California Dreaming…. Daygame bootcamps on the West Coast

November 8, 2011

I’m whoring myself out for the price of a tequila shot and beach hut by the pacific. Regular readers will be aware of my compadre / housemate / wing Toe who has set himself the unlikely task of collecting fifty flags from fifty sluts. He’s decided to maximise his odds by travelling through Central America for six months beginning next month. He’s convinced me to spend a month in Mexico sitting on a beach and sweeping up the ho train of yankee sluts who pass through.

However we’ll begin with a fundraising fortnight on the west coast of the US. We’ll be in the following cities on the following dates:

Los Angeles 3-4 December

San Francisco 10-11 December

San Diego – 17-18 December

I expect it to look like this

Should you wish to pay for the pleasure of our company, this is what we offer on each weekend:

      • Seven hours per day direct instruction. At least four hours each day will be infield, picking up girls
      • Step-by-step video analysis of never-seen-before infields Toe and I have shot
      • Theoretical explanation of each stage in the pickup: what to say, when to say it
      • Direct street stops, indirect mall / cafe pickups
      • Tailored personal advice on maximising your strengths and ass-raping your weaknesses
      • It’ll be Toe and myself. We aren’t delegating this to shitty approach coaches.
      • The most dedicated student of the weekend gets a free copy of my book and an extra hour’s debrief.

I heard they look like this

The price is $500 USD and we will limit the bootcamps to 5 students per bootcamp. Contact me on krauser[at]rocksolidgame[dot]co[dot]uk. Learn to do daygame the real way, like a real man. Never again will you be asking for directions to Starbucks or showing unusual interest in the technical aspects of a girl’s laptop….

* I’ll also be doing a few ad-hoc 1-on-1s midweek. Usual rates.


  1. Cheeky bugger, we know who that final line is a dig at, and with all those icelanders out for his blood too… [Just for the lulz. He’s confident of his own method. K.]

    A gold quality post would be your take (as someone many of us completely respect for daygame material) on how to, pre-approach calibrate whether to go in indirect-direct (Krauser) or plain indirect (I’ll leave daygame direct for the models/Jankas of this world) based on cues you’ve picked up from the girls behaviour, walking, dress sense etc or even your location.

    Because Krauser will not debate that theres a number of girls he has missed out on, going indirect-direct because the direct component scared them away before making them comfortable with you.

    I don’t debate going indirect in daygame may seem pussy and potentially damage your inner game, but I would argue the true pro will mix and match the two styles to suit the situation. One thing I will give K’s indirect direct is you immeidately on approach score significant bonus points for confidence, while with indirect you start from zero and build real slow.

  2. no bootcamps in Mexico?

    • We could do… What area are you in? …. Krauser and I will be on the Yucatan in january, and ill be between Mazatlan and Oaxaca in December


      • I live in Mexico City, Yucatan and Oaxaca? dunno if I could travel,anyway I`m very interested in having a bootcamp.

  3. You’re going to get some interesting SEO off the inclusion of ‘ass rape’.

  4. Watch you back in Mexico player. Things have changed… and you will stand out.

    • As a native mexican, I think you’ve sort of a point. Do you talk about social changes? The present rise in insecurity? Both are true. I’d elaborate that with pleasure if someone asks.

      • Hey mate, ill be interested in any info you have about Mexico security… Im planning on seeing alot of your country… i was planning to avoid mexico city and spend most of the time on the pacific coast and the yucatan…. Any suggestions? reccomendations?



  5. K man, the yankee sluts are the least of your concern on Mexican beaches. High class Mexican girls blow them away, no doubt.

    And Latin American chicks who speak English have a real thing for British English, so if you’re not knee deep in mexican fish tacos, you’re missing out.

  6. I’d like to see how well Krauser’s style of balssy, direct game translates to highly entitled and feminized American women across the pond.

    Won’t be a lot of Russians/Poles/Slavs to pull doing day game in Cali.

    This will be a true test of the efficacy of Krauser’s method.

    If Krauser succeeds in pulling American like a rock star doing day game – and not just young Eastern European birds who can barely speak English – I’m sold.

    • Agree with that.

      If you guys manage to crash in Sinaloa, Guadalajara or Guanajuato… you will find some pretty decent HB’s over there.

      Note on that, some mexican girls are still charming, but a great number are fed up on chauvinism. I hope that helps you out with your tactics.

  7. You will pull like Crazy in America. American women are crazy about the English Accent. they just love it. Just for your accent a women will allow you to get away with lot more than someone with say……I don’t know………an Indian accent! Just by your being english, their hands will already be ready to unzip their pants. Ofcourse you’ll still need game, but considerably less than you would need to sex an …….ahem!…….an English bird! I find it funny that so many English men hate on the Americans, think them stupid etc. etc.. After all they are treated like Royalty there. English men are only second to Irish men in the eyes of American women. It’s very common to see British/Irish guys doing very well in the U.S. Anyway Good luck! look forward to reading about your adventures. You gonna post and infield videos or are you done with that in your last burst of soul-searching

  8. Krauser

    I sent you an email re San Diego. Can you let me know one way or the other.

  9. @jimmyjambone unless “ass rape” is present in the title and H1 tag, and plenty of links are built to this page for that term, I doubt he’ll see good rankings for that. Just sayin’ 😉

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