Prague Closure

August 1, 2014

I’ve been writing a lot this year. Not much has appeared on the blog but you can be sure I’ve been beavering away even more productively than prior years. Announcements will follow in due course, so here’s a little teaser:

By the end of summer, I will have published half a million words of pick-up advice in 2014 alone.

Mastery and Nitro are already out this year which combine to 225k, then my next two major releases will push it over the 500k mark. That’s why the blog has been going slow.

Right now I’m sitting in Starbucks in Prague thinking how best to summarise my past month and what I’ve learned. I think the key themes have been game-life balance and closure. I’d run amok in Russia and Serbia, racking up twelve notches in eight weeks with a very good younger-hotter-tighter composite. That proved to me that it’s all out there if I want it, and that the only limit is my own desire to crank the handle. So the first week in Prague felt weird. I had a Russian girl visiting and I just didn’t feel the pull of the street. It was odd. My forebrain wanted more notches but my hindbrain was tapped out. No sexual intent whatsoever.


So I decided to focus on my life stuff and just do one short number farm. The results are:

  • Fifty cold approaches over a five day period, all day game.
  • Three new lays ā€“ a 19yr old, 23yr old, and 24yr old.
  • Two new flags ā€“ Slovakia and Ukraine.
  • Two near misses. One girl was on my bed and the other wanked me off in a park. Both are on for a repeat visit.
  • I also had two rotation girls visit me for a few days each.

As recently as a year ago those would be phenomenal results for such a tiny outlay of effort. After the gluttony of Russian and Serbia it’s merely acceptable. How about non-game? I read four books. Three quick genre fiction paperbacks from favourite authors and one meglomania-inducing classic. Feels great to read a 800-page beast. I’m now going to have to read the rest of James Clavell’s Asian Saga.

Anabolism, yesterday

Anabolism, yesterday

I moved my new books considerably along the pipeline. The next big product is currently in final editing, perhaps a month from release. Right behind it is a 120k-word book also in final editing. Additionally I pulled the trigger to begin a new 120k book and started assembling the first draft of what I hope will be the best book of all (under wraps for now). So, the projects are ticking along.

What else? I strongly believe in enjoying leisure time. Not every moment has to be productive. That’s a trap for self-development junkies ā€“ too busy building themselves and not busy enough enjoying life. The goal is never to be awesome. It’s to be happy. Awesomeness helps but is subservient to happiness. Some of my most pleasurable Now moments are playing video games and watching TV. In this month:

  • Completed campaign modes of Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Metro Last Light
  • Watched entirety of Sons Of Anarchy seasons five and six.

I think I’ve probably found a nice game-life balance there. Three notches a month, occasional rotation-girl visits, tinker on the books, and play a shed-load of video games.


  1. The caveat for me is the quality of leisure time. I am not talking about manosphere standards of “only red pill hobbies” like fighting or bear hunting where games aren’t allowed. I really need just best movies and games, and even those get repetitive and drain me out if I’m not careful. Especially TV series make me dumb over time. The dose I need is pretty low but without it life is unnecessarily dull. Still finding balance for this, because I’m not yet at the point where games/movies are just a distraction between two girls visiting so the role of media in my life is different. Book consumption can be unlimited, but screen time is problematic for my life goals in general.

  2. krauser krauser is our man !!!! if he can’t do it know one can ,can’t wait for da story ,sounds great !!!!!

  3. Damn, you have great taste in fiction. You are also very lucky to have the whole Asian saga in front of you – Noble House and Shogun are both in my top 5 fiction books of all time. Enjoy!

    If you haven’t already check out Trevanian’s books at some stage, I expect you’d like them.

  4. lol I feel blessed that one of your lays in Prague was through the help of my trusty pen šŸ˜‰

    You did well mate, and had a great time day gaming with you.

    I think from what you’ve said, the 12 lays from Russia and Serbia may have likely worn you out and edged too far into the anabolic state.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You did great in comparison to most guys in the community.

    You highlighted an important point with regards to finding balance.

    There’s always a huge cost involved for acquiring huge notches over a short period of time. Finding that balance between work/life and game is paramount to keeping the vibe going.

    I’ll definitely be in Prague next year, so I hope to see you then šŸ™‚


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