A blowout in Krakow

October 15, 2010

Here’s a bit of fun in Poland about an hour before I met the girl I SDL’d. My state was shit and I was trying to find a way to get back into the groove so I thought I’d pull a fairly ballsy opener and then just vibe with some inane free association nonsense.

I guess the only learning point from this video is that you can open a girl by insulting her but if you hold your ground and act like it wasn’t such a big deal, she’ll fall into frame. In this case, not enough to actually build enough attraction.

Krauser gets blown out. For the fifth time that day………


  1. all i can say is……………..girls are so stupid

  2. “it makes me a think of a … prostitute. obviously you’re not, right. but it’s cool. i haven’t offended you, have i? have i offended you? i am not calling you a prostitute.”

    “maybe it’s because i’m on holiday.”


    “have you built anything yet?”

    “what’s the dream?”

    i love how you don’t give up. plough baby, plough.

  3. “tell you what, you actually seem fun. how about i take you for coffee later. not for you? okay nice meeting you, have a good day”

    man, it is good to see you get blown out. it makes you seem real again. it is inspiring. both are inspiring. banging the artsy girl in the bathroom and getting blown out by the hooker. brings it all back home.

  4. Look at all the slim fashionable walking the streets. Not a fattie in sight!

    The fat quotient REALLY skews the dating market in the US. Euro guys got it good.

  5. Dude……………I totally “SDL’d” and HB 19.85 while backwards merging into a 54 set, while pumping my state until my nimbus was 9000. After that, I progressed into Phase A3, while negging the target’s entire social circle with an upside down rubix cube. This created a Doggy Dinner Bowl look on her face. She took me to the bathroom right there, and proceeded to give me a blowjob.

  6. Wow, your style s completely different from the way I would think to run day game.

    I do agree on some of your criticisms of Soul’s ebook. I haven’t read it, but I’ve tried the should tap and it’s not the best way to open for me.

  7. you were lucky not to get a hard slap around the face what a pratt

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