I blow another SNL, this time by being too laidback

March 25, 2011

It’s Friday in Camden and Jimmy is taking Wonka out for a nightgame session. Tony T and I come along for the ride and for the first hour we are building aura in the bar. Sets start to open themselves. While walking around with Tony I spot a young two set of Germans, both 19 years old. My target is a good firm-breasted eight but the obstacle is a low 7. I ask T-Bone if he’s happy to take the obstacle. It’s a sniff of fanny, so of course he says yes.

I open with something nonsensical. Doesn’t matter because my state is high and the girls are waiting for something to happen. I tease for a while to build attraction and we mini-isolate. TT is doing his usual romantic masculine presence thing whereas I’m running a douchebag version of Mystery Method. It’s hitting well. Over the next two hours we rope them in and the girls are DTF.

Jambone comes round with Wonka and sees my girl is totally wanting to get laid tonight – he has a finely tuned radar for such things. He doesn’t actually tell me though. My radar is shitty so I’m still thinking I have to continue gaming her when I should’ve been escalating. Big mistake. Halfway through the girls convene in the toilets for girl talk so I confirm with TT that he’s on too. Some little Portuguese hamster opens me asking if we’ve seen her friend. Cue some chick crack:

Hamster on the right, with my hat

Her: Have you seen my friend? She was around here a minute ago.
Me: Black hair?
Her: Yes!
Me: Ah!……. Never seen her  [I laugh, my team laughs, she pouts]
Me: Hang on. Is she about this height [indicate with my hand]
Her: No no. A bit taller
Me: I know, that’s what I meant. About this tall, with long black hair?
Her: Yes!
Me: Ah!….. Never seen her [laughs]

After four of these she storms off, then thirty seconds later comes back to screech “you’re not funny”. Jambone mutters “IOI”.

Five minutes later and before my 2-set returns the hamster proximity IOIs by walking right through our group and directly past me as she harrumps her way through her search. So I grab her and say “Look, I’m not actually an asshole. You seem really nice.” and from there it’s on. She’s well into it and her drunk friend finds her and they are all over me when my 2-set returns. Perfect pre-selection. Now I have to choose which horse to back. I decide it’s better to run the set that has over an hour of investment in me than the one that is just light attraction vapour. So I dismiss the hamster (and collect her facebook before I leave).

I start escalating my squarehead but it’s not hitting at all. I think I made two mistakes:

(1) I waited too long to escalate. I should’ve ramped it up at high buying temperature as soon as she was signalling she was DTF. Instead, I stalled out the set.
(2) I was throwing off mixed signals by going verbally direct but then dropping in Mystery-style false disqualifiers such as “I’m not going to fuck you tonight. I never have sex with a girl the same night I meet her”. Instead I should’ve picked between frames of either she chases me or I escalate her. I fell between both stools.

So the lights come on and the bar kicks out at 2am. The girls are still on the hook and we are soon walking the streets looking for a cab. Both have agreed to come back to Chateau RSG. Cabs don’t come and after five minutes the girls are kicking up a fuss. The moment has gone, again. They want to go to a nearby club and TT and I agree that we need to rebuild buying temperature before we can try another extraction. While three of us get in line my girl cadges a cigarette off an indie kid. He starts coming on to her direct but non-gamey. His vibe is good but he doesn’t have balls or finesse and eventually she dismisses him. But she’s starting to feel like a princess. We go to a bar instead. While TT gets drinks at the bar I see some indie chode eyeing my girl. The moment I go to the toilet I see him move in. Whatever – if my girl goes for him it was never really on with me. As I return she’s dismissed him and is with TT and the obstacle. I take my drink, the girls order their own, and then disappear to the toilets.

They don’t come back. An hour passes in which TT and I open a few more sets and don’t chase the girls. On toilet visits I see my girl milking two guys for validation but rebuffing their kino attempts. She’s playing everyone. Finally at chucking out time TT’s girl comes back – purely because her friend is busy and she doesn’t want to stand alone. I tell TT i want to burn the set to the ground. Both girls are playing Ho games and have wasted my time. He’s resistant but finally agrees. We dump them.

Boundary drawn and enforced.

Nonetheless I’m drunk and pissed off. The set was a dead cert at about 1am and by 2am I’d fucked it up. She was well hot too. Live and learn.


  1. Dude, I have some bloody bad news for you – you seem to have had a Kafka Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis) moment, except instead of waking up one morning and finding yourself turned into a beetle, you forgot to check the mirror before going out and actually woke up looking like the darling of the Austrian school of economics himself, Von Mises – not sure how this affected your game, but I reckon it would be easier to pull as an oversized beetle than as Von mises…

    [Hayek, fella. Get your Austrians right. K]

  2. On a more serious note – what a lot of work one has to put in to game these bar sluts – are you finding yourself warming to night game and the accompanying female cretins that inhabit its dirty depths?

    My problem with night game is I still find it almost impossible to have a good time in a bar/club, bearing in mind I am basically teetotal…

  3. I can’t distinguish one Austrian from another, except when they sport a tache and list genocide as a hobby.

    K I’ll buy you one of these for your birthday to make it up to you:

    Ludwig von Mises is My Homeboy T-shirts

  4. it seems that the inability to get a cab at key times has killed the momentum, if you got a limo(and figured out a way for it to pay for itself) you would became the PUA King!

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