Balls Deep – Book launch event in London

November 3, 2014

UPDATE: Balls Deep paperback is now on sale here. 408 pages of squalid daygame action and theory.

Even now I chuckle at the name of my new memoir. So, aside from being the satisfying end-state of a successful street pick-up, was else does Balls Deep mean?

Like most men in these parts I read Neil Strauss’s seminal book The Game and was hugely inspired. It seemed so sleazy, so underground and so…. plausible. A secret community of Pick Up Artists who had cracked the code for how a normal man can bang large numbers of hot girls. There were just a few problems:

  • The men were rather abnormal (well, subnormal)
  • There wasn’t much banging going on (I think there are three lay reports in the whole book)
  • The girls weren’t hot (when I finally saw Mystery’s “10” Katya, I was rather underwhelmed)
When I grow up I want to be just like you

When I grow up I want to be just like you

Anyway, luckily for me I didn’t see through the smoke and mirrors until I’d already become a daydream daygame believer. Flaws aside, Neil’s book set me on a path to which I’m eternally grateful to him for. So, The Game was his story and nicely mythologised the 2002-era Los Angeles scene. Ten years later Tom Torero did his version, giving a window into the 2012-era London scene. That’s not as well written as Neil’s but one thing it certainly isn’t lacking is lay reports with large numbers of hot girls.

I want in on that racket.

My books have a reputation for being high-falutin’ and theoretically dense, which is how I like it. However that’s not necessarily what the ravenous crowds want. They want blood, guts… and semen stains. Most readers really connect to two things:

  • Wild stories
  • Pain

Yes, what the punters really relate to is the journey. The endless grind on the streets, shuffling head-down hands in your pockets through driving rain, scanning the streets for a confused-looking tourist with a backpack and Pret sandwich. Then the sporadic victory stories when you manage to hustle her into a pub, get her tipsy and bundle her into a cab for the same day lay. They know the Magic Pill marketing happy talk is bullshit.

There's gotta be some $$$ in this racket

There’s gotta be some $$$ in this racket

Every reader of this blog knows the reality. Sometimes you hit extended periods of joy and exuberance, but usually the pattern is pain-pain-pain-euphoria-pain-pain over and over again. That’s what I wanted to convey in Balls Deep – the reality of getting through your first year or two. The period where you are full of hope and drive, but also lacking the reference experiences and skills to know you’ll get there in the end. Well, I got there in the end. And for me, those first two years were rough. Really, really rough. So I’m going to tell you all about it and walk you through the minutiae of how it feels to begin the daygame journey. And then the victory stories began to trickle through. And after that the true squalor and sleaziness.

As I looked back and wrote Balls Deep I was amazed at myself. Did I really start feeling up that girl’s tits on the street outside Zara three minutes after meeting her? Did I really walk that Russian catwalk model home in an hour? How on earth did I fail to escalate that Georgian dancer with the denium shorts and crop top? More than anything, I’m amazed that no matter how many days I returned home dejected and lead-less, I was back out again to jump back in front of the bus.

Chapter 1

Chapter 18

The Launch
I’m in London this weekend to film my new in-field product Daygame Overkill. Seeing as I’m in town, why not pimp out my new book too? So on Sunday I’ll hire a pub function room and host an early-afternoon launch event. Specifics aren’t confirmed yet but I’ll do a talk and probably get a fellow daygamer to do so too. I’ll have a pile of paperbacks to sell (and sign, should that turn you on). It’ll be informal, with plenty of time to hang out and chat over a beer. Maybe I’ll charge £5 cover, depends if the pub charges for the room.

Balls Deep will be £20. It’s 408 pages of filth, polished to the same standard as Mastery.

Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in (I) attending and (ii) a copy of the book. That’ll help me decide the venue size and how many copies to bring. I’ll announce details later this week.


  1. I take it after Sunday this will be available to buy on Lulu?

  2. from Sydney Australia 😊
    Hey krauser, you got some followers down under 😉 and big fan of your books mate, please let us know when the book is up on
    Rayyan Day [It’ll be announced on the blog soon. K.]

  3. I got monsieur Krauser’s book when he put out the teaser for 24 hours some weeks ago, and I read it within 3-4 days (like all the books that carry Nick’s name, it is a thorough, dense, word-heavy piece of work – not your average product filled with pictures and fluff-talk). It’s an important read for all us (wannabe) day-gamers because it conveys the OTHER side of all the success stories we mostly hear and watch on youtube. The book drips with blood and pain, introspection and reality checks. Yes, there are successful stories and pick-ups, but most of the book deals with the hardship, the transformation of a man, the realization of what the (daygame) matrix is, and being able to decipher the codes behind attraction. No easy-fix solutions / magic formulas here!

    I have to tip my hat to Krauser – it takes a lot of courage to write about your flaws, mistakes, pain, failures, etc. – but it is also very instructive because of the brutal honesty, that’s where the true value lies in this book.

    Thanks, Nick. [Thanks boss, I enjoyed reading that. I’m glad you liked the book. K.]

    • @Daniel. Great post. Very few people write about the struggles or inner turmoil amid the notch count and successes. Too often in these blogs, we only see the successes and these guys make it look easy while I personally struggle through a lot of it. Then I read Krauser’s stuff and understand that the struggles and inner turmoil are all part of the transformation from Blue Pill to Red Pill. The only “Happily ever after” is the one we create for ourselves not the one that magically happens. Would love to see more excerpts or serialization or concepts put out on this blog. I love the field reports.

  4. I would be interested in attending and would like to buy the book. Would also bring a friend.

  5. Nick,

    How much of the book is ghost-written? Or did you change your mind and decide to write the whole thing yourself? [Started by experimenting with a ghost writer then changed tack and wrote it all myself. K.]

  6. Hi Krauser,

    I agree with what you are saying about being underwhelmed with many of these so called 10’s that are touted as an example of what one can achieve from learning pickup. One of the biggest tricksters with this is David DeAngelo. With all of his talk about gaming 9’s and 10’s, he couldn’t even marry a woman more attractive that he was. The best I would give her is a 5. David is a 5 himself, so where is the game in that? Like you where saying, true game is pulling a women at least 1 or 2 points above you in looks, and younger. To his credit, Neil Strauss did that with his girlfriend. She’s a 7 and he’s a low 5. Now that’s what game is about. Guys should understand that masturbating to 9’s and 10’s on the internet is nowhere near the same as putting your balls on the line and going out there to meet women in a grounded, confident, and convincing manner. As Mark Manson said in his great book “Models,” you have to go through a pain period before you can reap the full benefits of pickup. People don’t want to do that. Maybe your book will prove to be a helpful guide through the painful spots. -Craig

  7. Sometime back you said that Thai-men were effeminate except for those in Muay Thai. It seemed you were trying to imply that British men were somehow less effeminate or at least more masculine.

    But common, next door thai civilians are fighting back against Islamic terror by conducting massacres in Mosques and blowing up muslims sky high in their homes. I have yet to see masculine Brits take up arms against Islam.

    Thai Guys with effeminate voices are wielding guns and blowing shit up. Being a man is not all about show, bluff and bluster. It is the ability to stand up when it counts. This the thais have done and the Brits have not.

    See this video of uoutube about the heroic Thai Counter Jihad and weep.

  8. First of all, congratulations Krauser. I am reading your blog since the beginning actually so I know how you have passed from a hell road.
    Secondly, even you have written many books in these days I am sure that many followers of your blog started to miss your old blog style. I mean, before we were reading and seeing how a life can be change while reading your writings and field reports. Unfortunately, since the last 6-7 onts, there is no field report. Yeah advertisement for your book and also som wise writings are cool too but ı strongly believe that you gotta continue to share your wisdom by your blog via your field reports as you have done before.
    Thanks. [Thanks, but ultimately this is my income now. I’m writing more content now, and higher quality. The difference is I’m charging for it. K.]

  9. Krauser,

    I just found your next EURO JAUNT destination:

    But seriously, I would be very interested in your Meta thoughts at some point
    about the larger truths alleged.

    Obliquely, of course – perhaps in another post

  10. Hey krauser what was your total number of serb girls you had ? [Dunno, about 14, I think. K.]

  11. Looks like a good read. Pain, pain, pain, euphoria, this is the salesman’s life, anyone telling you otherwise is selling you a dream. Found your site a few months ago, great stuff here, some of the best day game material I’ve read.

  12. can I rock up to the event and just grab the book and leave? [So long as you plan on leaving the cash, yes. If it’s a heist, no. K.]

  13. I fancy the book. Like Geoff Thompson (“Watch your back’) guys who’ve successfully confronted their fears are rare and worth learning from.

  14. Nick Krauser: have you confirmed Sunday’s book pimping day? I would love to attend, buy & get an autograph too^^

  15. Here is my write up of ‘balls deep’.

    This book is an account of the first few years of Krauser’s PUA journey from “zero to hero”.

    I think the book is good because:

    It’s well written so it’s very enjoyable to read. Everything is nice and concise and theres’s great visual storytelling, with funny Krauser-isms like “I coveted her like a jihadii covets his luton semi”. Basically it’s not boring, waffling, self-indulgent, stream of conscious stuff, it is actually worth paying money for.

    It’s honest, real and open, and there’s no trying to sell you a quick fix fantasy. Krauser is very open about his own weaknesses and limitations and the hard work, the ups and downs, he goes through to improve himself and his life.

    It will help you with ‘inner game’. If you’re into game, then you probably have some deep ‘inner game’ issues that need fixing. Reading an honest, no BS account of how Krauser went about this will help you get started working on your own limitations and will keep you motivated to carry on through the failures so you can ultimately enjoy the successes.

    It will help you with ‘outer game’. If you’re a newbie you probably think you don’t need to go out 10+ hours a week approaching for 2 years, but the truth is you do have to put in the hours and do the ‘grind’. The book is very frank about this, but it also shows the amazing adventures and experiences awaiting those willing to put in the effort.

    In summary the book is both good entertainment and good learning, the main thing to take away is Krauser faced his problems and achieved his goals by taking massive action, and by reading about his journey it should inspire you to take action and improve your life. So if you don’t like a dry, abstract theory but you do get motivated to act by seeing how someone you can relate succeeds then this is the book for you.

  16. Will you be releasing a digital version of this book? I’d love to be able to read it on kindle even if I have to convert to kindle format myself. I’ll happily pay paperback price for a digital copy. [Yes. Probably early next year. K.]

  17. HI krauser,

    I have been following your blog since 2011 (woah almost 3 years!)

    Great information, I just ordered daygame mastery and balls deep after a chat with one of my old friends. We rekindled in facebook and am amazed the word pua came up in the conversation. He has not been laid. This is a surprise.. Hes probably not reading krauser or roosh v! Lol.

    Next year is now and I cannot wait until daygame mastery or your memoir arrive. Sometime next week.

    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving. [Thanks boss. Let me know what you think of the books. K.]

  18. Hi
    I just ordered your book.don’t know how long it will take to reach, can’t wait to read it

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