My second model in two days

November 10, 2010

Just a quick note on the Estonian model I picked up on a bootcamp on Saturday. It was right at the end of the daygame infield and we were hanging around outside M&S waiting for a student to come out of set so we could all finish. A very tall girl in a stylish black ensemble ambles past. I turn around and open:

Me: Hi, can I say something. I love that you are so tall!

Her: *stops, smiles, then shit tests me with silence and a stare*

Me: blah blah bullshit…..

She’s on her way to meet people but I get about ten minutes with her as she gradually softens. She’s high value / high esteem so she’s not playing games, just listening and watching to see what I’ve got. I hold a steady non-reactive frame and gradually draw her out of the shell until she’s IOIing me. About four times she lets slip *ahem* that she’s a model and four times I completely fail to get excited about it and just talk about something else. The vibe is still in it’s early stages so I go for facebook instead of a number as she’s clearly in a hurry and has given me as long as she reasonably can. She accepts the add and shows up on chat tonight. I reopen:

Another high value girl

Me 21:33 – oh no! It’s her…….. [playful]

Her 21:33 – im sure its her [same vibe as before – interested, uncommited, waiting to see what I have]

Me 21:34 – The tall one…. [remind her of the pickup, avoid framing her as “the model” or anything else she wanted to be framed as that might supplicate me]

Her 21:34 – well on that street she was… 🙂 [as before – watching and waiting]

Me 21:35 – There’s a picture of you I really like. [one of her photos has her wearing a Chewbacca mask at a party] I think it was taken by Hans Solo  [setting up that I’m going to compliment her on one of her many modelling photos but instead pick the one photo of her having fun looking like a retard. Signalling that I like her because she’s fun not simply because she’s beautiful. Unexpected]

* nothing, she goes offline *[I read this as a shit test. I’ve teased her and she’s silent so do I backtrack spinelessly or go chasing raport?]

Me 21:52 – You look like this….  [I do neither, I tease her even more]

Her 22:13 – haha    nice one  [another long wait to see if I fold, I don’t so she likes it]

That’s enough for the initial chat. She remains online for another half-hour but I’m juggling chats with another ten targets who are further along than her, and I think it’s important not to chase Estonia. Having her know I know she’s online yet I’m not chasing rapport is a powerful way of maintaining aloofness without being rude. I don’t need this girl and I’m not convinved, but she’s definitely on my radar – that’s the frame. All I want is to bring her into my orbit as the girl who chats a little on Facebook. From there I can build out on the Long Game like French Fan and Artist.



  1. You’re the master of chat game.

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