Winter Hibernation

November 18, 2014

I’m pretty damn sick of game and travel now. It’s been one hell of a year, and yet again the current year was an improvement on the prior year – for the fifth straight year. Life is great, I’m just worn out. I need to do all those things normal people do – hobbies, reading, sleeping in late, hitting the gym. So, I’m not sure what will happen with the blog for the remainder of 2014. I’m putting a lot of energy into editing Daygame Overkill and that’s killing me. There are also a few books in the pipeline.

My goal was to make 2014 the year of great products, and then resume normal blogging and gaming in 2015. That’s still the plan. So I’m hoping to get these last few products into a good enough state by New Year that I can just tinker around with them at my leisure in 2015 and still get a decent release schedule. We shall see.

Don’t expect to see any +1s for a while. I’m not opening, texting, or long gaming any girls. I had 23 new girls in 2014 and another 8 repeats. That’s quite enough, thanks.


  1. I was wondering where you went!

    Balls deep is on my Christmas list. Enjoy your break. [Thanks boss. K.]

  2. Bro tip. Do some of your working out in the cold. Itll boost your T levels and helps with concentration. [My local gym has no heating, so I don’t think I’ll have a choice in the matter. K.]

  3. Enjoy your well earned rest Krauser. And thank for all your brilliant articles. I know it’s an old one, but I’m starting to apply some of the principles you suggested in your “Reality Weaving” article to my life and it just helps to make everything so clear and congruent.

    Will be ordering Balls Deep at the end of November. Again, thank you. [Thanks boss. K.]

  4. DayGame Mastery provided an EPIC change in my game. The follow-up Primal Seduction is a great companion and provided lots of other insights on how to improve inner game. I banged 11 girls this year and achieved my own personal goal of regularly banging a 23 year old. Now that I know all these women are within my grasp it’s time to assess next steps. You have your various writing projects I also have personal projects which drained me. I’m thinking of taking a break but my biggest fear is that by taking a break I’ll become irrelevant in the marketplace by being out of it. You have to be in it to win it…still grappling. [Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on a solid year’s results. K.]

  5. Your earlier posts, where you screwed up a lot, are actually very inspirational. feels good to know i’m not the only one making similar mistakes, and comparing where you are now, it’s motivating to know better results are down the road.

    Looking forward to daygame overkill – any idea when it might be out? I’m terrible at r-selection based pick up, and need to focus in 2015.


  6. Do you have more posts from before September 2009?

    • No that’s when he started haha, just reviewed Balls Deep on our blog mate, really enjoyed it.

      • Here’s a quote from his September 20th, 2009 post, the earliest one on the blog. “I’m getting lots of messages from HB7 Spain (her of the LJBF’d post months ago) and I consider going to Chinatown on her invite but decide against it.” So it’s not when he started, but for some reason they are no longer available.

  7. What’s it cost to live and game per month in £ in most EE citites?

    Overall, are the birds in EE worth the short term relocation?

    Lastly, which couple of EE cities have been your favorites?

    Prague and Kiev are looking worth a go for me… [Any shirts you need ironing as well? K.]

  8. Is Daygame Overkill still on track to be launched before 2015 or has it been postponed? [That really depends if I download the Dark Souls 2 DLC. K.]

    • Not even sure how to respond to that….you really must be burnt out. Enjoy your time of rest and I’ll be ready to buy this once it’s out. [Thanks boss. FWIW I hope to release Overkill before Xmas. K.]

  9. Assuming this doesn’t come out of your pocket, which I doubt it does, you might want to advertise lulu is having a 35% off sale with code WQT32 until 3 December. That might mean a lot more sales for you. Best of luck. [Good spot. Lulu codes don’t come out of my pocket. K.]

  10. — Im pretty damn sick of game and travel now.
    — I’m just worn out. I need to do all those things normal people do –
    — hobbies, reading, sleeping in late, hitting the gym.

    That’s the downside of game (and daygame in particular), as Heartiste once mentioned in passing: it requires investing a lot of energy (both spiritual and material).

    It is all because most women are selective and only get dripping for men who are players who can get laid with many other women.
    As mentioned before it is because their instinct drives them to want sons who screw around a lot and thus spread their mother’s genes fast and wide.

    But men ideally are not just vehicles for spreading their mother’s genes around by pumping and dumping other mothers’ daughters; men however strange this may sound to most women consider themselves as people with their own goals and preferences.

    Sometimes as Krauser has discovered they need to stop being driven by women’s reproductive instincts and do their own stuff, have their own lives.

    It is a difficult balance, but there must be a balance.

  11. This blog for me is like seeing a maglev train in the distance, going its direction, with its schedule, but definitely the same brand on which I do my travel. 😉 Hibernation can have many forms. For Nietzsche also war and mayhem were a form of winter for arts and intellect, after which they were reborn with stronger life. And game is an art. ))

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