Simple daygame opening

April 2, 2012

Ok you tight cunts, how about I give you a basic primer on daygame opening so you don’t have to spend a single penny on a book? I’m sitting out in a Zagreb cafe while I wait for Jambone to collect the keys for a hire car to drive us through the countryside. This is what I’ve been opening the Croat birds with. Nearly all my openers have been as follows:

“Hi. You speak good English? Great, I just wanna tell you something really quick. I was just walking past you with my friend… that’s my friend there [wave at Jambone]… when I saw you and I thought.. you look quite nice. So I wanted to say hello.”

At this point I wait for a response, and usually follow up with an assumption stack of something like

“You fit my image of a typical Croatian girl. It’s the thick eyebrows, big long hair, and crazy eyes.”

Let’s stop right there and analyse what I’m doing. It hooked every set I opened so it’s worth considering why. First thing is I’m getting right in front of the girl and commanding her to stop with quietly authortitative body language and strong eye contact. Dominance is the main arousal trigger in women. So immediately she’s getting an emotional kick out of the interaction. You can see in their eyes and smile that they are immediately enjoying it.

Next I’m qualifying them on their English and rooting the opener. Then I show a relaxed safe gesture to my friend so she gets to have a look around her and not be too startled. But perhaps the most counter-intuitive part is the compliment… you look quite nice.

Not gorgeous, not damn sexy, not stunning. Simply quite nice.

Some quite nice Croatian girls I'm met, yesterday

Why is that the best opener? Because it straddles the two extremes of (i) relating to the girl as a man talks to a woman so she’s got no doubt about the subtext to the street stop. I’m not hiding my intent or betraying a lack of confidence but (2) I’m not heaping validation on her by gushing effusively on her beauty. She hasn’t earned that yet. She’s still got work to do. This makes sense to her and doesn’t put too much pressure on her.

That might get you into a conversation right there but if she’s still a bit clammed up do the patented Krauser assumption stack which is simply “you look very [conclusion x], because of [observation x, y, z]”. This is really simple. You just look at three things you see right in front of you and feed them back to her. Make one of them a playful tease. So…..

  • You look very Spanish. It’s the big hair, brown eyes, and very strange fashion sense.
  • You look very serious. Because of the frown, the busy walk, and the way you are gripping your book so tightly.
  • You look very playful. It’s that smile, little twinkling eyes, and that spring in your step.

If she hasn’t started giving back and moving into vibing it’s time to unload your heavy artillery….. and compare her to some form of wildlife.

  • “You look like…. dare I say it…. a cute little Croatian hamster”
  • “In fact, if I was to say the first thing that comes into my mind…. I would have to say… you remind me of a naughty squirrel”
  • (two sets) “My friend and I thought you looked like a girafe [to the taller one] and a tiger [shorter girl]. Which is strange, because in the wild giraffes and tigers are not friends”

That’ll get you into vibing. Enjoy.

P.S. Obviously you should buy my daygame book so you know what to do next.


  1. Assumption openers are my favorite(eventhough this wasn’t one).

  2. I use a very similar opener

  3. Got your paperback in just now, looks well produced. I will leave a comment review for the book when done. Just flipping through it, I think there’s a lot to be learned here.
    Nice opener, lots subtext going on, no reason in the world that can’t be executed. If a guy can’t execute that, he needs to take a hard look at himself, so much of game is about our perceived self worth and what one believes they are entitled to.

  4. This is good because unlike most dudes who do direct game this isn’t too “direct” and its kind of cocky with your Assumption Stack.

    Girls in TO are so used to direct approaches by now that it really takes a lot of skill and a lot of structure to actually pick them up.

    A lot of dudes do RSD style direct game here in the day which works badly because there’s no calibration or thinking into it, its all “go beast bro”.

    I’m actually tempted to check out DayGame Nitro, but only after I master Roosh’s Day Bang method.

  5. nice. this is the daygame blueprint model. thanks for posting it. [No it’s not, but thanks. K.]

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  7. What do you do if she doesn’t respond to your opener (you didn’t mention what response you expect) do you still plough on with your assumption? Do you expect her to stop walking?

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