Teasing girls on Facebook

August 4, 2014

Girls love defiant men. Once you’ve hooked her attention and triggered her interest in you, it’s time to ease off a little and make her do some work. This is the delicate balance of push-pull that denotes Universal Fractionation. Sometimes you’ll do it at the micro-level (e.g. letting your eyes wander a little during a conversation) while others it’s macro (e.g. not reading her FB messages for a week). It can’t be reliably prescribed because each situation is different and requires you to calibrate to the girl and to the moment.

So here’s an example of a girl I made out with in Serbia but couldn’t progress to getting her home. She’s hooked strong and we already did a late-night sex chat when she was drunk (and willing to send dirty photos). It’s in the bag for next time I see her, barring calamity. Nonetheless she keeps messaging me so I have to make sure I don’t overinvest nor let her wriggle off the hook through inattention. The fishing line must always be at optimum tension.

Sounds like the right time for teasing.

Stupid FB chat 1

Stupid FB chat 2

Readers of Daygame Mastery‘s text game section will recognise this as an example of Parody Brute, playfully agree/amplifying macho stereotypes to give the girl that warm thrill of indignation. Once she was chomping on the bit and squealing for a sex chat I transitioned with “what are you wearing?” and away we went….


  1. Actually, I feel like I should neg you every once in a while. You wanker

  2. Girls basically live their lives online. There really is very little difference between talking and chatting–except somehow chatting is easier because it’s less confrontational and a great way to break through shyness.

  3. lol Nice.

    I had a girl messaging me for a number of months trying to tease me into agreeing on a sex date with her, only to have her changing her mind at the very last minute. She did this a number of times, until I got pissed off with her and dropped her completely.

    She messages me again recently attempting to pull the same tactic. Wise to her game, I completely push her away by not thinking it’s a good idea to see her. Made her qualify herself sexually to the point of now wanting to meet up this week. Showed Nick the exchange recently.

    I guess the takeaway message is, refuse to give any girl complete validation. It’s to them what sex is to us.

    The example Nick gives is the exact behaviour to portray when communicating with them. You can of course ease off slightly post sex, but it’s still vitally important to maintain that air of mystery and defiance.

    We all need to earn what we receive at the end of the day.

    • @Onder “refuse to give any girl complete validation”….yes after you establish value and attraction OR….you have other options.

      You can’t next a girl you haven’t banged.

      The point is girls love texting…it’s something that fills their empty lives. My ex gf loved texting—-sending 20 texts a day. When I would back off, she would then amp up the sex. But also, I later discovered that after I eased off, she found another source of supply.

      It’s a delicate balance between expressing interest but not being her “bitch” or gay boyfriend.

  4. can someone please explain how to stop girls in the street. i’m talking about the yadstop, or jogging after them after they’ve walked passed you.

    i read nitro and it talks about doing the stop but doesn’t explain in detail. usually i just walk side by side with a girl i see, like turn as she walks passed and just match her pace as i open. works pretty well but you can’t always be switched on like that. i’ve missed loads of girls that i wasn’t able to run after

  5. True but it’s not always the case. If a girl gives you her number and texts you back, then she’s interested on some level.

    Sometimes, cutting off contact completely preserves your value.

    As was the case with this girl, who i’m now meeting up with this week.

  6. BTW i live in china, youtube (and other video hosting sites) is a pain in the ass to access, hence the questions about the gadstop

    oh, and your image hosting is blocked, too, Mr K. so, for example, the screenshots of conversations are not viewable without a little manipulization.

    • Run past the girl, swivel around once you’re a bit more than arms length away, throw your hand out – palm facing her – smile as wryly as the devil, Tom Cruise, or Mr. Torero would and then unleash your sexual charisma.


  7. hilarious. would use.

  8. Found a very fun model that hasn’t been mentioned in the manosphere yet.

    It’s the SCARF model, which says the brain seeks Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness. There’s a paper online and an excellent book (Your Brain at Work) on it, containing plenty of actionable advice (e.g. reappraisal, situation selection and labeling).

    The model is designed to increase workplace performance; e.g.
    (a) why do I hate work? you feel a threat to one of my SCARF modules
    (b) how to defuse conflicts? stop threatening the other person’s SCARF modules
    (c) how to reward people? find something that rewards the SCARF modules [1]

    The themes in the model seem like they overlay well with lots of game material (both external and internal), giving you a deeper understanding of what’s happening.

    [1] Note that there are other primary needs such as food and lust.

    • One thing I like about neuroscience based models (such as SCARF), is they ease the process of conceptualization.

      Conceptualization is the process of understanding models such that they change your worldview:
      (a) You gain an internal understanding of the model
      (b) You can quickly evaluate things in terms of the model
      (c) You can generate insights, decisions and actions based on the model

      In order to conceptualize, it is insufficient to know the model in linear (verbal) form. Instead:
      (a) You need to pick out patterns of the model (different levels and perspectives)
      (b) You need to mentally structure the patterns, making use of your brain’s pipelined visualization ability
      (c) You need to connect the structure to social (more generally, external) feedback, emotions and action

      I’m reminded of two heuristics by Taleb:
      (a) Don’t listen to a lecture someone couldn’t have given without preparation.
      (b) A good book is one that you keep by your bedside and read multiple times.

      Neuroscience models are nice because structure is embedded in the model! For example, the book mentions the brain has:
      (i) lateral regions associated with nonsocial cognitive tasks (art, intellect, …) and
      (ii) middle regions, associated with social skills (confidence, empathy, …)
      and that these develop based on how much you focus on each. (To those that understand “universal fractionation”– mentioned even in this blog post– it’s no surprise that the brain is highly fractionated.)

      Boom! We have structure. And now, for free, we get:
      (a) Humans are primarily social animals, and have lots of circuitry for it
      (b) Non-social circuitry has advantages in many things, so develop it (by reading, etc.)
      (c) Social circuitry has advantages for social things, and it’s life-essential to develop it (by getting compliance, etc.)
      (d) It’s important to learn to discretely switch between the two circuits, to maximize their development
      (e) It’s important to keep the two circuits in balance, and you may be able to get “wins” by connecting them

      Where have we seen the principles (b), (c) and (d) before? Yep: https://krauserpua.com/2013/07/13/daygame-and-compliance/

      And does (e) sound familiar? Absolutely.

      And we’re just scratching the surface! =D

  9. Run past the girl, swivel around once you’re a bit more than arms length away, throw your hand out – palm facing her – smile as wryly as the devil, Tom Cruise, or Mr. Torero would and then unleash your sexual charisma.


    is this for real? i’ve done stops before after the girl has walked past and given me the eye, but to do it to a girl who’s not even noticed me, walking past with her head down ….?

  10. Awesome post. Off topic, but..

    Krauser, how do you answer the “what are you looking for?” question by girls? I believe I’ve completely failed the last couple times I tried to answer this question (by trying to consider what they want to hear vs what I actually want to say).

  11. G: “what are you looking for?”
    M “i’m not looking for anything serious”
    G: “so you just wanna fuck me”
    M: “does that bother you?’
    G: welllllll ,,,,,

    works for me

    if the vibe is good hardly any girl will tell you she’s bothered that you find her attractive enough to want to fuck her. i tell girls “yes, i want to put my penis in your vagina/ cock in your pussy and fuck you hard and deep. does that bother you?

    i often ask first, too.

    M: “so you’re not seeing anyone in particular at the moment? what are you looking for”
    G: “bla bla bla bla”
    M: “put your number in my phone”

  12. Krauser (or anyone else who has the book), does Day Game Mastery cover, with examples, general teasing whether it’s on facebook or through text? [Yes. K.]

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