Reeling in a difficult princess

May 26, 2013

I don’t normally bother with princesses. They aren’t any hotter than sweet feminine girls but bring all kinds of trouble. Type 2 (high beauty/low self esteem) just isn’t a combination I care for. Nonetheless while out on Oxford Street a month ago I happened to open an incredibly leggy Baltic blonde. She has a catwalk figure, long flowing hair like Storm on X Men and is an all-round trophy catch. So naturally I’d rather fuck her than not.

Imagine this towering over you

Imagine this towering over you

Easier said than done. A girl like this has chodes hanging off her. Rich chodes, good looking chodes, hunk chodes, trader chodes…. the lot. Just two days ago she had to return an expensive necklace to a co-worker chode who didn’t realise he was LJBFd. I’ve had a few Facebook chats with her but she doesn’t invest much and is flightly about the Day 2. Psychologically it’s easy to figure out her crude strategy (Type 2 girls are never as smart as they think they are). She wants to get me jumping through hoops, begging, chasing etc so she can milk me for validation and then move onto the next chode.

So she finally agrees to meet me on Saturday lunchtime. We are supposed to arrange time and place on Friday. Naturally that’s precisely the time she chooses to be offline. A trap. Here’s an unedited transcript of what followed. It went on a good while longer but I got tired of taking the screen grabs.

Baltic 1

1. This is where I was opening the conversation in which we agree a time and place. She doesn’t reply until 8pm the next day – princess behaviour and unacceptable. Obviously its a test to get me chasing.

2. Bullshit excuse, so I’m unreactive but slightly dismissive.

3. She’s expecting me to be asking why she didn’t respond, and perhaps get whiny. So I just accuse her of stupid shit like I don’t care. My profile photo happens to be a funny dog.

4. She’s really keen to find out if her stupid gameplaying worked. Type 2 girls aren’t smart. Anyone can play games when all you have to do on your side is be obstructive.

Baltic 2

5. Snip and stack with nonsense. She’s expecting me to try to reschedule the date.

6. And definitely not expecting a push-back telling her she’s wrong about something but as we all know women are intrigued by defiant men.

7. She’s realising I don’t give a shit about her antics and the lack of a date.

Baltic 3

8. A pretty obvious preselection DHV that communicates “other women like me, you aren’t important”. It was true, too. None of this chat is a lie.

9. Deliberately answering the wrong question. Be pointlessly difficult at times, just for the sake of throwing up a barrier.

10. Implicit qualification by showing I have standards in women. She’s biting now.

Baltic 4

11. Her solipsism makes her incapable of reading comprehension. It’s a shit test. She’s interested.

12. She’s long-legged with a flat stomach and small breasts. So I’m having a bit of a dig at her here. She loves it.

Baltic 5

13. IOI followed by immediate shit test. She’s enjoying this and hooking stronger.

14. So I slap her down harder. She’s not used to being pushed against like this. Every push creates attraction but too much push loses them entirely. It’s a calibration exercise.

Baltic 6

15. This is standard female bullshit that she’s used to spewing onto men and they agree with it all lest they upset her. So obviously I stand up to it.

16. Women like to be called on their bullshit. They know it’s bullshit.

Baltic 7

17. So she starts qualifying before she remembers she’s supposed to be a princess chased by all suitors so tries a lame preselection projection.

18. Don’t rise to the bait. There’s actually two pieces of beta bait in this. Firstly, don’t fall into the frame and compliment her on her beauty and validate the “every guy chases me” reality. Second, don’t get reactive and start trying to denigrate these imaginary men – that’s qualifying yourself.

19. Put her into a box she doesn’t like being in. Make her qualify her way out of it.

Baltic 8

20. And predictably she qualifies her way out. She likes me now. Its far from a done deal but she knows I’m no chump.

21. More of me challenging and her qualifying. She’s starting to show more attractive qualities now. Note how at no point in this chat have I complimented her. I’ve been borderline hostile throughout, but balanced so as not to be rude.

Baltic 9

22. After so much push (necessary after her bad behaviour and crude shit tests) I have to do some pull and move into more authentic communication. This isn’t a vile American cunt – she requires some pull.

Baltic 10

23. She wants me to like her, and to be impressed by her.

Baltic 11

24. But I might as well be pushy. I’m not gonna hide my dick from this woman. After her messing me about she has to know exactly what she’s getting should we have another date. I’ll be escalating her from the beginning.

25. Brush aside her objection and keep going. She pauses a while then IOIs. She wants a strong man. She’s six feet tall so she’s used to everyone just falling over in front of her.

Baltic 12

26. I’m basically rewarding her here while also setting up a nice frame for later. She comes back with an IOI. Now she is tamed and takes me seriously as a man. It’s still a long way from fucking her but I’m a nowhere near the chump heap.


  1. I admire your game, but seriously, this bitch would be perfect for caveman game:

    1) Hit her over the head.
    2) ???
    3) Profit

    Sidesteps all the verbal swordplay, and in less time.

  2. It’s fascinating to see that her reactions can be calibrated at each and every step with proper game and structures.

    • If I remember right mate, your quite strict with women yourself right? and necessarily so in my opinion. I recall a message you wrote a short while back.

      • Yes. Krauser writes about soft-dominance, a concept I’d like to see more about. I’m now dealing with the issue of a girl I’ve been seeing saying I’m too selfish, only care for myself etc etc. I’m getting better but still a lot to learn.

    • Very mystery method-esque

  3. Thanks; this is really good training material for game. It’s fun to go through and ask myself at each step if I would have known how to respond as effectively.

  4. 18 was your trump card. Smooth.

  5. You may enjoy telling us these tales and that’s great, but just the same, you really are offering valuable education materials for us readers, so thanks a lot.

  6. This seems like a lot of effort. But I understand its value simply as an exercise in calibration, escalation, vibe, and presence.

    I generally screen out women like this, but perhaps I need to keep a few in the pipeline simply for this sort of sparring.

  7. I have to agree with Krauser,
    Dealing with girls like this is a pain and don’t get any better, even after you give them a good seeing to.

    That’s why it’s imperative to establish your strong frame and dominance at the start of each interaction so as to set a precedence on what sort of guy a girl’s dealing with.

    Here’s one I had just half an hour ago:

    It was with a girl I met at Salsa a few days ago and tried to give me shit by initially objecting my offer to dance with a bs excuse.

    Its interesting but lately, i’ve been getting completely turned off the minute a girl shows even an ounce of shit testing.

    • Hi Onder, what do you do if a girl straight out refuses to dance with you, but a minute later is dancing with another man? Or haven’t you encountered such a situation?

  8. I love the psychology aspect of game, and I like how keen you are on identifying what she’s doing and acting accordingly. Very mystery method-esque. The right attitude and mindset is crucial to game, but having a silver tongue (knowing what to say and when) takes your game even further. You especially need to say the right thing with online game since voice tonality, body language, etc, cannot be judged and felt by the woman.

    Anyway, I learned a lot from your conversation and side analysis. Great post.

  9. So I open this princess on the streets of Budapest the other day. Get into a bit of banter and noted that she is dressed rather in-congruently (evening wear in the daytime). I suggested that she had just come from an interview or a police line up.

    “No. I’m a model. I just come from casting”. (sic)

    Can I have an honorary knighthood for -somehow- resisting the burning temptation to respond with….

    ….”Pierre Woodman??”

    On a serious note, I find the problem with the ‘princess’ type is that you can do all the right things but there is a time decay with them which makes things a lot harder. It is accelerated thanks to their low attention span and the endless beta orbiters who will validate their ‘strategy’ for them. You are spot on that they are never as smart as they think they are because, they spend most of their lives with a revolving collection of idiots, white knights, GBFs and jealous friends hanging onto and agreeing with their every word.

    With this kind of situation, have you thought about the flipping the script with her by finessing her (neg’ing, going a bit aloof etc) into a situation whereby you can deliver a LJBF’esque line to her first? I’ve found this to be a very effective tactic.

  10. “This isn’t a vile American cunt – she requires some pull.”

    So you’ve had some experience with Americunts?

    I’m struck by how this woman, despite being a princess type, still comes off as nicer and more modest than 90% of my countrywomen.

  11. “Anyone can play games when all you have to do on your side is be obstructive”
    Essex girls have a reputation for this,best Krauser statement I’ve seen.

    • Yeah, it’s a great perspective, and true. Women get a lot of credit for having better social skills and intuition than men. And they often do, at least versus beta males, but in male-female interactions the case is exactly the way Krauser described. Men have to do the real work. Men with the most sexual partners are the best at reading people’s emotional states with good reason, we need to be able to do it to fuck the women that we want to fuck.

  12. Fantastic breakdown. Holy High-Maintenance, Batman!

  13. This woman does not realize what a favor you’re doing for her, really. You’re being incredibly honest without sacrificing masculinity. You’re giving her an authentic glimpse of reality from a male’s perspective that most men avoid in their communication with women. Commendable.

  14. Really gotta learn how to adopt this frame but it’s more than that: it’s a recognition of what’s going on within an interaction which helps. In business school we did case studies. I suggest next book on beta-alpha transformation with a heavy section on frame & multiple case studies like this and a bunch of tests at the end. I bought your daygame book and I know one would be good

  15. great breakdown, thanks lad. Constantly learning

  16. so useful and insightful. to me, it was key that he didn’t mention the date at the beginning. it would have come off as needy.

  17. Just having a similar conversation with a chick, referring to my notes here. Lol.

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