Solo Celibacy Clubs

January 20, 2014

Here’s part two of Bodi’s guest post. Part One is here……

I know a girl called Maritsa. She comes from a small, traditional Slovenian countryside town. All of her family are parochial: she’s the only one to have left and gone to University. Her sister and brother married young and have families. Her twenties were spent pursuing a nebulous “management” career as a means of fulfillment. The bullshit ERASMUS scheme found her travelling abroad and “working” in a manner of speaking in various roles, none of which anybody could quite understand doing what.

Around age 27 she moved to Bratislava and started dating a guy five years older than herself, actually from her hometown, who was a successful investment banker. Three years later they split up. He was a hometown boy and wanted a submissive, domestic wife. She put herself first and considered the maintenance of her emotional state, rather than his, to be the purpose of the relationship.

Now how did Maritsa respond? Let’s say we were Martisa’s wise, elder, red-pill brother and we didn’t care about her wounded pride. What might we counsel?

I would tell her that she has right royally fucked up. I’d tell her that from now on every second counts and she has precious few remaining years of any worthwhile SMV left (and that’s being kind). I’d impose a systematic campaign to find her a husband, doing two dates a week from online dating and MTLRing higher-beta guys who don’t quite realise their potential.

But what did Maritsa do? First off she decided that her job was her problem and did not quite give her “the satisfaction she deserved”. She quit and threw herself into starting up her own business. Almost immediately she was working eighty hour weeks. And her business? An online community based around encouraging women to start up their own businesses! All of her colleagues were post-middle aged hardened career women and all of her customers were lonely single women.

Given nobody can ever go bust pandering to women’s solipsism the business started to do well and soon Maritsa was constantly travelling round Europe. She’d often drop in on friends, usually couples, but be off out at the crack of dawn for a day of “Feminine Yoga”, or she’d spend all evening in Starbucks online, writing training courses telling women how to harness their Special Inbuilt Female Magic Powers to be successful in business. Speaking from her own huge personal experience of generating value that is…

Maritsa has no time in her life for anything but her work.

Maritsa is now thirty two.

Half as a favour to friends, half to try and bag an easy notch, I had a drinks date with Maritsa six months ago. She alienated me within half an hour by spouting world-destroying communist illogical poison then proceeded to patronize me as if I was the one with an IQ thirty points beneath my date, not the other way round. I was goulishly fascinated by her life choices and, slightly cruelly, asked her where she saw herself age 35. Her face took a disturbing, waxy hue and her eyes glazed over as if she was in a religious fervour and she told me she will be happily married, have three children and a husband.

I think Maritsa should learn to count backwards.

Maritsa and I have a set of friends in common: a now married couple. The wife in this couple, now that she has won and has a ring on her finger, has dropped her career like a hot potato, retrained as a Pilates teacher and become brutally Red Pill regarding women, careers and spinsterhood. I tactfully broached the subject of Maritsa and she immediately said:

“Her work is a substitute for something else. Her life is empty. She is scared”.

Impressive insight and honesty. However we all know Maritsa’s dreams are over. She just doesn’t know it yet. She is the victim of her own avoidance and denial. She is the victim of her own little Celibacy Club of one, her ‘Solo Celibacy Club’ and the man she cheated out of a loving wife and the spectres of her children that will never be hate her; hate every, egotistical and moronic pore of her body.

Yes, believe it or not there is a form of Solo Celibacy Club and this is in fact extremely common. Whereas a classic Celibacy Club is where a group of women paying the admission price of their own celibacy in exchange for the celibacy of the other members, the Solo Celibacy Club is where a woman creates a scaffold of denial and avoidance around herself to prevent her having to face up to her main problem, her singleness, and to distract her from her main mission: to get fucked by a high value man (and hopefully retain him).

She isn’t alone: this phenomena is very common when you know how to spot it. Only yesterday I was talking to Tom Torero and he was puzzled that a lot of the girls he almost but never ends up fucking share similar characteristics: they have something kooky about them, they seem distracted and have weird, unusual hobbies. These are celibacy clubs!

“Help me Bodi! I’m a woman who is single and it makes me feel scared and bad. How can I live in avoidance and sabotage my own happiness? How can I form my own ‘Solo Celibacy Club’?

Well my dear you have come to the right person. I would be delighted to help. I will now take you through a quick course and we will have your temple of avoidance built in not time at all. Now my girl, have you ever seen a movie called The Prestige? The central theme of the movie will be used as a metaphor and structure for my patented Celibacy Clubs Training Course ©. I quote:

“Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called “The Pledge”. The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course… it probably isn’t. The second act is called “The Turn”. The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you’re looking for the secret… but you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn’t clap yet. Because making something disappear isn’t enough; you have to bring it back. That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “The Prestige”.”

 The Pledge: The Foundations

Let me take a girl, an ordinary girl. Now let us examine this girl and be sure we have the correct foundations:

1) Upbringing – You were indulged a little and made to feel special. Any remote artistic output was pounced upon and your parents announced you were ‘different’. Strong male influence was very much lacking, and if it was there it was from your hopelessly fem-pedestalizing blue-pill dad, a perfectly nice guy from the pre-feminist era. You were never, EVER told that you had to get married and breed. Your parents raised you without any of the social conditioning they themselves were raised with.

2) Femininity – You were never trained to be feminine. You never learned how to appreciate masculinity. Because you can’t understand maleness you do not yearn for it.

3) Culture – You don’t get many Russian girls in celibacy clubs. Membership is primarily open to girls from the feminist Anglosphere, although we reserve special places for insane Japanese girls.

4) Stupidity – You’re an idiot with piss poor future projection.

5) Egotism – Just like our friends the Gammas, underneath it all you will be dripping with ego.

Every magic trick....

Every magic trick….

The Turn: The Mindset

You have seen the girl, ladies and gentlemen…. let me now make her disappear!

Poof! A simple mental reframe and she is gone. Let me teach you how. Let’s begin. Just tap into that inner egotism… good… now start to regard yourself as special. Simply side step the evidence of the world and from now on you will believe that you are:

  • Special
  • Unique
  • Very feminine
  • Very sensitive
  • A free spirit
  • Romantic

 None of this requires any work or evidence; you’re a woman: just believe it!

Now we have your mindsets in place you will now mythologise yourself. You will believe that you are not just single as a circumstance, oh no! you are single as an identity. Your identity is now built around your circumstance. Excellent.

You have your mindsets, so let’s define your behaviour. Most importantly you will make zero effort to put yourself in any situation to meet men. Your entire life will be a dark reality weave to deny there is an ‘issue’ and any situation which could challenge this causes a dangerous ego threat and is therefore avoided. If you do end up in a situation involving potential dick, you must deliberately take actions to scupper your chances of meeting men, as a way to prove to the universe that she you do not need to work for it. Remember: admitting there is a problem will cause ego death.

And what does proving that you don’t need to work for it show? It shows that you have unlimited time and unlimited option: the sweet dream of female avoidance!

The Prestige: the window-dressing

Now you are almost ready my precious. But being just a plain, ordinary, avoidant girl is not enough for our audience. We need to dress things up a little! Let’s disguise the situation with some frills and fluff.

For a start change your fashion. Pick something you think is individualistic or anachronistic and make this your thing. Perhaps pick something a little bit girly or out of place, for example you could have a small teddy on your key ring, or have a slightly cutesy rucksack. Perhaps you’ll start wearing crocheted cardigans, or dress in a fashionable French avant-garde style but always wear purple doctor martens. Or perhaps you’ll wear deliberately childish hats or mittens.

Next we need some unusual hobbies or interests. Don’t make the mistake of adopting ones that can bring you into contact with other people: girls may poke and prod your avoidance bubble and men, well of course men are to be avoided. So we need a solo hobby, and let’s pick one that lets you, despite your pedestrian IQ and total lack of creativity, feed The Prestige and allows you to feel special and unique. Here are some suggestions:

  • Photography
  • Reading classic literature
  • Going to exhibitions and museums
  • Relentless solo travel
  • Unusual tastes in music
  • Charity work
  • “Music”

And we’re done! I hope you enjoyed the trick. See you when you’re 35 and on Guardian Soulmates.

cc_meme (2)

 Testing for membership

There’s a simple test to see if a girl is in a Solo Celibacy Club: how many of her activities put her in contact with potential males? Usually the answer is zero. Solo Celibacy Clubs are on the rise and personally I keep encountering them everywhere. I know of at least four examples from as many years just amongst my own social circle.

Here’s one of the more interesting ones: my friend Hu. Now a 31 year old Chinese girl she was born gorgeous with full lips, lustrous hair, shapely body and massive, round tits.

Bodyfat a few percent higher and tits way, way bigger

Bodyfat a few percent higher and tits way, way bigger

 Like a lot of modern Chinese girls she was raised as a faux-man: pushed academically and expected to achieve and oh yes all that other woman stuff will somehow fall into place. Her mother and grandmother had been raised by the guiding hand of heavy social pressure and male influence yet they raised her without any of this, expecting her to turn out a well balanced, smart young girl. They never really thought about the issue to be honest. The end result was she turned out a confused girl. By and large sweet and pleasant but desperately confused and dysfunctional about men. She has no value system by which to judge them so flails around and uses the only one she sees around her: who is hot and who is cool. Her twenties were spent with one serious relationship with a Western gamma that caught her using his intricate gamma asian ecosystem plan and then long periods of celibacy where she occasionally “dated” a “cool guy”, such as a French jazz musician or an American bmx rider. It takes little imagination to see that on her side it was dating, on his side she was part of his pump n’dump harem.

I visited China for a friends wedding and ran into her. By this point she’d quit her job and taken a consultancy position where she could work from home. Ontop of this she’d decided she wanted to opt for the quiet life and had moved out of the city into a small, picturesque town nearby. She moved in a gay flatmate and together they fill their week with manicures, mountain biking, scenic walks and watching voluminous soap opera box sets.

At my friends wedding she talked with no sense of cause and effect (nor the ability to count backwards) about how she envisaged her own wedding day. This from a girl who’d been single for over three years and hadn’t had sex in over two years. Hu…. dear Hu…. there isn’t going to be a wedding. It’s game over. You’re in a carefully constructed avoidance reality and that’s where you will stay.

“Bodi! But how do I know if I’m in a celibacy club?” (asks a female reader)

There’s a simple set of questions you can answer. Let me fill them in for my friend Hu to show you:

  1. How long was it since your last serious boyfriend? (saw him more than once a week for over three months)
  2. How long has it been since you last had a penis in your vagina?
  3. How many dates have you been on in the last year?
  4. On an average week how many hours do you spend in the company of eligible men (doing group activities/hobbies in which the group contains eligible men)?
  5. How many hours per week do you spend doing activities not in the company of eligible men (e.g. work or men-free hobbies. added together)

 Here are Hu’s statistics:

  1. 3 years
  2. 3 years
  3. Zero
  4. Zero
  5. 60

And her are Maritsa’s (the girl I discussed earlier):

  1. 4 years
  2. 3 years
  3. Zero
  4. Zero
  5. 90

Let me make this very clear for you ladies. If the following are true then you ARE in a solo celibacy club:

  • You have not been on a date in the last year.
  • You have not had sex in over a year.
  • You spend zero hours per week in the company of eligible men.
Old, fat, repellent and desperately, terribly, weepingly in need of cock

Old, fat, repellent and desperately, terribly, weepingly in need of cock

Daygamers beware

I used to run across Solo Celibacy Club girls all the time. For those of you who daygame you’ll know that a dream daygame set often involves a young, introverted girl aimlessly wandering about the city with time to kill and a dreamy look on her face. This is the bread and butter of street seduction. After you pass the beginner stage you start to try and keep an eye out for these girls but here you run into the intermediate trap: falsely identifying a SCC girl as a Dream Set.

Don't waste your breath…

Don’t waste your breath…

You’ll spot a girl on her own with a funny hat and a big SLR camera walking through Trafalgar Square taking pictures. You’ll jog over and say hi, making an interesting and amusing observation…but it’ll just fall flat. All the energy will just drain out of the interaction and she’ll look at you with dead fish eyes, be immediately disinterested, have no idea how to interact with a male and then walk off. I have been there and suffered this many a time and can now spot these fake sets a mile off.

The girl in Trafalgar Square? That really happened. And what was ‘the tell’ (think poker)? She was moving quickly. She wasn’t smiling yet she was dressed in a kooky way. She had palid, drawn features despite being potentially pretty. She’d snap a few pictures off with no thought or emotional connection then shuttle on a minute and repeat, over and over. She wasn’t ambling along. She wasn’t smiling. It was banal and soul-less. Oh… and she was wearing Doctor Martens.

I’ve seen girls sitting in Green Park, reading a book on the bench. At first I thought they were a good potential set but on drifting closer I saw the deliberately over-kooky fashion, the weird shoes, the granny-knitted cardigan, the avant-garde book she was reading… all very feminine and unique but with a drawn and energy-less face. Avoid.

High quality daygame sets bear a strong superficial resemblance but their vibe is a world different. Truly introverted, unique girls are usually extremely feminine and have a good vibe about them. If you’re lucky enough to open one the interaction will probably sparkle from the get-go and she’ll be warm and receptive and very keen to meet worthwhile men.

False positives

Which leads us to discussing the last important category: that of the False Positive. This is a girl who may meet some of the criteria I listed earlier, who perhaps has been without sex or a boyfriend for an inordinately long time, a few years probably. She’ll be introverted and quiet but very feminine. She’ll not like going to bars and clubs and will probably have little hobbies and interests but this is not to weave a mythology of uniqueness around herself but is because, well, she finds those hobbies interesting. This is not a Solo Celibacy Club. This is a girl with a supply problem! There is a difference. Solo Celibacy Club girls are deep in avoidance and build their life and ego around it and they end up drained and unpleasant. Feminine girls with a supply problem want desperately to meet a high value guy and when they do they do not hesitate: they usually fuck him immediately. Their issue is that because they are very feminine they have very high standards of masculinity required in a guy and they meet very few guys who can match them.

My current girl is an English rose and hadn’t had a boyfriend in three years before meeting me and had had sex once during that period. An hour into our first date and I could see in her eyes the decision had been made. A few hours later we were screwing. She later told me that her main thought was “Finally!!! …. A guy I can fuck!”.

Shattering a Celibacy Club

Most girls in SCCs are lost causes but some, a few, the very, very lucky ones get stopped on the street by a confident, smooth operator and he guides their frustrated little hamster along a well worn path right off the edge of a cliff. Without any effort, and with all of their ego-scaffolding working against it, they have somehow managed to get fucked. Yes, they met a Player. Pickup Artists are some of the only guys in the world who are willing to take 100% agency in fucking a girl and to persistently drive it forward through a systematic interaction structure, obliterating all the obstacles she might throw in the way to get her onto the end of their dicks. If you’re a PUA and you meet one of these girls then do everything you possibly can to fuck her. Really, honestly, you are absolutely doing her a favour by pumping her, jolting her off her road to nowhere and reminding her how good it feels to have a dick inside her.

Someone please do us all a favour and just fuck her

Someone please do us all a favour and just fuck her


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    • They’ve made their beds and lied in them, cold and alone. Substituting a demanding career for an alpha male is no substitute at all.

  2. Great post Bodi. I’ve been noticing more girls in the 5-6 range suffering from this phenomenon in NYC. Here they are celibate together, you can catch them bitching and complaining at any restaurant / cafe every night. They constantly affirm each others toxic views and continue the death spiral. Too bad because with a little polish they wouldn’t be half bad.

  3. I think what most of us guys tend to overlook is the fact that in the world of dating, it really does take 2 to tango.

    In other words, it takes 2 people to influence each other in certain ways that causes the other to become something else.

    In terms of the SCC, most of it comes from the above description, AND the fact that the majority of men in the world are too pussified to actually go out and approach women.

    We all seem to forget that this community occupies a very small percentage (i’d say 2%) of men who are aware of the dynamics.

    Based on that understanding, I hold no grudges nor do I objectify any woman based on her circumstances, because I know from my own standpoint that i’m providing her with the gift of allowing her to open up to her feminine side.

    If I approach and she’s already submissive? Awesome!

    If not, she’s just been given the opportunity to be given a crash course on what it’s like to interact with a man who (potentially) knows what he’s doing and guiding her towards her own salvation.

    Granted, some of them will be a lost cause, but at least I’ll have done my job of trying.

  4. This is a modern symptom of feminism. you can have it all, ladies. even the sexual scrapheap..because men have run away from you.

  5. Outstanding post. Thank you.

  6. Awesome post. I recognise the type, but didn’t have a name for them. They even inhabit this part of the world.

  7. I think this is largely a negative post. I could understand the section on how to tackle the case as a player. But focusing on their ‘problems’, why deal and talk about a ‘community’ that are screwed up mentally? Its no different someone totally clean attaching themselves to druggies and the like. A healthy person would give negativity a wide berth and focus on what is good for him or her.

  8. What the fuck is the point of this post? Really, what are you trying to get across here? So you met some women who won’t fuck you. Are all women who won’t fuck a random dude they met in the street members of celibacy clubs? I know… I know, you got mad game and high as fuck SMV bro.. they should all lick the cock ASAP. I think this is nothing more than another buffer to deal with rejection. Rejection is rejection. True day game players are dudes with navy-seal like determination who never quit. They don’t make gay excuses like CC, they just get out there and put in more numbers.

    If a beautiful girl whom you feel is out of your league doesn’t put out, you seem to man up and say “My SMV just wasn’t high enough or I didn’t project well enough aka game well enough”. If an older kind of plain or weird looking girl rejects you… BUFFER TIME!!! CELIBACY CLUB!!!! It’s not me it’s her!!! She should be begging me for cock. I’d be doing her a favor!!!! Is this pretty much what you are saying Bhodi? Krauser?? Am I way off here? If so I’d really like to try and understand what sort of wisdom your attempting to bestow on us.

    Are guys who turn down fatties and plain jain girls in male versions of the celibacy club? Or are they just guys who don’t want to fuck women they aren’t into….

    PS: What the FUCK is a “intricate gamma asian ecosystem plan”? If this whole post was a troll then well done.

    • Bhodi’s writing never did sit right with me – reads like an overIQed aspie bludgeoning his way through game.

      The bird in Trafalgar square probably thought he was weird…. no need to overanalyse and come up with a doctoral thesis on it. Reminds me of Chateau’s hypothesis that right of bell curve IQs actually confer negative reproductive fitness.

    • You have a point where it’s easy to rationalize failure and put the blame elsewhere. As usual in complex issues there are a few things going on at once though: of course Bhodi has a point too.

      What Bhodi describes is too prevalent in Western Society at this point to ignore or sweep under the rug. Women often ascribe to themselves a very high SMV but it’s based on false inputs – the inputs are what western feminized society tells them to aspire to and value – namely career, achievement, money, independence, education. That’s all well and fine but they’ve left in the dust what we men see as SMV in a woman: namely being fit & slim, young, and having a femine demeanor.

      That creates a massive disconnect: they are 5’s, 6’s, 7’s maybe but think they are 9’s based on their achievements in life so they feel entitled to a 9 man. We could really care less about what they value – we care what we value. Thus they don’t get access to the level of guy they feel entitled to and begin their ‘boycott’. I actually heard a girl say once “They buyers aren’t buyin’ and the seller’s not lowerin’ her price’ – I am not kidding. So the women are being sold/selling themselves a false bill of goods and…..the market does not clear…. [Like most things in life, simple Austrian economics explains it. Agree with above analysis. K.]

    • I think you miss the point of his posting. The two examples, he is showing are woman who are not going out with anyone, even though both claim they want to get married in the near future (less than five years). They are not seeing anyone, have not seen anyone in years, are working all the time, and do not come into any contact with eligible men at any time during the week. The problem is that a lot of woman are doing this now.

      The reason someone like me would find this interesting and useful, is that if I run into a woman that is in a CC (group or self), then I know that it is probably pointless to spend any time on her because she will never be available. The problem is not that I don’t make enough money, have a good enough future, look good enough; the problem is that she is in a form of self imposed isolation and none of those things matter or would change the outcome.

      This is also why he inquired about their past experiences and future plans. They both claim they want to get married, but then have not been out with anyone in years. [Correct. And a PUA is doing the girl a MASSIVE favour by navigating around her bullshit to give her what she really needs. K.]

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  10. Bodi describes as “pathetic” those seven activities that he lists, but most of them seem alright to me.

    I suppose it’s a sign of the times that “reading classic literature” is listed under “unusual hobbies or interests”. It used to be considered an essential part of any young person’s education.

    And what does “Music” (Bodi’s inverted commas) mean? Presumably something different from “Unusual tastes in music” which he also lists. For example, if it means “Learning to play a musical instrument”, then from my viewpoint this is a strong positive for a girl. And if you want it to be, playing music is one of the very best ways of meeting people.

  11. This guy hits it, a very real personality profile. These excerpts are spot on:

    “something kooky about them” (no shit)

    “they seem distracted and have weird, unusual hobbies” (i.e., causes)

    “Upbringing – indulged and made to feel special.” (i.e., of yes, entitled & prickly about every little thing)

    “Femininity – never trained to be (more) feminine. Never learned to appreciate masculinity.” (i.e., as in never embraced and celebrated her own femininity and the masculinity of men, thus failing to enjoy the satisfying experience that polarity brings. FUN!)

    “Puzzled that a lot of the girls he almost but never ends up fucking” (Bingo!, when I pulled the trigger on a similar SCC girl after a long and too patient bout with dealing with her “isms,” it and her essence totally came to me and I bailed. Until now, had no word for it, but thankfully it was my first and last SCC. I now spot them a mile away, with amusement.)

    Haaaa I was so Beta back then, so naive. So much time lost, not recognizing (i) the shortcomings of my own self (id), (ii) the failings and flailings of others, (ii) social interactions/the environment and (iv) the total time-waste of personality profiles like SCC.

    Post red pill imbibe, I am so at peace.

    I’m better for having read the article. It now has a name, ha. Thanks. The rest of you: continue getting twisted up the article.

  12. Never met Bodhi, but agree with Hennypennydude. Bodhi sounds like he is in his own male solo celibacy club.

    • -1 to this and some of the above comments disparaging bodhi. I think this was a spot on analysis and breakdown of something i’ve intuitively noticed more and more over the last few years but have never been quite able to articulate.

      To the commenter above who objects to the observation that many of these girls like classical literature or music (usually kooky indie folk type stuff in my experience) or other such “hobbies” – it’s not that liking these things is inherently bad, its that these SCC girls often gravitate to these hobbies in a hipster-ish way. It’s not genuine love of the hobby. It’s an identity she can console herself around. A way to feel unique (yet ironically conformist like all hipsters).

  13. This is a great post and clearly strikes a nerve with a group who refuse to believe that women are like this or that a guy would actually verbalize what we all see.

    I’ll only add one observation…there is a group of 35+ women who are in a semi SCC—they have some long-distance relationship with a kind of kind-hearted beta provider slightly older than them that lives in another city or country.

    It’s the perfect set up for this type of girl….they get all the benefits of having an emotional tampon who will listen to them chat/text them etc etc but who they don’t have to put out for except when THEY feel like visiting or traveling.

    The guy gets this virtual girlfriend who lives elsewhere and who he pledges his loyalty to afraid to take a chance on someone younger in his own city/country.

    Women like this rationalize that “there are not good guys here” which is a cop out for their own hostility towards being feminine,

    Every one of these women who are in the semi-SCC category are tough, jaded, angry, always criticizing guys in their own city as a way to rationalize the fact that they’re past their prime.

    If these women had been more feminine, more receptive, less shitty, more accommodating things would have been different.

    As for guys, a good knowledge of game would help in identifying them as write-offs leaving them to the losers in other cities to pine for….

  14. This post sums up the manosphere. Mental masturbation and backwards rationalisation by guys not getting laid, thus blaming women for a conspiracy. Face it, if you can’t pull these girls then your game is not tight enough.

  15. I’m not sure what an “ERASMUS scheme” is but Erasmus the man, was one of the greatest minds of his age (1500s)…

    “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king”

    “Women, we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them”

    …are just a couple of his quotes. [It’s a bullshit European Union scholarship program to send university students to other countries on short (2-6 month) placements to study liberal arts at the taxpayer’s expense. K.]

  16. I read this post about six hours before a girl asked me to leave her house (I was in her bed and twenty minutes before she was making sure she had condoms) because I didn’t love her pomeranian or her one weird hobby (bouldering) enough. I laughed, told her life wasn’t a romantic comedy, and left. She’s 32, career oriented, and cute but fading. She will be single a long time. It’s sad. It’s only happened to me a couple times, but it borders on mental illness.

  17. Good writing

  18. How does a one-night stand by a player “save” a fading SCC chick from spinsterhood? Rather the negative consequences of being fucked by a player (broken heart, HPV virus, possible abortion) outweigh the positives of living with a harmless bunch of cats. This principle has long been understood by women BEFORE the age of feminism. It’s different for the hot babes because they will eventually score (a husband). But for those of us who are too plain, introverted and quirky, please leave us alone with our hobbies and our cats. And don’t take it as a rejection. We don’t hate men, we just don’t have orgasms.

    • Boy did you miss the point…

      As the not so famous quote goes “A man’s self-help is self-development, women’s self-help is is self-acceptance.”

      You are firmly in denial about your ability to obtain a satisfying relationship. And because this you refuse to make the slightest effort to change your situation.

  19. I enjoyed reading it, but what would be hobbies that would put her into close contact with male suitors? Dancing would be one, but other than that? Someone help me out here. For males it’s really the same, they get told to raise their SMV by going to the gym but that’s really a solo activity and would fit in perfectly with ‘photography’ and listening to obscure music.

  20. I don’t agree with all the pseudo-libertarian bullshit some in the so called “manosphere” aka frustrated ex-PUA gurus espouse to cover up for their hatred of themselves which they project to women in the guise of hating feminism, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. His analysis of SCC is definitively spot on.

  21. Good stuff. I’ve noticed these types before also and wondered wtf. But my take is that these frozen types either took chances with sex and found it horrendous (as many gals do if they don’t find a gentle hand from the outset) or they got played in a way that made them shut down entirely. Fucking won’t pull the trick with these types – it would just make them burrow away further and faster. Like any dysfunctional the only hope for them is actual love, which is a rarer commodity than a 10 with brains and ambition and a fat bank account.

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  23. What about strategic celibacy? Example: I don’t have a supply problem. I’m a “cute” 7.5 by most standards and I matured very early. I have always got more male attention than I desired, sometimes from attractive males, sometimes not. I would talk with them as friends, probe and usually come up empty: I didn’t like them. Despite the attention, I stopped dating in my mid teens because I thought it was unrealistic and unfair to pretend I had interest in any of them. Remained a virgin. A few years later (17 at the time), I met a guy online. We got to know each other as friends, but I actually started getting close to him. When I realized he was exactly the sort of man I wanted, I went for it. Fortunately, he was also interested in a LTR and thought I might work as a wife. As friends we had already discussed pretty much everything about ourselves, so we already knew what the other wanted. We’re currently three years in, engaged, with zero hiccoughs. I’d say that celibacy paid off. Through abstaining and holding out, I finally met someone worth being with for a lifetime. Had I had sex younger, I would be regretting it now. Had I had sex with anyone but him, I’d be regretting it now. Sure, some guys were hot or esteemed by others and I was young. But ultimately I needed a husband and held out for one. [If I read this right, you held onto your virginity until 17yr old then got engaged and are currently 20/21? That’s hardly celibacy, you’ve still got >75% of your eggs. K.]

    • @K.
      Celibacy is abstaining from sex and sexual relationships for a certain amount of time. Whilst abstaining for a week and saying you’re celibate is a bit of a push, I’d say sticking it out and avoiding sex for 10 years after hundreds of advances counts. Hell, I even waited months before deciding if I liked him and several more of dating before I worked out whether I wanted to have sex with him. We’d sleep in the same bed, but I continued to abstain until I was certain I would marry him (no, I’m not sure exactly how he managed either). Not for religious reasons, just because I wanted a husband so badly I couldn’t bring myself to have sex with any man who wouldn’t take me as his. And yes, I got engaged whilst I was still fertile. That was also part of the idea. Get a good man by being a good woman and get him young enough so I can be hot for him for longer and give him all the kids he wants. Had I not found him whilst I was still fertile enough, I was pretty determined to stay celibate forever, as I understood few men can completely love a woman who is past her prime and those who do tend to be a little on the unlovable side themselves.

  24. Great post.

    Nevertheless, a small error occured right at the beginning of this post. You wrote the girl was ‘Slovenian’. In fact, if she moved to Bratislava and her name is Maritsa, then surely she isn’t Slovenian, but Slovakian.

    Reading these kind of posts always remind me how there isn’t a single country in the world where spinsters-in-the-making wouldn’t exist.

  25. This SCC phenomenon probably explains why most PUAs will avoid internet dating sites. Reading through the profiles, you come to realize that many 30+ age weapon are self-described SCCs but do not recognize themselves as such. Scan down to the response frequency and see “Replies selectively” or “Replies very selectively”, where the site statistics confirm her avoidance paradigm. Hitting the “Delete” button on a man’s message has all the benefits of male affirmation with none of the risks of actually meeting men in public.

    My target demographic is women aged 40 – 60, consequently with zero SMV, which is why I would bother scanning profiles of women this old. (I’m 52, and this has been my niche demo for 30 years.) The biggest tell is when they list their life priorities; children, career, church, busy lifestyle, etc., and you see they already pre-qualified themselves as having no time or logistics left for a man in their life. But they want a “good man” in their life, unlike their former husband(s) (because rarely are they single, never married), if they could only find a good man. I usually don’t bother messaging these women as just their response rate is worse than any daygame approach.

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