Creeping Death #1 – The game equation

November 14, 2011

I was on a Facebook chat with an ex last night and we were talking about Game. I’d directed her to this Delusion Damage post where he contrasts “Game” with “Creeping”:

“Game is a difficult skill to master and its rewards are correspondingly spectacular, but it shall quite probably remain forever outside the reach of some 95% of men, who simply lack the required intellectual capacity and the calm tenacity to hone their skills to a fine point….

Game is not the path to easy sex. Game is the path to high-quality sex, and high-quality female interaction in general. The path to easy sex is called “creepin’”…..

“Creepin’” is the poor man’s Game (or should I say, the intellectually lazy man’s game). A fresh t-shirt, a gallon of hair gel, a couple gallons of alcohol and an inexhaustible fountain of pent-up sexual energy to grind up against enough club sluts to strike a hole-in-one is all it takes. You don’t have to read books. You don’t have to study psychological concepts like self-esteem and validation. You don’t have to understand women. What you do have to do is get’m drunk and press up against them, and keep doing that to enough of them until one bites. And that – unlike reading books – is something the 95% of men can do.”

I think it teases out a central distinction I’ve been grasping for. I got into Game to bang the world’s hottest women rather than to rack up numbers. I’d assumed that’s why everyone gets into it but now I see some people just want to get laid with anything halfway-pretty. Goals determine strategy.

I have endeavoured to raise my value so that I am above the attraction threshold of top quality women. That entails straightening out my inner game, learning female psychology at a deep level, and adopting an in-set frame that positions myself as a man of exceptional talent and poise. That’s not to say I’ve reached my goal, but my goal has determined my strategy down to micro-details.

Creeping is entirely different. You work on your superficial value (gym, diet, clothes, grooming etc) and take that value package into an environment where other Type 2:2 personalities are trading value for sex. As in, nightclubs, sex clubs, online dating. Creeping is a path to high volumes of mediocre sex because you are treating your own value as a turd to be polished. Day-creeping follows the same principle. There’s many guys who work a street numbers game according to a simple equation:

Man: Inherent Personal Value (IPV) x In-set Ability (ISA) = Projected Value (PV)

Woman: Inherent Sexual Value (ISV) – [Momentary Disorder (MD) + Residual Disorder (RD)] = Game Receptiveness (GR)

Sum: If PV > GR then Bang Girl. If PV <= GR then open more sets until PV > GR

Creeping assumes IPV is fixed within tight boundaries. Game assumes it has an almost unlimited upward ceiling. Creeping works hard to improve ISA. Game improves both. I’ll have more to say on the implications of this in the next post.


  1. Day creeping will always be a numbers game, whether you consider yourself low value or you are a complete narcissist. Some women will not be receptive to it no matter what value you plan to demonstrate. It’s a nice inner game mindset, but the reality is that it is difficult to put yourself above the next guy who is doing daygame when you are both playing the same game. Maybe the reaction the guy with a better outlook gets is not down to his beliefs, but the better skill he has in dropping his tactical DHVs etc, but to make the big leap from there to putting one guy on some big value pedestal seems a bit iffy at best.

    [It is always going to come down to percentages. I’m saying the percentage comes down to a variety of factors and Creeping mostly ignores the most important variable.Its simply incorrect to assume you can’t show high value quickly in your vibe. K.]

  2. I honestly think building strong inner game takes more than just Game.
    It requires life outside of game and consistently putting yourself in challenging situations in order to develop you into a balanced man. Game only develops one aspect of this which is the ability to converse with women and get them attracted to you.

    There’s a common thread in the community of guys getting too deep into this, only to realise that they’ve ended up sacrificing other parts of their life; essential for having a healthy and balanced life.

    The reality is, attraction and balance is far broader than the ability to sleep with high quality woman. Woman want more than that. Given their psychology, they require a man who has direction in life other than themselves. This says a lot of things; that a man should have a purpose that is guiding them towards liberation besides sex. This is clearly stated in ‘The way of the superior man’ by David Deida.

    If a man is chasing skirt as a life purpose, then he’s not only robbing himself from these things, but also robbing himself from reaching his full potential.

    If you look at it with intent, it makes a lot of sense. A man is always driven towards liberation, it’s rarely ever focused just on sex. It’s why we were able to build large companies, build large bridges and travel to the moon.

    Women want this – It’s the reason why they want to be lead so badly. A man who simply fucks isn’t really leading. He’s seducing.

    [Agreed. WOTSM is an excellent book. K.]

  3. Interesting model Kraus.

    Like the differentiation between ‘Game’ and creeping the lazy man’s way.

  4. All right! all right! So I’m creeping now. Fine, but it’s still better than not getting laid at all. Alright! Alright! message taken…..Let’s work on some inner game shit. But still, don’t be hatin’ on creepin’ my man. As i say, it still be better than bein’ celibate [I made this point in an earlier post. Getting laid is better than not getting laid. This post is something to work towards once the creeping is working for you. K.]

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