Daygame’s Urban Jungle

August 29, 2014

While I busy myself putting the final spit and polish on the new Sigma Wolf blockbuster 400+ page textbook, I thought it prudent to start cranking up the pre-release hype machine for your viewing pleasure. Here I am sitting out in a fine Central European capital sipping lemonade by the river and expounding on some mental masturbation profound meta-theoretical issues.  The topic for today is how your meta-level concept for how society works will either help or hinder your ability to sniff out opportunities to score women.

Thank God I got the book done, because I’ve just bought Dark Souls 2 so that’s the next three weeks of my life booked up.


  1. I was recently at a summer sport course. It was like a museum of human behaviour. You’d see “good” girls with boyfriends, kissing with random guys at the dancefloors, there was a guy just going around super direct telling girls his room number and that he’d like to have sex with them – with solid success, some girls were hunting for new boyfriends, gossiping about that weird and unacceptable player guy – they had a hard time hiding that they’d in fact like him to target them, some guys used their seniority (being tutors etc.) to get laid, many people were just on the sidelines, oblivious and incompetent or, in case of girls, ugly and fat…there were about 3 “players” of different styles – natural bad boy, spam direct machine etc. but all got results and massive interest because the ratio was about 8:2 for women. You could clearly see social proof working as well, when beautiful girls introduced themseves to me when they saw girls around me, or when I was recommended…also, what I noticed is that I was almost 100% picked by teachers for helping, like taking boats, nets, when they needed “the strong guy” which is not completely innacurate but the probably reacted based on social dominance and body language rather than pure strength because some guys were way better built. Also, I was often picked as the team captain in sports. When you observe, you are calibrated rather quickly, and your game can become way more subtle and reliable. Recently I became able to spot very slight IOI’s with high accuracy…

  2. Too much is made of the evils of “parasitism. ” The class of people running the Western world right now are essentially parasites. That tells you something

    Nietzsche : ‘Life is essentially acquisition, appropriation, injury, conquest’

    More ridiculous is the meme of “Giving Value. ” The generation of Millenials in their twenties ( and the equivalent in UK) spout this tag line constantly. Why – because they have been well-indoctrinated by the Cathedral to be docile slaves that will exterminate themselves out of existence. As a marketing consultant recently said, ‘Well this generation has a lot of flaws. They lack work ethic , are too entitled, will not have the earning power of their parents. But their strength is that they respect diversity and are very tolerant of differences and sexual orientation.’

    Their one strength. Imagine if someone said this about you . Marketing consultant will not lie , they are paid to figure out exactly what a demographic is about . This is basically the sum of the Millenials.

    Well-indoctrinated feckless sheep for the PC machine heading off to a slaughter. A good result if your goal is to dismantle white male capitalist civilization. Not exactly the makings of a ‘Greatest Generation’ who survived a Depression, fought World War II and then in the 50s built the greatest economic surplus machine the world ever saw.

    Sure it is nice and perhaps mandatory to give some kind of “Value.” Make it a side effect to “Getting ” however. The short route to “Getting” is “Taking”, not necessarily “Giving Value.” Don’t get obsessed with “Giving Value” it will take care of itself if you are high value enough

    High value revolves around, ultimately, being a reliable “Getter” of resources other men can rely on

    Power comes from “Getting” not “Creating Value” per se

  3. this was a really interesting way of looking at things.

    so you’re saying most people in every sphere play the parasite and host at some point?

    but the difference is some parasites are like those birds you see on elephants helping delouse them and feed themselves in the process (some level of value exchange), and some others are mosquitos or literal leeches which offer scarcely anything of value while sucking down on as much blood from the host as possible.

    the hard thing for me to really understand is removing the good and bad dichotomy to this parasite host complex ecosystem you’re talking about.

    if almost everyone is a parasite or host in areas of their lives then can i really disdain them for taking a chance and going for an open goal when they see it?

  4. This is interesting. The “parasite” role is something to ponder. I have at least two situations where girls have either bf’s or are broken up with a friend of mine. It would be so easy to scoop them up. But is that what I really want? Do I want the drama that would result or is it better to pursue opportunities further afield? This is low hanging fruit and it’s so easy. Who would know? These are the types of questions which I know would impact my inner game. This video introduces some interesting ideas. I’m now sure where you’re going with all this but the concept is intriguing.

  5. This is interesting. I agree that Leftism (left-liberalism as some call it) is inherently parasitical. Leftists do view the world as a factory that requires administrative management from egalitarian philosopher kings (Rand has her Leftist characters in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ give voice to this very explicitly in perfectly crafted language), The question then remains is right liberalism a natural outgrowth of human biological nature. The HBD or bio-conservative movement, ala the “Roissy-shpere”, and the conservative movement in general says no. The argument there is that human nature is so flawed that it needs strong state and societal restraints imposed on human behavior; and that means primarily sexual behavior as in a mandated K-selection society and forcing men to become production and family oriented Betas. No London Daygame Model allowed in that world-view.

    If conservatism is right then “game” is an insult to civilization. I won’t even get into the racial aspects of this. Would a serious K-selected society allow the evil that occurred at Rotheram? Parasites indeed.

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