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June 22, 2011

I can’t believe no-one thought of this before. Game is a toolbox and does not force you into the lifestyle of pickup artistry. Game is a way to transform your life (“successful masculinity” I call it) and learn to deal with women. It doesn’t logically follow that the only outlet for game is to hunt down girls in clubs and on the streets. How about using the same wisdom for getting new girls but for making your current girl happy and getting the type of relationship you want.

This is Game for long term relationships.

I'm guessing he designed the cover himself

It’s also marketing genius. The world is full of frustrated husbands who are not getting what they expected from married life and yet are morally commited (or just plain trapped) to marriage with the same woman for the rest of their lives. These guys need help but they aren’t going to run the gauntlet of cold approaching three times a week, and these guys have lots of time for blog reading. It’s also a sweet reframe of Game away from “pump and dump club sluts” towards “successful monogamy”.

I’ve been reading Athol Kay’s website for a while because I think much pick up advice is sorely limited by stopping at the false endpoint of getting the first lay. I’ve always been interested in how to manage relationships whether monogamous or harems. I genuinely enjoy spending time with girls in between fucks and for eight years pre-game I was extremely good at girl management. Athol’s not a top player. I believe he’s stated the only girl he ever banged was his current wife. But he knows how to handle an LTR.

I recommend the book for any player with interest in LTRs. It’s pure red pill, toned down a little for his target demographic. He doesn’t have the literary freedom for the plundering rape’n’pillage language that I have. Here’s some of the concepts I liked:

Sex Rank – A short-hand for the concept of hypergamy and women dating up. His core thesis is that an unsatisfactory sexless marriage is best fixed by working on yourself as a man (the Man Action Plan) to increase your sex rank above your wife’s. This will then trigger within her the impetus to improve herself, a large part of which is becoming more sexually available.

The Power of Semen – The book really goes into evo-psych on the power of semen to keep a girl attracted. Fascinating was the timeline of how if a wife doesn’t allow you to keep her vagina topped up with semen every five days or so, then she’s highly likely to be trying to deny you the ability to defend her against rival sperm. As in, she’s prone to cheating.

Body Agenda – This is a polite reframing of what I call the hindbrain. Women’s bodies have an agenda of their own and the brain is just along for the ride. Thus they dress up slutty and mew for male attention while ovulating. The rationalisation hamster is a logical construct that negotiates the wide chasm between what a woman’s body leads her to do, and what she actually believes she wants in life.

Get the wife you deserve – If you up your sex rank, do things right, and she still doesn’t comply then bin her. Move on to a woman who will comply. Athol actively discourages bachelors from getting married for all the reasons we at the manosphere already know. His book is written for guys who are already in the trap.

Captain / First Officer – Athol solves the dominance / submission quandry by offering a model that you can actually tell a girl without triggering her femocunt ideology. You are captain of the ship with final responsibility. She is the trusted confidant and second in command. She’s not co-captain but nor is she a crewmate or stowaway.

Timeline to Ultimatum – Upping your sex rank will purposefully destabilise the marriage and set it on a course towards an ultimatum where she gets her shit together or you dump her. Accept that sometimes this requires the marriage to end. But never force an ultimatum on a wife whose sex rank trumps yours.

Track the menstrual cycle – Learn to date and diarise your girl’s menstruation so you can get blowjobs while she’s bleeding, be the nice guy when she’s PMSing, and turn up the asshole when she’s ovulating (while keeping a careful eye on her wandering).

Alpha / Beta mixRoissyites despise all things beta because for them beta = chump. Athol identifies beta as the nice guy / comfort behaviours required to keep the connection and trust in a girl who is already attracted to you by the alpha. A happy wife is married to a nice guy with a hard edge. He doesn’t suggest you take her shit.

That ought to be enough to give you a flavour. Don’t expect the next paradigm in game – it’s just a good book for how to run your LTR without losing your game.


  1. This continues to be the #1 misunderstanding about game. People think that the advice you give, or Roosh gives, or Roissy gives necessitates that you live in the same way. As you say, game is just a set of tools applicable to a variety of lifestyles. No one would ever think that a set of wrenches (spanners in UKese) can only be used on a car; they’re useful in any situation where they can be applied. The same with game.

  2. Good book review.

    Personally, I’ve just left an LTR and I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no-one alive on Earth that could tempt me into another. Ha ha!

  3. Thanks for the link love and review Krauser, very nice.

    You are correct that Jennifer is the only woman I’ve had sex with… but we’re at 5000+ times over sixteen years of marriage. I think we’ve missed maybe 3-4 nights this year.

    I think the only thing you miss is that most wives are incredibly easy targets for their husbands once the husband fixes his basic problems in dealing with her. They are already “stuck” in a marriage with a guy they don’t want tp fuck. So when he starts turning into a guy they do want to fuck they have a huge sense of relief and encourage him further. I’ve had a lot of 2 month turnaround emails.

    And yeah the cover… I was broke. More moeny for the 2012 edition lol.

    • I’ve seen a lot of reviews of of your book on Amazon which have been written by women whose husbands have read it and they’re full of praise for the book. This is interesting as women generally hate game books. I can’t imagine many women singing the praises of the Mystery Method. Like Krauser says, I guess it’s down to the language you use and how you present the ideas.

  4. Thanks for the great post and blog Krauser. “I’m the captain, you’re the first officer” is great for any girl…

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