Some things people have been saying about me

October 4, 2010

WordPress has a pretty good analytics page to track site hits, search engine results and so on. Every now and then I’m gratified to find novel ways for people finding this site.

A comedy forum described me as “Krauser PUA!! He’s the very model of the modern major Womaniser.” A guy following the link commented “That blog is scary.” It gets even better and my heart swelled with pride to read:


What a treasure. What a fucked up unbelievable treasure. I can’t believe people like this exist. To be fair though his day game model is truly a step above the rest. I honestly envy a man which such a perfectly structured set and who aspires to be Patrick Bateman.”

Sosuave linked me as the “Short, fat, bald, old guy routinely scoring hotties half his age.” I suppose I should take that as a compliment. One guy replied “When I read your post I was expecting to see a Danny de Vito look alike. Instead it´s a Jason Statham look alike.” I’ve also been told I’m ugly-to-average, a source of much merriment among the guys in Chateau RSG.

Favourite searches that led people to me blog are:

fat, small cock
pua are worthless
girl fucks panda
first muslim sucks my cock

[edit – today someone searched “porn shemale sex treasure squirting” to get here. WTF? K.]

[edit 2 – I nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw I’d been linked on a Liverpool FC fan blog. First some guy shamelessly regurgitates my Book of Alpha series, not that I mind but at least give me the credit, and then this guy links to me with this comment:

“This is hilarious/worrying. Just the post titles alone are worth the time it takes to look on there: ‘Five Fingers Fucks In five Days’, ‘I Bang My First Half-Finnish, Half-Kazhak Lithuanian’, ‘Take that Fritz!’, ‘Chimpanzee Game With The Japanese’…..

And on & on it goes. I’m genuinely impressed with this nutter, not for his womanising ways and what-not, but for his utter mentalism and enthusiasm to document it.”



  1. Last link isn´t working

    [fixed, thanks – K.]

  2. priceless=))=))=)) Patrick Bateman can you imagine yourself casing girls with a chainsaw??=)))))

  3. Krauser:
    Sosuave describes you as short. How short/tall are you really? This is relevant as a factor for Day Game. In your pictures, you always look taller than the girls. I would guess you are 1m80. Am I wrong?

    [177cm, or 5’11” in proper measuring – K.]

  4. I reckon you look more like Kirk out of Coronation Street. But, hey, who gives a fuck when you’re shagging loads of birds of your choice?

    I’m no oil painting and reading your blog has stopped me feeling intimidated by good looking birds when I’m out.

    Keep it up & keep telling us about it.

  5. The similarity to Bateman has not gone unnoticed.

  6. Coronation Street
    Oil painting

    Say no more.

  7. [177cm, or 5’11” in proper measuring – K.]

    177cm is not 5’11”. 🙂

  8. na, I’d put you in the above average looks department. you’re fit and above average height with an ok face.

  9. So modest! You’re being very selective with those quotes. Let me help:

    “As for that blog, men who believe in ‘pick-up routines’ must be the saddest men of all”
    “It’s not even the best pick-up guide I’ve read online”
    “His ego must stretch beyond the limits of the solar system.”
    “…you were Googling your own name with your trousers around your ankles.”
    “That reminded me slightly of the “D.E.N.N.I.S. System” episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”
    “It does seem a bit creepy that a lot of the girls seem to be foreign.”
    “…on a profound level I feel pity. As has been said, this guy is having a lot of sex but it doesn’t sound like he is having fun. He probably gets more excited about posting on his blog afterwards.”

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