The model is linear from left to right. See first the simplified version from the second edition of Daygame Nitro.


I’ve analysed it into further detail and depth in Daygame Mastery but it’s essentially the same thing, just deconstructed further for analytical precision.


Lastly, I’ve simplified certain elements for Daygame Overkill to bring out the energy and key checklists of what needs to be done on the street before taking a number.



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  2. Wow. This is gold. I am at work so I can’t break this down or analyze in full like I would like right now, but trust me, I will printing this baby out and reading it like a born again reads the Bible.

    One immediate question, though: Shouldn’t you give a false time constraint in Stage One?

    • Hey Krauser, Its Justin Wayne form NYC. My website administrator told me to view your blog. Keep your head up. I like what i see. i appreciate your honesty and the fact that you demonstrate proof.

      Keep it real bro.

      • You replied to Rivelino.

      • douchbag, all that shit you and deepack wayne were saying, and you on the youtube video saying “who the fuck is krauser? never heard of him” and here you are writing a post in 2010 sucking up to him, lol…

    • Not necessarily! Only if you feel that you interrupt her from something

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  4. I’m going to have to sticky this/bookmark it or something.

    Good shit, Krauser. Keep it up.

  5. Ditto all. I’ve had a quick glance but this seems very consistent with your overall approach. Good to see it conveyed into words. I feel like volumes of books could be written on the “gentle tease”.

  6. this looks great. i have a question for you. is there a way to email you?

  7. sound simple ……..not
    ive read it 3 times dont get this:
    Non-Verbal: Far more likely. She’ll be either acting or not acting. If she is acting and IOIs you she needs to be extracted right now. Not-acting IOIs to watch for

    what do you mean acting, if shes acting then shes a sexual person and not acting is more like a noob girl with no game?

    • Like in poker – a tell is either conscious (acting) or unconcious (not acting). If she’s acting she’s doing it because she wants something – it could be sex, or it could be more validation – and you have to figure out what that is.

    • What he means by “acting” is pretending, or doing it on purpose/deliberately.

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  10. I’m struck by the simplicity of all this, and how normal and simple you manner is in the videos you’ve uploaded – I’m a complete beginner, but it’s nice to know that someone can have success without being a complete loud mouthed douchey attention seeker – i.e. that you can be a normal person, just subtly tweaked and enhanced and get results. Of course its easier to say than to do, but this blog gives me hope and is a fantastic resource.

  11. I don’t know but I feel that the model is too filled with theory…how about simplifying it and making it more practical i.e. just put what works (most of the time) and discard the fluff.

    best !

    • So what you’re saying, Realdeal, is: ‘Please qualify yourself to me Krauser’.

      Maybe you go find out what’s fluff on girls in-field, instead?

    • What specifically would you discard?

      Everything in this model is important. I read Daygame Nitro twice. It is excellent.
      He could have added branches to this model, e.g., he could’ve had branches under Push/Pull like (Role-plays which start with you almost kissing, but then you push her down in the sand///Almost kissing her///Insulting Compliments), or add branches under Kiss Close or under Instant Date.

      I think it’s a model that showcases the fundamentals of the human interaction…
      did you expect a model of human interaction to be simple?
      Step 1. Just be yourself.
      Step 2. Be funny.
      Step 3. Talk about her.
      Step 4. Get married.

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  14. Must agree, damn, this is a good model & free. Thank you for your loads of effort making this, mate!

  15. Thanks for this, very helpful insights.

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  17. “clear sense of purpose which is: I am going for the same day lay”

    Why is this important? Assume you can’t, or don’t really want to take the girl to your place the same day (for whatever reason). Should you still play for this goal, and hope to maybe do it in her place or in a toilet. Is it more about having the right mindset than about arranging actual logistics in an optimal fashion (pre-game)?

    • You nailed in the last sentence: “more about having the right mindset.”

      It will manifest itself in your body language, words, and attitude in ways you can’t force.

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  23. Any idea how to incorporate modeone into your model?

    • On the 7th girl I tried Mode One on, she called her boyfriend who was nearby, and he was THIS close to kicking my ass.
      He was screaming in my face about kicking my ass.
      I do not recommend Mode One unless you’re a good fighter.

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  34. Are you guys serious or just taking the p*ss out of RSD? Lol

  35. there is a lot of modeone elements especially in stage 6. however Yad apparently does not advocate verbalising your sexual intent. (I personally find that being indirect like yad can sometime backfires if the girl is manipulative while being blunt takes big ass balls)

    check out their debate here,313.0.html

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  42. WOW … man, your model is more complex that Mystery’s

    Why not use the simple version: Have fun and Be sexual 😉

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  47. LOL @ The Real Man comment above. Cheers for that mate.

    I think I do 1-4 and then skip straight into it. I focus more on the sexual energy though and and try to chuck in some attraction spikes if necessary and then start cracking onto her, verbalise intent straight away.

    I have just gotten round to analysing the differences between Daygame and Nightgame which I humbly offer up for consideration below. I have added a link.

    Nick this is excellent and comprehensive but you already know that I think.

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  49. 9. Plough: Have a few minutes of conversation ready that you can just launch into incase you can’t use what she just gave you for a natural conversation.

    this is exactly the problem i do have. what kind of conversation can i have ready in case i can’t use what she just gave me for a natural conversation?

    • Easy – look at Roosh’s Day Bang material on “rambling”. Start ploughing/rambling with:

      1. “When I lived in [the East Coast, the South, the Midwest, Spain, China, etc], everyone there was [X]” or
      2. “Is this neighborhood always so [quiet/busy/full of hipsters/etc] during [day of week/time]?” or
      3. “by the way, what’s your take on the social scene around here?” or
      4. “you’ve got me curious, what sort of places do you hang out?”

      Delve into the discussion of it, and make most of the statements. That will bait her to fill in information about her own experiences and ask you for more specifics about the teasers you’ve dropped. Also ask her fun follow-up questions.

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  51. This sounds so complicated. It would be a lot easier to understand if you just gave a few example lines of what to say during each stage of the interaction. Trying to remember all of what you have written is quite hard. That is why I prefer to learn from the youtube pick up example videos. That is the easiest way to learn pick, just watch a good video a few times then go out and practice. Incidently I do a lot of day game but get very little success. And when I started doing day game back in 1989 there was very little information around to learn from.

    • What makes a good Youtube Pickup Video, where the guy is getting numbers or even making out with strangers,
      is very entertaining for guys to watch,
      but it isn’t necessarily what gets you success.

      Most of those girls in those vids who gave their number out (which doesn’t mean shit), go home and think,
      “That was a fun 5 minutes, but I can’t see myself meeting him for a date later.”

      In other words, the guys get loads of numbers with tricks, jokes, and 100% attraction material (with no comfort or connection or authenticity),
      and most of those numbers are flakes.

      Like Krauser said in Nitro, trying to extract a number using a gambit or clever trick is pointless. You want the girl to WANT to see you again, and the number is just one way of ensuring that. The number isn’t a contract to fuck you or see you again, or even text you back.

      If you watch a successful daygamer, it’ll look as if the two are old friends…like they already know each other. It won’t look like a performance.
      In fact, it won’t do well on youtube, because it would appear boring to guys. Guys would say, “Wtf? Nothing’s ‘happening.'”

      • The day of separating attraction from comfort and seduction is gone for the few who know the game and for the masses it still remains linear. My knowledge of Martial Arts has taught me how things should be. Take for instance Bruce Lee’s JKD and the five ways of attack, these tell us how to mix it up and kick ass. Then you have the barrier removal strategies from Wing Chun Kung Fu which can be applied to damage reduction in the game. I bet if you were to even study brick laying you could apply it to game.

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  53. this is an exact breakdown on how i game……this is legit man. it works

  54. OMG i love that sentence : “Investment ends when she has accepted you as her boss”

  55. God damn, this sounds like a lot of work. [Then don’t do it. K.]

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  57. To someone just starting Daygame, this post is gold.

    Looking forward to getting my hands on the new book!

    Thanks Krauser.

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  59. excellent job friend. look forward to seeing more.

    stay real,


  60. I don’t understand what people are replying to? I only see the two images.
    Is there an article about the model as well?

  61. Damn that is a complex model! But very helpful!

  62. In both diagrams it looks like “teasing” comes after reaching the Hook Point.
    I was under the impression that teasing gets you to the hook point,
    and after reaching the hook point, you’re supposed to tone down the teasing/challenging.

  63. Sort it out Krauser – at least get a paperback version out! £60 is expensive for me

  64. Fuck it. Just bought it [Hopefully you’ll join the long line of satisfied customers. K.]

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  66. I prefer the Daygame mastery one rather than the simplfied one but maybe that is just my perference for the complicated which explains why I still like the Mystery Method. I personally have a 7 step plan.

  67. Thank You Nick 🙂

    I bought it in the final product. All the content is great. You’re the king of Daygame.

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  69. I’m a cross-eyed inbred who fucks goats.

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  71. Hey, I have a question here.

    First, I’m in a serious relationship now, but before that I was really mastering day game, only needing to approach around 4-5 hot girls (9+) to sleep with one of them. It really helped that I’ve been in great shape, hitting the gym seriously for years.

    I’m at the moment 34 years old though, and I’ve been with my serious girlfriend for over a year. I look much better now, and get constant attention from cute girls everywhere I go. I feel like I could just daygame and sleep with all of them.

    Should I somehow change my mindset and focus on my girlfriend and start a family with her? Or shall I continue with day game activities until women don’t give me the time of the day anymore?

    Interested to hear your thoughts. Also interested in hearing advice from people who went from daygaming for years to serious relationships. Can master daygaming hurt your views on long-term relationships, since you can basically sleep with a new hottie every day if you want to? [Step one is to stop bullshitting on the internet. K.]

    • Can you please explain to me why you think I’m bullshitting? I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in my post. Maybe you wanna go do some daygaming together and look like a fool in front of your fans?

      • Forgot to mention btw I live in Vietnam… Girls here are hotter, and many of them approach or give IOs, so that could help. If you’re stuck in the West with white trash that starts getting obese at 26, I can see that the experience is not the same, so I can see where you are coming from.

      • “Forgot to mention btw I live in Vietnam” lol. How are the birds there hotter than Eastern european women? seriously? your smashing slanty eyed little chinks whilst mah nigga krauser has been banging top notch EE gash for years! go away. donut

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