Tom Torero Guest Post – Male Sexual Market Value

January 23, 2014

Over a pint or two at the local pub, Krauser and I sketched out ideas for the components of Male Sexual Market Value (M-SMV) and how different types of Game (“Value Delivery Mechanisms”) make use of the different components.

I wanted to explore the concept of M-SMV components and delivery for a long time, as from my daygame coaching over the last four years it became clear that men were blissfully unaware of their SMV, how to maximise it and how to convey it in the most efficient manner. The endless debates about topics like “Do Looks Matter?” or “Daygame vs Night Game” reveal that men don’t understand the market in which they’re attempting to sell, or even what they’re meant to be selling and for what price.

I made a video explaining the different parts to this infographic, but the main point I wanted guys to take away from it was that we have the ability to change our M-SMV. A girl’s SMV is simply based on her age and looks, whereas we’ve got a whole host of components that we can display using different mechanisms.

If you want to make immediate improvements to your M-SMV, start with the Learned components and begin cold approaching (day or night) as an instant way to display that value. Focus on the “Male Polarity” elements to start with:

  • Lose weight and hit the gym
  • Revamp your wardrobe and get a masculine style (fitted, layered, dark colours)
  • Sort out your grooming (skin, hair, nails, breath, smell)
  • Work on your posture. Stop leaning in.
  • Talk slowly, deeply and powerfully
  • Hold solid eye contact
  • Smile with your eyes, not just your mouth

Improving these things but not cold approaching is like working on shooting an amazing film but then not showing it to anyone. Screening your movie (i.e. cold approaching) is key. For me the easiest, most efficient form of cold approach is direct daygame, where I polarise my viewers (girls) into “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe” without using money, status or just looks.


We’re lucky in that our M-SMV can be worked on and projected over a longer time frame. It’s in our hands to build it and sell it in a myriad of ways. In our M-SMV movie we’re not only the lead role, director and producer, but we’re the marketing and sales team involved in its release.


  1. Before learning about game and how to approach, I believed the false notion that I had to find someone to marry by 30 before my “time is up”. Learning about SMV has been one of the most rewarding parts of gaining this new knowledge. Though learning to approach and improve myself physically and emotionally was a challenge to overcome, in retrospect it involved pretty straightforward changes that yielded big rewards quickly, including relationships and encounters with women that I had rarely experienced. I’ve learned that my peak could be years away, depending how much effort I want to exert. Another important lesson I’ve learned is that many if not most desirable, western women, will have a profoundly skewed perception of value and even if you build yourself up to a high degree, she’ll be a shaky investment of your time.

  2. Feels like platitudes. I get what you’re saying Tom, but the graphic doesn’t convey it very well.

  3. “strengths” is misspelled in the 3rd wedge from the bottom. A pity to make such a pretty graphic and not proofread it.

  4. Great list of “male polarity”—leaning in…bad habit that takes effort to break.

  5. Would you agree it all comes down to 3 components: Physical development (fashion, grooming, hypertrophy, diet) Social Skills (game, relationship management, friends, family) and Lifestyle development (valuable career, interesting hobbies, manly skills). Do I overlook something?

    • Yeah, you missed the bigger point that you need a Value Delivery Mechanism otherwise it doesn’t matter how much SMV you have. And some of the components are more solid than others. Watch his video on it.

      • You mean to say Torero has a video specifically for Value Delivery Mechanism?
        Where can I find it?

      • Well, I included “game”, that is in itself the value delivery mechanism and it increases SMV because you are more valuable if you stimulate her emotionally and physically.

  6. the hustle is playing to your value strengths — such a great point. different types of “delivery” works for different men.

  7. Typo: you misspelled “slime” on the last bullet point.

  8. Am I right that Internet Dating and things like Tinder fall into “Good Looking Guy Game” and Ascribed components? Really good infographic, thanks Tom! [Yes. K.]

  9. I sometimes think these pro pua’s are way too analytic about things.

  10. Any of you ever start talking to a girl at night on the street then realize … she doesn’t pass the boner test? So, even if you were making good conversation or she was dressed superb, you leave ASAP?

    Sometimes, I think about the reverse case scenario. It humbles me.

  11. Very well done


    It seems “Ascribed” is what girls want when we say “Girls want the best DNA”

    “Ascribed” is most central, fundamental. It’s the dirty secret of PUA because it can’t be changed, so no one wants to pay too much attention to it

    The lucky ones are the guys with very good Ascribed credentials but so blue pill that their External and Value Delivery are all fucked up

    For example a latent Alpha marooned in youth and retooled into a Sigma

    Good Ascribed + solid improvement on External and Value Delivery = you really start to move. This is where you can dramatically improve your SMV in life

    There are many of these guys. A massive brainwashing project from the Cathedral since the 1960’s ( Heartiste – inverting Western Civ to take it over from the inside, an enemy within) is the culprit.

    Black is somehow white, night is sonehow day, women are men, the weak are strong, the outsiders become insiders, the losers become winners

    The big lie

  12. Do you believe there is a separate “relationship management skill” other than game mindsets and that you become a man other women want? Is staying the prize enough? I used to think relationship management is a different beast, that it’s about communication, emotional support etc. but maybe that’s not the case at all.

  13. I never quite got it when guys in their thirties would tell me how dating got easier as you got older.

    Now that i’m approaching 30 this year, i’m starting to see what they meant.

    Girls within your age bracket start giving your more IOI’s due to their decrease in sexual market value and desperation to find a man to latch onto and give birth. And the younger girls who are a lot more submissive due to the large age gap, which assumes authority and value.

    I had a date with a Polish girl last night and I was surprised at the change in dynamic, which I was normally used to. Despite her desperate attempt at shit testing and frame controlling me (bless her), I knew she was in the qualifying frame because she was constantly explaining herself to me and trying to win me over.

    I think a lot of this also comes from maturity having seen and experienced the dynamic countless times throughout your twenties and finally reaching a breaking point in your mentality where nothing easily impresses you.

    Overall, Tom’s theory is right. The fortunate thing is, this really isn’t hard to achieve for us guys in the community. There are simply far too many clueless guys out there (98% according to statistics) who aren’t doing what’s necessary to maximise their value. So we only really need to do just enough in order to stand out. It’s not as momentous a task as we think it is.

    • I agree. Apart from daygaming – which is kind of time consuming and probably the hardest part- working on your SMV is easy. Basic fashion and grooming, gym twice a week, decent diet, some interesting hobbies and experiences with friends, being driven in your work, unversally attractive masculine behaviours. You can go from zero to hero in a year if you truly focus on it.

  14. A chick told me that I have a cute grin (not a neg, but comfort validation) and dancing eyes (this is what you want chicks to see; you want to be mysterious and fun). I have dance game and it’s powerful. College-age hotties ask me to dance. Their involuntary responses (dilated pupils, halted breath followed by deep breath, cheeks flushing) show that they see me as HV. I’m old, bald, and overweight, lol, but I can dance and move them around and they love it. Yeah, my hands are all over them doing West Coast Swing and I move them with velocity. It’s very cool….

  15. Oh, I should add that one hottie initially refused to dance with me, then asked me to dance later after seeing me dance with multiple chicks in her herd. The herd had accepted me and she wanted to show that she also validated me. She danced with enthusiasm and lots of grins!

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