Rejection and your personal ping range

August 21, 2014

It’s time to begin teasing the new book from Sigma Wolf, purveyors of fine Game literature. Here is a video explaining how each of you has a “ping range”, a bandwidth within which flipped stones turn up Yes Girls. This is the range within which you can force IOIs and get fast strong attraction. Each man’s is different. The London Daygame Model is designed for normal men with normal ping ranges but has the flexibility to accommodate all ranges.

I’ve noticed I talk much faster when loaded up on coffee. Interesting.


  1. Krauser you are throwing me for a loop – is the book co- written with Jabba

    I was expecting a book on “Sigma” but am interested in anything in the areas of vibe, masculinity, subcommunication, and covert communication with girls

    The more I read you the more it seems this is where the leverage is. Vibe, subcommunication, polarity, masculinity, covert communication. But Game 1.0 has been lacking here

    For example the mantra of the original Mystery group – which includes Tyler and Sinn – was “You must talk and keep talking.”

    It seems this does not hold up in reality or outside LA nightclubs

    Especially for Sigma. The Sigma type of guy must rely more on vibe and subcommunication than dazzling the girl with words. It is the ‘Warrior’ vibe as opposed to the Alpha’s ‘King’ vibe that is his draw and what attracts the girl. Although the Sigma needs some skill here, ‘words’ and ‘putting on a show’ are more the Alpha’s strength and domain.

    At same time I lean toward overt communication. Can be too blunt. Which is a typical guy. I’ve blown out several recents because after I got quick IOI’s – which I often get easily – I was too forward

    I hope the book can discuss some of these things – perhaps an exhaustive checklist of covert communication – what girls mean.

    For example, you’ve said ‘red wine’ is girl code that she has accepted an offer for sex. Looking back with girls I’ve had in the past this was present, but I had no clue what she was saying [A couple of your shots in the dark about the book are correct. All will be revealed over the next two weeks. K.]

  2. I think the next steps for game theory will be further simplification towards universal game and focus on the bigger picture – sustainable medium term happiness. There was the Daygame Blueprint, now there is Daygame Mastery and Badass Buddha. Sure, Mastery looks more in-depth but it’s way more universal than the old models, and way more normal, I was pleased to find I settled on many micro and macro behaviors presented before reading the book in my pursuit for simplicity. And Badass Buddha is a solid attempt to move beyond models. But I think it can be done better, without gamey “hacks” for specific situations, with heavier focus on subcomunication and steady SMV raise through vibe, intrique, presence and mastery. Anyway I’m happy to hear about this new book, back in the day I thought it would be awesome if Krauser rewrote Jabba method in his own words with precision with some added ideas so I’m secretly hoping it will be something like that. Something that would bridge the gap between Nitro – that is still partially stuck in the old mechanics of the model – and Mastery, the brain dump. [Ahem… well… um… K.]

  3. Intresting post. I’ve recently realised that the whole ‘daygame model’ is based on the fact that what you lack in physical attractiveness you make up for by teasing, charm and good social skills etc but what if you already are physically attractive? While I’ve been out approaching I’ve been scouted to do modelling a few times. And I’ve always found I have to do half the effort of everybody else. Through jabba ive come to realise I’ve been overcompensating, talking too much (because thats what typical daygame teaches) to girls that are hooking pretty much straight away. I got into this because my confidence and social skills were shocking which thanks to daygame has completely changed. Approaching and being social has become part of my everyday life now, any tips for getting away from this daygame ‘sarge’ mindset nick? [If I was that good-looking, I’d talk less and move things faster. K.]

    • Ah thats my problem my confidence used to be so shocking im a bumbling wreck pushing things further haha. Thanks, working on it.

  4. Great video and interesting strategy. I’m looking forward to the book. I’m 10 years older than you and recently begun banging girls under 30. I meet them in different places: cold approaches, online, social circle. If you focus on the “rejection rate” it seems high. But if I focus on the benefits (value) of the success rate than I can say I’ve banged 9 girls this year—most 7+ ( a few 6’s that I went for just for the practice). But I found that as my notch count increases so does my confidence and so my “ping range” widens. I’m now getting with girls I couldn’t have imagined an older dude like myself could scoop. Why? Firstly the strategy and tactics in your book and blog are solid. But then there’s the other aspect you bring up in your book which is that as you become more familiar with how the structures work and the goals and outcomes they lead to, you can then tailor them to your own personality and style.

    Then yes…rejection isn’t so personal because you have an abundance mentality.

    Mindset is key to game. I found my approach 2 years ago lead to huge successes but internally I was not ready for a lot of the “special situations” that arose.

    Now I’m becoming more aligned internally and externally. So the rejections, the acting out, the shit-testing, the flakiness isn’t so bad. I can now calibrate my reactions. Then amused mastery becomes more ingrained. A greater awareness of what is and isn’t acceptable becomes ingrained. You’re not “thirsty”. I hope to learn more from your next book.

  5. hi excellent video guys and im really looking forward to the new product.

    im an italian guy living in london. im looking for wingmen to go out with. im inexperienced (nearly 40 and still a virgin) but willing to get out there and approach. let me know if anyone out there is interested in winging

  6. Long time since I have commented on Nick’s blog – a word of thanks to Nick for the quality of content he is putting out for free on the blog – nearly all of it is accionable, useful and deeply thought out. The concept of ping ranges is something I have often thought about but never really thought as deeply as Nick on.

    After having bought Nitro a couple of years back I received Mastery a few weeks ago and it is as good a piece on advanced game theory as exists at the moment, a fine, fine book full of value added on every page. I really should do a full review some day when I have the time but I haven’t got round to finishing it.

    When I see Nick on these Euro jaunts the wonderlust kicks in again and I have a hankering for joining the old boy in one of those old euro cafes – Cheers mate from Alex in Valencia

  7. @ lucky white male:

    “red wine” isn’t universal girl-code for sex. if you invite a girl over and say “bring wine. you prefer red or white?” and she says “red” (or white) she’s saying she’s up for a drink. if she’s up for a drink, with you, alone, at your place, it means she DTF, basically. you could replace “red or white” with “whisky or vodka”, whatever.

    @Gianni Cremasco

    40 and still a virgin, nothing to be ashamed of i can totally see how some guys arrive at that point. know this, though, it’s not gonna last forever. i’m 39 and in GREAT shape but i can already notice a change in my …… abilities, compared to 2/3/5/10 years ago. i’m trying to fuck as much young muff as possible before it’s too late. i suggest you do the same, get a hooker if you have to. it’s not a big deal. just to start you off, so to speak.
    believe me, you’;re not gonna be on your death bed, looking back at your life and thinking “man, i wish i’d fucked fewer girls”

  8. This is offtopic but I recently bought Czech version of a classic, The Game by Strauss, and I have to say it is very well done in terms of layout and design. It is a “paperback” with foil unibody cover – like a school notebook with one of the more expensive thick covers (but this one is permanent and integral) and the size of about A5. The pagecount is the same as Mastery yet this makes it more portable and readable in cafes, outside etc. It is classy and durable. If Lulu or other publisher could do that type of book for you that would be amazing. I know it’s a detail but with books like this, it’s nice to fit in 10 minutes of reading here and there as you go about your life. Of course the content of The Game is not that useful today but that’s irrelevant.

  9. Man it almost hurts to see that Central/Eastern/Baltic European Old Town

    On a meta level, what I see here and hope others recognize & take away as some inspiration, is a guy who is average looking and decided not to accept for what the world ‘allocated’ him as his ‘lot’ with women. This particular bastard surveyed the market, assessed his strengths and advantages just as a not-tall basketball player would decide to focus on driving the lane/long distance shooting and decided to focus like a laster on MAKING THE OPTIMAL ADAPTATIONS FOR HIS ATTRIBUTES, widening his ping range and game for maybe girls. Newcomers to this blog should read some of the begining posts- building this skill set was was not fast & was arduous even for smart guy, just like that short basketball player’s skills don’t come easy even for a quick athlete. The way I see it- process is fun/interesting and there are a lot of life lessons to be learned along the way

    At the end of the clip he advises some things to widen the ping range, some rather easier (dressing well), places you go, type of women, forcing IOI’s, raising state, etc. others more difficult and time consuming (getting jacked). How many of us have determined what our optimal adaptations are for the market and really sorted out how to widen the ping range AND THEN TAKEN ACTION ? Not enough – western culture is dominated by TV/Computer screen watchers & voyeurs.

    A driving teacher I had in High School said “After 10 years you’ll either have 10 years of driving experience or you’ll have 1 year of driving experience 10 times”

  10. Not sure about that t-shirt K! LOL

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