Nomadic Daygaming

July 30, 2014

Every aspiring daygamer learns a lot about scarcity and abundance as his journey progresses. In the beginning he feels a simple scarcity – “not fucking any hot birds right now” – and a simple abundance – “I’m learning how to drum up new leads”. Join these contrasting feelings and you explain fifty percent of a noob’s internal dialogue (approach anxiety is the other half). Over time the scarity/abundance balance shifts as both your expectations and successes rise. Now the scarcity is complex – “I’m not fucking as many hot birds as other daygamers” – and the abundance is too – “I’ll never lose the ability to generate new leads”.

That first smell of daygame pussy

That first smell of daygame pussy

This leads to a situation I called concealed scarcity (in Mastery), or Daygamer Guilt. You become so used to opening, so keen to accumulate notches at an every-faster rate, and so into the identity of being a player that you feel bad every time you don’t open. The emotional rollercoaster continues with it’s ups and downs. Just recently I’ve realised there’s an additional temporal layer to scarcity/abundance, as I’ve gone through three stages.

  1. London is a steady evergreen daygame city where you are guaranteed to find some solo 7s, any day of the year, if you walk along Oxford Street long enough. The problem comes in filtering all the pointless sets and the sheer grind of getting the girl through the model. Logistics are bad, there are many distractions, and girls are very flakey. The scarcity comes from how hard you have to work for each lay, and the abundance lies in knowing it’s always there if you’ll just do the work.
  2. Euro-jaunts add a time constraint. You’ll have your normal job-house-friends in the hometown and then pick a one/two week window to travel. The streets are awash with talent and the holiday vibe jacks your state. The abundance is obvious – hordes of hot girls – but the scarcity is bad too because they are harder to move from kiss to lay and everything has to happen in a hurry. Because before long Ryanair will rudely deposit you back in Shitsville.
  3. Nomad-living takes the best of both worlds. Once you’re roving Europe on month-long+ trips you get all the abundance of the Euro-jaunt and none of the time pressure. You’d think it’s the solution….. but no.

I’ve just complete three consecutive trips – a month in Russia, Serbia, Czech each – with short trips home in between. It’s been a lot of fun and has triggered a new series of inner game challenges. The main one is this:

Having spent the past five years in stages 1 and 2, I’ve trained myself to work hard, grind it out, and push fast. This is simply unnecessary for stage 3.

For three months my eyes have been roving constantly, my circuits fried by the sheer volume of hot girls walking past every minute of every day and knowing I just have to crank the handle to get the lays. The Great Daygame Sausage Machine will always provide so long as I put some elbow grease into cranking the handle and pouring in the slop. Currently it seems to function at 1 lay per 20 cold approaches.

Lately I’ve had to ask myself how many notches do I really want, and how hard am I going to work for it? Knowing that the lays are always out there, with a close to statistical certainty, I need to integrate it into my life pattern alongside everything else. The whispers of relentless notch-count hyena are still there but substantially reduced since I hit triple figure notches. I’m now mostly suffering from Pavlovian responses – I’ll be buried in reading a book when my RAS triggers to a denium shorts-clad ass walkng past and then my attention span is ruined.

Good luck maintaining focus

Good luck maintaining focus

So that was the plan for the month I’ve just completed in Prague: settle in an find a comfortable balance between chasing girls and feeling comfortable doing all those other things in life. A hard number-farm (and subsequent dates) is like a full-time job. It completely depletes you of energy for everything else, hollowing you out over time. Now that I’m spending more time in pussy paradise than outside of it, I have to manage that risk.

Learn how to daygame effectively by reading Daygame Nitro, available here.


  1. One in twenty still amazes me

    I can see how it might be torturous, too. Not that different from how everyday people drag their heels to a cubicle and labor away for a regular cash prize. Yes, money is nice; still, who would go to work everyday if they didn’t have to..

    Good luck finding your balance

  2. As Roosh always says, the natural progression of every player is towards mini-relationships with great girls.

  3. Coincidentally timed with a similarly themed post from Roosh:

  4. Nick,

    It’s amazing how many parallels you keep revealing between Game and Marketing

    Work on getting a reliable product a market segment wants and marry it to a reliable marketing system to get new leads – all you have to do is turn the crank for more money ( more pussy) Advertising or More Blogging

    AKA ” The Product is You – Your Value Properly Expressed + Reliable Marketing System – Execution of the Daygame Model)

  5. Krauser i admire your tenacity. Compared to you i am much easily frustrated and i have to fight to not take bad or even mediocre reactions personally. Brittle ego syndrome i guess…

    Kudos to you

  6. Krauser,
    Is the sexy brunette girl in the denim shorts with those alluring blue eyes above in the pic in Prague?

    Aren’t Czechs related to Poles-‘kinda like a Bavarian and Pole DNA blend?

    And most important-
    Do these young EE birds (16-24)like guys in their mid to late 30s?

    • Czech girls can be more pretty than Polish girls.

      And yes – if you are not a fat slob (sometimes even if you are) being in your late 30s is no hindrance in getting girls in their prime. While the number of entitled feminism-indoctrinated bitches is on the rise, you still find plenty of girls reacting favorably to an older man. 10-20 years older is not a problem, if you are in shape and have a youthful appearance.

      • I would have to agree. There is something slutty and edgy about Czech girls that I don’t find much in Polish girls. Czechs seem to love tattoos and have this slight mix of wholesome yet dirty look to them, which drives most guys crazy.

        You also won’t likely bump into any pornstars on the streets as Prague is known to be a Porn hub. One of my friends managed to get the number off an aspiring Pornstar in Prague recently.

  7. The question of how many notches is enough is one that men rarely had to deal with, before game and red pill knowledge became available. I don’t think our brains are equipped to deal with it rationally so we push ourselves until we burn up.

    I’ve found myself getting more lazy and spoilt lately, after a string of success. Yet another notch is only going to improve the quality of my life marginally so the ratio between investment and return has become unfavorable. As a result, my attention is drifting to improving other aspects of my life.

    At the same time, if is very comfortable to know that I can always go back to mining the pussy vein, when the desire strikes again (which it always does, eventually).

  8. Thanks in part to reading your book and in part to just pushing myself to game in a variety of different channels I’ve been increasing my own notch count. Two things happen: 1) I become more choosy about who I bang… 2) the question of “how much is enough” does plague me.

    This idea of “Am I missing out on something?” is a question that I wonder taps into my own issues and co-dependence. I now need to pause to think “Do I really want to do this because I want to prove to myself I can…or do I really want to bang this girl because I’m a man and that’s what I do?”

    The last chapter in your book could in fact be the first chapter in another book devoted entirely to this theme of developing inner game.

    I ran half marathons. Even in my mid-40’s I was able in 3 years to improve my time so that I was in the top 500 of the entire race. I then stopped. I continue running and my fitness regime but figured if this was the best I could ever do would trying this again with a slower time be a mental set back?

    I have a lot of personal projects and do push myself into raising the bar on whatever it is i’m doing. The “notch count” is one area.

    What I find is that it’s a personal goal Most guys I tell this stuff to are just dumb-founded that a guy in his late 40’s can be banging hot girls in their 20’s. There is a resentment: “Aren’t you ready to settle down?” etc etc.

    Looking forward to your next book.

  9. I think its the main reason why most men eventually end up opting out of the game and settling.
    You reach an age where you simply can no longer be bothered with asserting energy into something as mundane as a lay. Especially when you’re older when you begin valuing your time a lot more.
    I would guess thats why most guys in their later half end up switching focus from quantity to quality, having realised that regardless of the girl, the sex is all the same.

    • Or is it a compulsion that drives us to continue to keep from beta backsliding? It’s like a superpower…once you get it…you’re afraid to lose it.

      • There is an element of truth to that,
        I think unlike most skills. Daygame or seduction is a soft skill that is ingrained into all of us. So it’s not that you’ll lose it over time. Its just that the tools in the community has helped us tap it out of us.

  10. Hats off to Krauser. Thanks my friend. I’ve been a PUA for nine years. I’ve suffered from the delusion that something is wrong with me along the whole path of player lifestyle. The reason for this is because most of the big PUA’s who write all the books don’t tell the truth about how hard the PUA lifestyle can be sometimes. My numbers have consistently been 1 lay for every 40 approaches. The PUA’s in America make it sound like you should screw every girl that you approach or there is something wrong with you. I’ve labored under this delusion for the last nine years. I’m glad that you tell it like it is. Sometimes being a daygamer can be a lonely life without feedback from other PUA’s who have experienced the same things.

    Throughout the nine years of my experience I have learned to just enjoy the whole experience of pick up. I have had weeks in which it seemed as if every woman I’ve approached has wanted me there and now. Other weeks have been cold, like an icy grip on the town that won’t let up. I have learned to just enjoy the whole experience. What would I be doing if I wasn’t gaming women? I’d probably be watching porn and football wondering what was wrong with my life.
    I have also learned to integrate my personal pleasures into the pick up. For instance, I will enjoy the great weather, and the springtime blossoms on the trees, and the latest fresh snow. Yes, folks, you’re personal pleasures can be experienced while picking up on women. Sometimes when I’m picking up women I’ll stop and talk to people and just enjoy the day. It took me nine years to get to triple digit notches on the bedpost, but it was totally worth it. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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