I announce to all that I am unplugging from the matrix

March 16, 2010

 “Intermediate Game is worth $2 million in the bank.”

I have begun a process of re-ordering my affairs so I can live the life that makes me happy, rather than the one that society expects of me. There is only one person in the whole of this world who has my personal wellbeing as their single over-riding objective. That’s me.


Over the past ten years I’ve been willing to take ballsy decisions to live how I want. I studied a degree I liked purely because I liked it then gutted out my professional qualification period in London before quitting on the first available day to live on a tropical island for a year. I spent three years doing an essentially part-time job so I could enjoy living in Tokyo and pursue my kickboxing and writing. Life was good back then. Liberated, satisfied, always cheerful. Only when I became serious about marriage did I plug back into the matrix: full time career, accumulate savings, be respectable.

I bought into the picket-fence image of respectability. I really wanted a good wife, a nice house, clean linen, two kids, and to be a pillar of the community. I really did. No more. I simply don’t want that – it was a trained response inculcated into me over thirty years of socialisation. Feminism destroyed it.

This is what I want. It’s the Krauser Manifesto.

  1. My free time is my own. I want as much of it as possible.
  2. My money is my own. No person or organisation has any claim to it.
  3. I will pursue those things that interest me, and those alone.
  4. I will allow no-one to bleed value from me.
  5. I will feel pride in living the manifesto. No person can shame me for it.

So what does this mean? How can it be operationally defined? This is what I plan to do as I make my first leap:

Starve the beast

I will reduce my work week from five days / 45 hours to three days / 24 hours. This gives me four days a week to live my life. Time is my most precious resource and I’ll never be granted more than this one life. I’ve calculated I need to work about 1.5 days to cover my bills as they currently stand, another half day to buy beer and entertainment. The third day is to continue to accrue savings. We are truly a blessed cohort of human history that beta male civilisation has engineered so much capital accumulation that three days of moderate labour provides for all material needs.

An added benefit of my partial-John Galt is to minimise my financial support to the state complex that lives parasitically from the value I create, the femo-marxist beast that steals what I earned with the sweat from my brow and funnels it to a horde of mooching and looting enemies – the public sector layabouts, Diversity Outreach Coordinators, civil servants, welfare queens etc.

As a strong, resourceful, self-concerned man I don’t need much money. I’d live in a tent if I could keep the Playstation 3 dry. Modern society has become a sophisticated mechanism for putting straight white men to work and then transferring the wealth they create to everyone else who is not straight white and male. I’m withdrawing as much of that economic surplus as I can without compromising my own quality of life. It’s going Galt – one step at a time.

Against Cultural Marxism

The carrot and stick that keeps law-abiding tax-paying men in line cannot control me. I do not want a promotion. I do not want a Ferrari. I do not want membership to an exclusive golf club.

I do not seek the approval of my neighbours, nor the quasi-approval of the opinion leaders in the media. I am deaf to the shaming of the office feminists and unmoved by the veiled contempt of the manginas who worship them. While I remain fervently pro-capitalist, I do not care to accumulate the accoutrements of a consumer society except where they please me.

I will submit to only those negative sanctions to which society will not permit me to escape. Thus I’ll still have to pay taxes, I’ll still have to turn up to work at 9am, and I’ll still refrain from kicking feminists in the cunt when there are witnesses around. What I will not do is cooperate in society’s soft oppression because I refuse to weave the ropes that bind me.

 What does this mean in my day to day life?

  • I don’t fear unemployment and thus the ultimate threat a company can hold over me. Through a careful understanding of global economics and a sound frugal lifestyle, I have amassed sufficient cash that I can easily live the next ten years without earning a penny more. It’s not an extravagant sum but I have no extravagant tastes. My boss holds no sway over me – there is no mortgage payment to meet, no wife to keep. Thus I will work the way I want as a free individual. I think my professional standards are high enough to keep the boss happy, but if not we simply go our separate ways.
  • No work stress. I don’t identify with my job. An unreasonable deadline will not be met. An unreasonably early business flight will not be caught. Office politics will pass me by. I seek to impress no-one but my inner alpha.
  • I’ll confront misandry and cultural Marxism everywhere I find it. If some femtard in the bar / café / office pulls out an offensively misandrist comment I’ll identify it as such and challenge them. The pussy cartel doesn’t scare me and their typical levers of power don’t move me.
  • I won’t be frittering away my cash on nonsense and status goods. Initially I’ll have to downshift to keep costs down but I’ll soon learn where to pick up value.

Oh yeah, I’m going to actively seek out feminists and ruin their day. These people are the enemy of all I hold dear about Western civilisation and a personal enemy to me. I feel liberated from all social censure. The only limits on my behaviour are those that I set myself, to live by my own code.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not an egoist. I do not wish to become a cunt. Quite the opposite – I seek to strip away the rotten façade of social nicety that one must adopt to glide smoothly through the matrix. I seek authenticity.

This is how I envision my life five years from now

This is still a work in progress. Not all my ducks are in a row and I might need to rejig things. Not everything has been agreed. Here’s the current plan:

Monday to Wednesday: Go to work, earn my keep, maintain marketable job skills.

Thursday: A day of leisure. Sleep late, then pursue my hobbies with no guilt and no urge to move my life forwards

Friday: Attend to my side businesses, move forwards in my projects and life goals.

Saturday: Social circle, shopping, chilling.

Sunday: Dating the LTR, keep the approach numbers up.

Most people walk the treadmill till they’re sixty then wonder where their life went. I initially planned to retire by forty. Now I don’t even need the concept of retirement because my whole life will be tailored to my own personal satisfaction.

Wish me luck fellas.


  1. Krauser, if you don’t mind me asking, what job/field of work do you do?

  2. “Oh yeah, I’m going to actively seek out feminists and ruin their day.”

    I am eternally grateful to you for this.

  3. 3. Krauser,

    I totally agree with your manifesto. I’ve been trying to live my life the same way ever since my divorce. I completely gave up on doing what society expects of me.

    I especially like the part about seeking out feminists to ruin their day. I’m doing the same thing. After all the money I lost in the divorce, they have personally hurt my life so I figure I should return the favor.

  4. LTR just once a week? She should help you unwind on the busy days.

  5. This manifesto brings it all together.

    It shows , intentionally or not, that the purpose of Game is freedom. To get the women you want. To live the life you want with no fear, without excusing yourself as a beta. To do what you want with your money (wich is becoming harder and harder). You wrote why : a socialist society due in good part to feminism being a herd, a pack, a sheep doctrine based on levelling down.

  6. Bravo Krauser! I too have been working somewhat to achieve the same financial and personal freedom. Of course, being that I’m married, I’m in a little different sitution…but I got my wife fully on board with it now. Financial independence, jettisoning a consumerist, materialistic mindset, living simply, and striving to be debt free. I’m still actively working to get off the grid. I’m about 75% there already.

    Good luck!

  7. *applause*

  8. “I’d live in a tent if I could keep the Playstation 3 dry”, quote of the year!

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  10. Inspiring post, I wish you luck. Apparently you’re not going to have kids? This is exactly what the Anti-White machine wants. They want to alienate the White men much as possible so they lack the motivation to have kids. The end goal is to reduce the numbers of White people.

  11. I live a version of your manifesto and consider it the only rational way to live one’s life. I consider the conventional life pattern to be irrational.

  12. Not everything’s a conspiracy against white people. You guys make it seem like every non white person just sits around all day. Aren’t people of Indian decent the most successful in England and Jews in America (meaning they create wealth and pay a large amount of taxes into the machine)? Didn’t Britain gain a large portion of its historical wealth off the backs of Indians and America off the backs of Blacks?

    I like the ideas the manosphere but it will never me taken seriously if you keep espousing the bullshit idea that white men are the only people to ever contribute anything and everyones out to get them.

  13. May the Power be with you !
    I’ve gone thru same similar path in life and reached the same conclusions – it makes my heart happy knowing there are others like me ; on the path of self fulfillment regardless of anyone’s beliefs of thoughts.
    My Manifesto is also quite simple “if you don’t give a fuck, you’ll Fuck. But if you give a fuck you’ll be Fucked” – the meaning is society/females/friends..

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  15. I really like this blog for many reasons and I am a long time reader. But this post (and a few others which mention feminism) I find jarring in a quite confusing way. It’s surprising because so much of what you write on intellectual subjects seems well reasoned, considered and rational even if I don’t agree 100% of the time.

    While I completely admire your rejection of the pointless, endless onanism of consumerism, and your wanting to take complete control of your own life, your extreme hatred and rejection of feminism is phrased with such bizarre language, that I wonder whether you’ve actually talked to women that are intelligent, attractive, high value, feminine, love being fucked AND are feminists? Yes they exist! But maybe they’re rare? Or do we take the word to mean very different things? I can only really surmise that your definition of the (admittedly very complicated and certainly not monolithic) concept of feminism must be very different from the one I and my friends use. I’d genuinely be fascinated to read what the word feminism means to you – because it’s hard to know what’s actually being said in this post unless you first explain that.

    I realise that this is an old post and it’s unlikely you’ll answer, but I’ve been wondering about this for a while!

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  18. I know this is an old post but I related so strongly to it I felt an urge to respond. I’m new to all this ‘manosphere’ stuff but I’ve enjoyed reading it. This post in particular made me smile. I unplugged way back in 2005. I guess my family and friends saw me as an eccentric dropout. There was no info like this back then and it was very much a blind, solo endeavour.

    I left school to join the Royal Navy at 16. Did 10 years on submarines while studying for a degree. I then worked in IT for a while. Did an MSc. By this point (2005) I was 31 and beginning to feel my life spinning out of control. My gf wanted us to get married and have kids (as did my parents and everyone else). She wanted kids, bigger house, new sofa, better car ……etc. I thought ‘I’m gonna end up a wage slave – fuck that’. I could also sense something bad economy-wise was around the corner. Everything just felt unsustainable despite Blair’s Cool Britannia spin.

    I sold my ‘stuff’ (house, car etc) and invested the $$ in 2006. I left with a tent, passport, ATM card and a massive sense of freedom which I still haven’t relinquished. I left the West in 2006 and have never returned. If anything things look a lot worse there now. I’m now completely retired at 39 (always a dream to do it before 40) after some brief stints of work in Asia (only if I felt like it). I ride a motorbike around South East Asia whilst tapping into the abundant supply of non-feminised slender oriental beauties to meet my manly needs.

    All in all living a very happy, free, single life outside of the matrix.

  19. Well Done!

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