My new neg for high value girls

October 29, 2010

I’ve got a second date on Tuesday with my favourite new target. She’s a smoking hot 24 yr old leggy Russian – I’m talking Victoria’s-Secret-model-quality hot. Above my usual standard. She reads Checkov, follow politics, and smokes. On the day two last week I pulled out a beautiful spontaneous comment.

Picture the scene……

She’s sitting across from me in a quiet pub. I’m slouched in my chair projecting alpha while she leans over, thigh over thigh, qualifying like crazy. She won’t stop talking. I have to decide do I (a) regain the conversational frame and steer it where I want to go or (b) control the subcommunication frame and just let her talk herself into deep investment. Students of the KDM already know I picked the latter option.

So I’m leaning back and parcelling out occasional grunts and nods while looking away distractedly and putting in occasional eye fucking. Suddenly I hold up a finger stopping her mid-sentence and look perplexed.

Me: Stop. Wait.  *stare like I’m thinking deeply* I want to say something. I’m not sure about you.
Her: *stops. Taken aback and intrigued* Yes. What?
Me: Three things, I think…. first. I find you sexually attractive. I knew that straight away when I met you. I’d definitely like to fuck you.
Her: Woohoo! [sarcastic, but clearly pleased at the compliment] Well done me!! *raises her hand in the familiar gesture of pulling the horn on a train*
Me: Settle down. Two. You’re interesting. Definitely interesting. I figured that out pretty quickly.
Her: *leaning in, fascinated*
Me: But….. Three. I’m not sure if I like you. As a person….. I mean. I’m not sure if you are (a) a nice sweet girl, with a slightly bitchy shell to protect yourself…. which is fine. Or…. (b) you actually are a bitch and the sweetness is just what you do to get what you want. It intrigues me.
Her: *speechless, crosses legs a few times*

I’m quite pleased with that. I think it’ll only hit on girls who know they have high sexual value. In this case it was true, which is why it came out easily. I really don’t know if I like her. The next date ought to clarify.


  1. Good one, moved it to my testing list 😉

  2. Was that off the cuff? I like your directness. Eastern Slavs (especially Russian) chicks are really premium. Good luck on your next date.

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  4. I read that and thought it was good. Then I reread it and let it sink in and realized, holy shit that’s fucking awesome. It’s so subtle that the sheer awesomeness flies under the radar the first time you read it.

  5. Just used this neg on a girl I banged, troubled alcholic but smoking petite body and “daddy issues”. She flaked on me three times, then was sniffing around. Her reaction “You just said that to pique my interest”.

    Totally works.

  6. really like these lines, am going to use them on a troublesome Russian bird I’ve been out with a few times but no b@ng. She’s only about a 7 but she’s been really tricky and I think this is a perfect way to handle her and see what she does….thx

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