The Street Seducer

December 1, 2014

Lest any of you think the tumbleweed blowing across the empty streets of my blog is a sign that I’m being lazy…… here’s a short teaser of the upcoming Daygame Overkill.


  1. Great teaser Nick. Love the crime caper vibe. Wishing you much success with the final product.

  2. The heart of an artist, no doubt.

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  4. Excellent work, those downvoting haters need fucking off [Proof that YouTube isn’t a good outlet for high-level products. K.]

  5. Damn, Pussy Galore is not featured! What went wrong?

  6. Love the Tarantino feel 😉 [Thanks. K.]

  7. Someone went full retard on the editing software here – heh.
    But it looks good – fresh and more fun than the boring home-made-porn-style infields that everyone produces. [Precisely. I don’t see why a PUA video has to be cookie-cutter format. The bulk of the product is quite visually restrained but might as well give it some character in the intros. K.]

  8. Looks like another killer product.

    Can’t wait- Sigma Wolf is like a Rosetta Stone that translates actual DayGame seduction into english.

    Sorry I haven’t “reviewed” any of your books. it’s been difficult to formulate the experiences I’ve had into words implementing your theories with the massive action, reflection, tweaking on my end. Thank you for a worth-wild year. I tell other DGers about your books/blog. [Thanks boss. Once you do put it into words, let me know. K.]

  9. Fucking classy, in a let’s-have-all the-effects-on-the-menu-since-we’ve-paid-for-them way.

    I can remember when there was only flipcharts.

  10. {Long time reader, first time poster} – That was fucking excellent!! Spreading the word here in Melbourne!

  11. Well done. Looking forward to more. You’re on a roll. Enjoy it. I bought Balls Deep and I eagerly await its arrival in the mailbox.

  12. Is this your post at SlutHate exposing an actress in a video?

    If so, congratulations on having integrity to use your real handle. If not, then you have an imposter. [Thanks for the spot. It’s an imposter, some hater on the LSS created a few fake accounts pretending to me. It gives you an idea of their moral calibre. Tom is legit, I’ve seen it many times with my own eyes. K.]

    • Too bad about the impersonation. Isn’t it a shame that Tom is faking videos and deleting discussion on his forum? It reminds me of Good Looking Loser. [Tom has no control over now. The poster was obviously a dishonest fabricating piece of shit, as evidenced by him faking my name to post it. An honest and inquisitive mind wouldn’t have impersonated me. K.]

      • I agree the “Krauserpua” impersonator is dishonest, but the video evidence seems incontrovertible. [Yosha] said [Torero] hired the actress. Regardless, it reflects badly on everyone. [I just noticed you slipped real surnames into this comment. I’ve now marked you as a PUAhater until further notice. Any whining, accusations or other PUAhater shit in future comments and you’ll be immediately banned. K.]

  13. nice. james bond intro type vibe

  14. When in the public eye on should be “Beyond reproach like Caesar’s wife”
    Nick,Pua hate losers aside, (nobody takes those idiots seriously) there seems to be pretty damning evidence that Tom Torero paid an actress to do that video.
    Tom Torero owes it to all his customers/clients to explain himself, come clean about this and own it FAST.
    Doing a Julian RSD and hoping the controversy blows over while his credibility goes to shit, just doesn’t cut the mustard.
    “Beyond reproach like Caesar’s wife”
    Over to you TomTorero.

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