Daygame Model

September 16, 2010

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve just added a new page on the top bar. I’ve finally gotten around to formalising my daygame model into a series of analytical steps that are teachable. It’s version 1.0. Here’s a few random thoughts about it:

  • It’s all my own work. By the very nature of dealing with a fixed human courtship ritual, and having learned this via the Community, you will recognise overlap with other models. However this one was based on my own insight of what works for me rather than cribbing from other people.
  • I have characterised the stages by goals (e.g. Invest Her rather than something like Light Conversation). This is because at each stage there is an overriding objective you are aiming for before you can move on to the next.
  • This model is designed for a particular ideal type situation: a lone girl walking down the street who doesn’t know you, isn’t attracted to you, and is minding her own business. Other situations require tweaking – for example if she is madly into you, or in a group, or sitting in a cafe etc. My model is about creating attraction out of nothing.

READER REQUEST – I can’t do digital imagery. If any reader wants to help me put these stages into a diagram / visual guide I’d much appreciate it. I won’t pay you and I keep the intellectual property as my own 100% but I will give you the credit for your input and post the diagrams in the page on my site with your name on it. If you’re interested, leave a comment

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