What is the red pill?

May 29, 2013

It’s been all change in 2013 for the manosphere. Roosh has built Return Of Kings and appeared on national TV around Europe. Reddit has a burgeoning The Red Pill subreddit, Roissy continues to attract massive traffic. Like the UFC in 2005 was on the verge of mainstream and just needed the Bonnar-Griffin fight to tip it over the edge, the manosphere is poised waiting for that unpredictable conflux of events that send it viral. When it happens you can expect a seismic shift in society. Like Japan’s upcoming currency crisis or the collapse of the EUSSR Brussels overlords, we can’t predict which beat of a butterfly’s wings will set off the chain of events.

On my side, I’ve noticed my blog traffic double in the past year despite me almost willfully trying not to grow it.

So there’s alot of noobs out there with a newly-digested red pill sitting in their gut. Some are trying to cough it back up. Some have overdosed. Some are just confused. To extend the metaphor, some have been sold a faulty pill by a dodgy dealer. If you spend a few months reading the manosphere you’ll learn to figure out who is right and who is full of shit. It’s still the Wild West – an incredibly open and outspoken corner of the internet where men don’t fear the reaper.

A year ago I tried to distill all my red pill / Game knowledge into a one hour video interview. It’s the single best and most accessible introduction I’ve produced. I talk about my personal journey, sociological changes and how they affect men, what Game is and how to get it etc. Watch this and everything will fall into place.

* Thanks to Brian and Nic for being such perfect foils to get the content out.



  1. I owe this video my life – literally. Thanks Nick.

  2. Why would any of us want to make the “Red Pill” a generic drug open to the masses? I jus’t don’t see the advantages on doing that, maybe profit or fame. Or selfless desire to expand the knowledge and cure the sick masses of the world. Maybe all of them, like in big pharma. (What happens when you use so extensively an antibiotic?)

    This is exclusively an anglo phenomenon and maybe also in Spain and Mexico, but in other spanish-talking countries, today all the “red pill-themes” remain the taboo it was still in 2005 (v.gr. The reaction of some journalists against Roosh’s Bang Colombia or the pseudo deportation of Collin Post).

    • “Why would any of us want to make the “Red Pill” a generic drug open to the masses? I jus’t don’t see the advantages on doing that, maybe profit or fame. Or selfless desire to expand the knowledge and cure the sick masses of the world.”

      yes, the last reason, “selfless desire to expand the knowledge and cure the sick masses”. i suffered for decades being a real beta loser, confused, horny, lonely, scared, a pushover, the prototypical nice guy, always trying to please girls and never wanting to offend them, and never getting laid. i wouldn’t wish that pathetic fate on any man.

      i was lucky to discover roissy, roosh, yohami, krauser, etc etc., and i feel it is my duty to share this knowledge. a real man is generous. i had real men help me, and i want to help other men become men too.

  3. By the way, what does poon translate to in spanish?

  4. Watched this interview after having read a lot of this blog and I agree, good intro.

    Most useful tips I took from it so far were: Mark Manson’s “Models” book, one of more mature resources along with his http://postmasculine.com site and The Rawness reader letters series http://therawness.com/reader-letters-1-resources/

    Incidentally a lot of the useful stuff for me is just good psychology that applies to both men and women.

    • Models, reader letters, and reading about dominance and sex polarization on this blog did more for me than years of PUA nonsense. I became a happy person, proud of my masculinity, and willing to face a lot of rejection. I started getting a lot of notches very quickly.

      The video interview really is an excellent intro to this blog. It should be on the homepage.

  5. This interview actually gave me the red pill. After that I stumbled upon Rawness, Heartiste etc. and for almost a week I seriously couldn’t sleep because my mind was rewiring everything I had learned about myself(Rawness + other psychology) and about women(heartiste).


  6. the manosphere is poised waiting for that unpredictable conflux of events that send it viral

    I think a traditional publisher is going to pick up a book, or old-line reviewers are going to start reviewing Red Pill books on their own.

  7. it’s been referenced in various movies and some tv shows. Don Draper oozes it. What I enjoy most about your blog is the way it’s constructed as a real-time journey. I read back on some off your early posts and then your latest ones and see a very distinct change…one I’m trying to make in myself.

    At the start there is a certain element of trial and error, elements of uncertainty, then there’s a shift. You start to gain your legs and then it’s bullseye after bullseye.

    I’m finding your explanations intriguinging. When I try out the concepts I’m surprised at the similar reactions.

    Calibration is key. Sometimes I’ll try an idea or concept and the reaction is not positive. I assess it and at times it’s because i missed a step, not enough comfort, let doubt creep in and undermine my inner game.


    • Hello mate, I think this reply was to me, didn’t see it earlier ” Yes. Krauser writes about soft-dominance, a concept I’d like to see more about. I’m now dealing with the issue of a girl I’ve been seeing saying I’m too selfish, only care for myself etc etc. I’m getting better but still a lot to learn.” I don’t agree that thats too Mystery Method.

      I’d assume she’s saying selfish, that as you don’t comply too much with her demands.

      Are you more of a day approach man?

      I’m currently meeting up with a girl who claims to be a virgin, which i’ve been pushing the envelope with, ideally dating been going on too,long but she’s a nice girl so…

      Your thought track reminds me of an old mate of mine, who used to be pretty strict with women, he didnt have many sexual interactions as far as i’m aware but don’t think he was too fussed either, he sure made them toe the line with the girls he did meet. I learned a bit of him actually. As far as I know he was quite honest with them, but could have gone further, I guess had there been more confidence. Thinking youve pushed yourself more than he did lol.

      • @Ben. Yes, the selfish part is more about control and compliance, she wants it, but also wants to submit. There’s an internal conflict.

        I use various approaches: online, sometimes day—bus, ferry, or in lines at coffee shops or at parties. Don’t go to bars much.

        I’ve been reading a lot about “balance”. I had an interesting interaction with the “you’re selfish” girl. I sent her an agree & amplify dismissive text Monday.

        Then radio silence for a week.

        Last night, she shows up at a party she knew i would be at. She followed me around and motioned to come dance.

        Since she had put herself out, I gamed her. This was more of an attempt to build comfort.

        So no talk of our previous battles, just comfort, teasing, eye-fucking, the kind of stuff you do to anchor a girl’s emotions to past good feelings of being together.

        I suggested drinks, she had to work. I said “ok”, didn’t say goodbye.

        Later I sent her a non-sequitor text and she responded. Left it there. Meantime I made sure I worked the room, talked to other girls, looked like I didn’t care.

        Two things I practiced: inner game/state control: i was totally outcome independent.

        Second, kept my own talk and chat with the target girl to a minimum to avoid saying anything needy or beta.

        It is true though. Women are hypergamous. I hadn’t seen her for 2 weeks and the last interactions were all highly emotional and she was angry. But she made the effort to be where I was, so that is worthy of some type of reward. What’s the reward? My attention.

    • Wala

      How did it go in the end with that girl mate?

      Sounds to me like you were prepared for the make or break and not too fussed about losing touch with this girl. Have things gone better after that party?

      • @Ben…We met up. She dressed up in a clear attempt to demonstrate she was trying…we went for cocktails. She whinged about being pissed off about something. I listened, laughed, imitated her, then changed the subject to something else.

        I get the shit tests all the time and I just don’t let them faze me.

        Adopting the “Abundance” mentality—thinking that you have more girls than you may in fact have helps to boost the value and way in which girls perceive you.

      • Do you get shit tests just from this girl in particular or do you mean in bars/pubs aswell?
        Sometimes imo pub interactions can be harder than street approaches
        Haha yeah the fact she moans means she cares,and you just as my mate used to say “let em get on with it”

  8. I’ve been meaning to ask you. In this day and age, how do you be the man who avoids political assassination while still speaking his mind and not becoming pussified?

  9. There will be little benefit to the manosphere going mainstream besides stroking the egos of existing bloggers. It will be thrust onto a population that is not ready for the red pill. We will be misunderstood, and our ideas will be distorted. It will be a game of quotes taken out of context. They will make me the most famous “rapist” in the world.

    The more preferred scenario is that the media will give attention to the “safe” manosphere bloggers. In other words, the women. Let them get the attention while we continue our slow and steady march to truth and masculinity.

    • Roosh, remember that as Roissy did a post on, it only takes 10% of a population to induce substantial change in the totality of that population. In other words, if you have a select chunk of men who “buy in” they will influence the rest of the follower sheep and the whole way men are viewed will subtly change.

      I agree with you that the Elite media specializes in sanitizing, semantics, and playing word games with talking points. I really believe they get away with this because there is no one savvy enough to fight fire with fire with these New York/ Washington jokers living in a bubble.

      Like him or hate him, Roger Ailes is a good example of a role model for how to throw talking points right back at liberal myth makers. He understands propaganda and the masses. But Ailes is also a huge Truth Thrower. It was Roger Ailes who brought back the attractive blonde in the mini-skirt on newscasts, and the politically-incorrect man (see Limbaugh, who he groomed, and O’Reilly , and in a different vein, the morning guys on Fox and Friends who are real guys with wit and tough questions). In other words, Roger Ailes has pushed a “Man’s Man” sensibility against a huge amount of enemies in the Mainstream Media for YEARS. – and this guy, smartly, adroitly, continues to kick their ass while pushing his own unique agenda onto the masses.

    • Agree with Roosh. When I talk about game to guys they very often stare at me like I’ve just told them Santa Clause is a guy in a red suit with a pillow in his jacket.

      They’ve been so conditioned into being “gentlemen”—giving in to women’s shit tests, accepting the “yes dear” paradigm that the manosphere is seen as the Tea Party of male-female sexual dynamics.

      It’s ironic to even consider that being a man something that needs to go mainstream…is that how far gone society has wandered?

  10. What a great summary of the red pill! I am also fasinated about choosing your own identity and designing your own lifestyle. Looking forward to hearing more and reading your new blog.
    Thank you very much,

  11. As much as I would like for the manosphere to become accepted in society, I have to agree with Roosh. The feminine imperative is far too mature and heavily engrained in modern society for it to be taken at all seriously.
    People will simply misconstrue all of it as a form of misogyny and sexism.

    Either way, I’m not too fussed. If anything, it leaves little competition for us guys who are reaping the rewards.

    Imagine if the manosphere did become mainstream. It would simply become too competitive for us guys to bag a hot girl and will simply depend on your ‘true value’ versus how good your game is.

    Game is simply a glitch in the matrix and an arbitrage opportunity.

    An awesome arbitrage opportunity but it won’t last for very long. I would say another 10/20 years at most.

    Strike while the iron is hot fellas.

    • Couldn’t agree more mate!

    • I think the manosphere is mature enough to where the men who want to improve and inform themselves will find it. It’ll never be “mainstream” as long as the feminine imperative dominates. I’ve offered the “red pill” to friends by talking to them about my successes and sending them links, but as far as I can tell none of them have started the process of transformation. I’m not worried about more than a small fraction of men ever becoming serious day/night gamers. Even if you have all the information in the world, you still need courage to act. It’s interesting though to think about teenagers learning about hypergamy and the sexual marketplace, alongside the basics of human bio. We’d be living in a much more sane society. When Rollo Tomassi writes his book, I’ll be sure to use it as a textbook to teach my kids one day.

    • The “red pill” going mainstream would almost be to repeal the last couple of centuries in the west. That is, political decisions would be made entirely by men, and the rights of women in civil and property law would be intermediate between those of men and children (and closer to the latter). Duelling, and trial by combat, would once again resume their traditional place in society (duelling amongst the middle and upper classes, fisticuffs amongst the working class, and bloody melees amongst the underclass). Good stuff!

      But there would be little scope for game in such a world, since women would be apportioned by arranged marriage. Or perhaps rival suitors would be given the opportunity to fight to the death. Good stuff, too.

  12. Nick I’ve watched this interview 4 times since Sept 2012 and taken notes.

    To newbs, I advise to listen carefully. Like all of Krauser ( an INTJ Mastermind temperament according to Myers-Briggs)
    The statements appear to be simple or obvious, but there is great profundity.

    You will “get” at a Macro level both what is really going on as a Man in today’s world, AND a solid course of action to get there.

    Krauser I am still interested in what you’d advise a Red Pill man who gets married. You say in interview you havent ruled it out. Should the Red Pill man basically insist on his wife looking the other way so he can pursue his natural biological urge for variety, while staying committed to her?

    Also, is ” white picket fence credibility ” really a hopeless dream for a Red Pill man with kids? Or can he get a form of it by high value masculine mastery and wise marketability of himself? Or, even, some version of Apex Alpha winner take all talent? Krauser I’d bet there is a good portion of manosphere guys with these potentials, including yourself

    What is the new synthesis, the new paradigm?

  13. BrianC is the best guy to send forth to the mainstream media. I think we should push him forward. He already has a tv show where he sneaks in quite a bit of the red pill.



    The redpillhypothesis blog is new and is an attempt to go through all the red pill concepts and explain them in a way that is clear, not needlessly offensive and almost academic. THat way we can send new people there to not loose them without good reason. Then they will take the rest of the sphere much better.

  14. Just here to congrats, found this blog like 2 weeks ago and it’s more like a flash of lucidity every time i read something on it (same with heartiste)


  15. I subscribe to London Real so I watched this when it first came out a year ago and have watched it about 30 times since there’s just so much good stuff to take from it.

    Nick you should do weekly Vblogs about Red Pill ideas that are on your mind, I enjoy the articles but you can’t beat a good Vblog of interview like the London Real one as you can just get more across in a video?

  16. Nick

    2 Curious questions, what’s your opinion of a guy like Russell Brand who is quite frankly less masculine looking/acting than, well.. you I suppose, and where does that fit with your male observations? [He’s a ladies man, not a man’s man. Well played to him, I respect what he’s acheived. But I wouldn’t want to be him. K.]

    With all of the ideas and brutal realities, is there any ever danger of you over complicating ideas when in an interaction with a female in convo and your own mind etc, judging by results id guess not but hey why not ask!

  17. This video is great, and something that more manosphere authors should consider doing if we want to move the conversation along.

    Q#1) Krauser, if you could go back in time, with the relationship skills you have now (obvious hypothetical paradox, I know), would you have stayed in your LTR? [No. Abundance ruins you until you reach your magic number. K.]

    Q#2) What kind of tipping point would have to happen for the manosphere to go legitimately mainstream? Widespread unemployment? Massive governmental collapse? Collapse of the banks? The situation in Spain is pretty dire, from what my Spanish friend told me via skype the other day. Just how bad would it have to get for the mainstream to consider a radical ideology such as the manosphere promotes? [It won’t be economic. It will be young people growing up watching what happened to their dad / uncle / neighbour / older brother and also being given the vocabulary to understand it. K.]

    I’m 26, and really like the idea you suggest of consciously constructing your identity after having decoded the matrix.

  18. Roosh might be right that it’s too early.

    But …. with every passing year the Blue Pill world becomes ever more disfunctionnal. If you know what western schools look like nowadays and how they massively fail oppress boys, you have no doubt the next generation will be very receptive for the Red Pill. In fact I believe their ideas and actions will go much further than most of us can imagine; we will often feel uncomfortable with what they will say and do. They will not just want to improve their lives, they will not be happy with correcting the wrongs: they will seek revenge.

  19. Always good to see videos of manosphere thinking. The 2 other guys to me seem a bit blue pill? The guy with the goatee particularly. When he started talking about “cockfighting in the boardroom” being counter productive, and adding women to it improves things I smelled Cathedral brainwashing. Control the narrative control the people. Hold the frame rule the game.

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  21. This is one of the best videos on game I’ve ever seen. Great stuff man.

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  23. This was a great video and I learned quite a bit from it. It’s why I visit the blogs of Krauser, Rollo, Dalrock, CH, etc. Often they’re able to articulate and manifest the ideas I’ve been bouncing around in my head but haven’t been able to express. Good stuff.

  24. Hi, I was quite tantalized by the portion of the interview where K described the “quality ceiling” he was hitting which led to the new focus in his life. Unfortunately K did not really get a chance to expand on this and the discussion moved on. Does anyone know more about this or has K written about this elsewhere? Great video, many thanks.

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