Cocky Funny – Examples

July 19, 2011

See these posts explaining the principles behind Cocky Funny. He’s some of the lines Rocky uses in set:

* Let’s pretend we never had this conversation
* Why do I feel like I’m talking to my future ex wife ?
* (slow down when walking with her so you’re behind) Just checking out your arse!
* Mental note – never date this girl
* ….whatever!
* Nice, I’ll give you a point for that… if you get to ten points you get a prize!
* My mum warned me about girls from xxxxxx, but you could be the exception
* what did you do before you met me?!
* Are you married? No! So what’s the problem then?
* We make an awesome team… imagine our children… that could have your bubbly character and my perfect body… soooo cool, I love you
* For me you’ll always be my xxxxxx
* If you buy me a drink you might get lucky tonight
* It’s tough to be such a sex symbol
* You can be my personal bodyguard – let’s see if you’re strong enough!
* Look, we should go now because I have a date in two hours
* It’s tough being cute without being hit on…..sometimes I wish I was ugly
* Let’s have a xxxx-off
* Have you ever played imaginary frisbee? (“take one” out of pocket and pretend to play)
* And……back to me!
* Cheers… me!
* Just because I flirt a lot doesn’t mean I put out
* You know, I would really like to slide in here. I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way in.
* Sit down, please. Oh its getting really tight in here now. Maybe we should use prevention.
* You seem a bit tense… let’s get Tequila so you loosen up
* Opener: Oh my god, did you just grab my ass? You know I like it forward, but that’s even too much for me. Come on don’t deny, I saw you following me around
* Please don’t exploit me for my perfect body
* You know I am more than just a piece of meat. I mean, I am well hung and tender, but you just want me for my body.
* Is she always this cold? Your friend has been looking at me like a fat/hungry kid at a hamburger. Can you let her know that I am not on the menu for tonight, please
* You know we really make a great team: you got the character, I have the body. <only if she cut you out before> you have to promise that you won’t exploit me for my looks.
* Ok, I will stay here at the bar with you, but you have to promise that you won’t make a dirty move on me.
* We can have fun but please don’t touch
* You know I work on this body very hard; I go to the gym twice a week, well mainly for sex in the hot tub. <Let them laugh> You know, I’m all waxed. All I leave is this little treasure trail <point at stomach hair> and you know, more women walked down there than on Oxford Street
* You know I’m like cocaine: I am white and addictive and a lot of girls leave the bathroom with me all over their face
* Look suddenly at the floor, she will follow> I know it is hard, but stop looking down there (point at crouch). Keep your eyes up here. You are impossible, at least the last girl invited me for a drink first. <keep doing call back humor on it> You did it again.
* Don’t look at me like that. She: Like what? Well, you just wetted your lips, but forget it, I am not on your menu tonight. She: I didn’t wet my lips! Well, that’s what you say. Maybe you should go and check. She: Ohh, you are impossible! Well, I was hoping for some more romance, too!
* I feel so used now.
* She: I am gonna go to the bath room. You: You know, I was hoping for something more romantic. At least the last girl cooked me dinner first.
* Ok, I will come go dance with you, but I don’t wanna see any of this hip hop booty grinding. You are not gonna win me over like that. We need something more sensual with rhythm and style
* So are you glad you got to see me tonight? <she can’t possibly say no> She: Yes! Well, you could see more of me in the shower. If she says: No. You were not really thinking I was serious… let’s just be friends 🙂
* Let’s take this slowly, I don’t wanna get hurt. Check this girl out: she is awesome: she is smart she is funny she is in touch with herself, but she has never had a boyfriend
* So why did you approach me in the first place?
* OMG, she just admitted that she slept with over 100 men
* Sorry what did you just say?
* Sorry why was I talking to you again?
* So where are you going later? xyz. Ohh that’s too bad that means you won’t get to make out with me. That’s a real loss for you.
* She: I am thirty. You: What you are dirty?
* She: I am thirty one. You: What you are the dirty one?
* It got laid yesterday night. You: What you, got laid yesterday night. I really don’t need to know that (you can also say: I got laid yesterday and accuse her of only thinking about one thing)
* My last name is xx. Do you know what it stands for? Yes, what? Absolutely nothing!


There are two issues with CF and it is very important to know about them:

Firstly, to do CF correctly you need a lot of practice. Unless you are naturally a CF character, like I was, it is not like you can just go out and expect the best results ever. I was CF “naturally” because me and my friends used to take the piss all the time. I say naturally because that’s what I learned before I even knew what game is. Yet, I firmly believe that everybody can be learn to be CF, just as I did. The more you practice the better you get. I have friends that were not naturally CF and over time they learned the skill and mastered it. They are just as good as I am now.

Secondly, I recommend practicing with a few CF routines to get started (like a street opener that you memorise), but to quickly move away from routines, as they can mess with your game: i.e. you get into your head, you come across mechanical and forget to escalate or seduce because you can get stuck in attraction. I got  stuck in attraction a lot because it feels very nice when you have 5 girls laughing with you. However, that doesn’t get you laid. You need to notice when to turn off the humor or you will end up as the dancing monkey.


  1. To be correct:

    These examples of CF are not all mine. Tom Torero and myself would take ownership 50% each. We have stolen, invented and modified. All field tested.

  2. This is absolute gold:
    * You know I’m like cocaine: I am white and addictive and a lot of girls leave the bathroom with me all over their face

    • Stolen from Bruno on Rove. For those guys that say routines are shit, just watch Sasha on Rove and on other shows where he promotes Bruno. This is all routines based, but the routines are fucking tight and they get very strong reactions. If you didn’t know it was routines based – which girls don’t know – you would think this guy is a fucking genius…

      This part has the cocaine routine in it:

      Watch all of them!

  3. These are good, I’m stealing some of them. I think sprinkling these into a ‘normal’ conversation like salt and pepper can turn a very ordinary interaction into one in which attraction is built.

  4. These lists are great. Keep them coming.

  5. For an advanced future projection that is based on CF go to 4:30min on this video. You use it when she is saying something or asking asking your something. Just drift away a bit in your own thoughts and fantasise about your and her taking a bath together or laying at the beach and make it cheesy. It is super self amusing and you are not giving a fuck which makes it very cocky. Also, she has to listen so you pull her into your frame and that’s awesome because she gradually accepts it. Don’t become the dancing monkey, but use it for example when she is super bitchy or not listening (HB10 behaviour). As I said: CF is super flexible.

  6. Awesome, I normally dislike routines but one liners like these can be great. I’ll try a few of these since I need a bit of cocky funny injection into my game.
    Also, that Bruno clip is amazing. Bruno FTW!

  7. A lot of great lines in there. Thanks, stolen. 😀

  8. rocky can you give some cocky funny conversation examples in the daytime to get some tension going in the conversation. would appreciate it. .

  9. I don’t understand the, “What did you do before you met me?!”
    Do you say this when she does something retarded, like says, “Take a right here,” (pointing left),
    then you say, “Omg, how did you function before you found me?”

    Is that the undertone of this line?

    On its own, amid a list of other lines, without context, I don’t understand it. Or maybe I do, if the above is correct.

    Also, I’ll add to the list my favorite C/F line. I got it from Ross Jeffries LONG before David DeAngelo came up with C/F.

    “Keep your fantasies to yourself.”

    It’s extremely versatile.

    Use it after she says, “I could totally beat you in wrestling,” or “That shirt looks gay on you,” or “How many girls have you been with?” or “Do you like chocolate?” or “You have some glitter on your face.”

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