That 17yr old Dutch girl I banged

March 24, 2011

Here’s some follow up from the 17 yr old Dutch girl I banged at the bottom of her host family’s garden a few months ago. I’d added her to facebook but ignored the two times she tried to open me on chat. I’ve got no interest in seeing her again but when she left a nice message on my wall I decided to reward her and do a little research into her side of the seedy sex we had.

A legit but rather flattering picture

Me: thanks for the message
Her: your welcome!
Me: are you still back in Holland?
Her: Yes, still living there    So surprising you are speaking to me 😉
Me: haha, we had a cool adventure    it still brings a smile to my face 🙂
Her: me to, I guess I will remember it for the rest of my life, it was fun. Also embarrassing, but fun.
Me: 😉    did you find out later if we actually did get caught?    if your friend saw us out of her window
Her: I tried to check them if they had find out, but ther didn’t!
Me: so it’s still a secret    shhhhhhhhhhhhhh    !
Her: i maked jokes about it that were acctualy true, and they taked it as a joke, so they didn’t know    😛    hahaha 😉
Me: I asked a few friends later.    We needed to decide if something so short still qualifies as “sex”
Her: no it wasn’t 😛
Me: actually we agreed that two strokes is the minimum
Her: and that werent two strokes,    and I consider sex, that that something is that I am getting a good orgasm from 😛 not that scary shit.    but it was fun
Me: haha    I didn’t get one either    I wanted to cum in your mouth    boo 😦
Her: God bless me that that didn’t happen, that would be awful
Me: haha    I’m going to meet some friends now    Have a good day
Her: The same to you, was intresting talking to you again    bye!

I guess she isn’t as traumatised as the white knight manginas so desperately need to believe.


  1. No way was she traumatised by it, think its a case of well played by you. Flipside is her comments here are slightly barbed and too little too late ASD, which is pretty common in the younger girls. Although not really a set, you did well to eject the conversation here (notice her submissive copy cat answer at the end) as if to say say – yea enough of your bullshi*, we both know what happened.

    You are doing well though imo, your lay numbers are not the highest but your standards are high and consistent. Do you never get tempted by the easier 6s and low 7s?

    [My scale is: a 6 is a girl you’d smuggle in and out quietly and hope no-one saw, with no numbers exchanged. A 7 is neither pride nor shame and you’d date her if there’s no 8s on the current roster. I do get tempted, especially when drunk. I put this Dutch girl at a 6. K.]

  2. Thanks for the post. Your vids make this blog thee most informative out there on PU. The vids encourage me to go out and approach. I like your day game model; it’s really all I can do for the most because being up all night affects my productivity during the game (i.e. I don’t run much night game). I have found that if I don’t remind myself constantly about the need to approach, I won’t do anything, sometimes of years, which has been a huge mistake obviously.

    To achieve your level, how many approaches do you need to do daily (I know it’s different for everyone depending on their ability)? I am in grad school now (age 29) but am thinking about working part-time after graduation (rather than full-time) so I have more time to devote to game. How many hours on average do you find yourself out in the field, talking to girls, a week? Thanks!

    [I’ve done close to 2,000 sets in 2 years. There’s no formula. My inner game held me back for a long time, but the silver lining there is my outer game became very smooth. I recommend a “training period” where you do 50 sets a week hardcore for a few months. After that you can dial it down and be more relaxed. Currently I do about ten a week. K]

  3. Why do you have no interest in seeing her again? I know you have options but damn she’s hot. It didn’t seem like she had much control over the other people who stumbled in at her place.

  4. She was so hot that you only lasted two strokes?

    Youngsters these days…

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