Creating something out of nothing

October 18, 2010

This girl was from club game in Krakow. She was quite bitchy and full of herself but I went very direct, walked her off to a quiet spot near the dance floor and told her I want to fuck her. Lots of sexual stuff. She was interested but not that interested. About five minutes of shit-testing ensued and I took her facebook before she walked off after three failed kiss attempts.

The type of set you never expect to see again. Totally dead. I didn’t even bother adding her to facebook but then I happen to be trawling through my numbers yesterday morning and I see her name, so I add. She accepts. This morning I’m having breakfast and check out her profile – she seems like a normal nice girl – totally different to the nightclub persona. She appears online and this is our first chat, in full:

Me 10:43 – hmmmm, it’s her……….  [still need to build attraction]
Her 10:45 – 🙂    yes, it’s me 😛
Me 10:47 – You look very very different to how I remember  [a challenge, teasing her vanity to hook her. Imply I’m disappointed by her photos]
Her 10:47 – ohh
Me 10:48 – uh-huh  [begin to flip script to get her investing]
Her 10:48 – I don’t look good in photographs  [is this an early sign of qualification]
Me 10:49 – Let’s see………  [tease]
Her 10:49 – 🙂  [good response, she’s biting]
Me 10:49 – In the nightclub you looked lively, sexy and    to be honest    I wanted to fuck you    in your photos….    you look like my french teacher [I was direct in the club, so stay that way and show some balls, give sexual IOI, then tease]
Her 10:50 – you look I will be a teacher 😛    no    *I will be a teacher  [unexpected cold reading hit – play with it]
Me 10:51 – I didn’t like my french teacher    she was strict  [push her away, but playfully]
Her 10:52 – I won’t bea strict 🙂   [qualifying herself]
Me 10:52 – hmmmmmmmm   [extremely vague response to let her pour her own meaning into it]
Her 10:52 – sorry…my english isn’t good 😛  [settling into a defensive crouch]
Me 10:53 – I understand you    Can I ask a question?  [reward and stack]
Her 10:53 – yes
Me 10:54 – do you have any sexier pictures?    in a bikini, or short skirt….  [more sexual, she’s warming to it. Frame myself as a demanding guy because I’m high enough value to be able to]
Her 10:54 – no I don’t like these photos..  [shit test to see if I backtrack or soften it]
Me 10:54 – I do :/  [I’m a man, you’re a woman. This is completely natural]
Her 10:55 – your a man 😉  [clearly, she knows this. She’s accepting sexual interest as non-creepy therefore she is pegging me as an alpha]
Me 10:55 – haha  [reward but vague]
Her 10:55 – *you’re
Me 10:55 – What are you doing now?  [defuse sexual tension a little and build comfort]
Her 10:56 – I’m talking about you 😉
Me 10:56 – oh, she’s a comedien!…
Her 10:56 – 🙂
Me 10:57 – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    that’s my bear noise  [just playful retarded shit]
Her 10:57 – sorry 🙂    and what are you doing now? 🙂    10 minutes ago I come back around my lessons…
Me 10:59 – I’m in Starbucks having breakfast    and trying to think of a way to get a Polish girl to send me a sexy photo  [bring her on board with my plan, be open about my intentions]
Her 10:59 – tasty:)    oh, you have to try 😉  [playing along]
Me 11:00 – thinking…….
Her 11:00 – maybe some girl will send 🙂
Me 11:01 – So, let’s imagine we are married  [future projection about to start. Pull her out of her normal world and take her on a journey]
Her 11:01 – I can’t imagine these 😛
Me 11:02 – we are on our honeymoon. Where would you like to go?
Her 11:02 – hmm    I would like to see Barcelona    I don’t know now 😛    or having tournee around Italy 😛
Me 11:05 – I had sex in a car in Barcelona.    Let’s got to the south of Italy    to the little fishing towns    like the movie The Talented Mr Ripley  [drive-by sexualisation]
Her 11:06 – I understand 🙂
Me 11:06 – Ok, so it’ll be summer. What clothes do you bring?
Her 11:07 – most important there would be a husband by me    another tops… my favourite jeans or shorts…
Me 11:08 – how about a light summer dress? I like those
Her 11:08 – ohhhh, I love it!  🙂 🙂 [excellent, she’s investing. there’s none of the bitchiness she showed in the club]
Me 11:10 – [link to photo of a nice dress]
Her 11:10 – not really like these 😉
Me 11:11 – So we’ve arrived in Italy. I drive an open-top car to our little beach apartment… like this

Her 11:12 – I like these, on the night [link to some dresses]    haha 🙂    nice dog
Me 11:13 – I like those dresses, but they are eveningwear    you need something for the beach, because that’s where I’m driving  [keep moving it along in my frame, don’t let her sidetrack me]
Her 11:13 – 🙂
Me 11:15 – Ok, so we get to the apartment    put our suitcases down    I have a shower
Her 11:15 – yes…    I too 😛
Me 11:16 – Not together!    We’re just married  [tease, show this isn’t all abotu getting her naked]
Her 11:16 – not together!
Me 11:16 – So I go first, because I’m more important  [chick crack]
Her 11:16 – nno!
Me 11:16 – maybe you cook a quick meal for me
Her 11:16 – it’s not true!  [she’s enjoying being teased]
Me 11:16 – Shhhhhhh!
Her 11:17 – i’m not housemaid    😛
Me 11:17 – Shhhhhhhhh. The man is talking!
Her 11:17 – I want to be most important for my husband!
Me 11:17 – Have you ever worn a housemaid uniform for sex?  [more overt sexualisation]
Her 11:17 – no
Me 11:18 – You should. It’s cool    Anyway…    I finish my shower and relax lying on the bed for a while  [don’t back down, but move it on]
Her 11:18 – I believe to the word
Me 11:18 – Now it’s time to go to the beach    What do you wear?
Her 11:19 – it’s warm?    I think…bikini and..
Me 11:19 – ?
Her 11:19 – lihgt tunic    *light
Me 11:20 – what colour?
Her 11:20 – blue or red    because I have a brown bikini 😛  [this is going well, she’s fully playing along and giving tacit permission to think of her sexually]
Me 11:21 – I like blue    Ok, so we walk to the beach    I’m wearing red speedos
Her 11:22 – why are you so hard with your wife?
Me 11:22 – like the movie    [still from 300 movie]    Haha, if you think this is hard….. wait until we get to the fucking part 😛
Her 11:23 – you have to be a nice…
Me 11:24 – ok, but only because we are married and in love    So    walking to the beach    You walk a few metres in front of me    so I can watch your ass    and legs  [does this need commentary?]
Her 11:24 – omg..    you think only about sex.. :/    woman it’s not onlu sex machine!    remember that
Me 11:25 – I know, women can cook too [cheerful misogyny]
Her 11:25 – pff
Me 11:25 – haha    So we get to the beach, and spread our big towel on the sand    We open the picnic basket    I eat a toasted panini. Mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomato, sliced egg
with mustard    wholegrain mustard. Not the smooth stuff    what are you eating?  [I’m a demanding guy and I know what I want. I’m also slightly retarded]
Her 11:27 – like French    I’m eating fatty meat, whole-milk cheese and I am sipping with beer    <lol>    joke    light salad…, tomatos and I’m drinking water of lemon
Me 11:30 – nice
Her 11:30 – with lemon
Me 11:30 – I like that [reward]
Her 11:30 – 🙂  [likes reward, she’s accepting the submissive position]
Me 11:31 – Now we go for a swim in the sea    It’s a bit cold, but not uncomfortable
Her 11:31 – ohh my hair! 😛
Me 11:31 – do you pin it up, or let it down?
Her 11:32 – my hair?
Me 11:32 – yes
Her 11:32 – in summer…i like let it down.. I think – it’s sexy  [she’s definitely happy to feel sexy around me now. Notice she’s not trying to take validation from me, she’s simply enjoying the roleplay]
Me 11:32 – nice    So we’re in the sea. I’m splashing you    you are giggling    I carry you on my back, walking through the water    Then throw you under, and laugh  [future projections should involve you somehow getting one over on her]
Her 11:33 – oohh it’s romantic:)  [IOI]
Me 11:34 – You squeak and squeal    So I pick you up over my shoulder
Her 11:35 – 🙂  [all girls like it rough]
Me 11:36 – I slap your ass    then carry you to the sand, and throw you down
like this…

but more gentle    because we’re in love
Her 11:38 – ohh it’s nice 😛
Me 11:38 – And then, as you lay there on the sand, giggling, breathing hard    looking sexy    I look at your tits, and your ass    Then    I get out my nintendo, and play video games    😛   [defuse tension]
My laptop is almost out of battery. I have to go….  [true]
Her 11:40 – ok    we can talk to later  [she’s hooked]
Me 11:40 – have a good day 🙂  [comfort]
Her 11:41 – thanx    you too


  1. man, must be about a year since i last tried gaming over the internet

  2. How many FB accounts do you have, Krauser? Or what do girls say when they see you have half a trillion girls and 56 guys added as friends?

    • I’m very open from the beginning that I’m a player dating multiple girls. They sometimes fight amongst themselves on my wall but it’s all fairly orderly. My model is intended to be the first stage in harem building so there’s no sneaking around.

      • can we see some fighting?:D miaaaaauuu
        i think you are begging to act naturally on fb its not game at all……she agrees:
        Her 11:18 – I believe to the word
        nice principles though: refined and to the point.I like that “future projections should involve you somehow getting one over on her”….never heard that

  3. I’ve been using your style on Facebook a little bit more to good results. Not too much though… Maybe more to come. I’ve just been relying on texts still, because they’re more immediate. But perhaps I need to slow it down and raise the buying temp online, with some of them at least.

  4. You mention that you’re honest from the outset that you’re a player. I like this approach, but have been struggling with it. My initial strategy was to imply it through stories and behavior and if a girl asked if I was seeing other girls, I told her. Unfortunately, this didn’t usually end well. They’d feel duped or cheated and eventually move on, sometimes still available for the booty call, but a lot of the fun had been sapped from our interactions. After my last grouping faded away, I’ve taken the approach to let it be known from the get go, but keep things fun and the girls seem to love it with one major problem: they won’t close. There are two, right now, who eat this shit up, but have said they don’t want to be just “some girl” to me. I’m moving along and peeling down the defenses, but it’s going slowly. Do you get this sometimes and just move onto the next, or long game them? Is my problem that I’m simply not talking to enough girls, and with the right amount some will eventually be ageeable to a harem style arrangement?


    • I’m writing a whole seminar series on harem game. It’s much more involved than simply telling the girls your a player. As a general rule you have to match the player reveal with her escalating investment. Too early and they tell you to get fucked, too late and you’re a cunt and they feel betrayed.

      • Thanks. Looking forward to more of your thoughts on harem game. It’s pretty much the apex of how I’d like to live. Doing and saying exactly what I want, and still getting what I want I would feel downright kingly. Even now, while I’m still working at the getting what I want part with these 2 girls, being shameless of my intentions feels great and makes for highly sexualized dialogue. Hope some of what your working on makes it to the blog for those of us in the States who can’t attend a seminar.

        On a separate note, the line by line text and chat stuff is gold. It’s fun just to read it, but Im sure it’s also useful tool for guys who are new, but with some social acumen. To see the power of that stuff in action is definitely motivating even for those of us already rocking solid text and chat skills.

  5. You pull out your nintendo and start playing video games HAHAHA.

    Awesome. I did some facebook chat gaming yesterday for fun. I hadn’t done that since I started approaching. It was fun and went surprisingly well.

    I’m impressed with your model Krauser.

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  7. I love this girl’s body. Lean and firm.

  8. Just read the whole thing. God damn that was amazing. I feel like I just had sex myself : )

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