A Disastrous 3-Way Date Part Four: High Esteem girl

October 6, 2010

Ok, this post is the final set-up before the fully merged 3-way date. Introducing my favourite girl of the whole Lithuania holiday……. a round of applause for HB High Esteem!


Another one-itis risk in Lithuania


She was another daygame pickup and I really like her. She’s exactly what I think of when I say “high value girl”. She’d been difficult to hook and once I’d calibrated her I’d been even more direct and less gamey than usual. Within a few minutes she was softening and by the tenth minute when I took her number she was very much into me. Text game ensued and again it was without much gamey bullshit:

Me 8:43pm – Is this HB High Esteem? The slighty cute, slighty fun girl in the biker boots who owes Krauser a coffee (white americano, no sugar) [never let it be said I don’t test routines over and over]

Her 8:43pm – Mmm… Depends who’s asking…  [interested but testing]

Me 8:47pm – It’s Krauser’s secretary. He’s a very busy man, but he said he met a girl and he’s curious about her.  [surprise her and open a roleplay, project value and qualify]

Her 8:49pm – Well, it might be her…. But it’s not certain.

Me 8:54pm – Hmmm. What does she look like?  [reduce the wordcount and flip the script so I’m screening]

Her 8:54pm – Major fan of cow boots  [reference to my tease in the pick up. I like her economy of writing – it projects high value]

Me 8:59pm – Oh, it mustn’t be the same girl :O The one Krauser met was cool. I’m sorry for wasting your time….  [she was NOT expecting me to walk away, even as a tease]

Her 9:01pm – Haha though…..  [she’s still trying to lure me into investment and chasing]

Me 9:06pm – About to watch Inception  [snip thread so it doesn’t go stale]

Her 9:06pm – They still show that? A great movie btw

Me 9:10pm – I saw Inception Cat on youtube already  [non sequitor]

Her 9:10pm – I liked shutter island better 🙂  [some investment but still slightly challenging]

Me 9:14pm – WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   [neg]

Her 9:16pm – Oooooo u just poked the bear, my friend! All twisted movies that r not predictable rock!!! Like Slevin, anything with Kevin Spacey… And shutter!  [Now she’s invested. Note the length and her writing style has become informal. She’s enjoying this]

Me 9:17pm – Usual Suspects. I win 😀  [raise the stakes, reduce my word count]

Her 9:18pm – Hahaha I was typing that but then I said all the movies 😀   [I’ve won her over for a day 2 now]

Me 9:27pm – Anyway, the movie is about to start. What time you free tomorrow? 4pm is best for me  [get to the point before the energy fades]

Her 9:27pm – I can’t, I work. When r u leaving?  [wants to meet]

Me 9:32pm – Wednesday  [keep wordcount low. simple, direct]

Her 10:06am – I could meet u after 5:30  [next day]

Me 10:09am – That’s a very good idea. We’re on! Let’s figure out the details a bit later – I just woke up…. and going back to sleep 😛

While I’m sitting in Papparazzi bar with Jambone, Leggy, Squirrel and Low Esteem I get the call from High Esteem to say she’s nearly at the rendevous. I’ve got to make a decision here of do I isolate her for a normal date or merge her into the big set. Wrongly, I believe I’ve still got a 50/50 chance to bang Low Esteem and don’t want to bail because it’s the last night. I’ve also still got Finland expected around 10pm. Decisions, decisions. What to do?

Coming next: The final video and write up.


  1. Yeah, she looks lovely, exactly my type. Not very Lithuanian looking from that pic.

    Girls with true high self-esteem (strong father relationship is must) are usually looking for a man to commit to her, not looking to join a harem, so I will be very interested where this goes. How strong can be the power of game?

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