I bang my first 24 year old Chilean tourist

January 16, 2013

Here’s another textbook same day lay. Learning Daygame is as much a habit as it is a skill so having not done any in London since last summer I was getting rusty. Avoidance weasel was getting vocal

It’s winter. Your libido is supposed to be low. Just wait till it warms up

There’s no pretty girls out in cold weather. Just look at that snow!

What’s the rush? You don’t care about notches anyway. Didn’t you write a post on it?

He’s a difficult chap this weasel, always finding reasons not to approach women. So I overrule him. It’s a new year and I’ve quit my job. All the girls on my rotation live in Central Europe so I’ve got nothing going on in London. I no longer daygame in London for “the lifestyle” and the identity. I don’t go out to improve my skills. That phase is long behind me. Now I go out if I’m in a good mood, or in this case if I have an empty bed. I go out to get a new girl.

Marginally warmer than this

Marginally warmer than this

Textbook Tip #1 – Go out. You need to make things happen.

I’m shivering under a thick woolly hat, my nose going numb. Piles of slush still lie against the kerb from last night’s snow. Not alot of people on Oxford Street. I force myself to open the first decent girl I see – a cute unassuming French twenty-year old. She likes me, there’s that flicker in the eye contact, but it’s logistically horrible. She’s about to meet the male “friend” she’s visiting and returns to Paris tomorrow. Either he’s fucking her or trying to. Either way I doubt I’d get her away from him so I take a flaky facebook. Next three sets are just unlucky. Nice girls, big smiles, but all in a hurry and not much into me.

I remind myself daygame is about flipping over stones. Just keep doing decent work, keep approaching and eventually I’ll encounter a girl who is available and into me. Then I’m in like Jimmy Saville. However, I’m over an hour into it and getting cold. There’s precious little to shoot at. I drift towards the Caffe Nero in Trafalgar Square to warm up and read my book. It’s awfully comfortable in those soft leather sofas.

Textbook Tip #2 – If your state is dropping, take a break. Regroup.

The sky darkens outside, the winter nights cutting in. I’m a little restless. I came out to find a girl and here I am sitting reading the autobiography of an Italian bank robber. I remind myself of my reference experiences. Daygame isn’t so tough. I’ve done it plenty. All four girls I spoke to today enjoyed the interaction. All were very pretty. Just keep churning it out. The pitbull is straining at the leash again. So I put my coat on and step outside…. into a blast of icy air… brrrrrrrrrr. A bus passes by and stops five metres up the road, like a siren song singing me to the warmth of my home. I resist. “Walk up to Bond Street at least, then get a bus” I tell myself and trudge out. I only need one scrap of good fortune. One girl.

Textbook Tip #3 – Choose your targets wisely, especially if your state is borderline.

I don’t kid myself that I’m shooting for the fences here. If I see a ten I’ll open just on general principle but I’m not in the mood for a challenge. I’m scanning for my favourite type of girl and as I reach Piccadilly Circus she appears in front of me like an apparition. She checks all the boxes:

  • Dark features with coffee skin and long black hair
  • Soft feminine dress sense with a cute little woolly hat
  • Wandering around aimlessly, eyes wandering to all the old buildings
  • Sensible shoes, jeans, warm clothes. Urban hiking gear

Over a year ago I once asked Tom from Daygame to write a list of characteristics identifying the best candidates for an SDL. He calls them “vulnerable”. Operationalise it, I asked. So he wrote a list and this girl checked most of the boxes. She’s clearly a tourist who is visiting London alone and spent the past several hours walking around. She’s cold, her legs ache, and she hasn’t had a real conversation all day. Hello, I’m Nick…..

.. and I'm a cute Chilean bird

.. and I’m a cute Chilean bird

Textbook Tip #4 – If you can’t organically build momentum, you’ll have to force it

It’s a slow start. She’s from Chile, in London for two days before returning to her friend in Paris to continue a Euro tour. She’s not giving off any IOIs except the most important one – making no effort to leave. Five minutes or so on the street and I feel just about enough of a hook to bounce to the idate, a pub 50m up the road. We settle in the upstairs lounge and she has a half pint of bitter (her first time in an English pub). Conversation is fine but twenty minutes in I realise I’m too logical, not drawing her onto the right topics so I shift gear. Classic forced-rapport questions:

If your friends were to describe you in three words, what would they be? (answer: intelligent, friendly, crazy)

How old were your friends in Chile when they first kissed boys? (answer: 11)

How do boys and girls meet in Santiago? Is it a bar culture? (answer: same as most countries)

She’s soon perked up and we’ve got good rapport. I kino test a few times. Oh, those owl earings are nice, let me see. Oh, take your hat off so I can see your hair (and then I fluff her hair up a bit). Oh, show me that ring. All I’m looking for is to touch her and see if she flinches away. Nope, she likes it. Green light.

I’m in full-on leading mode now and take her to a second bar where we sit side-by-side. More plausibly-deniable touching and I just sense the moment. I kiss her.

Her: You’re crazy!

Me: Yes

Her: This is so unexpected

Me: Yes. It’s fast

Her: You could be a dangerous killer

Me: Yes. I am

She can’t get enough of me now. Verbal rapport gives way to physical rapport as I pull her in, stroke her hair, hold her hand. Everything I can do to accelerate the comfort. I’m still not thinking of the SDL because she just doesn’t seem up for it. She’s too shy, giving too few signals. Avoidance weasel tells me to take a Facebook – as if I’ll ever see her again when she lives and works in Chile. Fuck that. I’m gonna push and push. I seed a bar halfway home. My biggest obstacle is distance because I don’t live in the city centre. It’ll be a long bus journey.

Textbook Tip #5 – There’s usually at least one big leap of faith in the escalation

We walk out to the bus stop on Oxford Street. She’s compliant and raising no fuss. As we buy a ticket and board she doesn’t seem too worried about the destination. In for a penny in for a pound – I decide to stay on the bus all the way home and forget the idea of a third pub. Now I shift into verbal bamboozlement mode to occupy her mind. Twenty minutes into the journey she’s finally a little antsy and realises we aren’t headed to this pub.

Her: [looking out the window] Where are we going?

Me: My place

Her: [long pensive look] Ok

We get wine from the corner shop and proceed directly to my room. I take off my shoes and tell her to do likewise then I disappear for five minutes to find wine glasses. It’s good form to leave a girl alone in your room for a while – her hindbrain calms itself with the knowledge she is free to leave. They never do leave. Halfway through the wine I pull her in and go for it. Ten minutes of half-arsed LMR and I’m banging her. Mid-bang I conduct a short interview:

Me: At what moment did you realise I was going to fuck you?

Her: During the bus journey

Me: At what moment did you look at me and think “yeah, I could fuck this guy”?

Her: In the second pub but it wasn’t conscious

Me: You like it that I just picked you up off the street and now I’m fucking you, don’t you

Her: Yes!

She never does this

She never does this

Textbook Tip #6 – She’ll usually reconcile herself to the prospect of fucking you quite early on, before you’ve made any big moves

After she’s wiped my muck off her breasts and face she gives that dazed and confused look I’ve seen so many times on SDLs. What just happened? I can’t believe I did that! I never do this! She tells me I’m the eighth guy to fuck her and the first non-boyfriend.

Her: It’s so strange. One month before I came here I met a boy. I think I’m in love with him. So this is very unusual to me.

Me: I get what I want

+1. New flag. Seventh approach of 2013.


  1. Dude, how many womanzees have you slept with? I wanna be like you

  2. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

    Do I understand from this she was your 7th approach that day? Nice work. [Fifth that day. I’d done two approaches the previous Saturday. Seven for the year. K.]

  3. top work lad. The stars may have aligned but you’ve still got to the work right.

  4. Well played

    I’m curious as to what your usual Post Lay Reaction is for your SDL’s. I know you give them Comfort post-sex so there is no residual bitterness.

    But do these SDL girls want you MORE in the weeks to come because you’ve so impressively picked them off the street and fucked them?

    Or are they able to dismiss it as “exciting sex with a charismatic stranger” and control their attraction

    I imagine she thinks you are not just high value, but very high value – and not easily forgotten [There’s no one pattern. Depends so much on her circumstances. K.]

    • It depends on the girl as there’s no sure fire way to tell.

      I’ve slept with girls from SDL’s who i end up seeing again and becoming FB’s
      Other girls i’ve slept with on the same day, i never get to hear from again.

      It explains why girls lie about the amount of guys they’ve slept with because they don’t usually count the guys they’ve had a one off with. It’s part of their female logic that doesn’t make sense.

      In short, it’s all about turning stones as Krauser says.

  5. What percentage of the chicks you approach are British? Or do you only focus on the really female ones? I cant image there are no hot British girls in London.

    • Have you been to London? I occasionally day game when I’m there and for me probably 90% of the girls are foreign. I guess it depends what you go for but my kind of girl is seldom British. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same for Krauser. It seems he also likes them demure and feminine.

      • Yes, I have been to London. I encountered most of the time British girls, not the high quality but doable. I’m just wondering why Nick seem to gets only foreign high quality chicks (I don’t remember him scoring English girls). Does he only approach the really hot ones (and leaving out the English), or doesn’t he get anywhere with the English. I went most of the time to other parts of England and the girls are just hoggish slothful so I understand that you may decide to eject once the girl says she’s British and spend the time searching for other girls. 🙂 I just have a hard time believing you never ever encounter a quality English girl in the kapital. [I don’t like English girls. K]

  6. Great report – esp the mental dialogue and personal reframe. Also love the textbook tips scattered throughout the post – more of these and also like how you worked around the objections of the Portugese woman. Kudos and thanks

  7. “Dark features with coffee skin and long black hair.”

    Seems we have the same taste in women. Congrats on your pickup. I have heard via Roosh that the birds in Argentina and Chile are pretty conservative and hard to game.

    • Girls from Argentina and Chile are hard to game when they are on their local turf, AssNeck. This Chilean Chick in particular (tourist in London, able to speak in English) must be a really hard target in Santiago, especially for us locals.

      Well done, Krauser. Nice report 🙂

  8. Nice post.

    Which bankrobber, Viccei? [Yes. Good spot. K.]

  9. Purely speculating from my own personal progression in the game. I read your blog a lot and am impressed by your lifestyle and mastery of self. I find myself asking this question, though, out of curiosity. Why do you go after younger women only? I understand that a woman’s feminine energy peaks in their early twenties but do you not find any satisfaction in relating with women who are more intellectually developed and whom you can share the freedom of developed intimacy and relationship with? I only ask this because I want to better understand your point of view. [I find older women less fun and less attractive. Women don’t get smarter with age. K.]

  10. Hey Krauser. I´m not a regular reader here but I check every couple of months. The main thing t I noticed .comparing your 2009 post with the current is that you have undergone a MASSIVE change in terms of pickup and personality. Could you write a post about what made THE breaktrough for you? Particular desision ? Strategy changes ? Et cetera…
    I´m currently behind that ,,invisible ´´wall you were 2009/2010 and partly 2011 ,when success was rather an rare exeption that norm so your story touches me personally very much.
    Thank you [Read my posts in order and you’ll figure it out. K.]

  11. 40 years old is the natural life expectancy of a human being.

    Krauser, waysa?

  12. Would you mind sharing the list mentioned in #3?

  13. Krauser, was this a rare exception or do you find women are gnerally willing to go quite far out of their way to in this case, your house?

  14. Great post. I have followed your blog and posts and adopted many of the approaches. One comment. Many women are waiting to get banged and want someone to “figure out how”.

    In my most recent case, I gamed a girl in my social circle using Krauser’s “Long Game” methods. She was shy at first, on New Year’s Eve we were at a party and I went for the kiss and she turned her head.

    But Krauser makes one point that’s worth noting: She’s not giving off any IOIs except the most important one – making no effort to leave. Five minutes or so on the street and I feel just about enough of a hook to bounce to the idate, a pub 50m up the road.

    In my case the girl who on the surface appeared cool and shy after I gamed her turned into a sex-crazed maniac.

  15. krauser , I need a quick PUA opinion:
    1.Is it possible to have lays more than 1 in 10 ?
    2. What is your lay ratio ( I probably won´t have this one answered since the only one openly revealing his ratio in the entire PUA scene was Paul Janka )

  16. “Nick Krauser @Krauserpua
    If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail. In his case that nail is narcissism.

    RickyRaw is one of the world’s best bloggers. So his anti-HBD article is a long fall from grace. It’s mere veiled abuse http://tinyurl.com/bkeag57

    Krauser, good job picking up on this.

    The fact is, there are several Manosphere bloggers who have an social agenda. They keep inserting this social agenda into what they write

    This includes a basically an anti-white male bias.

    The purpose of the information in certain cases is not to inform, but simply to try to humiliate the receiver. In this case, the white male readers. It is a power play, a dominance play basically.

    “Humiliating the receiver”, not conveying information, was the purpose of communication in Communist countries.

    I saw inklings of this in Raw early on. So I started to distrust his whole agenda.

    For me to trust a “thinker” – the intent of the thinker has to be “wholesome” – he has to be objectively pledged to the “truth.” – wherever that may lead him.

    It’s a shame, because a lot of these guys have good things to say otherwise- and are alienating followers.

    There is the old saying:

    “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a problem with someone. What matters is whether they have a problem with you’

    A good lesson here: It doesn’t matter whether you have a perfectly logical stance, and wish the world no ill. What matters is who is wishing you ill.

    Then you have to deal with it, no choice

    • bah. roissy et al had it coming. i have no problem with objectively studying and understanding genetic racial differences in itself. I am in favor of it and interested in it. But the kind of shit you see in roissy’s rants and especially the retards in his comment section is not scientific it just pretends to be. ricky raw’s post might not be the be all and end all of the argument but he makes a lot of valid points that i haven’t seen anyone else making.

      “Once you get stuck into the mindset of “my team is always better than your team,” and start looking for evidence to support that and ignoring evidence that doesn’t, you are playing the shame game and end up in the same place. That’s why a lot of these anti-feminist, anti-race politics, anti-leftists start behaving as cliquish, petty, whiny, and shrill as the very people they berate. Because they never learn to transcend the shame game, they simply learn to become fluent in it so that they can fight shame with more shame.
      What results is a shaming battle. I’m going to shame you while trying my best to resist your shaming. That’s why HBD people obsess with calling “shaming language” at the drop of a hat and pride themselves on resisting it, yet all the do day-in and day-out is try to shame others and expect it to move them, despite they fact they hate when it’s done to them and pride themselves on being impervious to shaming.” [RickyRaw very deliberately poisons the well in his first paragraph and then conflates an honest study of racial differences with whiny white nationalists so that by easily demolishing the latter he can tar the former with that brush. Its dishonest and (whether intentionally or not) it functions as yet another attempt to psychologically disarm white people in order to better plunder them. I keep the two groups separate in my mind. There’s good HBD science, and there’s insecure racists who try to hide behind that science. Heartiste’s comment threads often devolve into the latter so I don’t read them. I like Steve Sailor. I don’t like the white racist attempt to prove whites are “superior”, they aren’t. Each race has strengths and weaknesses depending upon the environment they try to live in. K.]

      • He says there are more parts coming, we’ll see.
        “it functions as yet another attempt to psychologically disarm white people in order to better plunder them” <- a bit excagerated don't you think. [No. White people are the only race in the UK who are not allowed to celebrate their own culture and history, the only people whose careers can be destroyed with a few malicious rumours. There’s a very deliberate cultural marxist attack on white men. Most of the attackers aren’t even aware of it, they are just useful idiots. Maybe RR will salvage his thesis in the next two parts. Even if he doesn’t I’ll continue reading him because everything else he writes is top-tier. K.]

      • “White people are the only race in the UK who are not allowed to celebrate their own culture and history”
        This doesn’t make sense to me, what do you mean, could you give a couple of examples maybe? [Read the newspapers around St George’s Day or Last Night of the Proms. Note how anytime white Englishmen do a march on St George’s Day it gets attacked my leftist mobs and sneered at as racist – for celebrating our country’s patron saint. And you can’t have missed that we have a Black Police Officers Association and various ethnic-only social clubs and centres funded by taxpayers but no white equivalents. If you’re really interested do a little research, its very easy to find examples. K.]

      • Well you are certainly overstating when you say you’re “not allowed to celebrate your own culture and history” White men are still allowed to go on marches on St George’s Day. If they’re sneered at by some as being racist maybe a big part of that is because many of the men who are attracted to marching on St George’s Day often are; patriotic events tend to draw in these types of people who are racists/nationalists/supremacists etc, this is true in every country. But you’re still allowed to march. Or hang a Union Jack outside your house. Or go to the Victoria and Albert museum. Or practice Morris Dancing. Or publish articles claiming Shakespeare is the greatest author of all time, or whatever. Whichever parts of British culture or history you want to celebrate you are still allowed to. So I think you are overreacting in a way similar to the “whiny white nationalists” you mentioned earlier.

        Politics aside thanks again for this blog which has really helped me in my life.

      • You can only fly the Union Jack outside your house if you live on a boat. Just saying.

  17. fucking brilliant.

    thanks for the insight man.

  18. Sorry to post something that’s not directly on topic to this post, but this is something that makes me wonder how anyone marries at all in Britain today. A couple get married and she’s the one who gets caught cheating. But he ends up giving her £17m … and she’s gone off with an even richer guy!

    Why on earth would anyone ever get married?


  19. K , thank you a million times for widening my horizon regarding the psychology of women. After reading your blog I couldn´t sleep all night (,, A virgin sucking cock !? Shit I tought they were angels.Idiot´´ ). Altough I can´t agree with you on all topics I saw my exact feelings regarding modern western culture and men expressed in your posts. It was basically like reading a good book. Yet many question stayed unsolved.
    When meeting your wife you were very alpha and were able to attract and marry her. The failure of your marriage you attribute to being betatised. What do you mean by that :
    How can an man stop acting like a man , you weren´t brainwashed or anything. I mean if I dominate a woman I dominate her , how can I start listening to her and being a wuss after a while.
    Please clarify.

  20. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion now that if you’re not sleeping with a girl the day you meet or on the first date. You can pretty much forget your chances of ever seeing her again.
    Otherwise, you’ll be on an upward struggle constantly battling with their flailing emotions.
    Always strike while the iron is hot.
    If a girl meets up with you. Sort out your logistics and make it happen.

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  22. Very good. Hmm, logistics are going to be a challenge once I start daygaming in central London, and will require some resourcefulness, since I live an hour away by train (and I have to assume I’ll get some results, even though, as a raw beginner, I probably won’t). They don’t have Japanese-style, pay-as-you-go, “capsule hotels” in London. Disabled-person toilets don’t seem ideal for a number of reasons. Hmm, I do have a van, which I can configure as a comfy sleeping place, so I’ll survey the commercial carparks.

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