The Facebook defibrilator shocks HB French Fan back to life

October 6, 2010

This set had started with a ton of promise before logistics intervened and it faded away to nothing. There was no set-ending blow out so really it has just gone cold and needed warming up. So this delightful girl is moved to the Long Game pile and facebook is revved up.

18:44 Me -oh, it’s you….  [tease opener]
18:47 Her – Oooh right, that’s me.;D    Hello.{;    Or tather, bonsoir.{;    rather*   [that’s a pretty invested response. Gonna be easy to be playfull]
18:48 Me – !!!!! :O    What you doing now?
18:48 Her – Chatting with my roommate.{; You?  [hmmm, might need to keep this short]
18:50 Me – finished a book  [draw the question. She’s an educated sort, so probably into books]
18:51 Her – Oooh what book?{;  
18:51 Me – A big one. Long words. No pictures    Not sure you’d understand  [tease – still need to do attraction]
18:51 Her – >;D Oh really? Do I like quite stupid, not to understand it?  [playing along, mild shit test to see if I backtrack and reassure her]
18:53 Me – The Fountainhead    by Ayn Rand  [ignore test]
18:54 Her – I’ll check this up.{;<    Why does it interested you much?  [nice IOI but perhaps she’s just trying to make me carry the conversation]
18:56 Her – interest* sorry my mistakes, in a hurry writing always makes me write stupid things.;D  [or perhaps not, she’s willing to work at this]
18:56 Me – It’s kinda funny    in a cute way   [deflect question and tease by putting her in a little girl position]
18:57 Her – Oh, then it’s oukey, I guess.{;    I’m really sorry for not being able to have a cup of coffee with you, my phone bill was dead, and as I am a student, you know, not a great thing, and parents, and gone to Palanga,no possibilities.;s     [she’s apologising, that’s good. I never brought up the flake so she must feel a bit guilty / disappointed, like she has to keep on the right side of me. Good IOI]
18:59 Me – no probs    I might be back in Vilnius again    I’ll let you know    [no big deal, hold out a carrot]
19:00 Her – Sure thing, anyway, someday we’ll meet again, that’s for sure, it always happens so in my life.;DD    Eventualities, that’s what I mean magic.{;<    [it’s playful but I read the subtext as she really does want to meet sometime. If she was just killing time she wouldn’t bother future projecting and writing it in an interesting manner]
19:01 Me – heh    When are you visiting London?    [plant the seed]
19:01 Her – Ooooh don’t know yet, someday.;D    [fertile soil, but will need time to reap what i sow]
19:08 Me – Gotta go    Talk later    [this isn’t going anywhere yet and I don’t want to overstay my welcome]
19:08 Her – Sure.{{;    See you, Krauser.    [nice she used my name]

Ooh la la

I leave it another week. There’s no timeframe on this so no need to push too hard too fast. Then I catch her online again. She’s obviously a playful sort so I max out that angle;

14:59 Me – Frenchie    [bold, reference to her interests]
15:01 Her – Bonsoir.;D    [accepting the “our world” frame]
15:02 Me – Je ne parlez not the french    pas    [playful]
15:02 Her – ;D Same here, haha.
15:05 Me – still in Vilnius?
15:06 Her – Suuure, I’m studying here.;D
15:07 Me – BOOOOOOORING!!!!    [just being the dumbass]
15:11 Her – It’s not. B} I love talking, so here;s the possibility to do it for all day long. B}
15:12 Me – Oh, you’re a talker?    oh no! What have I gotten myself into……    [frame her as luring me into a trap, the subtext of which obviously means she is chasing me]
15:14 Her – >;D Mhaha no way out, a real maze.   [accepting frame and playing with it]
15:15 Me – !    [reduce my energy, see if she carries it]
15:16 Her – No turning back. {;<
15:17 Me – I’m no push-over    I know how to fight back!    [exactly what it says on the tin]
15:18 Her – >;D Oh really? How?    [nice, she wants me invested too]
15:18 Me – Pushes    Shoves    Grunts    Slaps    Grabbing    [very clear double meaning]
15:19 Her – Mhahahah, ouhouhou, whole armory.;D    [not rejecting it]
15:20 Me – If you continue to be naughty….    I’ll put you over my knee, and spank your naughty bum    then send you to the naughty corner    [slip into a sexual frame, with me as the boss]
15:21 Her – ;DDD Mhaha, no way, I’m not naughty at all.{;<    That’s only your imagination.    And noone will tell me what to do, never. >;}    [token resistance]
15:22 Me – shhhhhhhhh! little girl     [come right over the top with Dad Power]
15:23 Her – >;D I’m not that little, and believe me, I have more power, than average man in his 20-30s {;<    [qualifying herself, playfully]
15:24 Me – shhhhhhhh!    [showing I don’t back down, getting her back up a little]
15:25 Her – Stop it, or else I’ll punish you.;D    [I like where this is going, she’s emotionally invested]
15:25 Me – How? Stamp your little feet and shake your little fists?    [neg, show her I don’t take her seriously]
15:26 Her – It’s good that you think isthis way, this means you won’t be ready for any attack I will make.{;<    [a little exasperated, which is where I want her – in the submissive crouch]
15:27 Me – I’m gonna check your facebook photos now    See if I can find any silly ones    [snip thread]
15:27 Her – ;D What for?
15:28 Me – to laugh at    😛    [tease]
15:28 Her – >;DD Oh yes? Feel free, I don’t mind if someone laughs at me, but you won’t even imagine how i will laugh at your photos >;DDDD Just kidding.;D    [she enjoys the back and forth but is being careful not to offend me, thus she hopes this will continue – a good IOI]
15:29 Me – I’m putting up some new ones today
[dropped connection on my side]

It sucks that I couldn’t end the chat properly but there’s no loss of value in just binning the chat at the end of a thread. She wants more.


  1. this is perfect example of “little sister” teasing. you overgamed at the end and you know it:)(for 45mins of text) she had no difference left in her at all!
    “I don’t mind if someone laughs at me” read as: you can laugh at me but please give me a pet on the head and some biscuits im nice and submissive now

  2. i’ve wanted to ask you this for a while: how do you stay congruent with yourself about dumping girls and ending bad sets? i’ve been burning sets that don’t go well with make out attempts and sleazy messages but it never actually ends with that! i get a few callbacks but i don’t answer since some of this girls are clearly broken in the head.

    when you say that you think its over with a girl after she doesn’t go out, what usually happens?? is it really over? does she know?

    • The way I screen girls, I don’t ever get far into set with the crazies. Also, once I bang a girl she wants to hang around. A few times I tried to dump girls they just came back stronger.

  3. Great material Krauser, keep posting this commented chats, they are excellent learning material.

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