Croatia Update

November 11, 2010

I’ve been in Croatia with Jambone the past two days. Our host was telling us the girls are different here – too conservative, too smart – so they don’t respond to Game. So for the past 48 hours we’ve been ripping the piss out of him as we tear the town apart. We’re still calibrating the place. Lithuania took me a week, Poland took four days. We’re getting closer to the first F-close of the week. Highlights so far from two day’s work:

    • I number close a cute little brunette on my very first open
    • Some pretty daring verbal escalation in a direct open of a stunningly beautiful shop girl that has her tripping out with IOIs before Jambone blows the set
    • Instant date a tourist from some southern Croatian island
    • Instant date an 18 yr old student who then brings two of her friends to join us
    • Pull a girl back to my place last night [LMR so I don’t get the close even though she stays the night] while Jambone collects the soul of her friend over five hours.
    • Jambone number closes three models in one day, which I video. If he ever gets his shit together he might even blog about them and load the footage.
    • Spend the first evening sat at Facebook running twelve different targets while Jambone does the same and our host watches his limiting beliefs vaporise.
    • Open only four sets today, all perfect tens, and number close three of them [all on video]

Most of the sets have seemed solid while I was in them but it’s proving difficult to get dates. Its a calibration thing. Every town is subtly different. But the Iron Law of Game still holds true – Girls tingle to the same things the whole world over. Here’s two of the tens I number closed today. All the infield footage has to wait till I’m back in London with a better laptop. Here’s hoping the hairy Euro-weirdos in my youth hostel don’t succeed in stealing my netbook and all it’s accumulated video.


"Is it rude to say you have a nice ass?"



"I love your style. It's very French"


Jambone has just texted to say he’s on the train back to the house of a skanky painted harlot of a journalist jezebel he picked up last night using my pre-selection and opener. I hope he gets syphillis.


  1. both of those girls….WHAMMY

    why was i born in goddamn america?!

  2. But… but.. none of those girls are close to being 10’s, you’re exaggerating man. Obviously you’re too deep into it to see it so far, but hang on. Have fun.

  3. too conservative, too smart – so they don’t respond to Game
    Yeah right, that’s what others said when I went to Bucharest: it’s too hard here, girls are different, blabla. I got my voice recorder running and proved them wrong 😉

  4. “our host watches his limiting beliefs vaporise.”

    Love it.

  5. photo 1 is nice, an 8 or 9 maybe – phot 2 is a 6 or 7 – no way either are tens – no shame in that as outside the really large metropolises you see a true ten very infrequently…

    Great work btw and looking forward to those videos.

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  7. Where did this Universal Scale of Ten-ness come from? I don’t even put famous actresses, models, etc in my scale; I don’t want a girl that hot. Why bother? I can quite easily be morbidly fascinated with a girl and maybe some other guy would only rate her as a 5 or 6 but to me she’s attractive, would have a great body (7/10) and pleases and delights me. To me she’s a ten; I don’t need any better and I simply do not give a crap about whether some other guy thinks she’s hot.

    And body is worth more than face every time. A 9 body with a 5 face boils my blood with lust whereas a 9 face and a 5 body makes me sigh with disappointment. A lot of this obsession with facial beauty is from social conditioning: what your inner caveman wants is body; the absolute indicator of genetic quality.

    • Absolutely agree. Objective 10’s are Victoria’s Secret models, and similarly beautiful women. These women represent a minute fraction of the female population, yet they are the objective? Please. I care about women who, to use krauser’s phrase, exert a pull on my DNA. Who give me the feeling that makes we want to fill them with a gallon of cum. I saw one yesterday. She was a petite, maybe 5′-5’2″ Asian, with A-cups at best. I bet a majority of guys would rate her a 5. Maybe she is. I, and most importantly, my dick, does not care.

    • you know how they say woman want strong men when in heat? its the same with us i think. When ive done something very challenging like compete in a sport i see hot bodies as more attractive. But i naturally have low testosterone so facial beauty pleases me more. Symmetry and good skin are also indications of health, i at least want those!

  8. There are various attempts of defining a universal scale from 1-10 published by various personalities in the game community. Older material didn’t use 1-10 as a personal scale, but as an attempt to describe a universal measurement unit for female hotness, from the bottom up to the absolute impossible… Roissy has a bunch of posts along these lines, Roosh has attempted to describe it. You might as well stop using “ten” if it isn’t used to describe something your readers can relate to. The concept of a scale loses all of its meaning if you do so, and it would be better to describe girls as “supa dupa hot” then if that’s how you feel. By the way we should maybe agree that the perfect 10 doesn’t exist? If you define your 10s as something that makes you think you don’t need any better on a given night, maybe you should start using the word “bangable” instead. It’s a long way from bangable up to estethical perfection.

  9. Man I am dying to see the approach to girl on top of the page

  10. I met a croatian beauty in Alabama this past weekend.

    Wow. The highlight of my trip.

    I need to get out of the states.

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