Claiming the Spanish flag: Facebook escalation part one

July 20, 2011

You are probably familiar with my new method for escalating a girl on Facebook. The idea is to have a basic routine / set of principles to drop onto a girl once she’s on chat and the usual get-her-on-a-date progression isn’t working. You have to be prepared to burn the set to run this, so only use it when you don’t care. This girl I hadn’t seen in 8 months. We’d had an instant date, a Day 2, and she refused the kiss close. Then just very infrequent facebook chats that went nowhere. So I think fuck it, drop The Stack. So it begins…. [these are full unedited chats]

My Italian and Spanish flags together

Her: i’m bored
Me: masturbate
Her: ¬¬     is what u do when u are bored?
Me: depends if I have a new video game
Her: haha
Me: lock your door    put some music on    pull your skirt up    and rub one out     you’ll be fine
Me: then make a coffee
Her: hahaha     i dnt have coffee
Me: but the rest is fine     I know
Her: hah     ok…i’ll do that then
Me: 😉     send me a photo
Her: no     i’ll send u a video
Me: good girl
Two days later she reopens me and now this is the first of three chats before she came over to my house to fuck. Burto has her now. Poor girl.
Her: bored again
Me: well, you know what to do
Her: i’m at work
Me: obviously they aren’t working you very hard…..     what’s your uniform look like?
Her: ts nice     jaquet, hirt, skirt     we look like air hostess
Me: smart?
Her: yes
Me: is it the type of uniform people have fantasies about fucking in?
Her: maybe
Me: not me, obviously     I’m not a sexual pervert
Her: no…
Me: But you are
Her: i’m not
Me: yes you are
Her: no     no    you are
Me: I never think about fucking girls in sexy uniforms
Her: yes…sure…
Me: you pervert
Her: you are
Me: you are a bigger pervert
Her: no
Me: I’m going out now. enjoy your evening!     pervert
Her: i’m not     u pervert me
Me: you like it
Her: no     i need a new house in may     do u now any place available?     and dnt tell me your room
Me: my garage
Her: haha     i dnt want to live wth u     u’ll pervert me
Me: I will     alot
Her: i know
Me: You probably can’t handle it     too much sex    for you
Her: hahah     dnt make me laugh
Me: Spanish girls are not good at sex
Her: did u try?
Me: yes     quite disappointing     even though she was beautiful
Her: but i’m catalan     much better
Me: Haha, catalans are the WORST     !!!
Her: no     we are the best     we are more frustrated     thats why we are better in sex
Me: so you are all screamers and biters, then?
Her: at least
Me: I’m totally not impressed
Her: ok     i dnt care     haha     u are jealous
Me: I like you [her name], and     if you jumped into my bed to show me      I’d fuck you     but     BUT     I’m a lazy man, and I think Spanish girls are not worth leaving my house for
Her: haahhahha     crazy man     haha
Me: I’ve got a Rey Leon tattoo on my ass [a reference to something on her facebook wall]     Come here and you can lick it
Her: whaat     ahha
Me: sorry, I mean LOOK at it
Her: why u decided to do that tattoo     xD     one day…
Me: If you were in my room     your knickers would hit the floor within one minute     I’d throw you on my bed     bite your neck    spank your little girly ass     then send you to make me a cup of tea
Her: hahaha     i’m not gonna make u tea
Me: ok, I’m gonna fuck you then     actually
Her: haha
Me: MISTAKE     I’m NOT gonna fuck you then     you can’t expect me to give you great sex
without making me tea     and cake
Her: hahaha
Me: so you expect great sex for free?
Her: i dnt do tea
Me: is this a catalan thing?
Her: maybe i make u tea and sex is rubbish
Me: hmmmmmm, I see your point
Her: u see it?
Me: maybe it should be written as a contract
Her: hahahha
Me: If the tea is bad, I am free of my obligation to fuck you     If the tea is good, and I fuck you and you don’t like it     (unlikely as that may be)     then to make up for the bad sex
Me: I’ll let you suck my cock
Her: hahaha     i dnt like this contract
Me: what’s your terms? I can’t guarantee I’ll accept them
Her: i dnt want to make tea
Me: I like coffee as much as I like tea
Her: hahaha
Me: maybe I’ll even share the coffee with you
Her: i dnt want to make coffee neither     in that case the tea is easier
Me: Ok, it’s a deal
Her: haha     ok… i need to go to sleep     i’m working at 7 tomo
Me: get in a taxi now, I’ll pay half
Her: i’m working tomorrowww
Me: go to work with a smile on your face     get a taxi now
Her: haahha     i go to sleep     maybe on sunday     if barcelona wins this weekend
Me: so that’s 12% chance for you
Her: no     barcelona will win
Me: No     get in a taxi now     then, on sunday     you won’t care about the football     you’ll be bragging to all your friends about the great sex you had
Her: hahahhaa     good night
Me: 😉     sleep well


  1. I’ve never been sexual over Facebook, looking at how it has worked for you I’ve to start trying that now….

    Most people shit over facebook game but it can be essential for girls you meet while traveling. It means you’ll have them nice and warmed up the next time you’re in their country.

  2. I like the cliffhanger, waiting to hear how capturing the spanish flag went down

  3. Ok Krauser, I am going to criticise you because I disagree. It’s on, baby!! 😉

    Disclaimer: I know this is a girl that Krauser doesn’t really care about so he practices, yet, I think it is not good game because:

    1) you are not preserving any plausible deniability: the girl is forced to put up the ASD and you set her up for LMR because it is such a strong sexual statement of intent.

    2) you keep pulling very hard, which will make her have to push for you. A girl is like a donkey: when you try to pull the donkey it won’t move. When you dangle a carrot infront of the donkey, it will move. Well, you can’t just get your dick out and dangle it infront of her eyes so you need a different strategy: you need to PUSH. PUSH=CARROT. Girls love it when you PUSH them away or you put them into boxes that give them qualities they don’t like (reverse psychology). For example, you log off on a high note after she just made a massive investment. In this example she logs off and that’s her pushing you away. Putting her into boxes she doesn’t like: tell her that she seems like a very nice girl, and that she reminds you of a girl that your mother once wanted you to date. She will not like that because 1) nice=boring/non-sexual (PUSH) and 2) a girl that the mother selects= guys never get with these girls (PUSH). Thirdly you can use open loops to keep her thinking about you: after she makes a massive investment you tell her that there is something that you noticed about her that makes her different from other girls (that’s the bait and she will jump on it). Then when she says: ok I am very curious to hear. Tell her: I give you a hint, it has to do with the fact that you don’t like waiting for things that you really want… like chocolate ice cream. Then tell her: oh shit, I completely forgot that I have to write an email to my boss. I am in trouble! Talk to you later. byeeeee! Then log off. She will be sitting at home wondering all day/night what you were going to say

    3) one overtly sexual statement is good to show your intent, but then you need to turn it off. Why? Because you will end up in the sexually frustrated men box if you don’t. Think about it: people that are very good at something or have something in abundance don’t need to talk about it all the time. A girl that mentions to me how self-confident and how great at x, y and z she is, is very likely not to be that good at it. I still keep rewarding her because she is qualifying, but she is digging her own hole. That’s the power of shutting up: it communicates that you have everything you need and that you are not pinging for other peoples approval. For example, if a girl starts playing games with me in the sense that she dangles her pussy infront of me (her: well, we are definitely not going to have sex tonight), I simply destroy her most powerful weapon by telling her that I like her for the person she is and that with her it is not about sex and that I don’t like having sex with girls on first dates anymore. Then I make sure she SEES me in set with a few girls. Now here your cocky funny 😉 comes in very very very handy because you can just spark the attraction, you are sure that it will hook and it will look like the girls are all over you. Now you have demonstrated to her that you can have girls all over you whenever you want,. So her most powerful weapon “the pussy” is of ZERO value to you at this point. Cheap trick but very effective.That’s again a massive push and if done correctly she will ask for your dick later on.

    The difference between the chode, the mediocre player and the pro is that the chode will not know how to escalate because he is timid, insecure and inexperienced. The ineraction will be dull, boring and non-sexual and the girl will not see him again. The mediocre player knows how to escalate. But that’s about it. He will be more successful because he knows how to escalate and escalation is always better than choding out, but he will also tend to overescalate and lose the girls that are not “pure yes plays”; i.e. he will lose the girls that have not yet made up their mind whether they want his cock or not and unfortunately those tend to be very attractive. The pro is conceived by the girl as a man that knows how to escalate (very easy to demonstrate through push-pull kino), but that also knows when to escalate and when to hold back. He has plenty of choice and women in his life. He knows how to make the girl work for him and how to get her to invest. The difference to the chode is that the pro has massive skills. The difference to the mediocre player is that the pro has the skill to keep the sexual tension such that the girl doesn’t know whether she has won him over, yet. Girls love chasing man, and the pro knows how to give them the pleasure of chasing him. His subcommunicated very strong sexual vibe tells the girl implicitly that that he will make his move given that he is attracted to her. A very good example of a pro is Hank Moody in Californication.

    I know Krauser well. He is a pro. All he did here was trying out stuff. With the HB9s and above Krauser would play a totally different game..


  4. Rocky I actually read that enormous post so I deserve a beer from you…

    I thought it would be mental masturbation but it has useful insights.

    My take on this is this Spaniard (pains me to say it, my bread and butter) is f***** ugly, way below my ‘bother with’ threshold and probably an example of Krauser just collecting a flag.

    As such she doesn’t merit advanced aloof push/pull game – she merits a quick attempt to get herin the taxi for a quick lay that night. I doubt if out host will invest a lot of effort in her asI have seen better looking specimens running the Grand National.

  5. Krauser,
    I’m wondering, when you tell her suddenly “masturbate”, what is the background of the conversation? Shouldn’t she be offended when you tell her this? So why isn’t she?

    [Girls are just as dirty as men. If you sexualise with a girl who likes you using cocky/funny or non-needy sincerity then she’ll almost always take it well. They take sexualisation badly when you are being implicitly judgemental or mode two / three / four K.]

    • I know that they are as dirty. That’s not my point.
      I was asking about the background of this specific conversation.

      [wasn’t any. that’s how she opened the chat]

  6. Yeah I was kind of getting off on that one, but they banned me from the LSS and I need to give Krauser a kick up his self-delusional arse every now and then, so his head doesn’t explode of awesomeness 😉

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