1960s Day Game in New York

November 28, 2011

Game is as old as the proverbial hills. Back in the 1960s it was called “being a man”. So when I was watching an old romantic comedy with a bird I was pleasantly surprised to see a fairly tight Same Day Lay in pre-Janka / pre-Justin Wayne New York. What struck me about this fictional pick-up is:

I’ve added a running commentary with subtitles. The guy makes a couple of mis-steps mainly through being too eager too soon and it’s not till he’s given up on the sex that he gets his frame and vibe dialled in correctly. But to give him credit, the first minutes between meet and instant date were logisitically difficult because he was forced to start indirect. Take a look

I’ve snipped bits out because half the movie is the pick-up. There’s a huge external interrupt later in the movie before he closes her.


  1. Thanks for this fabulous commentary.

    I wonder how it would work though, if the initial encounter had been a:

    1) Speed-dating event.
    2) Daygame ambush on the street, à la Krauser.
    3) Nightclub/bar chat up.

    I fear none of these would work as well as the “meet-cute” in the film, as the man would have to initiate something and thus display some neediness. That always seems to be the bit I can’t quite grasp about ‘game’ – how to be aloof like Heartiste when you’re the one who started everything in the first place!

    Rom-coms get around this by staging such ‘chance enounters’, but in real life they are distressingly rare and one can’t be assured of having something witty to say at the right moment.

    The film clip you have annotated is such a classic of the genre that it’s mentioned on the wikipedia page for such scenes:


  2. Old pre-60’s movies are great for seeing examples of male – female interaction.

  3. The 60’s and before… a time when men were masculine, women were feminine, and both knew how to dress and behave.

  4. Kinda makes me think of the Connery Bond movies of that era. Damn, that character had game!

    Watch, listen and learn.

  5. verbalizing subtext or talking about game stuff is a HUGE mistake. I did this last night and fucked up a possible long-term FWB.

  6. That’s a young Hanoi Jane (Fonda), isn’t it?

  7. It’s a great teaching technique to provide your running commentary on real time action. This helps me to better see the subtext, alot of which still goes over my head.

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  9. Very interestung. Enjoyed watching this, thanks for sharing

  10. It’s amazing how much knowledge of game the script writer had. She shows the guy making blunders and the girl punishing him. The timing is brilliant. The shit testing, the re-frames, the cocky funny. I guess in those days, they just called it flirting/romance. These things are pretty intuitive come to think about it. What the game guys have done is basically break down and codify all these rules. Similar to how Euclid codified geometry.

  11. @Kraus-You meant pre-Janka as in Paul Janka?

    Anyway,good observation on seduction from a classic flicc.

  12. This is gold. This kind of interaction is what lots of girls get hard coded in their minds from watching this type of movies with their grandparents and so on. They get easily turn’d-off with the usual nice-guy & needy guy.

    The character this guy is playing has the right amounts of nice-guy, the nice amounts of alpha male (framing, judging, qualifying, leading, MOVING HER) and some minor flaws. I know this is “fictional” but in my experience: Reality beats fiction.

  13. This style of game wouldn’t work on today’s women because no American/British woman today would react as this woman does.

    In patriarchal, non-feminized cultures where men still command respect, a man is assumed alpha until he proves otherwise. Watch this clip. Watch Mad Men.

    In the feminized West where men are scorned, a man is assumed beta until he proves otherwise. Watch any modern sitcom.

    It’s true that women submit to dominant men.

    Anglo women – being the most dominant of all women – naturally need an even more dominant man to submit to in order to satiate their reptilian hindbrains.

    But Anglo women have also been educated to believe that they are “equal” to men.

    Through feminist brainwashing, their forebrains have been inculcated into believing that overt displays of masculine dominance as brutish, chauvinistic, mysoginistic, “creepy” etc.

    So an overtly masculine street approach ala Krauser or the guy in this clip won’t yield results on the modern Anglo woman. He’ll be dismissed as “creepy” on sight.

    Thus, today’s average street player must show far an incredible degree of finesse in gaming the modern Anglo woman – enough gentlemanly qualities to not trip the “OMG this guy is a creepy sleazy chauvinist” alarm bells, yet still manly enough to come across as sex-worthy non-neutered alpha male.

    This requires an incredible degree of finesse. I’m not sure if even Krauser can show us this.

    Why does Krauser only get EE girls? Why no British girls?

    The constant struggle between the forebrain’s demand for an “equal partner” and the hindbrain’s lust for dominance is why Anglo women can’t figure out what they want, why a third of them are on anti-depressants, and why Anglo men can’t figure out Anglo women.

    • “why Anglo men can’t figure out Anglo women”

      They have. I am in New York Area and I admit you are pretty much spot on. The only day gamer i know that has totally owned Anglo girls is Justin Wayne.

      He is always in Union Square and Times Square. If you are a NY gamer you will see him around coaching. Most of the girls on his lay reports are anglo girls with social circles and boyfriends and he still manages to get them pretty seamlessly.

      I think what he does is be social first, and then ramp up the escalation from my observations of his lay reports and I had a friend who gamed with him a few times and he said that Justin Wayne mentions to game Anglo girls who have to focus on comfort and them ramp it up once they are comfortable.

      JW also said that for EE girls you can be manly right away according to my friend.

  14. When I had coaching with Tom Torerro in April this year, something very similar happened to this movie clip. He was doing a demo set on a rather stuck-up English waitress in the Royal Festival Hall. She spilled the coffee she gave him and he used it as a situational opener and then he number closed her (she wrote her number on the coffee cup!). She was a posh English uni student working there I seem to remember who was by no means “low value.” Three hours later he met her after work at the end of our coaching session and took her on a river boat. I telephoned him that evening and he was in her flat in London Bridge and she was cooking him dinner. On a subsequent coaching session he showed me a photo of them kissing. I agree that you need an almost mythical Hugh Grant kind of charm to not seem creepy with English girls, but he showed me it was very possible and that it was only another limiting belief. I am not personal friends with Tom or out to promote what he does, I’m just making the point that there are guys out there picking up English girls.

    • I agree with you about the limiting belief. People tend to forget that those same Anglo girls DO get fucked by some guy and chances are they are just normal guys they met through friends.

      and just because an EE girl is receptive doesnt mean she will be easy to sleep with.

  15. going to watch this very cozy film

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