I love Lucy – photo ping edition

August 23, 2014

Regular readers are well aware of this simple principle: Frame women in mildly unfavourable terms that exaggerate commonly-held stereotypes. That means accuse them of vanity, ditziness, obsessions with shoes or boys, and scratching the eyes out of rivals. Throw out the accusation and wait for her to experience the thrill of mild indignation. The same readers are also well aware of this simple texting technique: Send women amusing photos as a re-open, then roll off and wait for her to chat about it.

So, could we….. perhaps….. mix the principle and the technique? What would that look like? Well, aren’t we lucky that for several seasons American television ran a popular comedy show precisely about a silly-but-adorable young woman who needed to be rescued from her own vanity and ditziness. Thank you I Love Lucy. So, here are a few photo pings to throw into your next fortnight of Facebook chats as you frame the lovely girl of your dreams, setting up a running joke that ends with her in your bed.

There are a bunch of these subtitled gifs on Google Images. I won’t upload them all, due to them slowing down my site.

Is he saying what I think she saying

you cannot budget your time


  1. Sending photos to girls as punctuation points is great to get them talking. There are some great ones, some mildly sexual in nature, others just pure porn—depending on the girl and where I am in the escalation I will often send.

    Sometimes I send animal photo depicting some act.

    I took a photo of a turtle that got run over by a car outside my home. It’s bizarre to see a flattened turtle.

    My text game goes like this:

    Me: I just saw a turtle crossing the road

    Her: oh? really? What???

    Me: I then send photo of flattened turtle. “”They really are slow””

    Her: ewwwwwwww or some variation of this.

  2. ehh. i need to buy your book and take the time to read it. all the nuggets you put out are already helpful by themselves, can only imagine the whole structure flowing together

  3. Solid. The reduced incidence of:
    (a) nerdiness / social awkwardness
    (b) messed up gender roles
    (c) ugly technology (workout machines, etc.)
    (d) lower-class decadence
    in old TV shows makes these gems more common.

    Wish there was a way to thank you for this nice stream of posts. Perhaps organizing your thoughts and writing them down is its own reward for you? Amazing if true.

    It’s interesting: I’m young, unintellectual, inexperienced, low-T, unattractive (I would not read a blog written by myself), but somehow the second I found D&P, old Roissy, Krauser and Taleb I loved them– I almost felt I saw myself. But some people when exposed to the manosphere just don’t grasp it.

    Similarly, I don’t understand why Tyler needs to be so hyperactive and say so much bs? Maybe it’s a clue: betas like bs, alphas like action.

    For people that think instead of act, and consume large amount of BS, consider the following scientifically true “cheap talk”:
    (1) low working memory– People can only hold 2-3 ideas in their head at a time.
    (2) limited learning rate– Humans only learn 2 bits of information at a time.

    Given those two constraints, you realize your time is limited. And for me, that means following Taleb’s advice of learning by doing, walking slowly and reading good books.

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