Daygame Overkill – live event in London

October 24, 2014

UPDATE – All seats are booked now.

Yes, you read that right. The euro-jaunt season is drawing to a close and I’m packing my suitcase and heading home to England for a while. London has always been my spiritual (daygame) home and there’s a great community of guys hitting the streets on a regular basis.

What better place to unveil my new in-field product?

I’m sure a few of you just spluttered your tea over your laptop screen. Yes, after two years of steadfastly refusing to shoot infields I actually decided to take Daygame Mastery the next step and show the model in action. And I mean real r-selection daygame. None of that showboating YouTube shit.

Set 15

It all happened when I was trying (and failing) to sleep on the motorway bus from Belgrade to Zagreb. I’d had a shitty time because a complicated wisdom-tooth extraction had left me with constant pain for three weeks. Zero vibe, bad luck. Fuck my luck. So while the sun was shining and the Yugoslav countryside whizzed by I could feel the painkillers kick in and the new town promised new adventure. My mate Bojangles was flying in to meet me. Obviously I had a number-farm coming up. New town, new adventure.

So why not film the whole number farm? If I could just persuade Bojangles to hold the camera, I could mic up and capture the whole thing. Then I’d pick the most useful videos to teach from. Let the world’s daygamers see how the new improved London Daygame Model looks.

Daygame Overkill slide

You’ll be surprised. It is very different to the stuff currently out there.

Sure, at first blush it looks the same. There’s the street stop (usually), the push-pull opener, the vibing phase, progressively slipping into investment, and of course lots of comparisons to small furry animals. But look again – the subtleties are all different. And once they are pointed out to you, you’ll realise why 95% of YouTube infields are dogshit.

I’ve got 25 infield videos on my laptop. Ten of them are goldmines for explaining the model in precise detail and letting you see it moment-by-moment. This isn’t flash game – I didn’t go for street kiss closes, nor did I stop girls riding unicycles. This was straightforward daygame-to-get-laid.

And get laid I did. On my second day with a twenty year old student. Then a blowjob off a nineteen year old virgin on my third day. I’ll prove I’m not bullshitting in the same way I always have (heh!). I’ll explain exactly why it was those two girls who went for it fast. You can see it in the subtleties during the infields and text messages.

Set 7

I’ll prove these weren’t worthless flakey numbers (well, some were but I’ll explain the difference between what stuck and what disappeared into vapour – that’s part of the point of capturing the videos in the first place). So, this is the deal

Saturday 8th November in Central London I will host a live seminar in a function room. There’ll be a big screen to display the in-field videos and related instructional slides. There’ll be a cameraman taping it for an upcoming video release. This will be a hyper-detailed analysis. No vague ideas, no rushed gibberish, no sitting on a couch waffling, no generic PUA concepts you’ve heard a million times before. It will be theoretically-solid. I think it’ll last about eight hours. Admission will be for fifteen people. It’ll cost £50 for the day (50% deposit in advance). And for that princely sum you’ll see this programme:

  • Ten infield videos of mine, all new (shot beginning of October) for this product
  • Full analysis and breakdown of all the subtleties and nuances so you know exactly what you’re seeing and why it’s happening
  • A theoretical exposition of r-selected daygame and why it should replace the current k-selection most guys are learning.
  • How to recognise if a girl is Yes, Maybe or No using live infield examples
  • Question and answer session after every infield
  • Bonus for live attendees only – A video walkthrough of beating LMR.

Event registration is now closed.

Set 11

I’m pretty excited about this. Daygame Mastery is about to come to life!


  1. why such a low price point you could easily charge more? very generous

  2. That’s what I thought too. Maybe an error and it should be 500 quid – the more fitting price for an 8 hour seminar.

  3. Sounds good wish I lived in London. Any chance of a link for Balls Deep? [It’ll be released soon. Just got a few tech issues to sort out. K.]

  4. Have you ever thought about having secret society meet-ups? I have been day gaming all summer and haven’t noticed any other guys on the streets (I do avoid the west end on weekends, so that might be why). Would be good to become familiar with other guys in the community.

    • By that I mean actual experienced guys… I have seen quite a few cringe worthy yad stops but its a different breed to the pros.

    • @Mag what my big learning of the year has been is the “R-Selected Game”. I hadn’t even thought of this 4 years ago when I first got into game.

      The idea initially was game girls, bang them….then kind of disappear.

      Now this idea of “R-selected” vs k-selected has made a huge difference. Women get this. They will bang a guy and then go out with another guy for a longer-term relationship.

      Yesterday, a girl I gamed a few weeks ago, made out with, who sent me sexy photos of herself and sexy texts….shows up at a party with a clearly beta gomer who is her “boyfriend”…except when she saw me….she quickly made the body-language as non-sexual as possible.

      I danced with her and immediately the shit-tests appeared and I gamed her hard. I said to her: “here’s how it’s going to play out…you still owe me drinks from the last time, so we’re leaving here and then I may take you into a stairwell and….” Her response was interesting. It wasn’t “I’m here with my boyfriend…” It was “I can’t I have to work early tomorrow.”


  5. You’re in for a real treat lads, one of a kind product

  6. Nick,

    What do you think of Andy Yosha’s “Geek Get Girl” product he released recently? He filmed 57 videos and number closed 23 of them. Many of them were pro models. It was during Fashion Week in NYC. Its implied that he banged at least a few of them. He’s charging 97 US for that. I was thinking of getting it but now I’m wondering if it was traditional daygame or if it was the R-select version. From the promos I do find it impressive that he was able to close girls who were 6 feet tall and seemingly gorgeous.

    Lastly does R-select daygame give you an advantage with the hotter girls over the milder version? What I’m getting at is, I’m guessing that women in general and hot women in particular rarely if ever have such skilled sexual intent thrown at them during the day. I’m sure it makes you stand out even more so than just using the traditional Yad Stop. [I was interested to see it, so I bought a copy. Andy gets a lot of undeserved haters about his daygame ability – he’s actually pretty good at it. I’ve been out with him a couple of times and heard the word on the street too. Don’t get too excited about number closes – doesn’t mean much. You’ll have to ask him who he fucked, I don’t know. One reason I’m doing Overkill is so guys know what they are seeing with infields because seeing a guy take a number means so little unless you can spot the nuances. I won’t give my opinion on GeekGetGirl except to say it’s more or less what it says in the preview – an unfiltered look at 57 sets with some light analysis from Andy and Martin sitting on a sofa. Overkill will be pretty different. K.]

    • Andy Yosha is quite a good-looking guy – above average among PUAs. He should be aiming for girls in the 8-9 range.

      Recently I talked with a very good looking Natural and friend of mine – told him, that his pulling of 5s and 6s is as if I was pulling 4s and 5s or lower. He should focus on 8s and 9s with the occasional 7.

      However – what Andy Yosha’s r-selected optimized Game has to do with GEEK GET GIRL beats me. It does not matter if he was a geek once – he certainly does not come across that way right now. Another point – NYC is notoriously easy for n-close, another matter is his flake rate and the f-close cut. Not invalidating his Game level here – he comes across as solid. [Andy has a good face and great style. He’s balding and a bit short so I wouldn’t say he can simply rely on his looks – he needs game to get the 8s. Glad I’m not the only one to notice he’s pushing an r-selection vibe. There’s no geek in the 2014 street version of Andy. K.]

  7. The upcomig video release: will be uploaded to youtbe or to dvd?

  8. That £50 has to be a typo. What is that, like $75-80 USD? Wait, you’ll be recording event and selling that. Fuck, I admire that business mindset. First pic doesn’t really look like you, btw. [Yeah, it’s cheap. I try to do that for the London guys once in a while, plus yes I’ll be selling the final thing. K.]

    • If I was in London i’d go. the most fascinating part of this would be the q/a part. I know i’d have a series of questions on some of the thinking and details of these sets you present. Any chance you could do something like that with a video on this blog?

  9. I’m unfortunately going to be working on that day, otherwise I’d be along in heartbeat. I look forward to the final product. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an infield daygame product for a while now.

  10. I went to the live event, so here is a write up if anyone is interested.

    The first part was a summary of theory and the reasons behind the event. From what I remember it covered:

    >latest trend in game is ‘infield clips’ on youtube, but they are basically all crap.
    It’s entertainer monkeys forcing girls to give up their number.
    Getting a phone number off a stranger does not mean anything, if you harass people they will give you the number just to get rid of you.
    Anyone who has done a few approaches knows getting a phone number is nothing.
    These clips are ‘entertainment’ their purpose is to get subscribers, not to teach you how to get laid.
    Also there might be clips of ‘pulling’ the girl but if the girls are not hotter/younger/tighter and it’s not happening on a regular basis then it’s not really game.

    >Real game is not fancy or flashy but it is sexual, having a sexual vibe during the approach is key and if you don’t already have it then you really need to see it in action to ‘get it’. It’s based on ‘pushing and pulling’, which is really hard to explain without seeing it in action.

    > We covered the whole r-selected / k-selected, lover/provider, ‘dual mating strategy’ etc.. that explains why creating a sexual vibe is an absolute necessity.

    >Old model of daygame places too much emphasis on what you say rather than how you say it.
    so guys think they are being ‘direct’ by giving the compliment. But if it’s delivered in a comfortable, friendly, non sexual vibe then it is not going to get you laid. Alternatively you can say anything with a r-selected sexual vibe and if the girl is receptive you will get laid.

    So the product is based on showing how Krauser creates an r-selected, sexual vibe with ‘push/pull’ and by watching his approaches and having him break it down and highlighting the subtleties going on you too can learn how to implement this into your game and move from getting numbers to actually getting laid.

    Krauser also showed us a load of photos of recent lays, these were NSWF before/during/after pics and by any standard all the girls were hotter/younger/tighter. So the proof was undeniable.

    Next part was the infields. We saw a bunch of different clips with Krauser breaking them down and explaining what was going on.

    From what I remember we saw:

    How ‘normal and boring’ pickup looks to an outsider watching.

    How creating a sexual vibe is not some over the top, explicit thing, but is actually very subtle, it’s just as much what you don’t do than what you actually do.

    How to pay attention to the subtle reactions from the girl. It will tell you if she is yes/no/maybe and you can adjust your approach accordingly.

    How to pay attention to the subtleties of how ‘engaged’ the girl is you can get yes girls who are not engaged, a newbie might mistake this for a no girl, and there might be no girls who are very receptive to your approach and the newbie would mistake this for a yes girl.

    We saw him handle yes/no/maybe girls, and the analysis was priceless, you wouldn’t really pick up on the subtleties with each girl with out them being pointed out.

    Also I remember there were some good metaphors used such as game is like fishing: you need to reel and release = pull and push. too much sexual is as bad as too little, you need to calibrate and balance it. Also game is like poker you need to lose small and win big, so being able to spot yes/no maybe is key. Win big with yes girls, lose small with no girls.

    We finished with a clip of a girl back at Krauser’s place and how he smoothly escalates to sex, ending up with us basically watching porn.

    Overall top quality product. Newbies could save years of hard work, and intermediates should be able to get much more consistent results if they put in the effort to implement what is being taught here.

    I personally realised I was not doing enough to create a sexual vibe in the approach. Even though I thought I was being direct I was still being too comfortable and friendly which explained why my results were not as consistent. Also being able to spot the subtle yes/no/maybe indicators is gold, I’m not going to waste time/effort on no girls and I’m not going to miss out on yes/maybe girls and lay them quicker. [Thanks a lot for the write-up! I’m glad it worked out for you. Any other attendees reading this, would appreciate your feedback. K.]

  11. I have never used game products but I like infields because they motivate me to get out there. I quite enjoyed Andys although I got bored half-way through. FYI I really don’t want to see any before and after pics or any of that filming in the bedroom shit. I’ll take your word that you smashed it. If I want to get off on porn I’ll go to the appropriate website. Looking forward to it. P.s. Please edit a non-gay version.

  12. I attened the seminar but I can’t remember anything you said, can someone please recap what Krauser said? I was too scared the authorities will arrest us for this kind of anti social gathering which entails tricking women into our love dens. I was too scared and too horny to understand what was said all I remember is an LMR video which made me cum in my pants and then I sneaked out at the end. This is true and some joke. [I have no idea why you wrote this, but it’s funny so I’ll approve it. K.]

    • Ok, I understand, we have to keep it hush hush, its the secret society. Approached a women today at the bus stop and told her she looks like a bitch could’nt use the ninja flamingo line that one is yours, but she kicked me in the dick, I don’t think I got the hang of this but she had the hang of it and kicked me right in the hang.

  13. I tried this one last chance today, walked up to a women wearing the full Burka and remembered the ninja flamingo line, so i said hey girl you look like a ninja! before I could say flamingo this straping fella punched me in the face and sent me 10 feet back and onto my arse, he must have been her husband. It was my fault so I didn’t complain, but anyway the women then kicked me in the balls, and said “I wear this out of my own choice” and I thought to myself why is everyone kicking me in the balls these days. The fella then said get lost you dog, so I thought to me sen, how come these guys know about the bitch incident from yesterday, is that why she kicked me in the balls? is bad social behaviour perpetuating other bad behaviour? anyway, I mustered all my strength and stood to my feet and gave them a piece of my mind “I know you are psychic” I shouted, and then ran off. This daygame shit is not working, so Krauser give me a free copy of your new product DayKiller, I put my balls on the line for this daygame industry, and I know you want your students to succeed at this game. [Ok that’s enough. It’s fine to drop the occasional bat-shit crazy post for lulz, but let’s not overdo it. K.]

  14. Read Daygame Mastery, is it not contradictory to take a women to an alcoholic location in venue changes, in the sense that in Daygame we are trying to avoid night game? Also if we are trying to create rapport and create the illusion that we know the women then would it not be better to change threads of conversation more than stick to one thread as advised in the book, because freinds usually dont stick to one subject for to long usually, (they do but stranger usually do it out of necessity)?

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