Tom Torero fakes an infield kiss close

December 12, 2014

The latest scandal-of-the-week is that famous daygame instructor Tom Torero was caught out having hired an actress to appear in a “kiss close” video recorded outside Selfridges on Oxford Street in summer 2012. I can’t stay out of it because: (I) the hater who found out about the actress set up fake forum accounts as “krauserpua” in order to blame the scandal on me (ii) Tom is the main co-creator of the London Daygame Model that I use and teach (iii) Tom is a personal friend of mine. So, here’s my response. First the facts:

  • Yes, Tom did fake that infield as he has admitted on his website here.
  • No, I didn’t know he had faked it until he admitted it to me in a private message shortly before posting his public admission.

It’s incredibly difficult to get accurate information about the sexual market place. Both men and women lie about everything be it notch counts, intentions, quality and so on. It’s also incredibly difficult to get accurate information about the seduction process because it’s a necessarily private affair which you can’t simply film. Girls won’t react naturally if they know a camera is on, they won’t want you to record them due to fears over their reputation, and there are additional legal issues if you’re recording in a situation that has the “assumption of privacy”. Nothing new here, but it creates a huge transparency problem which is ruthlessly exploited by the charlatans and fakes in the PUA industry who will either lie, evade or use smoke’n’mirrors to convey a credibility to their customers that they don’t deserve.

As players / wannabe players, you are fully aware how difficult it is to decide who you can trust. Which teacher? Which system? What is a reasonably expectation of success?

That’s why there’s such a big reaction to Tom’s infield revelation. For several years he had distinguished himself as someone who could be trusted by virtue of his copious library of infield recordings on the street, on dates, and even in the bedroom. People could watch the videos, conclude “Tom is legit” and this tough issue was resolved. The realisation that one of these videos is fake suddenly upsets the apple cart. People are asking themselves “so is he just another charlatan?”

I predict there will be two types of reaction to this news based upon whether the recipient has met Tom personally and seen him in action, or hasn’t.

People Who Don’t Know Tom – Earnest students of Game will quite reasonably conclude he’s a fraud, that this video expose is damning evidence, and that he can thus be thrown in the dustbin alongside Mehow, Vince Kelvin, David DeAngelo and others who have been either caught faking or otherwise never proved their bona fides. I can’t say I blame them. It’s important to be skeptical of people’s claims and to demand evidence. It’s reasonable to give special weight to those incidents which suggest dishonesty. In addition to genuine students of the Game, the PUAhater crowd will also seize on this as further evidence that Game Doesn’t Work. Tom was an average-looking man banging hot girls (something which can’t happen according to the Looks-Money-Status crowd) so the fact he faked one video will immediately lead them to include every single one of his successes was faked. There’s not much to say about that. PUAhater’s are mentally ill. Let them wallow in their own misery.

People Who Do Know Tom – What’s interesting to me is that over the years Tom has taught hundreds of students, and hundreds more have used the day game model he created with me (and others). Literally hundreds of people have seen Tom live in-set with their own eyes in unfakeable interactions. Hundreds have been live in-set themselves implementing advice they got from Tom and then seeing the effect it has on the girls. These people have enough direct evidence of their own eyes that (i) Tom’s daygame skills are for real and (ii) the London Daygame Model works, that the fact Tom got caught red-handed faking one infield doesn’t really matter. Yes, it was a bad thing to do. But no, it doesn’t shake their confidence in the model or Tom’s abilities as a coach.

What’s my opinion?

Tom shouldn’t have done this because it was dishonest. However, it’s small potatoes. I remember watching the video back in 2012 and thinking “pretty weak set, no big deal” and never thinking of it again. It’ll all blow over and we’ll all continue hitting the streets, banging hot girls, and tweaking the model. I’m certainly not going to distance myself from Tom to “protect my reputation”. He’s my friend and I’ve seen with my own eyes that his daygame skills are for real.

Tom is an elite-level daygamer, possibly more skilled than I am. You’re well within your rights to cut him off your “guy to listen to” list after this video expose but if you do so you’ll be missing out.

Balls Deep – Book launch event in London

November 3, 2014

UPDATE: Balls Deep paperback is now on sale here. 408 pages of squalid daygame action and theory.

Even now I chuckle at the name of my new memoir. So, aside from being the satisfying end-state of a successful street pick-up, was else does Balls Deep mean?

Like most men in these parts I read Neil Strauss’s seminal book The Game and was hugely inspired. It seemed so sleazy, so underground and so…. plausible. A secret community of Pick Up Artists who had cracked the code for how a normal man can bang large numbers of hot girls. There were just a few problems:

  • The men were rather abnormal (well, subnormal)
  • There wasn’t much banging going on (I think there are three lay reports in the whole book)
  • The girls weren’t hot (when I finally saw Mystery’s “10” Katya, I was rather underwhelmed)
When I grow up I want to be just like you

When I grow up I want to be just like you

Anyway, luckily for me I didn’t see through the smoke and mirrors until I’d already become a daydream daygame believer. Flaws aside, Neil’s book set me on a path to which I’m eternally grateful to him for. So, The Game was his story and nicely mythologised the 2002-era Los Angeles scene. Ten years later Tom Torero did his version, giving a window into the 2012-era London scene. That’s not as well written as Neil’s but one thing it certainly isn’t lacking is lay reports with large numbers of hot girls.

I want in on that racket.

My books have a reputation for being high-falutin’ and theoretically dense, which is how I like it. However that’s not necessarily what the ravenous crowds want. They want blood, guts… and semen stains. Most readers really connect to two things:

  • Wild stories
  • Pain

Yes, what the punters really relate to is the journey. The endless grind on the streets, shuffling head-down hands in your pockets through driving rain, scanning the streets for a confused-looking tourist with a backpack and Pret sandwich. Then the sporadic victory stories when you manage to hustle her into a pub, get her tipsy and bundle her into a cab for the same day lay. They know the Magic Pill marketing happy talk is bullshit.

There's gotta be some $$$ in this racket

There’s gotta be some $$$ in this racket

Every reader of this blog knows the reality. Sometimes you hit extended periods of joy and exuberance, but usually the pattern is pain-pain-pain-euphoria-pain-pain over and over again. That’s what I wanted to convey in Balls Deep – the reality of getting through your first year or two. The period where you are full of hope and drive, but also lacking the reference experiences and skills to know you’ll get there in the end. Well, I got there in the end. And for me, those first two years were rough. Really, really rough. So I’m going to tell you all about it and walk you through the minutiae of how it feels to begin the daygame journey. And then the victory stories began to trickle through. And after that the true squalor and sleaziness.

As I looked back and wrote Balls Deep I was amazed at myself. Did I really start feeling up that girl’s tits on the street outside Zara three minutes after meeting her? Did I really walk that Russian catwalk model home in an hour? How on earth did I fail to escalate that Georgian dancer with the denium shorts and crop top? More than anything, I’m amazed that no matter how many days I returned home dejected and lead-less, I was back out again to jump back in front of the bus.

Chapter 1

Chapter 18

The Launch
I’m in London this weekend to film my new in-field product Daygame Overkill. Seeing as I’m in town, why not pimp out my new book too? So on Sunday I’ll hire a pub function room and host an early-afternoon launch event. Specifics aren’t confirmed yet but I’ll do a talk and probably get a fellow daygamer to do so too. I’ll have a pile of paperbacks to sell (and sign, should that turn you on). It’ll be informal, with plenty of time to hang out and chat over a beer. Maybe I’ll charge £5 cover, depends if the pub charges for the room.

Balls Deep will be £20. It’s 408 pages of filth, polished to the same standard as Mastery.

Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in (I) attending and (ii) a copy of the book. That’ll help me decide the venue size and how many copies to bring. I’ll announce details later this week.

Reader’s Emails: Total Bell-End Edition

September 1, 2014

When you’re a consumer of the internet, it’s quite easy to avoid all the bell-ends and imbeciles. Just don’t argue in comment sections and choose your forums carefully. However, the moment you start running a blog or selling products that changes and you’re immediately subject to a stream of emails from haters, chancers, cheapskates and buffoons. Allow me to share some of them that Steve, Tom and I have had in the past week or so.

1. The barely-literate spazz who wants freebies

“Bud tried many puas but no value. They just want to its ell there products which never work How does one go abt msgin a gal on fb do u know how to get a sure shot reply bud. Would appreciate your help truly. Bxxxx”

Reason he’s not getting laid: Not intelligent enough to make coherent sentences. Insufficient social acuity to know that (1) text speak makes you look retarded and (2) blowing someone off and then immediately asking them for free advice is rude and betrays the wrong kind of entitlement.
Rating: Incel

2. The rambling oddball

“Hey, I was able to figure out how to download the files from the site. It was strange because I downloaded those files originally and then they all disappeared. And so when I learned they were shutting you down I couldn’t at first download them again. So far I got them all. I am listening to your podcast on failures. By the way, I was in Moscow last May. You mentioned some scenarios were woman reacted differently to LMR. I have been studying female psychology for a number of years since my divorce and that is how I came across the pick up community. We never met. I attended a Daygame here in Chicago with Yad and Andy. It was the first time I did this sort of thing. I am divorce and fifty year old man. I enjoy watching your training tapes and I appreciated your commitment as a trail blazer. Anyway, I will send you something (separate email) I found during my research and personal path to my own self-development. You only have to read pages 25 and 26. The six dirty tricks women play. After you read it I am sure you will get it immediately. Shit tests and how to respond to them appropriately. I’ve used this more than anything in verbal game. Never came across the Shaming Feminist as you mentioned in the podcast but now you can understand female Psyche Attacks! And more importantly how to react to them. Sincerely, Wxxx”

Reason he’s not getting laid: He’s an over-sharer and theory junkie, harbouring some anger towards women and inclined to see seduction as a battle. I also suspect he’s a bit of a clumsy manipulator from how he’s dangling the bait of his research piece. If we’d replied, I’m sure his next mail would be 10x longer, unloading his pet theories.
Rating: One lay per year with post-wall chubby.

3. The freeloader who consumes product then demands refund

“hi there, I’m emailing you to request a full refund for my purchase of your video product that i made on August 4th.
I was very dissapointed in the product because the content it contained was not at all what i expected from a product with that name and I felt misled.
Please issue my refund asap. Thanks. Exxx”

So here is my friend’s eminently reasonable reply:

“Hello Exxx,
I’m sorry, but I am not happy to issue a refund.
The sales page gives a full and accurate description of the product and what it contains and is in NO way misleading. There is a full product description, plus I have even issued a sneak preview of what the product contains.
I’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the product thus far.
You’ve had the product 3 weeks and have had a chance to digest all the content, it is grossly unfair to demand a refund after having received the full benefit of watching it.”

Reason he’s not getting laid: He wants something for nothing and has weak moral character. He has watched a product, gestated on it, then expected his money back. He is now disputing the transaction on PayPal to claim her never recieved the product. Zero integrity, which girls sniff a mile away.
Rating: Probably does okay in Rotheram “social circle” game.

4. The Indian/Malaysian incel

Quite literally every day I have at least one comment in my moderation queue from someone called Akmar or Devak where he’s clicked on a girl photo (obviously a modelling shoot) and said “Hi. You’re beautiful. I need sex chat. Add me to skype: [skype name]”
Most recent one: Surykant has commented “I love you” on the girl from my How To Do Facebook Sex Chat. That poor anonymous girl gets the brunt of them.

Reason he’s not getting laid: Spending too much time looking at women on the internet instead of meeting them in the real world. Doesn’t realise that undying devotion to a woman you’ve never met screams neediness. No idea of the SMP tiers, that a smoking hot Russian model will never fuck an Indian basement dweller.
Rating: Waiting for arranged marriage to low-tier village girl.

5. The demands-free-consultation weirdo

“Hi how are you? I watched your video product and ive got a hot Brazilian girl that asked me if im free tomorrow night (she’s got a BF!) what i didn’t understand from your product was, 1) do you build rapport in the first venue only? or do you continue to build rapport in the second venue as well? 2) does seduction happen in only the second venue? 3) can I kiss the girl in the first venue or should I wait till we’ve established rapport and gone into seduction in the second venue? Im really confused because up until now, everything has been step 1, step 2, etc. i.e attraction, rapport, seduction, but in the product do you imply that all 3 themes should be inter-twined from the get-go by fractionation? please reply i have a date this evening :))”

Reason he’s not getting laid: He’s another something-for-nothing guy, though not nearly as bad as the refund guy. He doesn’t seem to realise that people he’s never met are under no obligation to take their own time to help him especially with a tight deadline. I also smell a tendency to treat seduction as a computer program rather than a human activity.
Rating: That Brazilian isn’t hot.

6. The offended white knight freeloader

I bought your video product earlier today. I’m sorely disappointed with it. I mean telling girls they’re animals when you meet them, really.. a 30 year old+ man doing this is just creepy. I’ve even shown it to two female friends, one response was, “what would you tell the family about how we met.. that he thought I was a Giraffe”, the other “I’m embarassed for him”. What I don’t understand, is why you don’t you just tell the girl you noticed her, introduce yourself and ask her name, then ask what she’s doing now (get logistics), walk-with, positive assumptions and riff off that. Which is what rsd and charisma arts have been teaching since 2005.
Please refund my purchase, alternatively I can initiate a chargeback through my credit card company or PayPal if its easier. Jxxx”

Reason he’s not getting laid: He’s firmly plugged-in, taking dating advice from women and extremely sensitive to feminine shaming language. He also has no concept of flirting. If he did get a girl into bed, he’d fail at he last hurdle when discovering he doesn’t have a dick.
Rating: Long-term LJBF with a selection of women

If you’re a normal person you needn’t worry about contacting me. These emails are just a sample from the lunatic fringe. Generally speaking, it’s easy to diagnose a man’s problems with women just by watching how he interacts with men, or normal strangers. It’s even possible from an email. By far the most common reasons are (1) wants to be spoonfed and (2) has no social acuity.

Daygame’s Urban Jungle

August 29, 2014

While I busy myself putting the final spit and polish on the new Sigma Wolf blockbuster 400+ page textbook, I thought it prudent to start cranking up the pre-release hype machine for your viewing pleasure. Here I am sitting out in a fine Central European capital sipping lemonade by the river and expounding on some mental masturbation profound meta-theoretical issues.  The topic for today is how your meta-level concept for how society works will either help or hinder your ability to sniff out opportunities to score women.

Thank God I got the book done, because I’ve just bought Dark Souls 2 so that’s the next three weeks of my life booked up.

Prague Closure

August 1, 2014

I’ve been writing a lot this year. Not much has appeared on the blog but you can be sure I’ve been beavering away even more productively than prior years. Announcements will follow in due course, so here’s a little teaser:

By the end of summer, I will have published half a million words of pick-up advice in 2014 alone.

Mastery and Nitro are already out this year which combine to 225k, then my next two major releases will push it over the 500k mark. That’s why the blog has been going slow.

Right now I’m sitting in Starbucks in Prague thinking how best to summarise my past month and what I’ve learned. I think the key themes have been game-life balance and closure. I’d run amok in Russia and Serbia, racking up twelve notches in eight weeks with a very good younger-hotter-tighter composite. That proved to me that it’s all out there if I want it, and that the only limit is my own desire to crank the handle. So the first week in Prague felt weird. I had a Russian girl visiting and I just didn’t feel the pull of the street. It was odd. My forebrain wanted more notches but my hindbrain was tapped out. No sexual intent whatsoever.


So I decided to focus on my life stuff and just do one short number farm. The results are:

  • Fifty cold approaches over a five day period, all day game.
  • Three new lays – a 19yr old, 23yr old, and 24yr old.
  • Two new flags – Slovakia and Ukraine.
  • Two near misses. One girl was on my bed and the other wanked me off in a park. Both are on for a repeat visit.
  • I also had two rotation girls visit me for a few days each.

As recently as a year ago those would be phenomenal results for such a tiny outlay of effort. After the gluttony of Russian and Serbia it’s merely acceptable. How about non-game? I read four books. Three quick genre fiction paperbacks from favourite authors and one meglomania-inducing classic. Feels great to read a 800-page beast. I’m now going to have to read the rest of James Clavell’s Asian Saga.

Anabolism, yesterday

Anabolism, yesterday

I moved my new books considerably along the pipeline. The next big product is currently in final editing, perhaps a month from release. Right behind it is a 120k-word book also in final editing. Additionally I pulled the trigger to begin a new 120k book and started assembling the first draft of what I hope will be the best book of all (under wraps for now). So, the projects are ticking along.

What else? I strongly believe in enjoying leisure time. Not every moment has to be productive. That’s a trap for self-development junkies – too busy building themselves and not busy enough enjoying life. The goal is never to be awesome. It’s to be happy. Awesomeness helps but is subservient to happiness. Some of my most pleasurable Now moments are playing video games and watching TV. In this month:

  • Completed campaign modes of Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Metro Last Light
  • Watched entirety of Sons Of Anarchy seasons five and six.

I think I’ve probably found a nice game-life balance there. Three notches a month, occasional rotation-girl visits, tinker on the books, and play a shed-load of video games.

Nomadic Daygaming

July 30, 2014

Every aspiring daygamer learns a lot about scarcity and abundance as his journey progresses. In the beginning he feels a simple scarcity – “not fucking any hot birds right now” – and a simple abundance – “I’m learning how to drum up new leads”. Join these contrasting feelings and you explain fifty percent of a noob’s internal dialogue (approach anxiety is the other half). Over time the scarity/abundance balance shifts as both your expectations and successes rise. Now the scarcity is complex – “I’m not fucking as many hot birds as other daygamers” – and the abundance is too – “I’ll never lose the ability to generate new leads”.

That first smell of daygame pussy

That first smell of daygame pussy

This leads to a situation I called concealed scarcity (in Mastery), or Daygamer Guilt. You become so used to opening, so keen to accumulate notches at an every-faster rate, and so into the identity of being a player that you feel bad every time you don’t open. The emotional rollercoaster continues with it’s ups and downs. Just recently I’ve realised there’s an additional temporal layer to scarcity/abundance, as I’ve gone through three stages.

  1. London is a steady evergreen daygame city where you are guaranteed to find some solo 7s, any day of the year, if you walk along Oxford Street long enough. The problem comes in filtering all the pointless sets and the sheer grind of getting the girl through the model. Logistics are bad, there are many distractions, and girls are very flakey. The scarcity comes from how hard you have to work for each lay, and the abundance lies in knowing it’s always there if you’ll just do the work.
  2. Euro-jaunts add a time constraint. You’ll have your normal job-house-friends in the hometown and then pick a one/two week window to travel. The streets are awash with talent and the holiday vibe jacks your state. The abundance is obvious – hordes of hot girls – but the scarcity is bad too because they are harder to move from kiss to lay and everything has to happen in a hurry. Because before long Ryanair will rudely deposit you back in Shitsville.
  3. Nomad-living takes the best of both worlds. Once you’re roving Europe on month-long+ trips you get all the abundance of the Euro-jaunt and none of the time pressure. You’d think it’s the solution….. but no.

I’ve just complete three consecutive trips – a month in Russia, Serbia, Czech each – with short trips home in between. It’s been a lot of fun and has triggered a new series of inner game challenges. The main one is this:

Having spent the past five years in stages 1 and 2, I’ve trained myself to work hard, grind it out, and push fast. This is simply unnecessary for stage 3.

For three months my eyes have been roving constantly, my circuits fried by the sheer volume of hot girls walking past every minute of every day and knowing I just have to crank the handle to get the lays. The Great Daygame Sausage Machine will always provide so long as I put some elbow grease into cranking the handle and pouring in the slop. Currently it seems to function at 1 lay per 20 cold approaches.

Lately I’ve had to ask myself how many notches do I really want, and how hard am I going to work for it? Knowing that the lays are always out there, with a close to statistical certainty, I need to integrate it into my life pattern alongside everything else. The whispers of relentless notch-count hyena are still there but substantially reduced since I hit triple figure notches. I’m now mostly suffering from Pavlovian responses – I’ll be buried in reading a book when my RAS triggers to a denium shorts-clad ass walkng past and then my attention span is ruined.

Good luck maintaining focus

Good luck maintaining focus

So that was the plan for the month I’ve just completed in Prague: settle in an find a comfortable balance between chasing girls and feeling comfortable doing all those other things in life. A hard number-farm (and subsequent dates) is like a full-time job. It completely depletes you of energy for everything else, hollowing you out over time. Now that I’m spending more time in pussy paradise than outside of it, I have to manage that risk.

Learn how to daygame effectively by reading Daygame Nitro, available here.

Interview with Chaotic Great – Part Two

July 16, 2014

My apologies to readers for the long gaps between posting. I’ve had a lot on my plate, some of which will be revealed in due course. For now, here is the eagerly-awaited (I hope) concluding part of my interview with Madrid daygamer Chaotic Great. I find it a pleasure to hear about guys getting stuck in and improving themselves through the discipline of the street. If any of you have a story to tell that might interest my readership, drop me a line.

Part one is here.

How I hope Spanish birds look

How I hope Spanish birds look

Qu.4 – What have been your biggest challenges in getting better?

Escalation has been a huge challenge. I would abstain from escalating at the beginning because of my sexual insecurities. I have missed a bunch of lays for being too scared to escalate. I still suck at verbal escalation. Rivelino was again of huge help for this. He helped me reframe the concept of sex and suggested that I viewed it as a test how of far I could go. I’ve gotten much better at this and even over escalate at times.

Identity has also been another challenge. Going out several times a week for long as a routine and you start questioning what you’re turning into. Am I becoming a PUA? Do I want to become a PUA? Shouldn’t I be working on productive stuff? This was just resistance from the ego. Always trying to sneak some self-doubt and discouraging me from beating my fears.

Qu.5 – Tom and I often talk about daygame as being a voyage of self-discovery where the sessions force you to confront all kinds of problems inside yourself and then address them. Have you had this?

Daygaming has been of huge help in my development. Its shown me where I lack experience, what scares me and what I like in girls. To understand my situation, let me first tell you about my sexual life previous to daygame.

At age 18 I started going out with a girl from my high school, my first girlfriend. I really wanted to fuck her but logistics seemed to constantly get in the way. I was always very close to losing my virginity but my parents would unexpectedly show up or we couldn’t meet for stupid reasons. Finally, one day I had the house to myself and was determined to seal the deal once and for all. I picked her up on my motorbike and headed to my place. Once there she tells me she has a confession to make. It turns out she had cheated on me with some other guy. “Just kissing”, she said. At that moment, I didn’t care. All I wanted was to get my virgin cock inside her tight pussy and feel like a man for doing it. So I brushed it off and kept going with my plan but my dick wasn’t on the same page. Nothing was happening down there. I was incredibly embarrassed and couldn’t do anything about it (I even tried sneaking out to watch some porn, but nada).

Just a typical awkward first time story you might think. It was more than that for me. It affected me psychologically and made me extremely insecure about my sexual abilities. I broke up with her soon after without trying again. I was so insecure that for three long years I did nothing to fix it. I would just watch porn, masturbate and ignore girls. I had nightmares about being unable to fuck. I was becoming a loser and I knew it.

My sexual fears were getting in the way of a happy life. I had girls interested in me during college but I constantly self-sabotaged myself. I would question myself. “Are you sure you want to loose your virginity to this slut?”. The truth was that my ego didn’t want to go through the humiliation of being unable to perform and was feeding me all kinds of bullshit. My virginity became such a burden that it was all I could think about. One night, at a party during an exchange program in a foreign country I decided it was time and lost my virginity to a girl I don’t remember much of. I was 21 at that time.

Daygame has shown me what my problem was, sexual insecurity. I was scared of fucking. Of failing. DG pushed me into uncomfortable situations where I was forced to revisit those fears constantly. I started to see the same avoiding thoughts. It wasn’t until recently that all this clicked. Before I was unclear as to why I would hit the streets again and again. Now I know why I’m doing this. I want to become sexually free, loose my hangups about sex and beat my fears.

Inner game 1-on-1 pending

Inner game 1-on-1 pending

I would think stuff like “first time should be special”, “you’re not gonna be able to fuck her”, “she’s too hot for you”, “don’t escalate cause you’ll loose her”, etc … Daygaming put me in situations where I was constantly hearing these excuses and was able to recognised the problem I had.

My previous thinking was: I’m insecure about sex so I can’t attract girls so I can’t daygame. It changed to: I’m insecure about sex so I’m going to daygame to get experience and with experience I will be more attractive. And it’s been great so far. I’m no longer scared of escalating, of fucking or not being able to fuck thanks to putting myself in situations where I could completely fail as many times as I can.

Qu.6 – Can you describe a typical daygame session. The types of place you look for, the girls, what your methods are? Give something for all the technical readers and theory junkies to obsess over.

Usually around 6pm, I meet up with Rivelino in a crowded spot in Madrid. I can daygame on my own without a problem if he’s not available, although one does become somewhat dependant on a wing. We always follow the same route, crowded main streets and shopping areas in the centre of Madrid and are always talking about game (mostly inner game) between sets. We are obsessive about it. We theorise and discuss, we comment on each other’s sets, we keep each other updated on dates and text game. We get so much out of our talks that even if no new leads come out of the session we have a good time and learn new stuff. This is important because I have only had a few days where I though the day sucked.  [sounds similar to what I’m like with my wings.  K.]

Once we see a girl we like (always approach girls by themselves), we let the other one know and proceed to yadstop her. With tourists, normal London style daygame works wonders. Local spanish girls are tougher though. Almost always the girl has never been approached before. Most of them are extremely nervous since Spain’s dating mostly happens at night and revolves around established social groups. Because of this, I use more indirect openers like “I saw you over there and you caught my eye.” For young Spanish girls it is sometimes needed to address the elephant in the room several times in the conversation and I have found that matching her level of nervousness helps a lot. If they’re too nervous I’d act like I don’t really know what I’m doing and tell her that I can’t think of anything to say just that I had to come to talk to her in a naive charming way.

I try to have fun with the conversation and sometimes skip the traditional assumption stacking and stories in favour of a more entertaining exchange. I rarely know going in what style I will follow. Usually within the first seconds I decide whether I want to entertain her more or less and be more or less sexual. Sometimes I’m completely off and the set dies other times she absolutely loves it and it feels great.

I recommend everyone to make their own version of the model. The theory provides a great starting point but I found that I hated repeating the same lines. I felt like a fraud. With a few changes on the opener and style I was much more comfortable. I strive to have original conversations all the time. It’s a fun exercise and a great way to test your own skills. Try to come up with 20 different ways to respond to “I have a boyfriend”. And if nothing comes up, I just say so. If I’m nervous, I own it. The worst sets for me are the ones where I lie about my job, age and background.

Surprisingly, my game is better in English than in my mother tongue, Spanish. I guess this is because all I read about game is in English. My spoken English is pretty good and switching back and forth between languages in a casual way is great for DHVing. Girls have told me a lot of times how my English is surprisingly good for a Spaniard. This is great because it allows me to talk about how I learned it and tell them more about me in a non forced way.

For girls that seemed to like the approach (big eyes, smile) but walked right by I will re-approach them, the “double yadstop”. I stop her again with a big grin on my face. “You’re not getting rid of me so easily”. This doesn’t always work and brings your value down (too much chasing) but you can recover from it. I used to be more focused on entertaining her and making her laugh but now I will try to up the tension by not filling the silences and looking at her intensely. Sometimes I overdo this, still need to get better at calibrating.

There isn’t much I can add to the techniques that are out there yet as I’ve only done this for a short amount of time but I hope to be of more help in the future.

"oh, you don't wear any rings?"

“oh, you don’t wear any rings?”

Qu.7 – From the stats you gave me you seem pretty good at getting numbers, and at turning dates into lays. Where do you see your own strengths and weakness? What are your current stats?

Numbers, which seemed so precious and significative in the beginning don’t mean much now. When the convo was getting to a low and I had nothing else to say I would smile, hand them my phone and a lot of the girls would give it without too much resistance. Most of those girls never replied to the first text though. What I do now is try to get more confirmation at the end of the set. “I want to take your number and grab a drink sometime. Would you like that?”, “Do you want to meet with me sometime?”, “If not that’s totally cool.” I want to force her to say she wants to meet up to improve my chances.

I now nurture the leads more. In the beginning, I would get excited and text for a meet up too early. Sometimes it worked and I would get the impression it was the way to go. This is because most of my initial success were yes girls and I’m now getting maybe girls who are as easy to game. I talk to them a little bit and then casually send the invitation. I’ve burned way too many leads by jumping the gun asking for drinks that same night.

My strengths are probably my improvisation skills, humour, relatively strong inner game and optimism. Reframing every failure as a positive has been huge for getting through rejections and failures. Limp dick? Great, now I know where my problem is. She’s rejecting me saying I’m rude? Awesome, she’s telling me too much push now I can fix it. Girl laughs at me when I approach? OK, need to work on the opener… Every single failure is just a way to show the area that needs work.

My main weakness was probably my sexual fears, which I’m actively working on. Now I feel that my game is not as r-selection as I would want. I seem to be able to make them fall for me but would love to be able to communicate “hey this is just a ONS” and them reacting positively to that. R-Selection is harder. It’s more dominant, direct and sexual but I’ll get there.

My current stats in the four months I’ve been daygaming are:

  • Around 350 approaches.
  • 79 numbers.
  • 14 of them came on a D2.
  • Fucked 6 of them.

The lays are:

  • 27yo Romanian. Day 3 (story on previous q). 8/10 a bit trashy look.
  • 22yo Mexican. Day 5 (too scared to escalate earlier). 7,5/10
  • 19yo Spanish. Day 3. 6/10 yes girl. Keeps texting/calling after two months of ignoring her.
  • 25yo British. SDL. 6/10 Cheating on her bf during vacation. Still talks to me and tells me about her plans of coming back to Madrid.
  • 26yo Moroccan (French). SDL. 7,5/10. Came to visit from Paris and wanted to meet up.
  • 26yo Colombian. Day 5 (D4 could have happened but logistics got in the way) 7/10. Constant shit tests and snotty attitude that ended up being a front.

There were 3 girls I didn’t see after the Day 2 (waiting to hear from another one). One I escalated too much too early the other one disliked me. Another (French, 21) I had to kick out of my place after a couple of dates of her not putting out and wasting my time. This was my fault as I should have escalated from the beginning but was one of the first girls I gamed. Also a young Russian girl (18) that was a complete waste of time. Just wanted someone to hang out with because she was lonely and depressed. I gave her The Talk and said goodbye. One girl (American 24) gave me stupid LMR when I was so close, hand on her pussy and all… Turns out she had made her previous bf wait a year and a half for sex. Another (El Salvador 20) was very sexual inexperienced and needed tons of comfort that I didn’t have the time to give. Kicked her out too but regretted it instantly. Anyway, good reference experience…

Qu.8 – What kind of girls do you go for?

I love petite girls. Latinas and cute asians turn me on. The asians have been extremely difficult to approach though. Most will run away, ignore me or act scared.

How opening asian girls feels

How opening asian girls feels

My main goal right now is to get a lot of sexual experience. I want to be extremely comfortable with my sexual abilities so I’m opening slightly older chicks because the process is easier and the sex is quicker. I would love to bang 17yo cute Spanish chicks but they’re harder. As can be seen by my stats, most of my lays are older chicks. My SMV is higher in their eyes (I’m turning 23 soon) so my game doesn’t need to be as tight. I’m OK with this for now. I’m focusing on getting experience, going through the cycle as many times as I can. I will eventually get those younger, hotter and tighter girls.

Qu.9 – Is there anything you’ve found out during daygame that you think is not properly addressed by existing literature / blogs?

In terms of the model, I think your book Daygame Mastery covers everything needed. I treated it like a bible, re-reading the relevant chapters before dates. You do a great job of creating models and processes that give great guidance to someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing. It provides structure to the whole thing.

I have recently finished university and plan on doing some travelling and I will definitely do some daygame. Unfortunately I haven’t found any resources with specific information related to daygame by cities. Things like cultural differences when it comes to dating, good places for dg, d2 spots, logistics… Maybe this exists and I’m not aware of it. [Try the Roosh travel forum for the city datasheets. Personally I think most of the info there is rubbish, but some is good. Generally, just follow the advice in Targeting in Mastery – find the old town, train station, shopping streets, university etc.  K.]

Qu.10 – I see you’ve had a few SDLs. Tell us the story of one, the more squalid the better!

Sorry to disappoint but for both my SDLs I followed the Daygame Mastery model. There was nothing crazy and I fucked both back at my place.

First one was a 25yo British girl that gave a strong IOI on the street because I was speaking English. Approached her, she loved the attention and banter. Got her number and met up with her later that night. 2 venues then my place. Kissed on second venue. No LMR. I saw her phone background was a picture of her and her boyfriend. She stills texts me from time to time.

Second one was a very sexy Moroccan girl I approached at 10.30pm. Got her number and install realised I should have idated her. Texted her right after and she agreed to meet. Same stuff as with the British chick, this one fell for me big time on venue 2. She paid for breakfast the next day and lets me know when she comes to Madrid to meet up. So no crazy bathroom sex stories, threesomes or alleyway blowjob stories…yet.

Thanks CG for exhaustive answers. The central point I want to emphasise to my dear readers is that this is textbook daygame progression. CG has followed both the meta-level and the micro-level advice of the model and success followed. Be inspired!

Emerging Talent: An interview with Chaotic Great

June 28, 2014

For the last few months I’ve frequently commented on the apparent conundrum that there are few good daygamers coming up through the ranks. Daygame instruction is the best it’s ever been (and about to get better with some upcoming 2014 releases), the whole path is mapped out…. and yet few success stories.

So allow me to introduce a success story.

I first noticed @chaoticgreat when Rivelino started retweeting him. Over the course of a few months he posts five +1s, all daygame, and one of them an SDL. Hmmmmm….. that’ll make an old hand’s ears prick up. So I got in touch and asked him to share his story of daygame in Madrid. He’s asked me not to give away anything to harm his anonymity so just visualise an early-twenties Spaniard who looks a bit like a local footballer and you’ll get the picture.

Blind yadstop in 3...2...1....

Blind yadstop in 3…2…1….

Qu.1 – Can you tell me a little about how you heard about daygame and what pushed you from “interested” into committing to some approaches?

It all started last summer when by chance I found a manosphere community (The Red Pill subreddit) and began obsessively reading everything I could get my hands on. Thank god I did. For 21 years I had been unaware of how much of chump I had been and how unattractive some of my behaviours were.

As it usually happens, the pendulum swung the other way and I became an narcissistic asshole. I got better with time as my personality came through the dark triad guy I was trying to project. I think this happens to most beginners.

I fell in love with he idea of bettering and after coming back from an study abroad program I began “working on my value”. I would work out, eat well and try to be the alpha guy in the room. But I wasn’t getting laid. I kept telling myself how I needed to look better, be better to get laid. As you’ve mentioned in your blog, this is just an excuse. Since I had always sucked at night game I figured daygame would be more appropriate for my personality and decided to try it out. Quoting porn and masturbation was a big motivation to start doing approaches.

For the first few days I would walk around town weaselling out or doing lame indirect approaches. I knew I wasn’t gonna get laid by asking where the nearest Starbucks was and even though I could talk to girls, I couldn’t seduce them. Everything changed when I contacted Rivelino (@alpharivelino), who I found on Twitter and read was also in Madrid. I met up with him and he showed me how to properly yadstop and taught me the London Daygame Model. Having him as a wing and game teacher was of huge help. Once I got a set of rules to follow and was able to see him approach I felt much more comfortable.

We started daygaming several times a week and still game together. I became obsessed with daygame, going out several times a week sometimes for as long as 7 hours. Now I do around 30 approaches a week.

I recently started recording my sets to get better feedback and see where I can improve. I was able to consistently hit the streets by realising that I was using an excuse not to approach and by finding an experienced daygamer that took me under his wing and pushed me constantly.

Madrid, in my mind

Madrid, in my mind

Qu.2 – You told me you didn’t really have a “beginners hell” phase. Can you talk a little about your early results and what you brought from your normal life that fitted well to daygame?

I had always been a social and outgoing person but wasn’t successful with girls because I kept self-sabotaging myself. I consider myself a good conversationalist and can make people laugh. All of this helped me in the approaches.

Rivelino made sure I wouldn’t weasel out of sets so I lost my approach anxiety in a couple of days. I imagine this is what being on a bootcamp is like. I was able to have fun conversations from the get go and very soon started getting numbers. Those first sets weren’t that good but it didn’t matter. The approach itself was such a display of courage to the Spanish girls that even boring conversations without clear intent would result in numbers.

I was lucky to get early validation and that pushed me to continue. Having great logistics helped too. Mostly because I couldn’t use it as an excuse not to escalate and felt like I had to take advantage of my living situation. I never went through a period of absolutely sucking and the rush of walking up to the girls and getting some smiles was becoming extremely addictive. External validation hits, as Riv calls them.

I feel like all the right pieces were there, I just needed to focus my attention on approaching and following the model.

Qu.3 – Let’s have a story about the first time you realised you could bang some hot girls and became a Daygame Believer. Also, contrast it with an example of a really frustrating failure.

I became a believer by reading blogs like yours. Field reports of SDLs and bathroom sex stories. I was never skeptical of the efficacy of game and was getting numbers and good reactions from girls early on so I knew it was possible.

It was probably after my first daygame lay that I viewed it as a very valid and efficient way to have sex with quality girls.

The funny thing is that this first lay could also be considered one my most frustrating failures. She was a very hot Romanian girl in her late twenties. She had a great body and a very sexy walk. I did what Rivelino calls a “blind yadstop” and approached her having only seen her back. My mindset was to just talk to her to become comfortable with the hotter girls, I expected nothing to get out of it.

She spoke no English and knew very little Spanish. We communicated mostly through Google Translate, which allowed me plenty of time to come up with good responses to shit tests. Since I couldn’t say much all I did was look intensely at her while repeating “I’m gonna fuck you” in my head. It worked!

We met up and after some awkward moments where she kept saying I was rude (which I now view as a good sign) and failed escalations I was able to get her back to my place. Things seemed to be progressing nicely but I was very nervous. I wasn’t quite sure how to make it happen and decided to follow the advice on the book (Daygame Mastery that is) and picked her up and threw her on the bed (I almost fell on a coffee table with her in my arms hahah). Laying on top of her I could hear my mind saying “what if you don’t get hard?” and, of course, went completely limp instantly. Fuck! Not as embarrassing as I thought because she was blaming herself for not being able to turn me on. Fascinating how insecure every woman is regardless of her looks. Imagine having a hot Romanian looking at you with puppy eyes asking “me not sexy for you?”. Poor girl.

Anyways I tried doing some mediation and relaxation exercises but couldn’t seem to get it up. I convinced her to suck on my limp dick and see if the stars would align. I got a half decent erection and decided to go for it mostly to make it count. To finally be able to say I banged a girl from daygame. I wanted the reference experience for future lays. I couldn’t feel much with the condom on and explained and convinced her to try raw and see if it would help. It didn’t really but showed how a turned on woman can be easily convinced. The whole thing seemed like an awkward American Pie sex scene and after a while I told her to leave and that we should try some other time. Huge sexual failure but great daygame progress. It was my first complete run of the model so I wasn’t too devastated by the whole thing.

A couple of days passed and I noticed red spots on the head of my dick. WTF. I’m scared shitless and go to see my urologist as soon as I could. Turns out the bitch gave me a yeast infection. Fucking cunt. I treated it for a month and it was gone but that month all I could think is how much of an idiot I was for not wrapping it up.

Artist's impression, yesterday

Artist’s impression, yesterday

A few weeks later I bumped into her walking with her mom during a daygame session. It was a nice reminder of how crazy your life can become once you start hitting the streets.

As for other failures, I remember getting some LMR from an American girl (24) that had gone a year without sex with my hand rubbing her pussy and her panties dripping. She then explained how her previous bf had to wait a year and a half to fuck her. There is no way to know you’re gonna fuck for sure. Getting her number means nothing, making out with her means nothing, only fucking her makes you know for sure. This has been a big discovery for me and it’s helped tons to drop all expectations of what could happen.

It was also frustrating to spend time with a cute Russian teen (19) that ended up being a complete waste of time. She was just sad and depressed and wanted someone to hang out with. She had no personality, no opinions on anything and was a complete downer. What bothered me wasn’t not fucking her it was thinking of the opportunity cost of spending time with her. I could have been day gaming getting more leads!


Thanks ChaoticGreat for the insight. Part two to follow soon……

The daygame carnival

May 22, 2014

Daygame has become a cult. I’m as much to blame for it as anyone else and it’s not a particularly bad thing. It’s in the Constitution that every man has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of pussy. So while I occasionally bristle when I see no-hoper chodes queering Oxford Street with crappy Yad-stops, I do acknowledge that these men have as much right to hunt girls as I do. Good luck to them.

I just wish they’d be more…. finessed about it.

I suspect that 83% of all daygame stops follow exactly this pattern (half of them with an Indian accent):

  • Excuse me, canIjustsaysomethingreallyquickly. IliterallyjustsawyouandIwantedtosay…
  • You look nice
  • You look French. It’syouhairniceeyesandsillyshoes
  • *pause*

When the first-gen daygamers were figuring out the system, the front stop was merely a tool. It wasn’t the One True Way, it wasn’t The Perfect Approach. It was simply a useful party trick to stop a fast-walking girl on a crowded shopping street. We taught it in bootcamps because it’s easy to explain and has wide applicability.

That’s all.

What you think girls see

What you think girls see

Actual real live daygamers who get laid open from the front, the side, by calling “hey you” from a distance, obliquely at a bus stop, across a display table in a book store, in a coffee shop queue…. whatever. The London Daygame Model principles apply no matter what the mechanics of the first two seconds.

Unfortunately what has percolated into noob consciousness is a contrived front stop where every girl is French. This is missing the whole point. Daygame is spontaneous, authentic and based on what that girl makes you feel right there and then. It’s written into Nitro, go have a look. Rote-learning the canned Nice-French-Shoes opener is bastardising the whole thing. It’s like reducing Mystery Method down to a furry hat and Who-Lies-More.

I had the misfortune to hit a nice FSU location this weekend just after a bootcamp and while a few squareheads had jetted in for a Euro-jaunt. So the main promenade was like a carnival of strange men front-stopping everything. The poor girls couldn’t get from one end of the street to the other without five men telling them they look French.

What girls actually see

What girls actually see

And surprise surprise, the girls are defensive. That street now has a reputation for “weird sex tourists hassling girls” as my date last night told me. Fortunately she didn’t connect me to them.

So stop telling girls they look French. Stop standing with your legs splayed like a pyramid. Stop folding your arms precisely twenty seconds into the interaction. You’ve all got the right to try to get laid. More power to you. I write this blog and my books precisely to help you in your quest. But c’mon, use at least a little social intelligence. Daygame is a tool. It’s not a hobby, a fetish, or a club.

To learn daygame without acting like a retard, read Daygame Mastery

Celibacy Clubs Part 3: Gammas For Christ!

May 8, 2014

Here’s a guest post from Bodi. Go here for part one and part two.

When I started writing this article I racked my brains trying to think if there was such a thing as a male celibacy club. The gang of betas on a night out deliberately DLVing each other to squabble over girls? Not really: it’s just pure mate competition. What about internet nerds, sitting in their darkened rooms playing MMORPGs together? No; the core element of a celibacy club is missing: they are not cooperating together in deliberately excluding females and imposing these shared terms and conditions upon each other.

Men’s desire to fuck is simply too strong. Their whole lives are geared around getting access to pussy. To most men the idea of joining a club where you have to not have sex to join is anathema. Male clubs are an elaborate social-circle or value-boosting scheme to GET sex, not avoid it. Don’t forget that women are stupid and illogical and have poor future projection, so they are far less able to manage the consequences of their own actions than men. In times past this didn’t really matter: they had little control over their own lives and even the most socially retarded cavewoman was paired off by her father and brothers regardless of her most sincere gruntings. NOT having sex as a default strategy was the optimal survival strategy for a cavewoman. The only way round this strategy was either by:

  1. familial  coercion, in which the opinions of her father and brothers were probably likely to be ten thousand times more likely to select a suitable partner than her own fluff-ridden mind
  2. by a caveman so strong and alpha that he actually got past her default strategy: thus the strategy selects a male good enough to defeat it.

On the other hand any caveman who didn’t relentlessly pursue his campaign of gene replication was zapped from the gene pool very quickly. Don’t forget the old broscience statistic that 80% of cavewomen reproduced whereas only 20% of cavemen did: and this is assuming they were all trying like crazy!

The paleolithic carousel

The paleolithic carousel

It turns out I was wrong. There ARE indeed celibacy clubs for men and they are the saddest specimens of all. There are two that I can think of:

  1. Gammas for Christ
  2. Manosphere Jihadies

I’ll go over each in turn.

Gammas for Christ

Those amongst my readership who have attended a UK university will know what an incredibly creepy and sinister bunch the Christian Society type people are.

Caveat: this may not hold true in the US. The UK is far more secular and the only people into religion are old or weird. I was stunned when I first met Americans and realised how many of them were non-athiest and further amazed to discover they weren’t creepy and weird. In America religion seems the casual norm, like it was in Victorian Britain.

Let’s continue. These groups of young Christians, both in and out of University, are usually run by a pack of super-Gamma white males who viciously police the territories of their domain ensuring conformity from all members. What have they got to gain from it? Two things:

Firstly, they are nearly always extremely Gamma. By being Christian and spiritual they get a reason to feel better than everybody else, a Gamma’s true desire. The also get a knowledge system that they can turn their formidable minds to and learn inside out and use to position their status above other people (to wit, explaining to people the “real” meaning of some obscure scripture). Now in these groups nearly everyone is paired up in couples. University campuses provide a fresh supply of deluded young girls to fall victim to the ChristSoc propaganda and then be allocated out as girlfriends to the next repellent, control-freak Gamma chode waiting in line. Allocated out, that is, by the oppressive hive-mind of the average ChristSoc. So you get a girlfriend after all but you don’t get to fuck her. This defeats the point, right? Not to the gamma it doesn’t. Firstly a girlfriend you can’t fuck is better than no girlfriend at all (plus unilateral sexual rejection and constant spurning from the ‘open’ sexual market). Secondly, they get a sweet ego-excuse for not being able to tup her guts. Lastly… get this… being Gamma a lot of these charming gentlemen decide that their way, their secret and superior belief system, is actually the one true way and they are therefore justified in doing anything they want so they then treacherously play both ends of the field by secretly trying to guilt the girls into screwing them anyway. They simply hold two incongruent beliefs at the same time: Gammas can do what they want!

Pretty vacant

Pretty vacant

Post-University there are still plenty of Christian groups and social groups but the celibacy-club aspect of it isn’t so prevalent. Lots of the hotter girls leave to get access to dick and husbands. Membership is swollen by people of all ages, loads of old people and kids. Lots of couples just give up and start fucking anyway but keep it to themselves. However, the hardcore persistant Gamma for Christ still swims in these shoals like an odious stickleback. Why does he persist? Because this group is the fuel for his engine! It provides the ideal conditions for his gammaness to thrive. He gets to continually master the secret system and use it against others (AMOG’ing them with more intricate bible knowledge perhaps) and he gets to reposition himself above others whilst appearing to be benevolent. It also gives him the sweetest fruit of all: a total justification for his own inability to get a girl to fuck him.

This all really happens! It’s not just mental masturbation on my part. I personally know two men, but who do not know each other, whose stories were so eerily similar that it kicked off the whole concept for me.

Both men are extremely Gamma; high-IQ, good job, lack of playerness, obtained long-term girlfriend through manipulation of a system (online dating for one, dance classes for another). Each man has a twin brother who is even more Gamma: a High-Gamma. Initially each set of brothers was totally into the church. After a few years half of each set of brothers started playing some form of system to get themselves a girlfriend and when they hit pay dirt they locked in the girl and then their church activities rapidly dwindled (showing why they were really there in the first place). The other brothers, however, doubled down on Churchianity and increased their involvement to obsessive levels. They both grew their hair long and straggly and stated, I shit you not, that they did this “because Christ did”. It gets more delicious! Each brother then takes up woodwork as a hobby again “because Christ did”. I’m not making this up! And don’t forget: these are two seperate sets of brothers who live in different places and have no connection with each other. Each brother then develops an enclyopediac knowledge of Christian doctrine and then at any opportunity argues about it, pissing off and AMOG’ing more normal church-goers and the priests themselves. They then decided that…. oh God can this get any more Gamma?… that they alone have deconstructed Christianity and see the problems with their Church’s interpretation and they alone have “the correct path to Christ”. And apparently the true message of the Bible involved them doing one thing:

whatever they wanted

They didn’t have to go to Church anymore. They dressed how they liked when they liked. They’d aribtrarily not turn up for work if they “wanted to pray” that day.

You’re probably correctly surmising that these brothers were utter cunts. And they are. And of course they have the little holes in their beliefs that all Gammas do. They both serreptitiously sneak off and try various schemes to meet girls. One tries salsa classes and online dating, fails at both and then delights in tearing them down whenever anyone’ll listen. The other tries online christian dating but declares all the girls are ‘sacriligious whores’. Whores that he cannot, you will guess, actually fuck.

What a pair of loathsome fucks. Pure Gammas for Christ. May he have mercy on their evil souls.

Mansophere Extremists

When I first heard of this mindset I thought it was a joke. Krauser told me someone had commented on one of his lay reports where he described shooting his load on a girl’s face and that they’d said “it showed how little he’d valued his seed”.


The reframe is exquisite: that by chasing pussy you are ultimately a slave to pussy and the truly powerful man will detach himself from this salacious Sisyphean task and concentrate on more erudite and fulfilling areas of his life. I don’t agree. It seems to me a pretty obvious rationalisation to justify not getting pussy. It’s no better than women pretending fish don’t need bicycles. It’s no better than the crazed forty year old cat ladies disappearing into charity work to fill the aching void in their hearts and between their legs.

The fundamental nature of human beings is of males pursuing women. It’s the very essence of human progression. Rejecting the age- long dance between men and women is rejecting humanity. I’m not religious, but if I were I’d say it was ungodly.

It doesn’t mean you have to be a slavering fanny-rat though, perhaps endlessly travelling round Europe, living squalidliy out of a suitcase and with nothing in your life but the next ephemeral hit of a fresh notch; that’s taking it to the other extreme. I’m not anti-monogamy either. I’m not even anti-marriage! I really think there’s a lot to be said for the plan of finding a decent woman that won’t betray you or your offspring, one that submits and seems well balanced, then simply withdrawing from the pussy hunt and getting on with other things in life. It’s just not the plan I personally and currently plan to follow.

What is nauseating though, is guys whom have done this sitting online and then reinventing themselves as manosphere heavy weights. It’s just another form of the favourite American hobby: creating a fake idealized self online and vicariously living through it. They’ll backwards rationalize all the pussy “they could have had” and explain away how they decided not to take it then they’ll relentlessly big up their wife. The manosphere is full of online alphas who never actually go out and fuck any birds *

These married, enchildrened “nouveau manosphere” guys are not the celibacy club I’m talking about. I’m talking about the ones who don’t even get married. That sit in their apartments, reinvent themselves as red pill, perhaps grow a goatee and then just cease the often gruelling and ego-shattering challenge of actually going out and really, in real life, getting an actual flesh and blood young, hot girl to fuck them. Then go online and start spouting about how they are “resisting the feminine imperative”. Pah! Faggots.

* I’ll resist the urge to link specific blogs here