What is the red pill?

May 29, 2013

It’s been all change in 2013 for the manosphere. Roosh has built Return Of Kings and appeared on national TV around Europe. Reddit has a burgeoning The Red Pill subreddit, Roissy continues to attract massive traffic. Like the UFC in 2005 was on the verge of mainstream and just needed the Bonnar-Griffin fight to tip it over the edge, the manosphere is poised waiting for that unpredictable conflux of events that send it viral. When it happens you can expect a seismic shift in society. Like Japan’s upcoming currency crisis or the collapse of the EUSSR Brussels overlords, we can’t predict which beat of a butterfly’s wings will set off the chain of events.

On my side, I’ve noticed my blog traffic double in the past year despite me almost willfully trying not to grow it.

So there’s alot of noobs out there with a newly-digested red pill sitting in their gut. Some are trying to cough it back up. Some have overdosed. Some are just confused. To extend the metaphor, some have been sold a faulty pill by a dodgy dealer. If you spend a few months reading the manosphere you’ll learn to figure out who is right and who is full of shit. It’s still the Wild West – an incredibly open and outspoken corner of the internet where men don’t fear the reaper.

A year ago I tried to distill all my red pill / Game knowledge into a one hour video interview. It’s the single best and most accessible introduction I’ve produced. I talk about my personal journey, sociological changes and how they affect men, what Game is and how to get it etc. Watch this and everything will fall into place.

* Thanks to Brian and Nic for being such perfect foils to get the content out.


How your game stacks up

May 27, 2013

I just spent the last half hour sitting in my underwear on a bank holiday morning trying to draw a graph in Paint. Have a look at it. I was going to do more but its a massive fanny on, so one is all you get. This is my explanation for your lays / near lays as you develop in game. Don’t pay too much attention to the details or numbers. Just try and draw out the general principles, which are…

Chart 1


This graph assumes the man is a run-of-the-mill male six with normal social skills and normal chode game. We track him through his first year of game, assuming slow progress. Up the left side is the total amount of attraction he can generate with a girl. So 100 is Jabba-esque and 0 is around the PUAhate level. The pink shaded area is the man’s fundamental value being a combination of his looks, age, job, physique, fashion, vibe, character and all those other things that combine before you add your in-set technique. It’s pretty stable over time unless you are actively working on it. Your value represents the tide upon which the boats float.

The blue line is your Game value-add. This rests upon your value and as your game gets better it can reach further and further above your core value. It’s also volatile depending on your mood, state, circumstances and ability to think on your feet. You’d expect it to increase culmatively over time as your bank more sets.

Now we come to the female part of the graph. Every girl has an Attraction Threshold in which guys below her SMV requirements are blown out and guys above it are welcomed to play the game. Exceed it and you might fuck her. This AT is also volatile based on her monthly cycle, available options, weather and whatever other random shit buffets women around like a little boat in a storm. The key points are (1) it isn’t a flat line and that (2) the hotter the girl, the higher the threshold.

So now lets draw some conclusions from my fictional guy.

  • In the beginning he has anti-game, the blue line of “total game applied” being below his natural value. It’s actually fucking up his results by doing all the stupid chode shit blogs like mine try to stop you doing.
  • The second girl is only a six but she’s hypergamous so under normal circumstances she won’t fuck a male six. Note the gap between his line and the sixes’ line during the early part of the year.
  • But whoah, what’s this (circle 1). He improved his game a bit and happened to string together his A-game when it coincided with her being horny and needy. He gets laid!
  • Now he’s got laid his game gets better and he’s getting closer and closer to repeating the trick with another six. The sevens are still blowouts or sets-to-nowhere. And then (circle 2) he comes really close to bagging another six. Tighter game but unlucky to get the girl at the wrong time. He can’t quite exceed the AT and she gives him unbeatable LMR. Bad luck fella.
  • He chalks it to the game and keeps trying. Despite not really being on top form he stumbles into another easy lay (circle 3) and keeps her on rotation for a month.
  • As the year comes to a close he’s on fire. Some really solid work, riding his luck, he gets a cute seven back to his room. He battles her LMR for a few hours, can’t quite beat it, but she sucks his dick and he knows how close he came (circle 4). One for the blog.

Okay, so this whole graph is rather facetious. My point is to lay out a basic visual aid so you can imagine how the graph can change over time. What happens when you work hard on your value? The pink shaded area rises higher, the tide raising the upward potential of your game and bringing the higher quality girls into reach. You should also see that relying on Game alone is not going to score the hotties. You’ll also get a feel for how you can occasionally punch above your weight if you keep approaching but if you want consistent results you must claw your way above the Attraction Threshold and stay there.

This is why high value guys can have zero game and still score hotties, while low-value PUAchodes can do thousands of sets and get nothing.

Reeling in a difficult princess

May 26, 2013

I don’t normally bother with princesses. They aren’t any hotter than sweet feminine girls but bring all kinds of trouble. Type 2 (high beauty/low self esteem) just isn’t a combination I care for. Nonetheless while out on Oxford Street a month ago I happened to open an incredibly leggy Baltic blonde. She has a catwalk figure, long flowing hair like Storm on X Men and is an all-round trophy catch. So naturally I’d rather fuck her than not.

Imagine this towering over you

Imagine this towering over you

Easier said than done. A girl like this has chodes hanging off her. Rich chodes, good looking chodes, hunk chodes, trader chodes…. the lot. Just two days ago she had to return an expensive necklace to a co-worker chode who didn’t realise he was LJBFd. I’ve had a few Facebook chats with her but she doesn’t invest much and is flightly about the Day 2. Psychologically it’s easy to figure out her crude strategy (Type 2 girls are never as smart as they think they are). She wants to get me jumping through hoops, begging, chasing etc so she can milk me for validation and then move onto the next chode.

So she finally agrees to meet me on Saturday lunchtime. We are supposed to arrange time and place on Friday. Naturally that’s precisely the time she chooses to be offline. A trap. Here’s an unedited transcript of what followed. It went on a good while longer but I got tired of taking the screen grabs.

Baltic 1

1. This is where I was opening the conversation in which we agree a time and place. She doesn’t reply until 8pm the next day – princess behaviour and unacceptable. Obviously its a test to get me chasing.

2. Bullshit excuse, so I’m unreactive but slightly dismissive.

3. She’s expecting me to be asking why she didn’t respond, and perhaps get whiny. So I just accuse her of stupid shit like I don’t care. My profile photo happens to be a funny dog.

4. She’s really keen to find out if her stupid gameplaying worked. Type 2 girls aren’t smart. Anyone can play games when all you have to do on your side is be obstructive.

Baltic 2

5. Snip and stack with nonsense. She’s expecting me to try to reschedule the date.

6. And definitely not expecting a push-back telling her she’s wrong about something but as we all know women are intrigued by defiant men.

7. She’s realising I don’t give a shit about her antics and the lack of a date.

Baltic 3

8. A pretty obvious preselection DHV that communicates “other women like me, you aren’t important”. It was true, too. None of this chat is a lie.

9. Deliberately answering the wrong question. Be pointlessly difficult at times, just for the sake of throwing up a barrier.

10. Implicit qualification by showing I have standards in women. She’s biting now.

Baltic 4

11. Her solipsism makes her incapable of reading comprehension. It’s a shit test. She’s interested.

12. She’s long-legged with a flat stomach and small breasts. So I’m having a bit of a dig at her here. She loves it.

Baltic 5

13. IOI followed by immediate shit test. She’s enjoying this and hooking stronger.

14. So I slap her down harder. She’s not used to being pushed against like this. Every push creates attraction but too much push loses them entirely. It’s a calibration exercise.

Baltic 6

15. This is standard female bullshit that she’s used to spewing onto men and they agree with it all lest they upset her. So obviously I stand up to it.

16. Women like to be called on their bullshit. They know it’s bullshit.

Baltic 7

17. So she starts qualifying before she remembers she’s supposed to be a princess chased by all suitors so tries a lame preselection projection.

18. Don’t rise to the bait. There’s actually two pieces of beta bait in this. Firstly, don’t fall into the frame and compliment her on her beauty and validate the “every guy chases me” reality. Second, don’t get reactive and start trying to denigrate these imaginary men – that’s qualifying yourself.

19. Put her into a box she doesn’t like being in. Make her qualify her way out of it.

Baltic 8

20. And predictably she qualifies her way out. She likes me now. Its far from a done deal but she knows I’m no chump.

21. More of me challenging and her qualifying. She’s starting to show more attractive qualities now. Note how at no point in this chat have I complimented her. I’ve been borderline hostile throughout, but balanced so as not to be rude.

Baltic 9

22. After so much push (necessary after her bad behaviour and crude shit tests) I have to do some pull and move into more authentic communication. This isn’t a vile American cunt – she requires some pull.

Baltic 10

23. She wants me to like her, and to be impressed by her.

Baltic 11

24. But I might as well be pushy. I’m not gonna hide my dick from this woman. After her messing me about she has to know exactly what she’s getting should we have another date. I’ll be escalating her from the beginning.

25. Brush aside her objection and keep going. She pauses a while then IOIs. She wants a strong man. She’s six feet tall so she’s used to everyone just falling over in front of her.

Baltic 12

26. I’m basically rewarding her here while also setting up a nice frame for later. She comes back with an IOI. Now she is tamed and takes me seriously as a man. It’s still a long way from fucking her but I’m a nowhere near the chump heap.

The elephant in the room

May 14, 2013

I rarely solicit guest posts but sometimes I just want the free content come across a concept too good to ignore. Daygame.com’s executive instructor Tom Torero has been exploring such a concept which we put to good use on our recent FSU tour. He’ll need no introduction to most of my readers, being widely considered one of Europe’s top daygamers and of course the author of the second best daygame book on the market. Tom, the floor is yours……

A street kiss close I caught

A street kiss close I caught *

Elephant in the room: a metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.

Smoke-and-mirrors, a masterful illusion, distraction and persuasion. Traditional Game involves getting a girl to comply to sex through the use of tools and techniques that sweep logic and reality under the carpet. It’s no coincidence that the most notorious early pick up artists were magicians and persuasion practitioners. Artificially raise your value, cunningly lower hers, and let the reversal chase begin.

A massively underrated and underused concept in the seduction community is something I teach students called the “Elephant In The Room” (although I dissuade you, of course, from picking up elephants) where this traditional trickery is replaced with stone cold masculine honesty. Showing a girl how socially intelligent you are, and also how vulnerable you are, is massively attractive. More attractive than the perfect line or the whitest teeth. Honesty is the ultimate frame in that you’re saying: “I know that you know that I know what’s going on. I’m direct with my intentions and I don’t play games.”

The concept is especially applicable during the day, as there’s no flashing lights, pumping music or alcohol to help mask from the girl from what’s really going on. Stopping a girl on the street in the cold light of day encourages a student to refine his social intelligence and replace distraction with directness as there’s nowhere to hide. Women have hyper sensitive radars when it comes to bullshit, and without the shiny la-la-land vibe of a club then they’re even more clued up as to what’s going on. If she thinks you’re a pick-up artist on the street, then you’re dead.

"say what you see"

“say what you see”

So what are some practical examples of this concept in action? First off, a golden rule that I teach students is to “say what you see.” This is much harder than it sounds in that you need to be fully relaxed and present to do this effectively, without the chattering monkey inside your head throwing PUA bananas at you.

Saying what you see and calling out awkwardness immediately diffuses whatever tricky situation you might come across, as it shows the girl you’re socially savvy and smart enough to understand the intricacies and nuances of human behaviour.

Let’s say you see a girl on her smoke break standing outside an office building. A beginner daygamer might charge up to her in approach machine mode and spurt out his usual lines about just seeing her and thinking she looked nice, then plough through her resistance with his usual structure and get frustrated when she stubs out her cigarette and nips back into work. Someone who understands the Elephant In The Room principle, however, would approach the girl with more of a twinkle in his eyes, a cocky smile and the following:

“Hey, I know you’re on your sacred smoke break and I’m taking away precious seconds, but I just saw you and think you look nice”

He’d then rapidly judge how she responded and tailor his conversation accordingly. Perhaps he’d call out how unusual it was for someone to come up to her, or the fact that all the other guys must think of doing it but they’re not brave enough. The same applies if you see a girl at a bus stop (call out the fact that her bus is coming) or inside a store (call out the fact that it’s unusual why you’re in a women’s clothing store). If you didn’t call out the awkwardness of the situation then she’d be thinking it, and wondering why you didn’t have the social saviness to spot it.

Here’s some other examples of calling out the Elephant In The Room when you’re out doing daygame:

  • She’s doing a particular activity, and you use that as a situational indirect-direct opener
  • You run out of things to say, and you call it out: “I’m sorry, my mind’s just gone blank, help me out a bit!”
  • You feel heavy approach anxiety, and you call it out: “I don’t normally do this, and I’m pretty nervous right now….”
  • She keeps glancing down at her phone and you mention it playfully
  • She slowly edges away as you’re talking and you mention it playfully
  • The interaction’s going well but you suspect that she has a boyfriend based on her investment levels, so you call it out non-reactively

Notice how the Elephant In The Room principle needs to come from a place of flirtation, not one of cold logic. You’re showing her that you are fluent in the secret language of seduction, not that you’re a people-watching sociologist.

Spot the PUA forum HB7.75

Spot the PUA forum HB7.75

Krauser and I recently spent a couple of weeks in Russia where we realised that the Elephant In The Room principle could be used to great effect. Slavic women are excellent for testing your masculinity in that they have zero-tolerance for bullshit and expect you to be crystal clear with your intentions. We made sure they new exactly what we wanted through calling out the following:

  • the fact that this was a male-female interaction where we were attracted to them and wanted to date them, not give them free conversational English classes
  • what their relationship status was, and whether they liked British guys
  • if they had enough free time to come on a date with us in our time schedule

Now I’m not suggesting that you replace all unspoken, sexy emotional subtext with cold logic, but in countries where the women test your polarity every few seconds then there’s less time for flowery language and vague flirtation. The same would apply in the UK or the USA if a girl is exhibiting Princess Behaviour and keeps trying to snatch the frame.

The Elephant In The Room applies to texting and to dating, right up until you’re getting it on. Here are some more examples:

  • she keeps flaking on date requests, so you text her: “I didn’t have you down as a flaker…my secretary is not happy ;-)”
  • she texts that she’s going to be late, so you text her: “Ok, but you buy the first drinks as punishment”
  • you spill the wine whilst trying to pour it elegantly and call it out
  • she keeps taking long phone calls whilst on the date, and you call it out
  • you’re both a bit nervous on the date, and you call it out
  • you realise you’ve got food stuck between your teeth, so you call it out
  • you spot that she’s hesitant to come back to yours, so you call it out: “I know you’re wondering if I’m a murderer, and I understand that this is all a bit fast, but come for one drink and I’ll have you home in a cab by 12”

Humility and honesty go a long way to cracking the code of last minute resistance in the bedroom. If a girl thinks it’s all too planned or too slick, then the barriers come up. If you call out that it’s “so fast” and that it’s “so random” how you met then she admires your social intelligence. Tell her you’re nervous if you’re nervous, show her you’re human.

An exception to the Elephant In The Room principle is breaking sexual tension. If you’re sitting in the cocktail bar, looking deeply into each other’s eyes, and there’s the crackle of sex in the air, then there’s no reason to call out the Elephant and say: “I want to kiss you now then take you home and have sex.” That would be a sign of a complete lack of understanding when it comes to seduction. Rather than these situations and silences being elephants, I call them the panthers in the room. Dark, smouldering, powerful and sexy. And completely necessary.

Krauser used an extreme example of the Elephant In The Room on one of his recent dates, although this is not for the faint hearted or to be used by beginners:

K: You are fascinated by me. You find me attractive and very interesting, like no man you’ve met before. You’ve realised that we are not compatible in the long term but you are curious how it would be to have sex with me. So right now you are trying to decide whether to come home with me and have sex, or to go home and sleep.

Her: Yes, that’s about right.

Call it out. Neutralise the awkwardness by commenting on it. Whether it’s a pigeon shitting on your head mid set or the fact that she’s too tall for you, say what you see and point out the elephant. Fingers crossed it will morph into a panther. Now that’s magic.

Tom’s book is available to buy from: Lulu

* Before you all ask, yes that was a legit street kiss close. Took about five minutes from the open. While observing I saw him do the eyes, the proximity and overheard him mutter something about “doing something crazy” so I knew to get the phone camera ready.

Stateless Game

May 13, 2013

Emotional control is the foundation upon which all game rests. By mastering your emotions you can direct your vibe which will in turn align all of the micro-behaviours that a girl’s hindbrain reads. Good micro-behaviours (i.e. subcommunication) leads to imprinting the girl with a positive intuitive assessment of you and thus smoother interactions. This is why some men can do almost comically bad conversations and still get the girl – they were excelling at the 90% of communication that is non-verbal.

It’s generally believed that achieving good state is the core of good game. The argument goes as follows: Wake up feeling good about yourself and head out onto the streets. After a few awkward warm-up sets you’ll start to slip into a social vibe, gradually building momentum. Eventually a run of good interactions cause you to “hit state” and then you can open everything, hook everything and that’s when the magical sets happen.

This is not wrong. It’s just a massive pain in the arse.

Chasing state, yesterday

Chasing state, yesterday

The reality of daygame is that there simply aren’t enough pretty girls around to keep the momentum flowing. There aren’t enough girls that you can afford to waste the first ten sets trying to hit state. Ok, you could do it but it’s so wasteful. You know your game is getting tighter if you get more girls, better girls, and expend less effort. Hamstringing yourself to the goal of peak state prevents progress because:

  • Trying to force yourself into state takes alot of emotional energy and is inauthentic. You are trying to make yourself feel something you don’t actually feel.
  • Once you start to improve your state you become outcome dependent on keeping that little glimmer alive. More emotional energy expended.
  • In the long periods between sets you get into your head trying to keep your state. Holding your state up is like holding a medicine ball in the air. Eventually you tire and it drops.
  • You can frame yourself over the long term into a negative thought pattern of “I’m only successful when I’m in state” or in the short term of “I won’t approach this girl because I haven’t hit state yet”
  • Girls can sense the inauthenticity if you’re trying to state leech from them, as with your wings. You can end up in destructive state wars with your wings until one or both of you crash (noobs should especially watch for this “value tap” behaviour from more experienced players)
  • Daygame becomes much harder work than it ought to be. You are giving yourself an internal opponent to fight. It’s a fight that doesn’t need to happen.

Peak state is good. When you hit it, embrace it. But don’t try to manufacture it. Far better is to drill yourself in stateless game. It’s advanced stuff and not for everyone but give it a try. Essentially you are following this principle:

I feel however I feel and that’s okay. So I will use this authentically and rely on that authenticity to carry me through.

I’m coming to believe that authenticity trumps state (and is equal to vibe*). Forcing a high state is essentially qualifying to the girl by telling her “who I am at this moment is not good enough to get you, so I will expend great effort in forcing myself to be a happier version of myself just to impress you”. Instead just accept your current state. For example:

  • If you’re feeling flat and low energy, work with that. Maybe do light side-on opens at a traffic light rather than run-around front stops. Let your vocal tone stay light, flat and disinterested.
  • If you’re feeling cocky, go that route. Ostentatiously stop a hard-walking girl, let your eyes shine, smirk insolently and use an outrageously teasing opener.
  • If you’re feeling horny, go sexual. Pick out a girl who has the ovulating vibe, eye fuck the hell out of her, encroach her space. Hold that hand a long time.
  • If you’re completely lacking creative inspiration just tell the girl she looks nice and drop a generic cold read and tease on her. Leave silences, let her talk.
Stateless game, today

Stateless game, today

Stateless game is not a list of instructions to follow, its a mindset. Fundamentally you are shrugging the weight of “hitting state” from your shoulders. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Do you think those approach monkeys running up and down Oxford Street every evening are happy? Allow yourself to instead reach a zen-like calm of whatever will happen will happen. Just flip over those stones, let your authentic state come out, and rely upon your well-drilled Game to just navigate the set for you without getting in your head about state. There’s nothing to be scared of on the streets. Conserve your mental energy by exerting emotional control. You are not pushing water uphill, you are letting it find its natural level and then swimming in that.

And then should peak state ever creep up upon you, milk it while its there and don’t mourn its absence when it leaves.

* Crudely put, state is the power of your energy glow / aura and your attunement to the micro-rhythms of the street. Vibe is your internal level of calm, balance and boundaries. State is far more volatile than vibe.

I bang my first 25 yr old Russian aerobics instructor

May 9, 2013

It’s a manosphere truism that women love dominant men and yearn for someone strong enough that they can surrender to him and bask in the pleasant womanly feelings of submission. Girls can read you very quickly and become ruthlessly efficient at screening out the legions of pushover boring beta males. When you street stop her you’ve set yourself apart. When you tease early in the set her ears prick up. When you steamroll through her shit tests she becomes very interested. The girl begins to hope she’s finally found a man worth submitting to. Then you have a strong hook.

This sort of thing

This sort of thing

While walking into a cafe in some second-tier Western Russian city I see a cute little gypsy girl ambling along. She’s got a petite dancer’s body, ass-length thick black hair and wild fiery gypsy eyes. My type all over and quite a contrast to the usual greyhounds. I’m immediately cocky and she’s pushing back from the beginning. There’s a strong spark in the air, her showing far more fire than the usual Russian coldness. I take a number and move on for my coffee date with another girl. The texting goes well. I’ll do a full transcript because it’s instructive to see the balance of Russian chode game mixed with defiant cocky game. You can easily see the major phase shifts as the game turns further my way.

Me: It was a pleasure, young lady 😉

Her: Really )

Me: How is your friends’ meeting? Lots of girl chatter, I think….

Her: No, one girl, a lot of stories and sweets ))) [she looks keen]

Me: And probably a glass of wine 🙂

Her: Without, and u

Me: I met my friends in Red Star Cafe. It has a great atmosphere

Me: [next day] Good afternoon my new gypsy-style friend 🙂 How are you?

Her: Hi, working

Me: Let’s get a quick drink after work. 6pm?

Her: I work at the 2nd work ) [She’s not investing and playing a little hard to get]

Me: ok [Shift 1. I signal I’m not going to mess around and chase hard]

Her: Truly, I’m a trainer ) after the main work [she realises I won’t be strung along, girls often need a soft push to give a fear of loss]

Me: When do you finish?

Her: At 9, but then I run to the train – I go to parents )

Me: I knew you were trouble when I saw you! [Shift 2 – reframe her difficulty showing social acuity and playfully changing the tone]

Her: Really ))) I just don’t seat at one place ) [she likes it, attraction is increased so she wants to test my value]

Her: And if I was so trouble, why u came to me [test]

Me: Because you need a strong man to tame you 😀 [lay on the man vibe]

Her: I didn’t ask u, what do I need, I asked, why did u come ) [test]

Me: I already told you. You should pay more attention! [smash it out the park]

Her: I shouldn’t ) [test]

Me: You just earned your first ass-spanking, naughty girl [escalate]

Her: U shouldn’t talk so with me ) [test]

Me: Does that make me a bad man? [reframe]

Her: A veeeery bad man )))) [Shift 3 – passed test, she’s very interested now]

Me: Ha!

Her: Ha?

Me: It’s a bad man laugh 😉

Her: I see

I’ve been averaging a few dates each day so I only give her two hours of my time when we meet the next afternoon. We begin sitting opposite each other on a high table in a cafe, it’s about 6pm. I lean back and roll off a custom DHV and comfort stack. There’s a great photobook of the city on the bookshelf so I take it down and make fun of how backward and commie her country is. This girl wants a master so I know to attack her frame. Every tease moves it further along. She’d later tell me she decided to fuck within the first twenty minutes of the date – “Once I realised how confident you are”.

We go upstairs to the alcohol only section which has dark mood lighting and soft leather sofas. I’d already played with her hands and hair downstairs so once the waitress brings drinks I do the “floppy test” (credit Tom) and then kiss close. We make out alot while I pour in comfort. I take her for a short walk outside, pointing out my apartment in the distance. There’s no time to push for a Day 2 lay (I have an 8pm date lined up) so I just lead her around and reinforce the frame. It’s massively on. A sample from our chat as we walk:

Me: I’ve noticed I attract lots of stares in this city. Even girls holding hands with their boyfriends check me out. [this is true]

Her: It’s easy to understand. It’s obvious you are so much more confident than the other guys here. [massive IOI and she’s betraying how lucky she feels to be here]

After a day of post-date comfort texting, I set up the next one. Note here how it’s possible to agree to have sex without once mentioning it. Girls communicate covertly.

Me: Are you at work?

Her: Yes, I do

Me: I want to meet you tonight. Dress pretty! [forcing the dominance frame]

Her: Hm, why? )))

Me: Because I like my girl to be pretty, of course. Do you have a favourite dress?

Her: Ok, which do you want: short and sexy or elegant?

Me: That’s a tough choice! Short and sexy – just like you 😀

Her: Or something between 2 variants )

Me: Which wine do you prefer, red or white? [This is the covert signal that this is to be a sex date]

Her: Red

Me: Me too. I’ll get a bottle of German. Better than the Russian stuff… [covert statement of intent]

Her: I don’t drink Russian ) [acceptance]

Me: Vodka is the exception 🙂

Her: Did u taste it? )

Me: Of course. I love vodka. But more of a whiskey man

Her: I mean Russian vodka

Me: Russian vodka, Scottish whiskey

Her: ))) not bad mix )

Me: I love to sit in a leather chair with a Cuban cigar and a good whiskey 🙂

Her: Sounds great, who doesn’t love this ))

Me: Meet me outside Double Coffee [Note its outside, I intend to walk her directly to my apartment]

Her: when

Me: 9pm

Her: Ok. Red lips? [covert confirmation of sex date]

Me: Yes! [agreement]

She shows up nicely dolled up so I give her a light kiss, put her on my arm and then walk her to a wine store on the short walk to my apartment. No resistance or questions – she’s come to fuck. Up in my room I do the usual shoes off / music / leave her alone five minutes while I clean my teeth / pour wine. I sense she needs a little more comfort so I let her browse my facebook photos. Then close. Zero LMR.

Funnily I get a big dip in mood right after. She’s pestering me for seconds but I just want rid of her. I don’t realise until the next morning but I was coming down with a ‘flu that would curtail my holiday gaming and render me a shivering sweating mess for a week. Three new girls in six days is too much for an old codger like me. Add in the relentless approaching, multi-date days, and the human body is simply not designed to have so many romantic interactions. I relapsed into a Gamer Shell Shock.

I add her to Facebook and later quiz her about the pickup. If you somehow don’t believe in manosphere wisdom then hearing it explicitly stated by the girl herself ought to help:

Russian 01

Russian 02

Russian 03

Frequently Asked Questions

May 8, 2013

Every day I delete at least one comment of some moron who hasn’t bothered to read more than a handful of my posts and thus expects me to waste my own time answering a question already answered elsewhere on the blog. However I do appreciate that not everyone wants to read all 500+ posts on here. So I’ve decided to add a permanent FAQ. From now on I will not answer any comment that is already dealt with there. I’ll probably update the page over time. This is draft one.


First and foremost understand that I do not give a shit about you. I have a one-way connection to the pickup community in which I write whatever I want and then you choose to read it or not. Don’t for a moment think you have a stake in this blog or any kind of claim on my time. I do not have a Book Of Rules where you can point to section 1.2 article A to demand some kind of preferred behaviour from me. So if you act like a dickhead in the comments I’ll ridicule you, debate you or delete you entirely depending on what I think is appropriate at that point in time. Regular readers with normal social skills will do fine.

I’ve been writing for years and chances are I’ve already answered your question somewhere in this blog. Therefore I will not waste my time on you just because you can’t be bothered to do your own research.

I have no tolerance for comments from angry morons whose sole motivation for commenting is to tear down what I’ve painstakingly built. If my life shakes your reality, tough shit. Stop reading. If you find a less-than-satisfactory response to your comment ask yourself this – “what was I trying to achieve with my comment?” If the answer is showing off, nitpicking, gamma-raged reality-denying or any other such inauthentic emotion then you can be sure it was blindingly obvious to everyone reading it.

2. Who are my readers?

Despite the above I do care for some of my readers. Probably half of my motivation for writing is to provide a detailed path for well-intentioned disciplined guys who wish to follow in my footsteps. I’ve met with and had correspondance with such men and its rewarding for me to know they’ve sidestepped landmines I had to trod on myself. I find Game a topic of fascinating complexity and like any hobbyist talking shop I like to have an audience / peers of similar interests and sophistication.

My ideal reader, the guy I subconsciously imagine I’m writing for, is late 30s, average but unremarkable looks, >120 IQ and spent most of his life as a dependable blue pill worker. He’s got the discipline to succeed in whatever he turns his mind to, the strength of character to persist against hardship, and the willingness to confront his own demons. He’s probably also done at least 500 daygame sets and is getting laid occasionally with normal girls who aren’t too bad to look at. I guess you could say I’m talking to intermediate players mostly.

3. Are you racist / sexist / homophobic?

Yes. That said, I reject the labels because rather than describing any kind of character trait or reality the “-ist” labels are really just smear weapons to shut down debate and force compliance of the subject in his own destruction. The worst discrimination in the UK is visited on white straight males. That’s not to say we have the worst quality of life, just that when we succeed its due to the value we are able to give to the world rather than being propped up by value stolen by others.

There is unquestionably a Feminine Imperative attack on men. In the past 40 years there’s been an unquestionable attack on white English with mass immigration and aggressively-foisted multiculturalism. Crime stats by race really do prove that ethnics are far far more criminal than whites in the UK. Blacks really do own shootings, stabbings, muggings, gang-rape and interracial street violence. Arabs and pakistanis own terrorism, ethnic cleansing of city districts and 10-on-1 street attacks. Fag culture really is a degenerate attack on all things civilised (see Jack Donovan’s “flamboyant dishonour” concept).

Any individual can transcend his race, just like any white person can shame his own. I judge people on their individual merits and find that the 50% of any given race who are right-side-of-the-bell-curve are generally law-abiding net-positive wealth creators. Hence I have (a few) black, arab and pakistani friends. I see the world as it really is and generally speaking what we call “civilisation” is really the product of a tiny group of historically great white European men. Nowhere else has ever produced it (I don’t count the slave-based societies as civilised, nor those that got rich paying white men to extract their oil and then exchanging it for white-produced goods and managerial expertise). Even within the UK, probably less than 10% of men have the Civilisation Gene.

4. Where’s the proof?

You missed it. For a couple of years I consistently posted infield videos of street pickups, dates, and lays. I also posted real photos of the girls and lengthy text and chat transcripts. Many of those have since been taken down. I don’t have to prove anything to you. If you don’t believe me, don’t read me.

5. I need help with x, y, z

Tough shit. Pay a coach for his time or do your own research. I’ve written enough on this blog that my advice on your problem is somewhere on the site. Do some work. If you expect to come onto my blog and demand a freebie then here’s my advice: that attitude is precisely your problem and why you don’t get laid. There’s nothing free in this world. Successful men must carve their own openings from a hostile unyielding world. If you think someone is just gonna drop their tools and come running to your aid then you have entitlement issues. You’re probably gamma. As noted above, you have no claim on me. It’s really messed-up to think that just because I offer lots of value for free that I’m therefore beholden to you to offer more. No. Fuck off.

6. The HB8.72 that I dated the other night said…

Three points:

  1. If you are using the HBX.XX scale at all then you are rubbish at game and likely have the wrong mindset about how to acquire tight game
  2. It’s really obvious that you are qualifying to me and my readers, trying to elbow your way into being taken seriously. Stop doing it, it makes you look weak
  3. I’ve already mentally subtracted three points from the score you gave her. Almost everyone on the internet is flat-out lying about the quality of women they consort with.

7. Do looks matter?

Yes, massively so. The dirty secret in the community is that almost all of the name players who get laid can fit into one of these categories:

  1. Tall good-looking guy who really ought to be getting laid alot even without game.
  2. Scenester who has an in with rock / indie / hipster girls. These are highly promiscuous social circles where no game is required.
  3. Hard worker with no standards. This guy is relentlessly churning out sets and will fuck anything, though you’ll only ever see photos of the very best girls he meets.
  4. A liar.

There’s very very few players out there who are getting laid primarily on the basis of their game. That’s why my golden rule is you must be fucking girls who are physically better-looking than you are. Also the greater the age difference, the more impressive. It’s incredibly easy for a 23yr old guy to bang a 21yr old women. I did it plenty with zero game when I was that age. Every five years you add to the age difference makes closing an order of magnitude harder. Banging a girl 15 years your junior is very difficult.

Game works. The above 1-3 guys will fail if their anti-game is so bad they constantly fuck up (which is most men) but don’t assume just because a guy gets laid that he therefore has game. Lots of people get laid due to other reasons. Game is a value-add that gets you more women and better women. It gets you women without paying the “price” of exclusivity, waiting, losing the frame, spending money, losing your soul.

8. It’s not fair! waaaaaaah!

Psychologists call this the “just world hypothesis” – a believe that the world has some kind of karmic-balancing force that rewards the just and punish the evil. Combine that with your own self-delusion and ego-protecting buffers and you’ll naturally consider yourself as on the side of the just and owed a reward of pussy. The harder you work the greater the reward you demand and thus the angrier you get when it’s not forthcoming. This is a vicious cycle of creepiness and avoidance. To break it just learn to accept reality as it really is and process the feedback it gives you.

When you see a winner, try to learn from him. I’ll guarantee he didn’t just spring into the world as a winner. What you see and envy now is the end product of years and years of hard graft, risks taken, and opportunities seized. That winner was a loser many times over but everytime he fell off the horse he got right back on.

9. How do record your sets?

Almost every video I’ve ever posted was recorded with a cheap 8GB watch camera or a small black gum cam. See this post for details. With these being cheap Chinese imports I never figured out how to set the text file to use the correct date. Thus most of the videos have a time stamp of 01/01/2008 or suchlike. The correct dates are within a month of the post itself.

10. What are your stats?

I have no idea. Click the lay reports tab to see most of my lays. There’s about a dozen I never wrote up and another half dozen I wrote up and have since taken down. I’m not a high-notch guy. Don’t get too tied up in the numbers or they’ll hold you back. Much of your improvement with women will come from letting it all go and learning not to be so hard on yourself, to just be in the moment and focus on the ebbs and flows of the interaction. Keeping spreadsheets and tracking stats gives you extra things to worry about and the illusion of control. Ditch them.

11. You are my hero

There’s a fine line between respecting a mentor and worshipping a guru. By all means learn from my successes and failures but don’t kid yourself that I have all the answers. Use my blog for what you can learn from it but always keep an emotional distance and remain your own man. Some of the cornerstone characteristics of a sexually attractive male are his boundaries, sense of self, entitlement, stubborness, and refusal to live his life in service of others. Hero worship retards your development of those characteristics. Don’t be retarded.

12. Why do you do daygame?

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test I am an INTJ. I strongly recommend all my readers to self-administer this test. My personality type is drawn towards lone wandering, deep authentic communication and independence. I can’t stand nightclubs, cultivating social circles, status-whoring and other extroversions. Daygame perfectly synchs to my character. I like to walk around alone with my thoughts, stopping occassionally to talk to a girl. I don’t like to make small talk with people I’ll never see again. I don’t like the demands on my attention of being in groups. Per Myers-Briggs only 4% of men have my character and thus my style is a niche taste. It might not be right for you.

On a more practical note, the best Game plays to your strengths. I am highly educated, intelligent, erudite, creative and above all a good talker. I am not tall, good looking, social or high energy. Thus I can best deliver my value on the streets one-to-one and sober. I struggle to get my value out in a nightclub.

13. What you said doesn’t agree with Mystery / Style / Tyler / Roissy

Mystery and Style are bullshitters who wrote some good material and played a pivotal role in shaping the community but they were not good with women. Tyler is a fantastic analyst but strikes me as weird and not good with women. Roissy is a great writer but his brand of nihilistic game is better suited for where he shaped it – East coast metropolitan America.

Pick any pickup theorist and you’ll find any number of legitimate reasons why they’d disagree with me. They have a different personality, are working a different social mileau, target different girls, want different things, have different strengths and weaknesses etc. In other cases they don’t really disagree its just comparing apples to oranges. Read what you can and over time you’ll formulate your own game.

14. What is your opinion on x, y, z

It’s on my blog. Use the search function. If I haven’t written about it already then likely I don’t care / don’t have an opinion, or I consider it outside the thematic scope of my blog. Just to contextualise my general worldview this might help. I believe the following:

  • Government is intrinsically evil and inefficient. It’s only legitimate functions are to protect the borders, maintain domestic order, and provide a means of settling contracts. The classic Nightwatchman State of philosophical liberalism. Thus I like Ayn Rand, John Locke and the unamended US Constitution.
  • Free market capitalism is the greatest form of human organisation yet invented, providing the optimal balance between wealth creation and freedom of individual self-determination. History has shown every single departure from this model (feudalism, socialism, mercantalism, social democracy) significantly worsens the human condition and will lead to enslavement or collapse. Most western societies are closer to socialism than capitalism but its disguised. For example the Bank Of England is a fundamentally socialist institution – it centrally plans the most important price in the economy – the cost of money.
  • The world is not fair and nature doesn’t care if you’re happy. You must set your own goals and try to achieve them. What we now call “morality” is basically a conflation of two different things 1) the intersection of mutual self-interest in a I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine and I-won’t-kill-you-if-you-don’t-kill-me 2) a web of lies to encroach your frame and bullshit you into giving up your value to moochers and looters.

I don’t care if you disagree with me. I’ve stated my opinions and its not open to debate. Feel free to disagree, just don’t expect me to care.