An anniversary

February 7, 2011

Today was the 2nd anniversary of my wife walking out on me. The single worst day of my life. Or at least, that’s how it felt at the time. So, zoom forward two years and let’s look at how today went.

Bengali – I wake up 11am and after getting ready I’m waiting for Moran to get his shit together so we can do some free approaching coaching for some local forum guys. I strike up a quick Facebook chat with my 20 yr old Bengali target.

Bulgarian – My second demo set for the students is a lovely 23 yr old brunette dressed entirely in blue. I open her saying her tights have the same pattern as my grandad’s sweater. Strong hook. 15 minute set. We’ve been texting tonight to set up a date.

Uruguayan – I have a couple more weak demo sets then hook big time with a tiny 21 yr old throwabout who only arrived in London three days ago. I instant date her for a few hours (see video). Take the number, then I have to meet back up with Moran because he is trying to set me up with…..

Norwegian – A stunning 19 yr old tall blond girl. An easy nine. Moran pulled and SNL’d her equally hot friend on Wednesday and probably felt guilty for SNLing my target on Friday (a legendary night that might get it’s own post). So he feeds me this girl. Two hours later in a pub she’s pretty much climbing over the table to get me, unconsciously wanking off her pint glass as her eyes spazz out. We helped them choose dildos in a sex shop and then had some facebook sex chat.

English – The button nose girl from a legendary sexting is swapping texts with me again. I had her frigging herself to orgasm on Wednesday evening over the text messages. Maybe I’ll do a post on that later. 22 yr old. An eight.

Nigerian – The English-born man eater. I told this girl to delete my number a few weeks ago. I changed my mind and decided to LJBF her today. She agrees and says I should drop around her house sometime soon.

Lithuanian – This 21 yr old is gradually falling in love. She sent me another three sex photos tonight and future projected a sexual scenario for me.

Thai – My 23 yr old Thai who I’ve been dating for about 8 months now recently told me she wants to break up so she can find a normal boyfriend. She got drunk tonight and sent badly mis-spelled texts about how much she misses me. She’s lovely.

That was Sunday.


  1. Be the first to offer my congratulations to Nick, two years and plenty of quality pussy later you have to admit you are a more rounded man than you were during your marriage – as such in a fu***** up kind of way she did you a favour by forcing you to man up.

    I believe that the desire to game the hottest chicks forces the ordinary joe to get his shit together and become more masculine, dominant, confident and aggresive if he wants to compete in a competitive market place. This can only be a good thing.

  2. On an addendum, you have so many chicks floating around on tenderhooks that I have to wonder if you are getting Rooshism, the inability to commit to any one girl because you have almost mastered the ability to cold approach successfully the majority of girls you meet on the street. There may always be a better one round the corner – what happened to your Russian “model” who you thought might be worthy of longer term interest?

    • She’s in Russia, knitting me a sweater with my name on it. Still intend to date her properly when she comes back. I don’t think I have Rooshism – he has a low opinion of the girls he talks about in that post. IMHO he lost respect for them because they are so slutty and empty that they are only a few button pushes from his bed. In my case, I genuinely like every single girl I mentioned in this post. Each one of them would be worth dating, if it wasn’t for all the others.

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  4. It’s amazing how quickly life can change when you decide to get off your butt and go for what you want. I’ve been following your blog for a while and have respect for your sheer tenacity and will to get this sorted. It’s what has separated you from the majority of other would be PUAs.

    On a separate note, I am curious as to how the whole MLTR thing is going. Who’s in, who’s out. Perhaps the whole MLTR management thing could be worth a separate post?

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