Me 1:52pm – I like cold rain and mist over the hills when I’m hiking. It’s an English thing….
Her 1:54pm – Ok…. So english people are crazy… haha
Me 1:55pm – Just me. Are you free this afternoon? I’m in Covent Garden later.
Her 2:00pm – Not this afternoon, i’m not feeling good and i want to color my hair! Maybe tomorrow or in the weekend?
Me 2:04pm – I’m going to Poland soon, so tomorrow is better. 4pm?
Her 2:05pm – Ok! In covent garden station?
Me 2:18pm – Yeah, in front of M&S. Dress nice, so we match!


The date seems to go well. We have drinks in two pubs and progress to handholding and light kino. She’s IOIing and generally doing the things a girl who is attracted should do but I sense a reticence. Sure enough when I go for the kiss she rebuffs and talks about a boyfriend back in Spain. Aha. I decide this girl is to be shuffled over into low-investment long game. I’ll keep the pot simmering and wait to see how her long distance relationship goes. We swap facebooks.

A couple of days later, on Friday night, I’m having a quiet one. I see her online and open it up:

21:10 Me – oh no, it’s her!
21:12 Her – haha yes! i am!
21:13 Me – what you doing?
21:14 Her – looking for a nightclub to go today
21:14 Me – oh yeah, it’s Saturday
21:14 Her – but we don’t know
21:15 Me – I’m not really a nightclub person. can’t really help
21:16 Her – oooh! you’re so useless!¬†¬†¬† hahaha
21:20 Me – completely ūüė¶
21:20 Her – baaad baaad
21:22 Me – You gonna dress up nice tonight?
21:22 Her Рof course    if we find a nightclub to go yes    haha
21:22 Me Рheels    tiny skirt    red lipstick    bleeeeeeeeeeerrrrghhh!
21:23 Her – hhaha¬†¬†¬† i don’t know yet
21:24 Me – wear big yellow plastic wellies
21:25 Her Рyellow? why=    ?
21:26 Me Рso the drivers can see you at night when you come home drunk    walking down the middle of the street    like a drunken Spaniard
21:26 Her Рhaha    nooo
21:29 Her Рi go for dinner    byee
21:30 Me – bye

Spanish bukkake

Then it’s Poland and all the naughtiness I get up to there. She completely slips my mind until I see her online when I’m juggling a few chats.

Me 01:40 – the party girl is partying
Her 01:40 – haha¬†¬†¬† noo¬†¬†¬† i’m just in the sofa
Me 01:40 – I’m getting ready for bed¬†¬†¬† shall I tell you a secret?
Her 01:41 – ok…tell me…
Me 01:41 – I’m naked :O¬†¬†¬† except for my boxer shorts¬†¬†¬† and dressing gown
Her 01:42 – haha
Me 01:42 – and slippers
Her 01:42 – and is not cold there?
Me 01:43 Рvery warm    What are you wearing?
Her 01:44 – i’m wearing an orange t-shirt and some jeans
Me 01:45 – not sexy at all
Her 01:46 – no… ‘im not sexy today¬†¬†¬† haha
Me 01:46 – booooooo¬†¬†¬† I’m going to bed
Her 01:46 Рhaha    ok
Me 01:46 – ūüėČ
Her 01:47 – good night naked man

I’d put this girl at 50/50 to fuck her within the next six months. She likes me but considers herself unavailable. I’ll just maintain my value, build occasional comfort, and see what gives.


  1. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain?

    Besides, you’re in no position to talk about people who don’t speak much English….

  2. I really like the phrasing of “Dress nice, so we match” but it would definitely be out of place for me if I am going mostly logistical with my texts… maybe have to add a winky face to soften it?

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