Daygame Nitro: Strong sexualised eye contact

June 15, 2011

Here’s an excerpt from page 103 of my book, talking about eye contact games during the Investment stage.

Your eye contact is your biggest weapon for rooting the girl to the spot. Think back to your beta days (even if that means “yesterday”). It was hard holding eye contact with a girl you liked wasn’t it? You felt an overpowering urge to look away lest she “bust you” for the audacity of communicating that you like her. Best not do that on the African savannah or the alpha male will come and bust your head open.

Hang on, we aren’t in the state of nature anymore. We have a rule of law in this country. Great, we are allowed to stare at girls we like. So why does it feel like we are intruding? Because the whole act of picking up a girl and fucking her is extremely intrusive but allow me to let you in on a little secret – girls want an alpha male to intrude upon them. Don’t fear the eye contact. It’s actually very low risk – you can eye fuck 100 girls that walk past you and not receive a single critical remark because there is no social disgrace for the girl to respond to. She can simply notice the eye contact and move on with her life. The only risk is to your own ego, of being afraid to put your balls on the line and risk her rejecting you.

Use your eye contact to create the love bubble, that little air pocket of seductive romance in the street that only you two share. Look into her eyes with a steady gaze. Don’t come on strong yet. Don’t think “I’m gonna lift up her skirt and fuck her now”, instead think “This girl wants to fuck me. And I want to fuck her. Be patient little girl, you’ll get your chance soon enough.” We are still in the sexual-preview stage, not the actual escalator to sex.

So hold eye contact. Continue the conversation about whatever it’s about. Occasionally look away but not in gamey rapport-breaking gambits. Let her feel the eye contact. Let her look away if she can’t handle the tension. You will be gradually dominating her with your aura. Eye contact will typically go through these stages, characterised by the length of time she holds it until she breaks it.

  1. The innocent: She just holds eye contact like she would
    with any other socially normal person in a socially normal environment. The game hasn’t begun.
  2. The challenge: She realises you are coming on to her.
    She wants to test your balls. She holds long eye contact to see if you’ll break first.
  3. The taming: She accepts you have more balls and adopts
    a submissive frame. She shortens her eye contact, looks down a lot, and seems bashful. She’s accepting your leadership.
  4. The tease: She’s thinking horny thoughts now. She starts holding longer, flirtier eye contact. Batting her eyelids as she looks away then looks back
  5. The pre-fuck: She is staring wide-eyed and longingly, never looking away.

In each stage your job is to outlast her eye contact so she breaks first. Once she’s broken it’s OK for you to look away too. Don’t get too bad-ass on her and give eye-contact challenges. Continue the conversation, note where you are in the stages, and give confidently strong eyes back without coming over as aggressive. During killing momentum you’ll get innocent eyes. That’ll slide into the challenge during vibing, and you know you’ve gotten to the end of investment when you see the taming. The tease and pre-fuck come much later. If they happen quickly, consider shortcutting the whole model and proceeding directly to verbal escalation.

Check out these two videos for examples of how eye contact creates sexual tension and you cow the girl into submission. Burto’s shows the stages better, but my girl is hotter (as usual)


  1. Thanks for posting this excerpt Krauserpua;very good.

    I’ve always struggled with EC,so this post is helpful bro’.

  2. Questions about some details:
    Does blinking count as breaking eye contact? [No. Looking away is breaking eye contact]
    Does it make a difference to blink fast or slowly? [slower is better, a lazy blink]
    Does the lack of blinking make me come across as a freak (staring instead of looking)? [Yes, because you are trying not to blink = being unnatural = trying too hard = qualifying = signalling lower value than her]

  3. Very True. Eye contact during that approach creates that bubble and creates attraction. She sees that I’m not afraid to look deep into her eyes. Eye contact and voice tonality are the two things I focus on during the approach which really helps my presence.

  4. Thanks for the sample. More samples please! I’m definitely interested in the book but $70 is a lot of money without knowing what I’m getting.

  5. This excerpt is fuccing powerful.Keep it coming.

  6. when you have secret of how to get any woman into bed by using devilish seduction techniques,and leaving vagueness to people that they should understand women psychology to run your products,shame on you shame on you shame on you.
    I’ve got the code of how to seduce and get laid,is spiritual seduction,
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    this is the secret that you will never reveal it.

  7. Very good, brief excerpt from the book, thank you for sharing with us, many men have difficulty in seducing a woman, some of the common things is shyness, which end up not being able to look into the eyes of an unknown person or woman. The look is also a great way to create sexual tension on the girl.

  8. i’ve always doubted eye contact.. and never thought much of it.
    Until i moved to Mexico and unable to speak Spanish..
    Now it’s been a few months w/out sex and some of these girls are looking delicious.

    One afternoon, i was walking down 10 steps and this hot as girl was sitting at the bottom.
    It was all instinct, i looked her in the eyes and locked on.
    She locked on the entire 10 steps.
    Once i got down to where she was.. i walked up to her and continued to look into her eyes.

    At this point.. it seriously looked like she was in a trance.
    A few minutes later.. she gasps for air almost as if she came.

    it was the most intense/insane experience of my entire life.

    I am now a firm believer in eye contact!

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