Who is to blame for all those girls getting fucked?

June 29, 2011

People have often asked me where I got my game from, as in who influenced me and how did I learn. There’s no secret to it but I guess it can be kinda lost in the sheer volume of posts I’ve put up. I followed the same process that pretty much everyone else has:

Imitate —> Assimilate —> Innovate

At the moment I’m in the early stages of innovation, where I start cobbling together a personalised style of game that fits my character, my motivations, and the type of girls / situation that attracts me. Looking back, I think these are the influences that are still part of my game.

The hub of direct daygame

1. Mystery Method – This remains the foundation upon which everything else is built. My basic understanding of the human courtship ritual, the key concepts such as aloofness, DHVing, takeaways, attraction triggers etc. I very rarely run sets following the actual M3 model and I look nothing like the routine-monkeys that bastardise his method. But at a meta-level, I’m following his basic principles.

2. Blueprint Decoded – More than anything else this turned me into a practiced natural and increased my awareness of the social matrix. So many concepts here allowed me to chill out and realise my place in the world and how so much of it could be shaped by me into the life I want to lead. The two most important concepts were (i) looking internally for validation and (ii) it’s all in your head. Like MM, it’s impacted me at a meta-level so it’s hard to see in my actual sets.

3. Roissy – Reading his blog was like a watershed. Suddenly so many of the concepts I’d been vaguely grasping for made sense. I’d felt like the famous PUAs didn’t really understand society and the reasons why their methods worked. I’d felt like much of the advice was taking me away from the kind of man I wanted to be. Roissy provided a map of the world. Suddenly so much of the dark side made sense, stripped of all the “just be positive, bro” commercial uptalk. He really put the importance of Alpha front and centre.

4. Jimmy Jambone – So much of my teasing and text / chat game comes from watching this lazy cunt work. Pretty much my entire Facebook method was inspired by one evening in Lithuania seeing how he replied to texts from girls. It’s how cocky-funny is meant to be so it’s actually cock and funny. The frame control of positioning girls into the right boxes came from him too.

5. Tony T – Before I discovered the importance of Alpha through Roissy, I discovered the importance of masculinity and sexual polarity through Tony. He first showed me how you can attract and seduce girls on body language / vibe alone so that the words are mere dressing. Before this I’d assumed it was the words doing all the work. So much of my body language both in the approach and on dates is copied from him, to overwhelm the girl with my masculinity and trigger her extreme femininity

6. Yad – For actual technical ability for street game, the hairy one has been a huge influence. He really showed the importance of non-reactivity, dialling down energy, and that intricate verbal bamboozlement can get the girl.

7. 60 Years of Challenge – Recently I’ve been incorporating much of the mindsets and sexual aggression that 60 recommends. This has led me to push girls faster and further sexually and helped me open them up verbally for talking about sex and their fantasies. He’s also helped me water down my purity fantasy so I’m less judgemental of girl’s sexual activities.

8. Skeletor – My most significant inner game leaps in the past 8 months came from my sessions with Skelly, such as how I can now approach tens and genuinely feel like I deserve them. Rather than taking my game in a new direction these sessions have been fine-tuning with the occasional new theoretical insight. Along with Yad, Skelly has been helping me figure out the high-level stuff.

9. Burto – He’s showed me how to eat pies and get good at Call of Duty Black Ops when not doing sets.

Menstruation tracker

June 24, 2011

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for months is to start tracking my targets with more scientific precision. Waaay back when I first read Gunwitch he talked about spotting girls who were ovulating and opening them hard and pushing for SDLs. Just coming off Athol Kay’s book where he talks about tracking your wife’s menstruation cycle so you can more effectively mix the alpha / beta traits I decided to give it a try.

It’s pretty clear that girls in peak ovulation are the best bets for first-time sex. It’s also clear they respond well to douchebag / aloof asshole game.

So here’s what I’m doing. I’ve just set up a spreadsheet to track all my active / still alive targets. Each one has a four rows representing each week of their cycle. Whenever I get any evidence to suggest they are in one particular week I’ll input it alongside the date. It’s an imprecise science but hopefully if I gather enough evidence I can precisely date the cycles and thus the time to swoop. Examples of evidence:

  • Week 1 – Bleeding: tells me she’s on the rag, allows sexual touching but stops me at her panties, wears trousers, smells funny
  • Week 2 – Normal: no unusual behaviour
  • Week 3 – Ovulation: dresses sexy, talks and flirts, initiates touching, responds well to everything, allows escalation, gives back in sex chats, wisfully seeks excitement, goes clubbing
  • Week 4 – PMS: frumpy, lack of makeup, confused, bad moods, rejects all alpha / gamey banter, lack of interest in returning texts and calls

More eye-fucking in Tallinn

June 23, 2011

Burto recently picked up a sweet Estonian gogo dancer by eyefucking her in her day job. What readers don’t know is the cunning tag-team role played by me to give him his isolation with her. So at the exact moment he’s doing his thing (on video) here is me eyefucking her co-worker. Commentary in the video.

Married Man Sex Life

June 22, 2011

I can’t believe no-one thought of this before. Game is a toolbox and does not force you into the lifestyle of pickup artistry. Game is a way to transform your life (“successful masculinity” I call it) and learn to deal with women. It doesn’t logically follow that the only outlet for game is to hunt down girls in clubs and on the streets. How about using the same wisdom for getting new girls but for making your current girl happy and getting the type of relationship you want.

This is Game for long term relationships.

I'm guessing he designed the cover himself

It’s also marketing genius. The world is full of frustrated husbands who are not getting what they expected from married life and yet are morally commited (or just plain trapped) to marriage with the same woman for the rest of their lives. These guys need help but they aren’t going to run the gauntlet of cold approaching three times a week, and these guys have lots of time for blog reading. It’s also a sweet reframe of Game away from “pump and dump club sluts” towards “successful monogamy”.

I’ve been reading Athol Kay’s website for a while because I think much pick up advice is sorely limited by stopping at the false endpoint of getting the first lay. I’ve always been interested in how to manage relationships whether monogamous or harems. I genuinely enjoy spending time with girls in between fucks and for eight years pre-game I was extremely good at girl management. Athol’s not a top player. I believe he’s stated the only girl he ever banged was his current wife. But he knows how to handle an LTR.

I recommend the book for any player with interest in LTRs. It’s pure red pill, toned down a little for his target demographic. He doesn’t have the literary freedom for the plundering rape’n’pillage language that I have. Here’s some of the concepts I liked:

Sex Rank – A short-hand for the concept of hypergamy and women dating up. His core thesis is that an unsatisfactory sexless marriage is best fixed by working on yourself as a man (the Man Action Plan) to increase your sex rank above your wife’s. This will then trigger within her the impetus to improve herself, a large part of which is becoming more sexually available.

The Power of Semen – The book really goes into evo-psych on the power of semen to keep a girl attracted. Fascinating was the timeline of how if a wife doesn’t allow you to keep her vagina topped up with semen every five days or so, then she’s highly likely to be trying to deny you the ability to defend her against rival sperm. As in, she’s prone to cheating.

Body Agenda – This is a polite reframing of what I call the hindbrain. Women’s bodies have an agenda of their own and the brain is just along for the ride. Thus they dress up slutty and mew for male attention while ovulating. The rationalisation hamster is a logical construct that negotiates the wide chasm between what a woman’s body leads her to do, and what she actually believes she wants in life.

Get the wife you deserve – If you up your sex rank, do things right, and she still doesn’t comply then bin her. Move on to a woman who will comply. Athol actively discourages bachelors from getting married for all the reasons we at the manosphere already know. His book is written for guys who are already in the trap.

Captain / First Officer – Athol solves the dominance / submission quandry by offering a model that you can actually tell a girl without triggering her femocunt ideology. You are captain of the ship with final responsibility. She is the trusted confidant and second in command. She’s not co-captain but nor is she a crewmate or stowaway.

Timeline to Ultimatum – Upping your sex rank will purposefully destabilise the marriage and set it on a course towards an ultimatum where she gets her shit together or you dump her. Accept that sometimes this requires the marriage to end. But never force an ultimatum on a wife whose sex rank trumps yours.

Track the menstrual cycle – Learn to date and diarise your girl’s menstruation so you can get blowjobs while she’s bleeding, be the nice guy when she’s PMSing, and turn up the asshole when she’s ovulating (while keeping a careful eye on her wandering).

Alpha / Beta mixRoissyites despise all things beta because for them beta = chump. Athol identifies beta as the nice guy / comfort behaviours required to keep the connection and trust in a girl who is already attracted to you by the alpha. A happy wife is married to a nice guy with a hard edge. He doesn’t suggest you take her shit.

That ought to be enough to give you a flavour. Don’t expect the next paradigm in game – it’s just a good book for how to run your LTR without losing your game.

How to pick up shop girls

June 21, 2011

I’m trialing a new method for hitting on hired guns at their place of work – specifically shop girls. I discovered it by accident while in high state in Croatia and then tried it again successfully in Lithuania. Now Burto has pulled it off in Estonia, as did I. It goes as follows:

  • Walk into shop and approach counter like normal customer, except very confident
  • Talk about normal customer things but….
  • … eye fuck the shit out of her, low seductive vocal tone, motionless body language
  • Hold the frame until she folds her cards
  • Stack into rapport and normal attraction material, maintaining same body language
  • Discreetly number close

The key to this method is to throw a sop to her forebrain in the beginning (“He’s just talking about normal things. It’s normal”) while revving up her hindbrain. It’s a bit dark but you are taking advantage of the fact she has to engage you due to her job and you’re not giving an overt excuse for her to disengage. By the time her forebrain figures out whats going on her hindbrain has seen the value and likes it. Then you throw her forebrain another sop (“He’s discreet. I won’t get into trouble for just standing and talking”) while it’s probably blatantly obvious to anyone who’s watching. It’s good to have a wing distracting co-workers.

Crucial in all of this is holding the frame. Don’t break the sexual tension or break rapport. The video above shows how the girl clearly isn’t into it in the beginning but by simply holding the frame I get her interested. I can go back the next day and she has lost no social value. She even defends me from a co-worker at the end.

It’s not fully field-tested but the initial handful of approaches have gone well.

Delusional fools: This is the anti-daygame

June 20, 2011

Sometimes when I’ve finished watching a decent infield on youtube I’ll let it recommend a few related vids and watch them. There’s all the usual dross: faked daygame kiss closes, nerdy virgins doing a webcam piece-to-camera from mum’s lounge, a big-name upsell. The one that just came on tonight and inspired actual nausea in my gut was from the alleged bosses of the Vegas and NYC lairs.

Good lord, check this out…

Here’s my play-by-play thoughts. Bear in mind it was painful to watch the first time, nevermind the second. I’m just about to make myself person-non-grata in Vegas.

0:07 – He actually calls himself an MPUA. Here’s a rule of thumb – the more 2002 jargon a guy uses, the worse his game. Calling yourself an MPUA is almost a guarantee of not being one. Like Saint Margaret of Thatcher once said: “being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people, then you aren’t”
0:22 – A weird-looking MPUA. Here’s a second rule of thumb – daygame is a test of how socially normal you are. If you’re not normal you are almost certainly hopeless at daygame. Someone recently asked me if Yad is a personable guy to be around. I said “of course, how else could he be so good at daygame?”
0:28 – Who is that weirdo on the right and why is he biting his nails, covering his mouth, and starting a sentence he doesn’t finish?
0:57 – Oh holy fuck they are walking across broken glass to shatter their limiting beliefs. For fucks sake you fucking retards, stop being retarded
1:26 – Creepy body language to ambush a trapped girl then forced intimacy. Video cuts away before girl rejects him more obviously.
1:56 – Horrible opener by weird creepy guy doesn’t hit. There’s a surprise.
2:14 – I’d be alot more forgiving if they didn’t call themselves MPUAs and then talk to the camera like they have something valuable they can teach.
2:26 – Graphs = science
2:46 – Don’t tell me. Show me.
3:03 – Another creepy ambush of a girl who IODs immediately and shows social politeness, then the video cuts away from the impending blowout. For training purposes note he had aggressive body language, telegraphed too much interest, forced rapport too early with a handshake, and sat down without an invite far too quickly. He also offered no value.
3:22 – Weak open, little value, and then creepily follows. Read more Tolle bro. This set could’ve easily been rescued because they were amenable to a decent approach.
3:29 – Following an escaping girl while DHVing and building kino???? This guy has no understanding of daygame. Predictably, the set doesn’t even hook.
3:43 – More disinterested girls showing minimum politeness. A recurring theme.
3:48 – He actually did a salsa spin.
3:50 – Fuck. He did another one
3:53 – and again! Holy fuck, he puts the M in MPUA!!!!
4:03 – Did he actually do a cartwheel in the middle of the street? Hang on, I just rewatched that. He actually did do a cartwheel in the middle of the street. Look at the disgust on the girls’ faces.
4:21 – High five = definitely down to fuck
4:29 – finally a girl gives what looks like a genuinely pleased respond. Almost five minutes into the highlights and there’s one girl not trying to GTFO.
4:36 – “this’ll look good on Facebook” and no close
4:44 – More creepy stalking and inability to capture girl’s attention
4:52 – ambush!
5:00 – Walking up to girl and directly asking for number immediately = tight game. Mystery Method should’ve been one paragraph long.
5:45 – My guess is that a flaky number really is a rare treasure for this guy.
5:51 – When the skillz don’t work, turn to prayer
6:11 – “picking up women, what we do”. At least they have the balls to attempt an epic reframe on their youtube followers.

This is the worst video I’ve seen all week. No girls. Not even a hook. Lest you think this is a one-off, here they are flash-gaming / monkey-dancing for a couple of drunk trashbags.  This is what happens when MPUAs roll?

The hottest Tallinn girl I got to my bedroom

June 19, 2011

It’s another hot day in Estonia and I’ve been killing it with Burto. I run off a quick warm-up set on a cute young Russian who turns out to be married with a kid. Then my second set is a stunning leggy 22 yr old. I forget to mike-up but Burto gets me from long distance. For the first minute or so she’s looking away alot and giving short answers. At first I think I’m not getting her attracted but soon I realise it’s the opposite – she really likes me and is nervous, especially with her bad English. She’s on her way to work so I only do ten minutes and forgo the i-date. Great set and I’m enthused by the warm she gives me in body language and a beautiful wave goodbye.

A few texts ensue then I get her on a Day 2. I pull her into a cafe, run lots of rapport (which is tough because of the language barrier) and then decide on a fast bounceback. I get her on my bed and start trying the Yad closing routine which goes along the lines of:

  1. Back off on the masculinity and let her lead
  2. Make her invest by showing her favourite Youtube videos
  3. Invite her to lie down next to you.
  4. Wait a minute or two, then escalate fast

Unfortunately my flashplayer is suddenly fucked and youtube won’t work. Bugger. So I put some music on but it’s not the same. She’s shitting herself with a full-on forebrain-hindbrain conflict. I can see in her mind the hamster is spinning hard with “why am I here? why don’t I want to leave?”. She won’t lie on the bed so eventually I stand her up and go for the kiss. She stays in a tight hug with me, tits pushed into me, crotch to crotch, but won’t kiss. She says it’s too fast. We stand for a while with her giving me a look of adoration. Then she has to go off to work again.

More texts and on the last day she agrees to meet before I head to the airport. This time she comes into my apartment within ten minutes. Burto makes a hasty exit to give me isolation and I put her at ease by chatting as I pack. Then we sit together and I do the “kings throne” with her legs over me, her head resting on my shoulder as I cat-scratch her temple. She’s almost purring. Still no kiss. She doesn’t mind me squeezing her tits but won’t let me escalate further and there’s literally not enough time to fuck before the taxi comes. We swap facebook adds and have chatted a few times since.