That 19 yr old Italian I haven’t banged

March 25, 2011

Here’s another vignette. This 19 yr old Italian was a simple indirect group set in Newcastle last year. Her English isn’t so good and she’s back in Italy. No problem. I just want her on my radar and gradually long game her. Here’s a sample of what happens. It’s midnight and she sees me online, opening me with….


Her: i’m drunkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Me: :O    what are you wearing?
Her: mmmh….    i don’t remember in english
Me: do Italian, I’ll translate in Google 🙂
Her: la giacca! 🙂 sono appena arrivata a casa!
Me: ah, jacket    How do you feel?
Her: i don’t know    my god
Me: 😀
Her: i go to my sweeeeeeeeeeeet bed    goooooooood night dear
Me: sleep well darlin [her name] 🙂
Her: you too

I’ll not read too much into it. It just confirms I’m on her romantic radar.

One Comment

  1. ah, she looks f* gorgeous

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