How your game stacks up

May 27, 2013

I just spent the last half hour sitting in my underwear on a bank holiday morning trying to draw a graph in Paint. Have a look at it. I was going to do more but its a massive fanny on, so one is all you get. This is my explanation for your lays / near lays as you develop in game. Don’t pay too much attention to the details or numbers. Just try and draw out the general principles, which are…

Chart 1


This graph assumes the man is a run-of-the-mill male six with normal social skills and normal chode game. We track him through his first year of game, assuming slow progress. Up the left side is the total amount of attraction he can generate with a girl. So 100 is Jabba-esque and 0 is around the PUAhate level. The pink shaded area is the man’s fundamental value being a combination of his looks, age, job, physique, fashion, vibe, character and all those other things that combine before you add your in-set technique. It’s pretty stable over time unless you are actively working on it. Your value represents the tide upon which the boats float.

The blue line is your Game value-add. This rests upon your value and as your game gets better it can reach further and further above your core value. It’s also volatile depending on your mood, state, circumstances and ability to think on your feet. You’d expect it to increase culmatively over time as your bank more sets.

Now we come to the female part of the graph. Every girl has an Attraction Threshold in which guys below her SMV requirements are blown out and guys above it are welcomed to play the game. Exceed it and you might fuck her. This AT is also volatile based on her monthly cycle, available options, weather and whatever other random shit buffets women around like a little boat in a storm. The key points are (1) it isn’t a flat line and that (2) the hotter the girl, the higher the threshold.

So now lets draw some conclusions from my fictional guy.

  • In the beginning he has anti-game, the blue line of “total game applied” being below his natural value. It’s actually fucking up his results by doing all the stupid chode shit blogs like mine try to stop you doing.
  • The second girl is only a six but she’s hypergamous so under normal circumstances she won’t fuck a male six. Note the gap between his line and the sixes’ line during the early part of the year.
  • But whoah, what’s this (circle 1). He improved his game a bit and happened to string together his A-game when it coincided with her being horny and needy. He gets laid!
  • Now he’s got laid his game gets better and he’s getting closer and closer to repeating the trick with another six. The sevens are still blowouts or sets-to-nowhere. And then (circle 2) he comes really close to bagging another six. Tighter game but unlucky to get the girl at the wrong time. He can’t quite exceed the AT and she gives him unbeatable LMR. Bad luck fella.
  • He chalks it to the game and keeps trying. Despite not really being on top form he stumbles into another easy lay (circle 3) and keeps her on rotation for a month.
  • As the year comes to a close he’s on fire. Some really solid work, riding his luck, he gets a cute seven back to his room. He battles her LMR for a few hours, can’t quite beat it, but she sucks his dick and he knows how close he came (circle 4). One for the blog.

Okay, so this whole graph is rather facetious. My point is to lay out a basic visual aid so you can imagine how the graph can change over time. What happens when you work hard on your value? The pink shaded area rises higher, the tide raising the upward potential of your game and bringing the higher quality girls into reach. You should also see that relying on Game alone is not going to score the hotties. You’ll also get a feel for how you can occasionally punch above your weight if you keep approaching but if you want consistent results you must claw your way above the Attraction Threshold and stay there.

This is why high value guys can have zero game and still score hotties, while low-value PUAchodes can do thousands of sets and get nothing.


  1. Nice graphical example. Will be holding this in the back of my mind for the next few weeks. Right, time to find a nine who’s at the low point of a serious trough to impact on my graph 🙂

  2. Long time reader of your blog. I love posts like this. Realistically stating what the sexual market place is all about and what you can do to get more out of it.

    The skillset you have built yourself and documented is impressive and has to be one of the best resources on the Internet.

    At the moment I’v been relying on luck, looks and some calibrated escalation and of course being white in certain third world can give you a lot of leeway. Very little skill was involved.

    I’m in thailand right now and although the notch count has been high the quality on average has been lacking. I was hoping for an easy ride out here and I guess you get what you put in.

    I’m going to work my ass of on improving my own value and hopefully if I go back to the start of your journey I will be able to fill in the gaps of my game.

  3. Use Excel Nick you muppet! Much easier!!

    I like this though, very good. Nice one!

  4. Krauser, you’ve been on a roll lately bro. This has become a top ‘manosphere’ site for me

  5. Nice one man, it was a good idea to make the guy an average dude.

  6. is steve jabba really that good?

  7. Graph is “facetious” you say, but this is eerily similar to how my first year (just wrapping up) actually went. This blog has been a huge help for both the game tips and conceptualizing the value part of the equation.

  8. That graph was actually really interesting. Long time listener first time caller, PEACE

  9. Reading your blog, as I’m young and inexperienced and I like the detailed lay reports.

    But what makes me wonder is that nobody seems to even entertain a serious relationship, I want a family eventually. Most game blogs seem to be focused on banging yoga instructors/ballet dancers/nurses and others who might not be the smartest bunch and usually women who are submissive.

    This is great for the ego and if you only want to get laid, fair enough. But it’s pretty weak if you want a good mother to your children – who the fuck wants a half-witted submissive girl? Far from all girls are like that. Oh, and inb4 “don’t get children”; if you don’t want to have children just sterilze yourself and don’t bother me.

    Are you going to write more about serious relationships Krauser, or are you content with the submissive half-wits because they don’t threaten your ego?

    It’s probably hard for a self-described ‘alpha’ to be in a relationship with a woman who is his equal, intellectually and strong-willed. Not dominant nor submissive.

    This is the main problem with the game blogs. Even if many are written by quite old men they come across as horny teenagers unable to hold a serious relationship. I’d be hoping you would be different but alas, so far nothing.

    But if I remember correctly you were married once. Maybe the experienced tainted you for life. Maybe it made you jaded. [Help yourself to all the Strong Independent Women. I won’t be competing for them. K.]

    • Nick, you often talk about the civilization gene. What is a civilization if not a collection of people doing great things? There are geniuses among the crowd but those geniuses wouldn’t survive without a supporting network, people who paid for their tuition, health care and so on. And even more importantly, people who paved the way for them intellectually, professors and intellectual peers. How do you maximize the amount of geniuses? Well, you let them do what they want to do, you give them freedom. But you also need to make sure you maximize the chances of a civilization to have as many geniuses as possible. [Ok, I’ll address this point by point because I think you are basically well-intentioned but lack the self-awareness to see the Ego Traps you’ve fallen into. First thing, I’m not interested in socially engineering genuises. That’s a statist top-down mindset that simpl doesn’t work. Genuis is an emergent property when you leave people alone. If you really cared about improving the quality of the petri dish in which the bacteria of genuis can develop you’d start with tight border control and removing the welfare state. K.]

      Partly this is genes; make sure your genes stay as high quality as possible(this is why anti-miscegenation laws were put in place and why immigration was restricted).

      But even beyond that, you probably need somekind of eugenics programme.

      In short; you need high quality people to mate, and to mate at high rates. [High quality in women is their beauty and fertility. Men and women are complimentary not identical. Nature experiments on the male side. K.]

      And after that, you need their offspring to be nurtured intellectually and have involved parents so they don’t end getting fucked up. [Which is why a career-minded bolshy woman is the opposite of a good mother. K.]

      This is what greatness entails. No civilization-building was ever easy. It requires an enormous amount of discipline and self-sacrifice from a large number of people, working together. A civilization is a project by many. There will always be leaders, naturally, but in a highly-functioning civilization they work for the people, not for themselves. They are leading by self-sacrifice, not personal enrichment and cynicism – which is what we have today. I would even go as far as to say they’re actively destroying what we have, or what’s left of it. [Any political program that denies human self-interest will fail. See the USSR. K.]

      Of course this concerns me greatly. Of course I care. But do you care? [I do, but I shan’t throw myself under a bus for it. And of course your utopia is unworkable. Sounds great in your head but wold be hellish and broken in reality. K.]

      Nick, to put it as bluntly as possible: why the fuck would I want to have children with a weak/submissive idiot? That doesn’t give me great odds for my children even if my genes give some balance to hers. If I want a strong civilization, I want strong people to mate. I want strong children. Strong both morally, intellectually, physically and mentally. [You’ve swallowed the SIW programming. You see submission in a woman as weakness rather than a strong identification with the feminine. K.]

      The dedication that I have towards this goal is immensive.
      In short: I fucking care about the future survival of my people. Do you get it now, Nick? And how do I maximize the survival of my people, my family? By mating with weak idiots? [No, you’re in avoidance. You’ve been so invested in a goal you didn’t choose that you don’t have the dedication to get off that track and pursue something good for you. Your ego is leading you and now you’ve fired the arrow and painted a target around it. K.]

      Nick, again, do you get it now? Do you understand? Or do you still have trouble getting it? [Gamma rage because I’m banging hotter girls than you. This disrupts your ego-investment that you are special, so you must reframe it all so you are still better than me despite the real-world evidence that you aren’t. Gammas all do this, and they always end up moralising because its the only way to dismiss the success of their betters. Another ego trap. Just accept you aren’t as cool as you think you are and then improve. K.]

      Maybe I should spell it out: r- and K-selection evolutionary theory. One of them works for civilization, high investment, high performance. Think North European/East Asian.

      The other, lots of temporary flings, minimal involvement, is the African way.
      That produces lots of children. The children are low-quality and have uninvolved fathers. [More moralising designed to position you above. Excessive dependence on intellectualisations = gamma. K.]

      Maybe you recognize yourself, Nick?
      Please don’t pretend to care about Western civilization. You don’t. [All kinds of projection here. This shows you aren’t the slightest bit interested in “correcting” me for my own good. I’m just a foil for you to project your own insecurities onto so you can patch up your own reality. Quite a selfish motivation but you probably can’t see that. You’re the crusader for justice leading the world to a promised land… that just happens to be the land where you can get laid. K.]
      You’re not willing to put in the work needed, you’re not willing to mate with a strong spouse, because it scares you, have lots of children and lead by example. [Feminist shaming language. That red pill is sticking in your throat. It’s laughable to anyone reading this blog to accuse me of not putting in the work needed. and of course you don’t really know what high quality means in a woman. K.]
      All these things require self-sacrifice. It’s much easier to be selfish and bang idiots and half-wits who can’t challenge you intellectually. The path of least resistance. [Envy reframed as “high standards”. Ego trap. Women who won’t fuck you are idiots = sour grapes. K.]
      Pat yourself on the back, Nick. So alpha! So manly to be able to intellectually overwhelm a waitress! Wow! I’m impressed! Did you beat her at scrabble too? [The desperate cry of an incel. K.]

      People like you should be having lots of children – lots of high-quality children with high-quality women. You should be engaged in saving Western civilization. You should throw venom at defeatists and weaklings. That is alpha behaviour. [Redefining alpha in a self-serving way = not alpha. Telling everyone else they should do this and should do that = a wannabe commissar. K.]

      Instead you have few(if any?) children. You do not have any interest in more, the women you get involved with are overwhelmingly low-quality [You’d slit your best friend’s throat to fuck the women I do and every reader here knows that. It’s the problem with ego traps. I do believe you’ve reframed yourself into sincerely believing what you write, but everyone else can see right through you. K.]. And you yourself is engaged in defeatism. See here:

      How can you possibly have something to say of meaning to anyone who is looking for more than a one night stand or a short term fling? The latter is part of life, let’s not be hypocritical here, which is why I am reading this blog. But I read your opinions on civilizational decline and thought I had found someone worthy of reading on more than just banging girls.

      But you’re not. That’s the central tragedy of your character Nick. You are not. [Yes, it feels so tragic. After a threesome I’m inconsolable……. I’ve ripped into you for the benefit of my readership because you are a classic example of a gamma guy in full-on denial. However, for your benefit I’ll tell you this. You are currently motivated by two strong emotional drives (1) a desire to protect/create a greater world (2) envy that you aren’t getting laid. This is normal in the Anger/Bargaining stage of entering the manosphere. It’ll pass. You have to learn to either let go or start reading Dalrock in order to deal with (1). As for the latter you have to drop this idea that you are superior and the world owes you a favour, in the currency of hot women. You aren’t. Your SMV is far lower than what you think. Read up on gammas at Vox Day’s site. Accept reality and then put your mind towards rebuilding your SMV. You won’t get laid by trying to tear everyone else down. Learn to add value. K.]

      • I can’t speak for him, but if I were in Krauser’s position, I’d likely be more concerned with just getting laid with good-looking women that don’t give me frivolous bullshit to put up with. I wouldn’t bother with a relationship that I respect that my woman fails to respect. I wouldn’t be concerned with and don’t have any obligation to better a society that by and large has no interest in bettering itself.

        You care. Good for you. But this blog isn’t intended for a path more often futile, frustrating, and unlikely than fulfilling, as you desire, nor should it be pretended that one is somehow morally superior in their preference of mate or lifestyle.

      • David’s long comment illustrates that sometimes it’s better to subtract rather than add knowledge. I like the following quote by Nassim Taleb:

        “They think that intelligence is about noticing things that are relevant (detecting patterns); in a complex world, intelligence consists in ignoring things that are irrelevant (avoiding false patterns).”

        I now feel that forgetfulness, which a top-down civilisationist may perhaps call a symptom of poor IQ, can sometimes be a strength, since there’s so much noise and clutter in the world. I used to weakly hold some of David’s opinions, but I see clutter in gamma males now. [Good comment. K.]

        (I don’t claim that one should try to be forgetful)

      • What is “SIW”? I can’t find a definition.

        “There will always be leaders, naturally, but in a highly-functioning civilization they work for the people, not for themselves. They are leading by self-sacrifice, not personal enrichment and cynicism”

        @David: Name one civilization where that was the case, and provide some supporting evidence.

        I really hope he doesn’t cite Winston Churchill, a likely psychopath who, despite the public mythologizing, worked hard to engineer both world wars, instigated the doctrine of total war and incineration of cities, sent countless soviet prisoners to certain death, and helped the USSR occupy half of Europe.

  10. this sounds eerily familiar to my first year of effort/results after getting into game. Looking forward to the year 2 & 3 continuum charts to gauge calibration.

  11. Just finished your entire archive. I thought I knew you, but I really didn’t. So many holes were filled in by reading all of your posts. Much respect for what you’ve been through and what you’ve learned — and selflessly shared with the rest of us. [Thanks pal. I leave it all online to give people an idea of how my path went. Everyone will be different but it helps give a benchmark. K.]

    • Not reading your whole archive is like looking at a stereogram picture and not seeing the hidden picture right in front of one’s nose.
      I hadn’t known:
      1. You were married
      2. You got beta-lazy and she feminized
      3. You boxed.
      4. You were into the Austrian economic camp.
      5. Your views on the decline of the Western societies.
      6. You had value and some game before you jumped into game.

      All good stuff to know.

  12. Great article and a good complement to Steve Jabba’s recent post on sorting your fundamentals. When you write “high value guys can have zero game and still score hotties” do you mean celebrities, athletes, royalty, etc.? I don’t have any insider knowledge on this, but I assume that while high value/no game guys certainly have access to beautiful women, ultimately their lack of game means the women don’t stay around long or just stay for the status and wealth. It seems like even the highest status guys without much game would have to learn some to avoid the pitfalls and to have satisfying relationships. [I mean high value broadly construed. If you are confident / good lucking / fun / got your shit together then you’ll get some hot women even if you have no idea about game. You’ll always punch below your weight, though. K.]

  13. Also known as LEAGUES. Game will only take you so far. It’s just one piece of the puzzle. The harder way – becoming a higher value man – is also the more rewarding one. Of course everyone wants shortcuts (which don’t exist beyond the occasional random lay as you point out) and so Game gets a disproportionate amount of attention.

  14. Great post K! As a noob I am still confused about the concept of “value”, and how does one rise to become a higher value male. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  16. Great post, very useful visualization. I’ve started reading your day game book now. I’m realizing that it is actually harder to improve value than to improve game. Still, good to know that you can still occasionally punch above your weight with improving game only. The “it’s a numbers game” principle is perhaps the greatest realization in game.

  17. This post is insightful, but… a large proportion of guys don’t have the blue line of game just a little below their inherent value as in your illustration, but at virtually *zero*. These are the involuntary celibates of the Western world. For these men, and for men who do have sex but very rarely, game in and of itself is immensely valuable.

    Again, many many men don’t have sex with any woman and not because their standards aren’t lowered enough but because they do not know how to attract and bang even ugly and morbidly obese chicks.

  18. Yeah this graph is basically correct, it’s just that pick up graphs always look terrible, even if prefaced with a blurb saying it is not to be taken too literally.

    The rest of you blog is a demonstration of what you are saying via real life examples… which is good work. It’s just a shame you took down some of the pictures and videos that provided irrefutable proof (it’s always nice to see someone sticking it to the naysayers). I imagine you must have had too many issues with haters trying to track down the girls in them and stir up trouble.

    • He has a network of trust (i.e., associates who vouch for his authenticity) who have seen the videos and who have seen his results in the field. Having established such a network of trust, which is visible to newcomers, he doesn’t need to keep the videos up to maintain his credibility.

      Now for an “antisocial,” solo type such as myself, I’m going to have to create some videos, and (it grates to admit) some associates, to get out of the just-some-dickhead-on-the-internet credibility space.

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