Berlusconi is still The Man

November 10, 2011

As much as I disapprove of his stewardship of the Italian economy over a cliff and into the gutter, I have immense respect for Silvio Berlusconi‘s relentless tooling of other world leaders and his nailing of dappy Italian tarts. Despite the political putsch from the Politburo of the EUSSR casting him aside, the sly old dog can still rile the little dwarf Sarkozy and moisten the crotch of butch dyke Merkel

An alpha male, yesterday


  1. I agree;he’s alpha.

    But as expected,the Western Media sees him as an infidel to be crucified for banging hotties.

  2. Berlusconi is one of my role models. Another is Sir Alex Ferguson. Both alpha males, both of which I study closely. The detractors of Berlusconi who see a dancing promicuous clown should read up on how he built up his media empire, construction business, AC Milan, political career from zero.

    I would argue almost all major economy male heads of state by definition are alpha (or have significant alpha qualities). Sarkozy is also alpha ss f***. Anyone doubting this should read his full on Mode 1 seduction of Carla Bruni. To give Berlusconi credit where it is due, he wouldn’t touch a 40 year old and neither would I.

  3. Silvio Berlusconi is a criminal. Please don’t offend the people who are suffering because of him by admiring his purported alphaness.

    He built his career from huge loans coming from his father’s bank where the then head of the Sicilian mafia kept his money, corrupted politicians and public officials for years, entered politics to avoid going bankrupt, developed personal business deals with bloody dictators like gadafi, Putin, Lukashenko, passed laws that turned the crimes he was accused of into legal actions thereby avoiding facing trials, etc.

    Nobody cares that he sleeps with young or underage women, we care that he gives them posts in government in exchange for their silence. Italian citizens pay the highest taxes in Europe to support these criminals and their cum buckets.

    Learn your history and get your facts straight.

  4. The first two posters and Krauser likely do not live in Italy, and I just assume from their responses do not really know what is, and has been happening politically around Berlusconi.
    Let me tell you, he is a sleezy criminal, and he is not tooling other world leaders, instead other major politicians think he is a complete joke – for many years now. It is a relief he is gone, he did a shitty job of leading our country. He may be good at Game, but then he was in the wrong occupation.
    I reckon you guys stick to reporting Game, this is what you are good at, but leave random opinions on politics out of that equation unless you inform yourself beforehand. [I said I disapprove of his political / economic direction. He’s alpha. Alpha is not a moral category. K.]

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