Big-time Snapback

September 13, 2010

I’m in the mother of all bad moods and it has shown me my inner game is not all there yet. I’m sitting up in a tiny bed in the hallway of the apartment I share with Suave and Jambone in Lithuania. Suave is out at a nightclub with his girlfriend that he f-closed last time we came here and has been with for most of this past week. I can hear the gurning and grunting of Jambone down the hall in the master bedroom as he gets an f-close for a second consecutive night. I’ve just burned my Borat set and feel thoroughly upset about it. And this is after a day that, on paper, is perhaps my best ever. How did it end up like this?

Yesterday I went out on a Day 2 with HB Squirrel, a 17-year old girl I picked up in the street and instant-dated for an hour the day before. An extremely cute, fun girl who was into me right from the beginning. I’d took her to the cafe where I’d been sitting with Jambone for daygame and the pair of us created a great vibe until she was gagging to see me again. So yesterday she texts to ask if it’s ok to bring a friend on the day 2 and I say ok I’ll bring Jambone. You can probably guess how it turned out but I’ll tell you anyway – my target gets pestered with texts all evening by her jealous boyfriend and she never really gets into the date whereas the “obstacle” is another cute 17-yr old who is well into Jambone. For the first half hour the set is going nowhere until I turn it around with a few good gambits (see upcoming video). My girl goes home about ten o’clock whereas Jambone extracts and f-closes his girl. There’s no foul play – Jambone followed the wing rules and just got lucky – but I’m narked. I meet HB Finnish at midnight and fuck her again so it’s not all bad. Nonetheless I’m more envious than I ought to have been. It’s like going to the supermarket, spending all day cooking a roast, and then being the only person not allowed to eat.

So on to today. I have a lunch date with a 30-year old former newscaster which goes really well but I’m just not much into her physically – too old. She’s massively into me and if I’d been prepared to put the time in I’d have got the lay. She’s kinoing me within five minutes and we are well along the way with handholding, hugging and tonnes of playful kino but after two hours I let her go. A good start to the day.

Then I join Jambone and Suave in a cafe and number close four consecutive girls, two of whom are truly beautiful. The third set in particular is magnificent and I wish I’d brought out my camera. The texts with her continue throughout the day and she’s talking of moving to London next month for work. Suave’s girl shows up on her lunch break so Jambone and I move to another cafe at the other end of the main drag. I get blown out on my fifth set but as I cross back over the road to sit down I see a blonde teenager looking intently at me, having witnessed it. Five minutes later she walks slowly past our table and keeps looking back at me. She must be no older than 18 and very shy, but something about her is tripping out my daygame-o-meter. I chase her down and she hooks intensely but can barely speak English. It’s a weird weird vibe and I just think “fuck it, let’s go full on” and I kiss close her within 2 minutes. She’s petrified but loving it so I try to take her home and she’s genuinely weighing up the prospect but finally refuses. I don’t want to mack her too hard so I take the number and let her go. Wish I’d got my camera on, but at least Jambone sees it so someone will believe me.

HB Salsa texts to say she wants to have coffee for an hour (having blown me out on a kiss close a couple of days earlier, I’d written her off entirely so this is a surprise as I’d stopped contact). She is sitting with us as we daygame. I actually open a set in front of her without realising she’s there at first. She’s loving it so we are totally open. I push Jambone into two sets and the second one joins us for the instant date and Salsa helps with the DHVs. It must’ve turned her on because I end up kiss closing her. I think the lay was on but I k-close her literally five minutes before I’m due to meet HB Borat for the second time this trip. I tell Salsa this, and she doesn’t mind at all. Radical honesty. Ahem.

The date with Borat is excellent and I’m convinced this is the night I f-close her. She’s been my number one Lithuanian prospect the whole time. We have a beer, some food, then watch Inception. She’s all over me and massively romantic. I get texts from yesterday’s 17-year old inviting me out but I can’t do both so I stick with Borat. I’ve also got two earlier daygame number closes texting to set up dates tomorrow. I’m feeling great but then it nosedives.

Borat wants to call a cab after walking to my place and flat out refuses the escalation. It’s not LMR – it’s “I never intended to fuck right from the beginning”. I get really fucking pissed off. My core is telling me “burn the set, hold your boundaries”. Now I don’t start yelling or getting het up, I just reach the decision that it’s a hard “no” and tell her “this is bullshit” and do the mother of all takeaways leaving her stewing in the kitchen while I’m stewing in the bedroom for ten minutes. I’m geniunely emotionally invested in this girl and she’s the single biggest reason I came to Lithuania. I’ve been honest with her from the beginning and the only secret I have from her is this blog. She knows all about the other girls and did before I came out to see her. She’s really upset but there’s no middle ground here so I take her to wait for her taxi. At the absolute height of the emotion – her shaking, clinging onto me and tears welling up, and me also really unexpectedly upset at the end of our relationship and just standing there cold to her – Jambone comes strolling back from the club with a smile on his face and today’s instant date girl on his arm. Salt in the wounds.

Anyway, this really shouldn’t have bothered me so much. I had three dates today, kissed three girls (two were new closes), got five new numbers, got my first ever street kiss close, and set up two new day 2s. I also got my wing laid twice in two days, one which was giftwrapped and served up on a plate. Yet all I can think about is “my game sucks” and “I really liked Borat”. Also, if I’d had slightly tighter game, a little luck, and better logistics I might’ve gotten five new f-closes today.

There’s still alot of work to be done. Having leaped up a few levels in my game in the past two months I’d kinda got ahead of myself. I feel humbled. There’s still a few broken pieces of my inner game jangling around inside.

NBI’m just ranting right now. Lots of these sets deserve individual posts so I’ll try to get around to it.


  1. hoo man, never invest a girl until you’ve fucked her…but its so hard i know:( i really dont think its a natural state.
    there’s a quote from an anime i used to watch: get going! and don’t be distracted by the what-ifs, should-ofs, and if-onlys.The one thing you choose for yourself, THAT is the truth of your universe.
    I allways forget part of my game but i try to enjoy it.

    • wow genious, now that will solve his inner game. You should write a book.

      Krauser you’ve too many field reports on here, i’d love to see some more insights into your philosophy about daygame and how you deal or try to improve your inner game. ( eg. the daily alpha practice post from ages ago was really good)
      btw I’ve never seen or read about anyone who improved that fast in pu, respect


  2. This really spoke to me. Man, have I been there.

  3. It’s actually quite sad that you get your self validation from women and sex.

  4. So maybe change your answer to “yesterday’s 17 yo”.

    So is Borat being super good girl? Do you know if she’s a virgin? Is she playing he must be my bf first girl game, or family principles?

    If she was trembling and clingy as you coldly walked her to her cab, she was majorly into you.

    • i had a girl tell me she doesnt want to see me eny more and then in the buss stop she was shaking and her hart was racing in my arms. I have no idea how she could do that even now!!! this is before i started game

      she called me like 3 month later but i couldn’t take it. can u figure it out? i can’t. point is girls will do some really stupid shit sometimes

  5. What a read! Urgent, dramatic, exhilarating. You are the best thing on the internet right now, in case you didn’t know.

    “It must’ve turned her on because I end up kiss closing her.”

    So true, so true.

    “her shaking, clinging onto me and tears welling up, and me also really unexpectedly upset at the end of our relationship and just standing there cold to her”

    High drama! Girls are so dangerous. Falling in love comes so easily to me. It is a bad habit. Correction — falling in love *used* to come so easily to me. I am becoming alpha.

  6. This post is sick! Young, naive, nice girl passionately likes you. You feel something for her. She (wisely) doesn’t want to jump into the giant sausage-machine and become another number. You kick her out. She’s upset. You’re upset. I am struggling to understand what the “Snapback” is or what the problem is. You think you failed because you really liked her and didn’t F-close her? You are upset because you’re upset? Is it not a simple case of despite knowing about your other women it turns out that, big suprise, she actually really wants to be your only woman? Decision time.

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  8. what a great read, three years later.

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