I’ve got a great crop of new targets

October 28, 2010

Something Wisdom said to me last summer while I was only about 200 approaches into my daygame career was “You start to find your bad days have better results than your good days used to.” Or like a market boom has higher highs and higher lows. Looking back my current crop of targets (girls I’ve number closed but not fucked) is the best it’s ever been:

1. Brazilian girl. Solid 8 with a perfect aerobics-instructor body. Totally into me but proving difficult to close due to personal issues. She’ll send texts saying she misses me but is hard to get on dates. On the dates she’s all over me and loves the cat kino, but won’t extract. Just bumped into her today while I was out with Thai. The look on her face was priceless.

2. Man-eater. Solid 9 with perfect body and crazy sexual appetite. Still in irregular text contact and she totally wants to fuck me but for some reason won’t actually do it. Not quite sure what’s going on. See earlier posts for where we’re at sexually.

3. Russian dissident. Another solid 9. I picked her up as a demo set for my Turk girl just to show her I could. She turned out to be an awesome girl. Had one day 2 and another date scheduled for next week. Her last boyfriend was a millionaire who took her around the carribean in his yacht for six months.

4. Lithuanian 20yr old. A solid 9. See earlier posts on facebook. She’s on the chat right now telling me she wants me to shave off my beard so it doesn’t rub her face raw when she kisses me.

5. A few others, and this girl………..

I’m nearly finished bootcamp, standing outside M&S with Jambone while we wait for the wings to regroup with their respective students. A really cute girl, exactly my type, wanders past wearing a big beige woolly jumper that accentuates a fine rack. I step across and open, my state soaring. Very playful vibe.


Cracking tits

Me: Hi. Can I just say something? Your jumper makes me think of the Milkybar Kid.
Her: * smile, stops, momentum killed already * Really?
Me: Yeah. I used to be the Milkybar Kid you know. Not the TV one. We had a play are junior school and I was the kid. I was really cute as a boy you know. Not like now, where I look rugged and dangerous.

We vibe and I’m having lots of fun. She’s half Chinese / half Mauritian but raised in Australia. So exotic-looking but native English and up for banter. I include Jambone a bit and he passively DHVs me by deferring to me in the conversation and mostly just listening. I can’t remember too much of the words, more that it was lots of retarded and creative free-association with a sprinkling of SOIs. Things like:

Me: blah blah…. *suddenly stop and look at her intensely* Do you mind if I say something a bit rude?
Her: *eager anticipation, slightly nervous* ok
Me: fuck!
Everyone: *crease up laughing*

After about ten minutes, with Jambone and a student watching, I nearly blow it by suddenly stopping mid-sentence, looking at her tits and saying “by the way, you have a cracking pair!” She smiles and likes it for a second then realises two guys are watching and gets a flush of ASD, starting to walk off.

I realise the subcommunication was not what I intended (“I’m a man, you’re a woman, I’m thinking of you sexually”) but was actually “I’m tooling you in front of my friends to get a cheap laugh.” So I drop the game and go 100% authentic. I walk her five yards down into privacy and:

Me: Ok, look. I really like you and I want to see you again. Let’s meet again when we’ve got more time, have a coffee or something.
Her: That sounds good. Yes.

So I take her number. We’ve had a few near misses at getting a date organised but the text game is looking solid. We’ll see. I really like this girl. Very much my type. I’m sure you were all waiting for some wham!bam! crazy shit in this set but the truth is most of my sets are just normal – fun, creative, but not full of rock star insanity. I just like the girl.


  1. Cracking pair looks great. I have no further comment.

  2. My type too. Simply gorgeous. Krauser, with respect to your voice tonality, do you ever laugh/smile during your interactions? Or do you typically maintain an even, neutral level without much reactivity. Based on how you sound in your videos it seems like you are always very even keeled.

  3. Good point. I do lots of laughing/smiling, it’s my natural energy. I’m working on the stoicness. Sounds like you got a good group of recruits. I think the contrast between bold words and neutral facial expressions/tone can create an aura of mystique.

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