Long distance soul collection – Painter

November 10, 2010

Facebook game is magical. Done properly it allows you to take a weak hook on an unavailable set and gradually work her till she’s eating out of your palm. I met Painter for literally five minutes and a quicky facebook close. She refused the number and gave a boyfriend defense. That was September. Two months later using nothing but Facebook and she’s like this…. [BTW, usually she opens me now]

Me – So you’re alive! [she had no internet or phone during her week in Germany, so we joked she’d been kidnapped]

Her – unfortunately, yeah? ;D

Me – unfortunate….

Her – would you worry, if everythink hapen to me? ;D [she wants to be important to me] english mistakes.. hrrr.. i’m angry with myself

Me – haha, of course I worry! [comfort]

Her – ok then ;] how are you in Croatia?

Me – We are having a quiet night. It’s been raining alot since we arrived

Her – hmm

Me – It’s still fun How was Berlin?

Her – good, but first day was raining too next day was better i liked that city, people they all are polite and friendly

Me – nice

Her – did you saw Berlin? was you there?

Me – No. I’ve been to Dusseldorf I like Germany

Her – you visited a lot of places in the world it’s cool i think, that you are busy today.. and i disturb you [IOIing my high value lifestyle and concerned she’s imposing onto my time. These are strong signs she looks up to me]

Me – No, just got a few chats open, with my family and friends I always have time for you [comfort, snowflaking]

Her – honor for me ๐Ÿ™‚ [likes it]

Me – haha, you’re nice [reward, give her a reason why I like her despite her boring life]

Her – and you aren’t ๐Ÿ˜› i’m joking so, how is your sporting room at home? Are you using it? ;]

Me – yeah, I’ve been fighting my friends great fun!

Her – i think should be fun

Me – yeah, I kicked Lee in the head really hard by accident nearly knocked him out but he laughed [DHV on toughness]

Her – everythink is ok, what finished ok, without aftermath (if you understand what i mean) ;]

Me – all is well that ends well

Her – ok, thanks exactly ;D i will start to go to sportclub ๐Ÿ˜›

Me – Really? I like that You’re gonna get a really nice ass [sexualise]

Her – maybe ;D i think, that i need more movement [accepts it]

Me – I kinda like your ass already Still waiting for a good photo [keep going with it]

Her – ok, wait ;D i don’t like my ass, so you should wait till i beginn to like it ;D i’m serious [accepting the end result that I’m gonna see her ass]

Me – do you like your tits? [in for a penny, in for a pound…]

Her – you no need to know

Me – haha. Send me a photo, and I’ll tell you if I like them

Her – you want really to much >/ [that’s an IOI]

Me – hahaha. Not naked Just a nice bikini photo [set a limit on how sexual this is getting before she sets it]

Her – if other girls sends to you everythink, what you want, don’t mean that i will do this before you have to shave your beard ;D [she’s totally accepting my preselection and her need to compete]

Me – Oh, she’s defiant!

Her – should i be defiant? ;D

Me – Yes. It will be more fun to break you

Her – ok, i made a mistake again, but nevermind. my question in my mind was not like i wrote. nevermind ;D so, have you some friends in croatia?

Me – yeah [notice the word count is mostly her writing]

Her – you have friend probably even in the Antarctica friends* ;D [again she is letting me see how much she thinks I’m The Man]

Me – yes, the penguins and polar bears

Her – that was i thought ;D ok, i’ll tell you i like my tits ;D ๐Ÿ˜› [women like to be sexualised by alpha males]

Me – both of them? [being retarded cos it’s important not to be overwhelmed when she sexualises, like a horny beta would]

Her – hmm.. yes strange question

Me – Haha, I’m just being silly

Her – i see your haha sounds ironic

Me – No, I’m having fun How is your homework? [her taking photos of herself for me]

Her – whichone?

Me – Tell me both [direct order]

Her – nothink, i’m waiting for inspiration ;D or inducement ;D [she wants to do it but needs pushing over the edge, for me to take responsibility away from her so she doesn’t feel like a slut]

Me – inducement? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Are you talking about the beard?

Her – hmm.. i don’t think so.. our homeworks are not adequante your task is too easy i think >/

Me – interesting……

Her – what? first homework with laughing girl is ok, sometime i’ll do it. because i like it

Me – cool

Her – but other [her dressed in underwear doing housework in a sexy pose] it’s not the same that to shave beard ;D i can shave my legs and send photo ;DDD ;DDD understand what i mean? ;D

Me – Yes. I think you should do the second one without your face in the photo

Her – i can fake it ;D anyway, it’s not the same like your homework

Me – Are you re-negotiating the deal?

Her – we can try ;P but don’t give a promise yet I don’t* [= it’s gonna happen eventually]

Me – ok

Her – so.. your homework..

Me – I don’t give a promise yet… I need inducement…

Her – me too are your body muscular? you are boxer [she’s thinking about me physically, allowing herself to lust]

Me – I look like this

Krauser, yesterday

Her – so your photos in fb is fake ;D when i saw you alive, you were slimmer, your weight growing up very fast ;D

Me – haha

Her – so answer is…? is it a secret? you can ask me about my tits and dont want to answer to simple question [minor shit test]

Me – wait ok, what is the question? [playfully defiant but not actually evasive]

Her – dont try to be silly ;D it’s about your body

Me – ok, ask again…

Her – look above in chat ย  ย  ย  ย  is your body muscular?

Me – Quite muscular, but a little bit of fat from eating and drinking too much recently I used to look like this…

Krauser, last week

Her – this one is better ;D

Me – So you like muscles?

Her – not to much too* health and natural somethink like this wait

Me – waiting

Her [link to Markie Mark with his shirt off]

Me – Markie Mark?

Her – a little bit too much muscles on stomach yes i don’t say that your body should be like him ;D i think, that a lot of boys or mens with big muscles are with empty heads are not very interessting and they just proud of yoursels yourselfs* [she’s telling me what she hopes I am like and how she wants to like me]

Me – Very true

Her – but i’m not saying that all

Me – My opinion is: I want my body to be useful, not just a display I don’t want to LOOK tough. I want to BE tough [reframe]

Her – good opinion, i like that and it’s somethink similary with girls and beauty

Me – how do you mean? [get her to invest]

Her – beauty isn’t everythink if she don’t understand enythink, haven’t her opinion, she is only a doll [from a beautiful girl this is not sour grapes]

Me – Yeah. That’s why I stopped dating models [DHV]

Her – are they stupid? i understand, that not all

Me – Not stupid, just different…. [not slagging them, positioning myself as the man with knowledge of the world]

Her – but you stopped dating

Me – When a girl is beautiful, life is easy for her. Men do everything for her So she doesn’t NEED to develop interesting character Some of them do, most of them don’t

Her – i think, that such a girls are polluting good name of womans i hate them they are marionette in the rich man hand (mostly)

Me – These girls match the guys. Girls = beauty and no brain. Guys = money and no charisma. They match. [reframe away the competition]

Her – in Lithuania it sounds: match like hatchet and handle i cant to translate exactly

Me – I understand

Her – ok

Me – BUT

Her – ?

Me – some of the models are actually nice people just not very interesting to have a conversation with [don’t project bitterness or hate, but give her a window of opportunity so she knows she can catch a guy like me]

Her – i don’t know models, and trust, that not all are without brains:] you know.. i like, that you are experienced you saw a lot of countrys, you know a lot of people, your job is interesting i think that you life is almost perfect [could I ask for a bigger IOI?]

Me – Thanks. You’re sweet. [reward, qualify]

Her – and sometimes i fell like.. hmm.. very borring person, which haven’t nothink to tell about yourself and life i’m too outspoken now [she’s worried she’s not good enough for me so she’s bashful. I absolutely love this – she instinctively knows how to make a guy like her]

Me – You’re still young It takes time to build an interesting life, and to have interesting stories [setting myself as her teacher]

Her – you say – you know sometimes i don’t know enythik about my wishes.. i dont know, what i want to do.. and especialy the last month.. [= she’s seen a window of excitement and now she’s thinking of ditching her boyfriend]

Me – That’s normal for your age [comfort, normalise these thoughts]

Her – i need to talk with somebody from other surrounding ok, nevermind, you don don’t need to listen to me it’s my problem [she wants adventure. Remember she’s young, not got money, and lives in a boring country with a normal boring boyfriend. Her horizons are opening and I’m the shiny exciting thing on the other side of the river]

Me – That’s ok. I’m sympathetic to you. What did you do today? [snip the thread before she talks herself into shit state]

Her – i had classwork, then i and my friend(girl) went out for lunch, then went to itycentre citycentre* i went through that bench ;F ;D where we met then, we bought icecream from macdonalds [she’s building a legend around our romantic meet]

Me – Nice

Her – and went to cathedral and then home that was really nice day, especialy evening and you/ ?

Me – We’ve been looking around Zagreb went to a big fruit market

Her – did you like?

Me – Yeah, I love to see how other people live I’m starting to like Eastern Europe

Her – you never stay in the one place for long time everytime you do something new and interesting you and your life is charming i don’t know other people like you [another strong IOI]

Me – thanks [reward]

Her – :D# i’m saying too much ;D [she’s way out of her comfort zone but feels compelled to compliment me – the hindbrain is taking her on a ride]

Me – Maybe, but it’s nice [normalise her saying these things]

Her – i never do this ;D and i dont chating with unknown people (you was unknown in the begining) [again she can’t quite understand why her feelings are compelling her into this]

Me – Yeah, but we know each other now, and we like each other [give her a rationalisation]

Her – a little bit and i have a question.. you know my “family status”, but i don’t so do you have a woman or no? i don’t understand [she’s really letting the mask slip now and openly considering where she stands with me and whether she can fit into my life]

Me – Girls like me, but there’s no-one special [preselect but dangle a carrot]

Her – so answer is no ?

Me – Yes, it’s no [but not evasive]

Her – i understand, that you have a lot of girls, whitch likes you and you like them am i right? ๐Ÿ™‚ [accepts preselection]

Me – yes

Her – ok what is the time in croatia now?

Me – Almost midnight

Her – here is almost 2 at night.. my eyes can close ;D how much time you have? [the restraint is gone, she is happy for me to know she wants to spend time in my company]

Me – I’ll be awake some time longer

Her – ?

Me – I have some time

Her – so, if you say something interesting, i’ll stay a little bit longer in here if you don’t want i stay, say it [strange wording, is she trying to make me chase?]

Me – I bought a remote control car today. ย  ย  ย  ย I tell you what…. Go to bed. Sleep well. We’ll talk some other time. [to be on the safe side I snip the thread and then order her about]

Her – have a good night. bye

Me – bye


  1. Krauser, would you mind saying (or linking to a post if you’re already said) something about cold-opening girls on Facebook?

  2. hei krauser, i use a lot of chat as well now, you dont have to spend money and you can steady your nerves and learn about her much faster.

    i have a question. I realized recently that what my game really lacks is freedom of outcome, even if i know the girl already likes me i might not approach because im woried somehow. And i know in the back of my mind that most girls love me and im going to make her day but jest get to invested in a girl just by looking at her. Advice? have you ever been there?

    • Sure I’ve been there. You need to gradually convince your subconscious that you are interested in the girl but don’t need her. That takes time but when you get it, your natural instincts get better. That’s how you can go direct in daygame without seeming too pushy – you subcommunicate that you don’t care if she walks away.

  3. Thx for the post. Very insightful!

  4. Seriously, one of the best things you can do if you want to have more women in your life is buy, beg or borrow a book on body language and memorize it. It will save you time, money, energy and heartache.

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  7. hey Krauser, found out about this site from roosh’s forums. your work is excellent man!
    do you still have the facebook gaming posts, cos they keep 404’ing on me. cheers

    [Most of them are up. I occasionally take down posts but barely a handful so far. K.]

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