Looking behind Cocky Funny – part two

July 17, 2011

Why does CF pump state?

In the worst case the girl walks off as in the camping ground example, but you still feel happy or even happier. Why is that so genius? It is genius because you have generated a protection mechanism against bad blow outs. Usually people lose state after really bad blow outs. They get internally affected and their state breaks as an emotional reaction to the blow out. They retread into their heads and the nasty voice in your head starts telling you stuff like: oh man you really suck. She didn’t like you. You are not funny and you have no skill. It is your ego talking and taking over. With a CF pattern that is less likely to happen if you really enjoy and amuse yourself with it for the simple fact that you amused yourself. You think instead: well, she didn’t like that, but I thought it was fucking funny and I will keep doing it just because I think it is funny. There is not the slightest hint of negativity in you finding things funny. It all comes from the mindset: I find it funny and if you don’t get it you are up your own arse. You need to chill, relax and have fun. Obviously CF is funny and very often you get very good reaction from it because people realise that if they can’t laugh at this stuff they are up their own arse. In the case they get the joke then that’s great because you can share the fun. But to be honest it doesn’t’ fucking matter because you are not depending on that anymore. Your state is just headed towards one direction: go go go!!

Why is CF flexible?

CF is flexible because it can be used to spike attraction throughout the pickup. In fact, to build sexual tension you lower your voice, pause longer between words, have moments of comfortable silence and you don’t joke. Similarly, in comfort you don’t want to break rapport by cracking jokes all the time. However, the conversation should always have the necessary bit of energy to keep it interesting or intense (silences can be intense and they can be boring and if they are boring then it is better to spike up the energy then to let the silence sit there for too long. You need to be able to realise which silences build sexual tension and which silences kill the momentum of the conversation). CF can be used to throw in some very short and effective spikes that will keep the girl alert and attracted. The more seductive the vibe gets the more you can spike with CF patterns that use sexual elements. For example: if you are talking about relationships and ex-lovers and it gets a bit too serious then spike it with a CF statement along the lines: “yeah, but anyway, it was a long story” (while using mannerism that indicates a long dick). In other words CF can be adapted to the stage of the interaction. Similarly, you can play with the weight that you put on the funny or cocky element of the pattern. The more cheeky you smile, the more your eyes light up after delivering the CF pattern, the more she will look for a funny twist in the story and the more she will laugh. If you smile less and stare her down after the statement the more she will think you are serious. Once you get very good at calibrating your CF patterns and delivery you can start to really fuck with her mind. You can deliver a CF pattern dead serious and wait for her to get turned off and then bust her balls for thinking that you were serious. You can imagine that the girl will have a hard time figuring you out and get self-conscious. The usual reaction would be: I never know whether you are serious or not. Stop teasing me. Translation: keep doing it and I will have no other chance then to get with you because attraction is not a choice.

In that sense, I am glad you got to read my post 😉


part one is here . Examples coming soon


  1. How does one get this to be a natural part of their personality? I often have flashes of humour when I’m out in the field but its completely natural. I feel like I should take a improv class so I show more cocky and funny when chatting up girls.

  2. * comment edited *

    [Fella, I’ve told you before… if you want to push your blog then at least have the politeness to make relevant comments to the post before talking about yourself. I’m not unsympathetic to your aims, but I’m not having spam. K.]

  3. Bigfoot,
    Practice like this: take 3 CF routines (routines are nothing else but specific examples of a pattern). For example, use the CF opener: Guys I am sorry for being late. Traffic was mad. Anyway, I will get a drink and be right back.

    Then get the drink and go back. Now you delivery the second routine: isn’t it terrible girls (get attention), with a body like mine you get hit on all the time, a girl just grabbed my arse at the bar and winked at me.

    Then later use a third CF spike: Lucy and I are an amazing team, don’t you think. I mean imagine our childern, they could have her bubbly character and my perfect body. Awesome! (high-five them for ridiculous agreement)

    I AM NOT ADVOCATING ROUTINES: I do advocate the use of routines if you are not yet naturally able to use patterns. The reason is that you will get a feel for the siuation and on how to deliver it. It is a bit like in boxing: at the beginning you have to remind yourself how to stand and how to punch. Later you will just throw jabs without thinking. But you need the technical training first before you can automate the process. Try it on your friends (male or femalie): that’s like sparring. Then go out with the stuff you have internalised and just throw in a few lines here and there.

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  5. Whitewolf,

    In my view you need to stop walking with the girls. Either tap them on the arm and turn them around or run around and stop them Yad-style (harder). I think you get the idea of cocky funny well, but I can’t see your face obviously. The last one is good plowing effort, but again you lost value by walking with her for too long in the beginning. The first 3 min are crucial for the next 24 hours you see her 1:1. Another thing that I would recommned is to be careful with attraction material (CF) because you need to finally drop it to get a sexual and comfort based vibe. At the beginning you can give all the energy you want but once she hooks you need to turn it all off and actually seem a bit bored. Don’t fill in pauses and gaps and make her work/qualify. After that it should feel very natural to number close her or taking her on an i-date.

    The blond girl is giving you typical HB10 shit. Like: huh? and looking at her phone as if it was that urgent. You didn’t really exist on her radar because you were not pushing it hard enough and you were speaking to softly. You need to say something or do something that sticks in her head (no, not your dick ;-)) Very hard push-pull openers would do: do the uniform bit at the beginning and then push her hard like: don’t get me wrong now because I actually think it is a turn-on, but with the blond hair you come across a bit slutty in a good way. She will react to this if delivered right. Other things to do later on are: get interrupted by a phone call, look away or at your watch. Don’t react to her little baits and tests. CF could come in as a qualification element: look, you can imagine that I have the pain of the choice with women and I usually go out with quirky girls, but I like your refreshing vibe. Let’s swap numbers and go for a drink.

    Don’t get me wrong: very good effort and better than 80% of the people that I see. Nobody said it would be a quick and easy journey!

    Well done!

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