Cute french fan in Poland

October 18, 2010

Krakow again. Suave, Shammers and I are sitting in a street cafe on the main square having lunch. I’ve just ordered a pizza when this girl walks past. Camera on, give chase….

Learning points are:

0:12 – Never move your feet in the first minute if the girl’s momentum is still continuing, or else you’ll give off a creepy vibe and she’ll leave. Just plant the feet, turn your body if necessary, and keep talking.
0:40 – Note how far away she is. I didn’t follow so that calmed her fight-or-flight instinct. Now she’s laughing.
0:50 – I still haven’t killed her momentum so I keep plowing. She was about to accept the complement then walk off. I see this and ask another question to keep her there. You can feel her hindbrain is enjoying this even if the forebrain has somewhere else to go.
1:00 – She’s still wandering off but turned to face me and smiling. Classic forebrain-hindbrain conflict so I just have to keep ploughing and keep it playful.
1:07 – I reel her in by holding out a handshake and asking her name. It would seem socially retarded for her to not shake my hand now, so she comes back.
1:44 – Her English isn’t very good so it’s tougher to get her investing. I have to talk more than I’d like but whenever she talks I shut up and give her plenty of time to respond. It’s often tough to resist the urge to keep jabbering on.
2:01 – The first classic IOI but it’s already obvious from her smile that she’s enjoying this. Her nerves are due to the situation and her English, not the idea of talking to me.
2:46 – Very simple sentence structure and basic vocabulary. The vibe is doing the attraction work so I don’t need to overcomplicate it with fancy talk.
3:04 – She’s investing through body language. Would she do this if she wanted to leave?
3:35 – If you don’t find this girl adorable by now, you are clearly homosexual. She’s a perfect example of how a feminine vibe can boost an otherwise unremarkable girl into “I’d love to facefuck her” territory.
3:41 – Personalise the interaction to her. Avoid generalisations about places and interests.
3:52 – I’m having to guide her through the language and suggest vocabulary.
4:15 – I eye-fucking the shit out of her by now.
4:30 – Note how well she holds eye contact while her gestures are open. That’s the eye-fucking at play.
5:08 – She’s in a mild sexual state now. Check out the hand movement.
5:26 – Consider the difference between her at the beginning and now. Killing momentum is crucial.
5:45 – Slower and deeper vocal tone.
6:15 – I think the language barrier is giving her doubts.
6:43 – After getting her email I try again for the number. Rebuffed but no harm in trying. My value with the hindbrain is still good even though her forebrain appears to have a rule about giving her number to men she doesn’t know.
7:20 – Oops!
7:41 – I’ve completely lost the vibe with this new girl and I’ve also realised she’s not hot. Starting to regret opening her.


  1. A lot of compliments on this one. Did you feel you had to do that to boost her confidence on account of the language barrier? I think she’s quite pretty actually.

  2. I actually laughed out loud at that little surprise at the end. That’s hilarious… it almost looked staged, with her posture and everything. Nice set, will be interesting to see how that affects you moving forward with her… I imagine she was more attracted to you and your status was raised, though she will probably shit test you to overcome her forebrain jealousy.

  3. Even if it wasn’t successful I still learnt a damn lot. I wonder if you’ll be coming to Warsaw, it would be amazing to see you in person.

  4. The ending was beyond hilarious.

    Unfortunately, in just about any city in Europe smaller than London and Paris, you’re going to bump into the girl you approached/picked up/banged the previous night. The ‘I’ve caught you’ glare on the cute girl’s face is priceless and easy to laugh off, but imagine if you had fucked her the day before and she was giving you that same look?

    And, cuteness aside, she did have a bit of a feminist look to her.

    Are you working your way down to the meditteranean Krauser? It must be freezing in Poland.

    BTW, YOU HAVE TO VISIT BRATISLAVA. The girls there are famously the most beautiful in Europe and you have plenty of squares to perform your day game in. You’re not far (krakow) from there at the moment.

  5. I’m starting to understand krauser’s stile of opening a bit. i’ve been imitating it word for word until i realized that the basis for it is actually “presuming familiarity”. If you saw an old friend on the street you would say exactly the same thing. ” hi, how are you! i like your stile right now” or “you look very serious today” are exactly the word you would say to a distant friend, right? I do prefer teasing about fashion because i like to make girls a bit angry:)
    I was laughing my ass off at her face. that is a mastercard moment right there

  6. It amazes me how an average woman can turn out to be so hot after talking to her for awhile. On the flip side, there are some hot women that turn out to be unattractive. This girl is hot. Her eyes and body language say it all. Great approach.

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