Jealousy plotline 101

November 10, 2011

An alpha male lives in sexual abundance where girls fight over him. Girls are ruthlessly competitve against each other in their quest to secure the seed / commitment of the high value man. Thoughtful observers of feminism will have noted that the worst name-callers, shamers, and under-cutters of women are other women. Despite constant feminist lies that men are misogynists, most men actually tend to have a bemused indifference to the constant shape-shifting backstabbing of the women’s knitting circle.

It’s good to make a girl chase you. It’s even better to make her compete for you. Nothing rouses a woman’s heart like beating another woman to a man. Here’s a little snippet. To protect anonymity I’ve removed names and colour-coded thus:

Girl A is a smoking hot 20yr old leggy black chick who I haven’t banged yet but I once refused a booty call. I intend to collect on that voucher but it’s proving difficult. Girl B is a smoking hot 20yr old leggy white chick who I also almost banged but then didn’t and now intend to correct the balance.

I think further comment is unnecessary. Regular readers will be fully aware what was going on. Once the heated exchange got underway both girls started texting me to try to win the battle “off the record”, and showed extreme interest in the relative quality of her rival and my relative interest levels in them.


  1. Nice work with the jealousy-plotline Kraus.

    Actually you didn’t even have to do much but recline and watch it play out as you did lol.

  2. Mother Fucking Brilliant this is. Bloody inspirational. Your……ahem!…..ego…….. must have been quite big after somehing like this. Funny shit!

  3. Bitches be crazy… Both of these chicks sourced through day approaches?

    I have a feeling the chick you are seeing more seriously now is the actress chick from the october 5th report, am I right? 🙂

  4. “Naughty corner” LOL

    I am so using that sometime. Girls eat that shit up.

  5. Classic, I saw this on your Facebook page and held back commenting about when it would appear on your blog.

  6. Ready to tear at each other with the drop of a hat. I felt a wave absolute revulsion towards both girls reading that, don’t they realise what they look like? They obviously don’t realise how you can use it to your own advantage either 😀

  7. Plant Degree = lol

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